Best Apps for Autism ASD Reading Program Special Needs Homeschooling

It’s the iPad Show, let’s play, let’s go! Surprise and Play! Hey friends! I’m Chocolate Chip! This is the iPad show! Do you want to play with me? Let’s play games! Which game are we playing? We’re learning to read with ASD reading ASD reading is a reading program for children with autism that teaches kids to read, write and comprehend. look at these click the same ones here The first step is to match the letters click these The program will give you a helpful prompt if you select the wrong answer look at these click the same ones here the animation rewards make learning fun look at these click the same ones here go this way the second step is to learn to spell from left to right click these click these It’s recommended that children do one session per day and each session only take fifteen to thirty minutes It’s possible to pause a session for up to a maximum of twelve minutes Now we are going to make a word After learning to match letters and spelling from left to right, it’s time to learn how to spell words hi now we are going to make a word bug now we are going to make a word cat let’s keep going you are going to be typing on the keyboard using this one row and the space bar using the keyboard to spell is a very important skill to learn, especially for children with autism every time the right letter is typed, a bubble will pop each session is used to asses a reader’s level which makes it very important for the child to complete the tasks alone Now, let’s do some reading Click one choice Now it’s time to do some reading but this lesson is optional Toy Toys click these can Can some some toys fly fly question mark can some toys fly? bye for now This program can be used on a tablet or on a PC ASD Reading from Reading Kingdom is perfect for readers of any level, children with autism and special needs homeschooling The iPad Show! bye thanks for watching click subscribe thumbs up I heart you subscribe see you next time and we’re gonna have fun Surprise and Play! awe he’s so cute kiss

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