Brain Injury Program Announcement | Northern Colorado Rehabilitation Hospital

(whooshing) – Hi, my name is Leann Knopf, and I am a speech
language pathologist here at Northern Colorado Rehab Hospital. I am excited to announce
our hospital’s decision to pursue our brain injury certification, offering specialized treatment programming to individuals within our community who have suffered a brain injury. Our clinical staff have
spent the last several months specializing skills,
completing competencies, and fine-tuning their
brain injury processes in preparation for our brain injury Joint Commission survey this June. Our brain injury training has been focused on the diverse needs of
the patient population and our readiness to
accommodate these needs through specialized treatment programming for each individual patient. As a speech language pathologist, my role is to evaluate and
treat the speech, language, cognitive, and swallowing dysfunctions, that can occur after someone
sustains a head injury. I am very excited to have
been given the support to expand my clinical
skills in preparation for this certification
and to share my expertise as we work with this patient population, as well as with their
families and caregivers to support and encourage
them on their road to recovery and normalcy. (whooshing)

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