Best Sensory Toys for Kids with Autism Sensory TheraPLAY Box

Today on Surprise and Play Sensory TheraPLAY Box! Do you believe in magic? Yeah! Whoa! Eww, gooey Wow! He he, so funny! Whoa, it’s something big! Ok let’s try another surprise! Surprise and Play! Hi everybody I’m Chocolate Chip Are you ready for a surprise? yeah! OK, close your eyes Open your eyes Wow!!! What is it? It’s uh … Sensory TheraPLAY Box! Unboxing time! Thank you to Sensory TheraPLAY Box for sponsoring this video Ooo, let’s start pulling stuff out let’s try this one put the card here and there’s some more cards Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it Do you believe in magic? Yeah! whoo hoo! Let’s pull some stuff out Wow! Hyper flex inside out stretch ball wow! ok I’ll open it whoa whoa I can use it on my fingers or use it on your head I don’t think it fits on your head sweetie and there’s all the spikes and then when you open here and then you do like this argh! ooooo it’s like a scary hand or you can use your feet look ooo, look at this Thinking Putty Yeah, Crazy Aarons Precious Thinking Putty ok let’s open it I just very creacked it open wow I can rip it now wow, look at that let’s open it Oh my goodness, look at this putty! Wow, look at the sparkly ewww, gooey! oh it’s going on the bouncy ball and make it like a ball What’s the best thing about putty? it can roll and bounce We’ll put this back and save that for later Let’s get another surprise wow What is this? Sensitivity socks ok let’s open it up oh this is so hard wow, look at him It says there’s no seams to bug ya and that’s why there’s a bug in there there’s no bug in there he he it’s so funny Wow, look at these Wow! Are they comfy? yeah Then my hands are not going to be freezing anymore those are socks we’ll leave them there and save them for later great idea sweetheart let’s try another surprise ok oh, it’s something big! uh oh, what is it? Oh my gosh! oh my gosh aromamate aroma therapy pal you love smelling everything yeah let’s open it up yeah, open it let’s see pull him out wow! awe, he’s so cute! I can go to bed with him Pop this fuzzy critter in the microwave or in the freezer In the freezer? Let’s get it in the freezer! You can put it in the cabinet or the freezer! Not the cabinet the microwave … the microwave So what else we’ve got in there let’s see ok let’s try oh it’s something small wow uh, let’s open this wow! There’s an owl in there! what does it say? Suqeezeboo …Suqeezeboo? It’s a squeezable stress ball wow, let’s open it wow … oh hoo, hoo, hoo quishy he looks so funny Let’s put him on the side ok let’s try another surprise it’s something small Wow, what is this? So this one is a rainbow twirler ooo, that looks like fun you love that one let’s open it up Oh that is so cool! Let’s keep it over here Awesome! Let’s see what’s another surprise Oh my goodness what is this? Zip it bracelets It really zips wow! there’s one for my brother too I hope he loves that you zip it like that and you have to zip it back There’s no more Let’s dump it out whoa! Is that fun to play with? yeah argh!!! So what was your favorite part about the box? this one Yeah, the twirly rainbow thingy yeah Sensory TheraPLAY Box! If you have any questions, place them in the comments and subscribe to my channel for lots more toys. Thanks guys! Bye, I’m gonna play with my toys! swoosh! bye thanks for watching click subscribe thumbs up I heart you subscribe see you next time and we’re gonna have fun! Surprise and Play! Awe, he’s so cute! kiss

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