Boys Autism Bedroom Tour + SENSORY ROOM

Welcome to my room guys. It’s me, your
host, Noah. So do you like sharing a room with Liam? Mm-hmm. Once in a while he can be a real big of a pain. Brothers sometimes are. Are we going to show them all of your cool room stuff? Yeah. Are you
gonna show them your special Noah cave? This isn’t a cave, it’s a closet
you imbecile Hello LANDing Crew and welcome to Liam and Noah’s room tour. If
you are new here, my name is Stephanie. We have six kids. We have 4 boys and
they’re split up into two rooms. So Liam who is 20 months old and Noah who is 12,
they share a room together. And it just so happens they both have autism as well
so they’re both autistic. Liam recently got a diagnosis like 2 months
ago so that’s kind of new. I did not know that Liam was autistic when I decided to
put them together like that, it just worked out the best. Liam and Noah love
each other so much, they love playing together, they are cute as ever, and then
Lex and Lonnie get along so well Their room, as you’re gonna see, is a very
simple room. We have to keep it that way because until the sensory room is ready,
that is the room that Noah goes to cool off during meltdowns. We don’t want him
to be able to throw things. We don’t want him to be able to hurt himself or hurt
others or damage property. And that’s the room he goes to watch TV, play on
his game in his little Noah cave that you’ll see, and it’s worked out great for
him. There are some sensory things for Liam that I’ll show you guys as well. We
are still working on the sensory room. We have been waiting forever to clean it
out and then Hurricane Dorian was coming and we had to get that room cleaned out
anyway. We call it our Harry Potter room because that’s what it reminds me of but
it will end up being our sensory room for all 3 boys. And already it has to
junk back in it but this is where it will be. Noah loves his room, Liam loves his room and I hope you guys love it too Okay so you’ll see this room is very
very simple, this is like the only decor that we have but it’s mainly because
again Noah can have meltdowns ,we want to keep it as simple as possible. We will
start over here in their first closet This closet does not have a light so
just bear with me. All the way up here we have little things just- this is where we
keep some of their toys like kites and little things we bought at like the
store. This is Liam’s shelf. This is something we bought for Liam when I was
pregnant with him but this is just fun things that he can play with. Liam has a
lot of sleeping issues so these are really good to kind of help him just
wind down just give him something to do We have these soft blocks. This right
here is his favorite and it’s [toy music playing] And everything that you see that I bought
off of Amazon, there will be a link below This is also just something fun he can
do. A little bit of OT, a little bit of sensory which you guys will notice later.
And then this is just a fun little toy So this is where we keep all of Noah’s
shirts, jackets, we keep all of Liam’s like day clothes in here. Over here you
just have the famous Spiderman jacket Noah wears when it’s colder, a regular
jacket that’s heavier, and all of- all of Noah’s clothes
We just recently bought Liam some new clothes so this is all of those, all of
his shirts. He has some more, I have some laundry to do but this is what’s
currently in the closet. Right here you’ll see, that is Liam’s playpen
We really don’t use it. We only use it if we’re gonna be traveling or somewhere
else or maybe we’re gonna be outside or something like that. Right here is kind
of the Liam/Noah station. We have Noah’s underwear, we have his pull-ups
that he wears because he is not nighttime potty trained, and then we have
Liam’s diapers. He had wipes in here, I don’t know where they went.
And then just his swimming stuff, his swimming diapers. This is Liam’s pajamas
so it makes it just really easy when Lonnie or one of the older kids are
coming in here for everything to kind of be in the same spot. Let me fix these
because it’s gonna bother me [closet door closing] These are the two decor things we have.
We have Hulk because Liam loves this little plastic Hulk that he carries around so
so much. That was at Burlington. Ashley, my best friend, got this for Noah at
Burlington as well. It is a Spiderman picture and he loves it. Over here we
have Liam’s crib. Liam is 20 months old so he is still in a crib, he’ll probably
be in a crib for a while. This is his shark, he loves baby shark so we got him
the shark thing at Target And then his whole bedding is just
Marvel superhero but they’re like the baby kid ones which is so cute. He has a
blanket that goes with this but it is in the wash right now because Liam is
having some accidents lately. Over here is Noah’s bed, and this is like the
coolest bed ever. I love it, it’s probably his favorite bed he’s ever had of mine
Noah has to sleep with a fan on so this is a fan he got for his 11th birthday. He
was so so excited about it but the bed is actually Marvel Superhero. Hulk, Iron
Man, and then Thor. We got this quilt at Target along with these pillow cases
It’s actually reversible. I actually like this side better but Noah likes the
other side so And then behind it is his little headrest. That’s just what
his sheets look, like it’s just very simple. Again this is- this is definitely
a simpler room. This is Noah’s favorite penguin he got from Disney World. It is
kind of worn, it’s lost the foot Lonnie’s fixed it a couple times.
I mean look at that guys I think Noah needs a new penguin
[laughs] So back over here near Liam is this air purifier. I’ve
done a video on this before. When you have a toddler that is not potty trained
at all but then when you have a 12 year old who is not nighttime potty trained,
it can get kind of stinky in here fast So this just tells us the air- oh look at
that. So it’s 4 in here which is really good. It just tells you how pure
it is, it keeps the air going. We usually keep this on a lot, especially at night
just to make sure all the air they’re breathing in is good quality air. So this
is Noah’s cave. He calls it his closet, I call it his cave. We were really lucky
this room had 2 closets because this is kind of like his mini sensory room. We
have a room under our stairs downstairs that we are going to be making into like
a full on sensory room for the boys but this is Noah’s own special space so if
he’s feeling overwhelmed and maybe just being on his bed and watching TV is not
enough then he can just come in here, be on the computer or maybe just calm down
This is a stool that came with Lonnie Jr’s piano case and we’ve just used it
This is my MacBook that he uses as well So up here we have Liam’s shoes, his slippers I probably need to go through these
because there’s probably a lot he can’t wear anymore. And then here is Noah’s
pants. He is older now so we can’t exactly keep his pants in the closet
like we used to do so this is a little pants drawer. I don’t know what this hat
is doing here honestly, and then this is where Noah keeps his shoes. Noah is all
about everything being in the same spot for him. How his room looks right now is
basically how his room stays. Sometimes he’ll have some dirty clothes but his
room stays pretty clean so he likes everything being in the same spot. Over
here we just have some bins. This is like a miscellaneous bin. So this is where his
pajama shirts go Over here we have Liam socks and Noah socks go in here as well
And it’s easier because we’re not going to get them mixed up. Obviously Noah
can’t fit into those so it makes it a little bit easier when they’re sharing
This is his Wii U stash. As you’re about to see, he does have a Wii U and he loves playing it This is his calendar. If you guys have
been following us since our old house that’s- that was there. We plan on hanging
it, probably like right here for him. And then this is Liam’s sensory bin
so these are things that just go well There’s some miscellaneous but mainly it’s
sensory things for him in there. Up here is just where we have some of our toys,
K-Nex. Just some things from the other house that we brought that I think we’ll
end up playing with. Last but not least, we have the TV station. So over here we
have Noah’s Wii U. He loves it, this is a hard drive because Lonnie rigged the Wii
U to be able to have basically any game Noah could ever want to play with. This
is his TV, he also has a Roku now. A lot of people have asked like why he has a
TV and the other kids don’t. And that’s honestly because this is a TV that he
uses for school stuff. We use a lot- a lot of like Amazon Prime Video a lot, Hulu, a
lot of Netflix for it so he needs a space that if everyone’s downstairs, he
has an area that he can go and do his shows and things like that to help but
the other kids will be getting a TV of their own and this is just his Wii U pad
So this is basically just very very simple. We bought this shelf at IKEA, we bought Liam’s crib at IKEA as well. Everything
else you’re seeing that I didn’t mention came from Amazon
Again, I’m going to have all the links for you guys
[shut door] [montage music] Well thank you guys so much for watching Liam and Noah’s room
tour. We are going through each of the kids rooms and doing tours. I think Lex
and Lonnie’s is going to be next .I know there’s been a lot of questions if
Danielle has been keeping her room up because we’ve had some cleaning videos
of some some some dirty room cleanings and I’m not I’m not gonna blast my
daughter on YouTube but I will say this She is not any closer to getting that
brand new furniture, not any closer. I think also Lonnie and I’s room is almost
ready. We just have to hang up decor and things. I think a lot of our rooms
are just kind of simple. We aren’t a family of many things, like we don’t like
going out and buying a bunch of stuff. I don’t feel happier with stuff. I know
some people do but stuff makes me feel overwhelmed and cluttered so I try to
avoid that. This was a fun little video to film. I know that you guys have been
itching to see our rooms put together but it’s just been a very slow process.
This house is gigantic, we just don’t have enough furniture to fill it so I
feel like no room is complete but Liam and Noah’s so I was like let’s show it
I’m rambling now. I love you guys. If you’re new here, hit that red ‘subscribe’
button and we’re gonna see you guys tomorrow Actually Monday because today’s Friday
Duh, bye. [ending song]

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