BIG Birthday Present For 18 Year Old

– Oh my gosh… when is this? – [Priscilla] It’s the
day after Thanksgiving. – Oh my gosh, you said I
couldn’t do it, you lied. (laughing) – [Dad] Hey kiddo, what happened? It’s like you were up
’til 1 a.m. or something. Come on, you have to go
to school, regardless. I know. Hi. Oh my goodness, it’s
gonna be a rough one, huh? You ready? Come on, we gotta hustle,
so you’re not late, come on. (groans) Team no breakfast over here, I don’t know what it is with you lately, without, with no breakfast. Even with options, nothing. Just too tired to eat, is that what it is? Guess what? Grandma and grandpa are coming today, and it’s your brother’s birthday. I’m gonna drop you off,
and then go get your mama. Those look fairly ripe. Thoughts? Anybody know? – [Abby] (assenting noise) – They look huge! I can’t wait to give Isaiah his birthday present today, I am
pretty excited about that. You know what we need to get him? We need to get him one
of those, like, the clips that janitors wear, that
they have put their keys on. They’ve got, like, the
retractable leash, zip-zip thing. He needs one of those, apparently, because he’s locked his key in his car again, twice in less than a week. It’s okay, he’s 18, I
didn’t really grow up ’til I was like 25 so… – No, no good morning to me? – Not impressed to see you. – Not to me, fine. Good thing that I know that deep down you love me, I am not
gonna take it personal. – [Woman over radio] (speaks faintly) Jordan is ready for pickup, Jordan. – I know you do, Abby. – Good morning. – Bye, Anne! – All right, have a good one. (radio talk show playing) – Ugh, it’s hot in there,
with all those kids. – [Husband] Are you tired? – I’m exhausted! (chuckles) Like, no coffee in the
world can help me right now. I gave out so much sausage and bacon, no, bacon and eggs, that’s what I gave out. Ugh! It was fun. – Priscilla is exhausted,
she’s been doing lots of early morning volunteering
and stuff like that, but, – [Priscilla} And not sleeping. – There’s no, there’s no
stopping her at this point. I mean this is, you know? This is it, for Isaiah’s schooling. – Look at that.
– Volunteering, They’re not going to let you go to Appalachian State and volunteer. So, she’s going to do every bit of it that she can, and that’s okay. – I am. – You’ll sleep next year.
– He loves having me there. He’s so funny! – Does he? – He doesn’t care at all, like, some kids are
embarrassed, not Isaiah. He’s like, “Here, we’ll take a picture.” We took pictures in front
of the step on repeat. We’re going to screw him
up, you know? (crying) – [Husband] This is when it hits ya, huh? Sitting in breakfast? (both laugh) – Dang it! I was so worried we’re gonna mess him up, and we didn’t,
we didn’t mess him up! – He turned out okay. (sighs) We both kinda lost it in, at breakfast. I started posting on Instagram, and those doggone hashtags, man, they got me! So then, you know, I
started getting emotional which made Priscilla emotional,
and she really lost it! She was, like, ug-mug crying and stuff. – Shut up! (laughs) – I don’t need to tell
you guys, you’ve heard it a million times before,
it really does go by in just a blink of an eye. They go from baby to
grown up, just that quick! – You’re my, my little guy now, Matt. You’re my guy! – He’s an old man, too, he’s
like our age in dog years. – Yeah, but we don’t count dog
years, we count puppy years. – One of Isaiah’s presents came, Priscilla got this for him. – He’s been dying for these. – Crocs…all the camp people wear Crocs, and they swear by them and they love them so, he decided that he
wanted to be part of the cool kids and wear Crocs. – Yup, so he’s got his Crocs. – These are way fancier
than I remember Crocs being, and they’ve got an adjustable heal-strap? I tried them on, they’re
super comfortable. I might be a Croc-guy. Can I be a Croc-guy? – [Priscilla] I don’t think so, I think it’s for kids, babe. – Oh, okay. Look, these mean business, look at that! They look like, you could
go off-roadin or something. I don’t want to give my dad a hard time, but he always brings
so much crap with him, and it drives Priscilla crazy. (laughs) When we first got married,
he brought a 17 foot kayak. We lived in a– – A canoe.
– No, a kayak, 17 foot kayak. And we had nowhere to put
it, I had to strap it to the side of the house
’cause we lived on base in like, uh– – In a four-plex.
– In a four-plex. (laughs) – [Priscilla] Are they
coming in the back way? – I don’t know, he said,
“Come out and help,” so, let’s go out the front. – [Priscilla] Yeah. – You want to come in
and say, “hi,” and all that stuff before you unload? – I can do that, but I do
want to get thing over to someplace, and get it off of here. I don’t want to park it
in the street like this. – [Husband] Well, you’re
going to be parking in the street, regardless. – Yeah we’ll use the trailer. – [Priscilla] That’s
not the U-Haul trailer. – All right, we will. – So, Priscilla and I
realized not long ago that, with Isaiah going off
to college very soon, we would need a second vehicle. We are always relying
on Isaiah’s car to do things, you know, when Priscilla has a meeting or she’s doing something, when I have to take Abby to school, or vice versa, whatever. Here, I got the key. So, coincidentally, my dad
was upgrading his truck, he got a new Che– new to him, Chevy, so this is my new truck. What do you think? It’s nice, right? (siren faintly in the background) It’s a Toyota with almost 300,000 miles, (laughs) but it’s a Toyota so
it’ll still last a while. So, my goal with the Chevy, dad, you know, when you gave that to me? – Uh huh. – Was to get it to 300,000
miles and I did that so, since I bought this
truck off ya, my goal is to get it to 400,000. – That’s what I was telling people, I said, “You’ll hit 400.” – 400,000 miles, – You’ll hit 400 (mumbles). – Before I get rid of this thing, it’s gonna hit 400,000 miles. – And I think the truck will do it. – It’s a good little truck, though. Good little truck. So this will be like, you know, running Abby to school when
we need it, going kayaking, having a little pick-up to haul things for the house, whatever,
whatever, but it’s nice and it’s a four-door. I’ve never had a four-door truck before. – Check out the tires, my man. – Some fat tires. (laughing) F-A-T fat. You’ve had this thing for
a long time, ain’t you? – I’ve had it for 10 years. – Wow. – 10 years and 130,000 miles. – The kayak’s not mine
though, that’s dad’s, but he’s leaving it down here. This is your Florida kayak, wow, boy, you’re rich rich. You’ve got Florida
kayaks, Virginia kayaks. – I’ve got kayaks. – I don’t have a kayak I
can leave in each state. Look who’s here…our girl. – [Grandma] Hey, goodness sake! – [Dad] Say, “Hi, grandma.” How was your day? – [Becca] They said she was very active. – [Dad] Very active. Hi kiddo, can I have my hug? Thanks! (kiss sound) – [Grandma] You look tired, are you tired Abigail? My goodness. – [Dad] Well, she was up
til 1 a.m. last night. – [Grandma] She wore herself out. – [Dad] Want it opened? The famous mac and cheese again. (screaming in background) – Yup. – [Dad] So, Isaiah, for his
birthday dinner, he’s like– – Meat would be good,
like, thanks bud…meat! Well, so, I said, “How
’bout like barbecued chicken and mac-and-cheese?” He’s like, “Yes, please!” – Becca, aren’t you excited
about his birthday present? We haven’t told anybody yet. They don’t get to find
out til he finds out. – [Becca] Yeah. – 54 were in there but
only, I think, two died. – [Dad] Oh gosh, it’s a good
thing he’s having, like, a kid party ’cause y’all
are sorry bunch of partyers. (laughing) – This is it! – Poor Becca she’s like– – [Dad] Talking about who’s
dead, who’s retired, who’s– Hey! Did you catch any? Saw you chasing squirrels, no? (door closes) All right, let’s fire off this grill. Isaiah is on his way home, I’m so excited. There he is! The birthday boy! How was the beach? Did you have a good time? – We went to Beach Bowl, actually – [Dad] Beach Bowl? – Yup. – [Dad] Didn’t actually go to the beach? – No, it rained. – [Dad] Oh, ooh. Chin-strap damage, huh? – Mm, don’t! You shouldn’t have done that. – [Dad] It hurts? – It’s a cut, it’s a cut. – [Dad] Aah! – It’s scabbing and it’s hurt. – [Dad] Oh, is that from your chin-strap? – Yeah! – [Dad] All right y’all, it’s dinner time! – Oh, we gotta get the birthday boy! – [Dad] Oh yeah.
– He went up to take a shower. – [Dad] Where’d he go? Oh. Forgot about him. Isaiah! – Come on, Abby. (excited hollering) – [Dad] So excited ’bout dinner! Come on, let’s go, we
gotta pull your hair back so you can eat, come on! Come on! Girl, let’s go! (Abby grunting) – Goodness sake. So, now we got to FaceTime Summer! – [All] Hi! – We’re singing Happy Birthday. (shouting and grunting with excitement) (hollering and clapping) – Abby, say hi. You’ve got to light them. – Okay, I was. – [Dad] Yeah.
– [Priscilla] Yeah. – [Dad] You wanna light your own candles? – [Priscilla] Isaiah is
lighting his own candles. – [Dad] With a, with a… – [Priscilla] Do we have
to turn the light off? – [Dad] Is that your drug torch? – No, it’s my candle torch. (laughing) – [Priscilla] Do we have
to have the light off? – [Dad] You’re 18, you do what you want. No, I was trying to get over here to turn on this light? – [Priscilla] Oh! – [Dad] Move, dogs. – [Priscilla] One, two, three… – [All] (singing Happy Birthday) – [Isaiah] I started singing my own song ’cause I did it out of habit. – [Dad] Yay, oh, birthdays are the best! Let’s dance! (everyone talking, cheering, and clapping) – [Isaiah] Happy Birthday, wait, it’s my birthday, why am I sing– – [Dad] Here, put those on, put ’em on! Put ’em on, put your foot in. There you go, here, let me fix it. Okay, put the other one on. Put it on, there we go. So we got an iced coffee,
a hot coffee, a football, and a kings crown, okay? Okay, you gotta bring
those to your brother, like that, okay? You got them? – [Becca] She doesn’t
know how to walk? (laughs) – [Dad] (laughs) Just, just walk normal. No, no, no, leave ’em on, leave ’em on. You just walk normal. She’s
like, “Crocs are weird!” “What kind of weird people
wear Crocs?” (laughs) Come on (laughs). – [Becca] You’re doin good! She’s like, “I need support.” (background chatter) – [Dad] Hey! Hey! – Hey, what’s up?
– [Dad] Hey, Summer, look! Say, “Happy Birthday,
brother! I got you a present!” (everyone laughing) – [Dad] Here, pick ’em up! – [Priscilla] Give ’em to him! – [Dad] Here, give it to him,
give it to Isaiah! (laughs) (Abby clapping) – These are awesome, Abby! – [Dad] Here, get the other one! Get the other one, right there. Give it to your brother! – Oh my God, these are
the best Jibbitz ever! – [Dad] We got a whole package of them! Well, she got you a whole package of them. – Abby, thank you so much! – [Dad] Give your brother a hug, say, “Happy Birthday, brother.” – Thank you! – [Everyone] Aww! – Thank you, kid. – Do you want this cookie? – That is so sweet! Oh, these are legit, sport-motor-bike. – [Becca] Bulky. – [Isaiah] These are
all wheel drive Crocs, they’re adjustable? – [Priscilla] Are they
okay? I didn’t know– – Yeah! – [Priscilla] I’m not a
Croc-connoisseur so… – These are like, lifted Crocs right here. – [Dad] Right? That’s
what I said, I’m like, those are some serious Crocs. – Hefty boys! – [Priscilla] I think you can
put the straps over the top. – Yeah, that’s action-mode right there. – [Dad] Action mode? – [Priscilla] Yeah, from football. – Yeah! Oh yeah, those
are legit right there! – [Priscilla] They fit good? – Oh my gosh! – [Grandma] Hi, Summer!
How are you, sweetie? – Yeah, they’re Crocs
and they’re adjustable, it doesn’t matter. – [Dad] Are they super comfortable? – Yeah! – [Dad] They look fantastic! – They look great! – [Dad] Sit down. – [Priscilla] Say hi to the blog! – Hi, blog! – [Priscilla] We miss
her, she’s at the Library. – [Isaiah] Thank you, Abby! – [Dad] So, we got a present for Isaiah. There you go! – I was like, is it behind
his back or where is it? I don’t know. – [Dad] Flip the camera, flip the camera, there you go. – Have fun, we’re so proud of you, buddy. – [Dad] You’re going to have to open it. – I saw the baggage thing though. – [Dad] No, flip it. – There it is! (laughs) – When is this? – [Priscilla] It’s a
day after Thanksgiving. – Oh my gosh! You said I
couldn’t do it, you lied. (everyone laughs) Oh my gosh, thank you so much! – You’re welcome! – Y’all are gonna have so much fun. – That is so cool. – See, you go super
early in the morning on Friday and you come home really late at night on Sunday. – Yeah, and then I go
to school the next day, and it’s fine because
it’s the same as what I– – [Dad] You’ll have like,
almost, three full days there. – I was like, “Summer,
y’all are gonna sleep the whole weekend, she’s
like, “It’s fine, it’s fine.” – Yeah, we’re just gonna
have a great time, we’re just gonna watch
F.r.i.e.n.d.s. the entire time. – No! You’re not! No you’re
not, that’s not what I paid. – [Dad] So, do you want to tell them? ‘Cause I haven’t told them what you’re do, what your present was. – Oh yeah, I’m going to New York City, To JFK, sorry, words, words are not good. I’m not good at words. – [Dad] He’s flying to JFK,
– To JFK, flying to JFK. – [Dad] Flying to New York. – And I’m going to be
there for a little bit. – [Dad] For a couple of
days, and he’s going to hang out with Summer. – Yeah, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and I’m going to hang out with Summer. – So, Isaiah asked to go to
New York, and we said no, but then we thought about
it, like, you know what? That would be awesome for
him to do, that was his gift. – I’m going to wear my Crocs to New York City, this is great! – [Dad] Please don’t wear
Crocs in New York City. – She said, “I don’t
think I can allow that.” (laughing) – And Becca is actually
going a week before you. – That’s crazy. – Yeah, she’s going to
hang out with Summer. – Oh, how nice! – Yup, Summer’s got all the people! – [Dad] Summer’s gonna
have all that company! See what happens, you become a famous YouTuber, all of a
sudden everyone wants to hang out with you. (laughing) – You guys are going to have to blog, you and Becca, and you and
Isaiah, you can get (mumbles). – [Dad] All right, let’s eat cake. Did you say bye to you friend? – [Priscilla] She did,
she gave her a kiss. – [Dad] How sweet. (kiss sound) (chuckling) – See you tomorrow! – [Dad] Thanks, Becca! – [Priscilla] Thank you so much. – You’re welcome. – [Priscilla] Thanks
for hanging out with me. – Of course! – [Dad] Happy Birthday. – Thank you. – [Dad] Do you want to close out the blog? – Sure. Bye guys, it’s coming from
an adult, you hear that? This voice? Bye, guys, see you next time.

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  1. I feel you my son turned 18 Jan of 18. I felt like I was going to mess him up now he out of high school and is in the Army

  2. Awww… Priscilla happy/nostalgic/sad crying at breakfast hit me… I cried when my stepdaughter and my daughter each started kindergarten. I'll be a mess when they turn 18…

  3. Little does dad know, Crocs are cool again. All the kids are wearing them. My granddaughters started wearing them 2 yrs ago. Happy Birthday Isaiah!

  4. Happy Birthday Isaiah ! And u can wear ur crocs in NY but ur gonna need some heavy socks cuz its alrdy freezing here lol

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    I have enjoyed every SECOND of every video you are in, and you are the kind of young man that ANY parents would be extremely proud of. The way that you care for and love Abigail makes you even MORE special. And Isaiah, the CROCS look GREAT DUDE! Thank you for all the smiles and also happy tears that you have given me. You are one phenomenal exceptional wonderful loving caring AND handsome young man! And btw, that ADULT VOICE you acquired on your birthday is very cool indeed. Love you Isaiah, with all my heart. Thank You Asa and Priscilla for creating a MASTERPIECE OF A SON… πŸŽ‚
    P.S. I just had to add this….I am 59 Isaiah, and I was wearing MY Crocs while I watched this vlog and typed my Comment! Tell Asa Maass he has YEARS to wear them lol

  6. My 4 year old is autistic and she will literally only wear crocs! Even when it come to winter boots, they have to be croc boots

  7. Happy Belated Birthday Isaiah! Your whole family is amazing! I also love how Summer and Becca have become part of the family, and they are more than just a caregiver / respite for Abbie.

    Me and my husband watched toy story 4 last night and I cried my eyeballs out now this ow my heart time moves to fast before I know it my son will be 18 I swear you guys don't know how much you've inspired me just to be better!

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  11. I noticed Becca is wearing a Clemson shirt.. is she thinking about going to Clemson? I’m a special education major there! If she has any questions let me know!

  12. I feel like I could do with Asa's gentle encouragement out of bed some mornings …"you gotta get up regardless, it's gonna be a rough one, let's go". That's the kind of simple basic encouragement I need in the morning every now and then.

  13. My oldest daughter is graduating 8th grade this school year and I cry thinking about it. Time sure flew by. Just can’t imagine how I’ll be in 4 years when she heads off to college…. and hoping I don’t mess it up!!

  14. Happy Belated Birthday to Isaiah!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸŽ‚ How sweet for him to spend a birthday present in NY! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @ his adult voice!! I’m so glad I saved my crocks for years ago… lol I can wear them again with no shame .. lol …

  15. Happy birthday to an incredible young man, Isaiah! I hope you had an awesome day!! Hopefully we will be able to see some of the adventures u get upto when you hang out with Summer!!!

  16. I think the lemons look like they need a little longer-they are best when they are uniformly yellow, all overπŸ˜‰

  17. Time does go by fast. I had by first child in 1982 when I was 25 and my husband 23. He is 37 not even a year younger than Asa. My second in 1986 and he is 33. Then when the unthinkable happened I found myself pregnant at the age of 45 in 2002. I had son number 3 at age 45. I also had a 20 year old and a 16 year old. Well the baby is 17 now and a senior in high school.

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  20. lol!! "Happy Birthday, Isaiah!! "

    Isaiah, my great-grandparents, my grandparents & grandpa's sister, aunt and uncle, AND parents ALL lived in New York! πŸ˜€ I've been there NYC and Ithaca, NY.

    β€’β€’β€’ Bring comfortable shoes! NOT new shoes and, probably, not your cool (seriously) Crocs, unless you've already walked A LOT in them at home!! πŸ˜€ You'll have a GREAT time! You have one advantage I didn't have – I'm in California – three hours earlier than your time! lol

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