Brain Damage : “Walk the Walk – The Story” – Brain Damage [ Ep. 8/8 ]

For each of my albums I try to have concepts And work on the project a little bit beforehand I had the idea of doing duets And invite singers to play on my pieces So I called Sam Clayton He had introduced me to quite a few artists He generally spends a few months in Jamaica in the winter He offered to meet him there and so I did Since the scene there is absolutely unique Particularly for the music that I produce which is dub and reggae We were discussing this with Sam Around the time that John Holt passed away And I thought it would be interesting to work with the artists of that generation Because they started it they started reggae and all its developements Dub and all the rest Also these people are getting old and they are not eternal It might have been one of the last opportunities to work with them The concept has been to ask them to write about their youth, where they grew up or a particular moment in their life. An atmosphere or a political context And I have the feeling that they have been inspired I used to live in a cardboard box you know When I ask these guys to talk about their youth I want to know their background, their education In which atmosphere, which area, with what kind of means of subsistance We haven’t been able to find everything out but we have a few leads and that’s already very interesting It’s interesting to know with what kind of education they were able to get out of their ghetto But also to be known outside of their island It might sound silly but for me education is the key to many critical situations Even before getting in the plane I still had no idea exactly Who was going to participate It’s not how I am acustomed to work but I adapted It’s either very quiet, sometimes waiting 4 or 5 hours without anything happening But the 6th hour will be super intense and the job will be done Today something completely unexpected happened A session with Ras Michael We ran into him yesterday in some kind of meeting It would be difficult to explain the exact circumstances I think the audience and maybe also myself, will have the feeling that I am doing a reggae album I think that for Jamaican people what I do is everything but reggae For the people here reggae is instrumental music played by musicians with a particular feeling And I am light years from that I work with computers; I synthesize sounds I use samples; All my back tracks are sequenced A few other parts are played Without Sam I wouldn’t have come here He’s really someone here. Producers who arrive here and request this type of singers, of that generation Who are, for a few of them, rather frgotten Doesn’t happen everyday
Who are, for a few of them, rather frgotten Doesn’t happen everyday I didn’t do this album to make hits A background, a topic, and incredible artists It isn’t revolutionary but it’s original For me this album has different dimensions

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