Block Therapy helps with TMJ Disorder

Hi, my name is Eva and I’ve been doing Fluid
Isometrics for about three and a half months now and I’ve noticed lots of changes. I initially got into it because I just needed
a better way to work out my body. I was doing a lot of chiropractic and physiotherapy and
massages and this has actually eliminated all those other services that I had to go
to all the time so I’m not having to make lots of appointments. I’ve been coming once a week and I’ve done
the cycle a few times and the things that I’ve noticed, the primary thing for me has
been that I’ve been having sciatic pain and every day that I got up out of bed I would
have this pain and thats now gone. I still try to do all the right things throughout
my day so that I don’t aggravate it but I haven’t had pain and I haven’t had to have
a massage for like two months. It’s amazing. The other thing that’s really significant
is that I had surgery on my mouth and I started to get the beginnings of TMJ. I phoned my
dentist and they said “well just go to your therapist and do some exercises,” and so I
did and it didn’t help. So I just kind of gave up and I just assumed that this was just
something that was going to be an ongoing problem. But now I can actually open my mouth
fully. I was telling the people in the class that I wasn’t able to eat a sandwich two months
ago and I can eat a sandwich now. And I’m sure there’ll be lots of other things that
will come up along the way but so far those are the main things that I’ve noticed. So enjoy your classes and I hope you can see
some changes too.

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