Brain Test Tricky Puzzle Levels 81 – 100 (Subtitles)

Just move the rectangles to count them.. its 4 Get number 8 and number 2 to make the equation logic Rotate your device head down to get all the balls ot from the basket. Answer is 10 Just dont look the counters. Make the clicks counting by yourself The lower possible number is -999 so get the minus from the equation and put it down Count them…answer is 10 There are no differences Just light one candle with the matchstick. Then light the second candle with the first one! Split the candy in 2 pieces by using 2 fingers in opposite directions ET left with UFO so the answer is 6 Show your patience by doing nothing. Clean the glasses with your finger….like you are cleaning the screen Hold the branch of the tree with your finger and then shake the phone The mistake is at mistake word….there is a dot missing there Take the 100 of knights and hit 100 of barbarians Turn your phone by its side to open the door, then put the cat inside To turn all the lights on just remove one of the bulbs from the screen. At level word L is missing. Take it from the level word at top of the screen and fill the missing L Click the button as times as it is blue. Then uncover the blue button under the red one Dont be confused. 25=10. Its said in top of equations Please consider Subscribing. Thanks

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