Bad Attitude Teenager

– [Asa] You know, (meow) Dogs don’t wake people up by
attacking their toes, though. (meow)
Yeah. What do you have to say for yourself? Hmm? Mornin’. Did you sleep good? Hi. I’ve been waking up early
in the morning and editing, but the problem is I have to get the caption file, and it takes a little time
for them to caption it. Especially the longer the video is. So, long videos, long time to caption, not done before 6 p.m. It’s a challenge, but it’s a lot better than
staying up ’til 3 a.m. Hi, sweet girl! I hope your day gets better. Kind of a mood, huh? Got Nanny here with ya. – [Priscilla] Nanny will
get her in a better mood. – [Nanny] Me and Maverick
are rocking matching outfits. – Nanny and Maverick are matching. (laughter) Isn’t that funny? – [Asa] Bye, I love you. Football Sunday! (cheering) – I’m so excited. – Priscilla almost got her voice back just in time to yell
at this football game. – (chucking)
– If you did not see Isaiah’s football game, I will link that video right up here, – Oh my goodness.
– ’cause it was intense. – It was so intense.
– Intense! – This week, buddy, we
have you Senior Night. – We gotta stop and get Dunkin’
before we head to the field. We have a tailgating spot. We’re not tailgating this time. We’re just gonna get coffee. (drive-thru speaker talking) Tailgating with some coffee. It’s early. I didn’t bring my white, floppy hat. – Got mine!
– Wasn’t cool like you. Got my regular one. You could’ve worn my white, floppy hat. – Oh yeah, I could’ve. – [Priscilla] We could’ve been twinsies! (crowd chattering) – [Asa] It’s hot! I didn’t think it was gonna be this hot. It’s like a high 82 or something, but it feels hotter. Look at all these people! (crowd chattering)
Yeah, I think it’s a lot of body heat is what it is. That’s the second football
game we’ve lost this weekend. I’m gonna start rooting
for a different high school and a different professional team. Sick of losing! – Can’t be a fair weather fan, Asa. – I don’t know!
– That’s not how the Jags do it. Clearly. – [Asa] Are you being mean to Nanny? – [Nanny] No. – Is she being wild? You dumped a drink in Nanny’s car? – [Nanny] Onto Nanny’s store return, – [Asa] Oh no!
– [Priscilla] Oh no! – [Nanny] Which will now
be a church donation. – [Isaiah] Ooooh girl!
– [Priscilla] Abigail, that’s not nice. – [Asa] Say I’m sorry, Nanny. – [Isaiah] Ouch. – [Asa] Walking? – It’s hard. – It’s one of Isaiah’s challenges. He’s good at a lot of things. Walking? – Not one of them. – Not as much. – So I’m the family tech guy, like resident tech guy. This is my mother-in-law’s iPhone 6 Plus, so it’s a few years old. – [Abbie] (vocalizing)
– It’s old, but the battery’s completely toast. Will not take a charge. So I got this replacement battery. Hopefully, it does the trick. – [Abbie] (vocalizing louder) – She’s on a war path! – Yeah. She’s having a rough day! – Hey! Hey! – [Abbie] (vocalizing) – [Priscilla] Hey! Take
a deep breath. Come here. – Oh! This is a nice kit! Come’s with all the tools. See if it works. (upbeat tech music) (hair dryer blows) (upbeat tech music continues) So I learned to fix
smartphones a while back. We’ll actually be talking about that in the podcast, right? – [Priscilla] Yep.
– Yep. Remember? We were talking
about the podcast? – [Abbie] (vocalizing) – [Asa] No? We’ll be talking about it in the podcast. But, so fun fact! iPhone, and you probably already know
this if you have an iPhone, but if you go to your battery settings, you can see your capacity in there. Now this one’s at 100%. Before, it was at 30%, because it was so old. iPhone slow your phone down, Apple slows your phone down
when you battery gets old. So now she has 100% capacity
phone in her old iPhone. She likes the Home
button on the old phones. So, she doesn’t wanna
get rid of her phone. Mom, your phone’s ready. – You do music in the other room. Okay? Not in this one. Listen, you’re not listening. – [Asa] Why don’t you come with me? C’mon. Let’s go listen to music. C’mon. We’re not gonna listen to it in here. We’re watching football in here. Yep. – [Priscilla] You’ll see
what we’re talking about if you go. – [Asa] Come here, I’ll show you. Let me see the remote. Stop saying no. C’mon. – Dad’s got the remote – Come with me. C’mon. You can pick your song out. Maybe now that you don’t look
like the Mess of the Hess, you won’t act like it, huh? You feel more put together? – (vocalizing) – What? We’re not gonna go anywhere. Mom’s gonna cook dinner in a minute. Okay? You can go watch football
or you can listen to music. Which one do you wanna do? Music? The go in there
and listen to music. Okay, Then go down here
and watch football. Those are your choices. She being better? – Yeah. – Well, you look like a dork. – My birth control glasses. (laughter) – Otherwise known as onion goggles. – So true behind the scenes here. I just burnt my other onion and garlic. – Oh, did you forget it was on the… – Yeah, I was answering messages. So we’re on to phase two here. See, it even happens to the best of us. – Oh, you’re the best now. – Well, well! Okay! Okay!
– Look at you! Oh wow! – Shut up! Come on! You know I don’t think that. You know what I mean!
– (laughing) – Don’t make me all self-conscious now. – So Abigail was being mean to mom.
– She was. – We didn’t wanna give it airtime. (chuckles) Can’t take you seriously. We didn’t wanna give it airtime and talk about it earlier in front of her. We all get in grumpy moods. Here’s my theory. – Okay.
– We get in grumpy moods, right? And you can be mean to people when you’re grumpy, right? I think she’s in a bad mood today, and she can’t talk, and she doesn’t understand
social appropriateness and what’s okay and
what’s not okay sometimes, or she doesn’t understand
to the extent that we do. Like she knows she’s not
supposed to pinch people. And she knows she’s not
supposed to be mean to people, but she doesn’t put the same value on what you should and
shouldn’t do as others may. – I’m sorry. I have to get my meat in. – Does that make sense? – [Priscilla] Yeah, it does. – Okay. I think she’s having a bad day. – And mom’s and easy target. – Yeah. I mean, look at you. Could you not be? (chuckles) – Shut up, Asa. – [Asa] So, you covered it on your channel through and through, but those goggles keep
her from tearing up, because she has the worst reaction to the, – So bad! I’ve tried everything.
– What is it, sulfur, right? In the onions?
– I’ve tried every trick in the book – A subscriber sent those to you. – And they are amazing.
– Even before you started Triple P, they sent them to you. – Yeah. – ‘Cause you were doing Triple P on the vlog channel.
– Right. They work amazing, and if your man won’t
keep his hands off of you, you just put these on! Y’all,
– I’m tenacious. They won’t stop me. – I just got these shorts, and they’re already too big. This is ridiculous. Nanny, I got more donations. – Proud of you. – Thanks. – You haven’t lost a
lot of weight, though. You’re losing inches now, right. – Not lately, yeah. I haven’t lost weight, but I’m losing inches.
– You’re doing a weight loss update on you channel soon?
– I am this week. – Cool! Stay tuned for that, guys!
– On my to-do list. – [Asa] Do you want music? Yes. Okay. Mom’s done watching football, so you can listen to music now. That’s called compromise. That’s sharing. I don’t watch TV enough to
know what I’m doing here. (rock music) Do the kids have school tomorrow? – Yeah. – What? It’s Columbus Day! – Yeah, they got another day off. – You have school tomorrow! Bummer, dude! Abigail does get punished, so to speak. A lot of the traditional punishments don’t really work with her. They kind of reinforce
the behavior sometimes. She loves chaos. So if you raise your voice, that just makes things worse. If you’re clearly upset about it, that makes things worse. So that’s hard to deal with, because a lot of times, you are upset, so you kind of have to
stifle that emotion. We will send her to her room when she gets physical with us, and pinching. Sometimes, it’s for attention, and like I said, sometimes, it’s ’cause
she’s in a bad mood. We’ll send her up to her room, take away the things she’s requesting, like music. She’ll have to go up there without music. But a lot of times, just
going to her room is just “you need to go up here and chill” “and think about what you’re doing”. And we use that a lot when she’s freaking out sometimes. Just the angry attitudes
that she gets with us. But then when she’s being good, we reinforce that behavior as well by adding music back into
the scheme of things, and letting her sit there and
chill and listen to music. I was talking about how we deal with her pinching
– Oh, gotcha’. – being mean to us and stuff.
– Yeah. – So she’s listening to music now, and she’s happy. She hasn’t been a brat or a jerk. Mom’s favorite word is jerk. – Yeah.
– You’re being a jerk! – She is. – Kids are jerks sometimes. – Yeah, so are adults. – True. Very true. Okay, we’re gonna get
ready to go live on YouNow. If you guys haven’t
checked us out on YouNow, you should check out the link
down in the video description. – It’s fun!
– And click they link. Yeah, it’s a little more
personal then live streams on YouTube or Facebook, and I think that’s why we do it. And it’s definitely
easier to read comments. – And it’s more laid back. – Yeah, we’re just chillin’. We’re gonna go live on YouNow while Priscilla finishes
getting dinner ready. – Yeah. Bye, guys! – See you there. If you were there, this is a couple of days later, so if we didn’t, see you next time. Are you my buddy for dinner? Can I sit here? I won’t disturb you. Thanks for dinner, babe. – You’re welcome. – So Abbie ate half her meal and then left. – Yeah. I don’t know where she went. – It’s weird, huh?
– Yeah. She must not be feeling good. (chuckling) – She must be sick! Hi! – [Priscilla] You came back! Were you just taking a little break? Intermission? – [Asa] Hey, slow down!
– [Priscilla] Okay! Okay! – [Isaiah] So I’m ready now. – [Asa] Bite? Slow down. Good job. – [Abbie] (vocalizing)
– [Asa] Okay, so you’re feeling okay then? (chuckling) ‘Cause you are a mess. You ate it all. All right, wash your hands. Hey! Wash your hands. (water running) That was a late dinner. It’s already 9:30. You gotta get ready for bed. Wash your hands. Oh, that’s hot. Let’s go with not hot. There you go. Wash, wash. Here you go. Okay, here, put that in the trash. – [Priscilla] Did y’all
save enough for her lunch? – [Asa] Thank you! Yeah. – Okay. – All done! Close it. Thank you ma’am. – [Abbie] (vocalizing) – [Priscilla] I’m gonna pack
your luck, Miss Abigail. – [Asa] You want spaghetti for lunch? Yeah? Okay! You do not tell me you
need a break from me. Get up, go to the bathroom. This attitude? I tell you what. – [Isaiah] Teenagers!
– [Asa] Shut up! (laughter) – You so tired? Get your pillow. Can I have a kiss? Hey, can I have a kiss? (kiss)
Thanks. I love you. Hey, I love you. Yeah, Good night. You wanna say bye? Bye. All right, so Priscilla and I have to sit down and go over
our schedule for the week. She’s such a smart… I texted her from the other room, and I was like, “Hey, can we go over our
schedule for the week?” She said, “I’m sorry. Who is this?” ‘Cause that’s normally
something she says to me, but
– I already went over it with – I have a plan,
– Oh. – Because I need to edit
two vlogs in one day, this week, so I’m caught up. Because the problem is, unless I stay up ’til 3:00
in the morning editing, then I can’t have a caption file ready for people that need caption files for closed captioning. So, I need it. So I’m ahead, I need to do two in a day. I’m tired, you know. Right now, like I don’t wanna stay up forever. So, – Gotcha. – Yeah. So we’re gonna figure out our schedule. Priscilla’s gonna go live
– I already have it written down. – Okay, cool. All right, we’ll see you guys tomorrow. Thanks your hanging out with us. Bye!
– Bye! (off air sound) – I can’t believe I did that. – [Asa] You trying to offset
those birth control glasses with that low cut shirt? (chuckles) – Shut up! Go away! Get out of the kitchen!

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  1. I'm glad you touched on how you deal with her pinching and stuff, I'm struggling with my son at the moment he is being mean a lot lately pinching, headbutting etc, none of the conventional punishments work with him either, his behaviour is continuing into pre-school 😭 I needed something else to try.

  2. I took my iPhone 5 apart and when I got to the very end I could not close it all the way though. It still works but it is in the box until I can get to a professional. I did all that work with the tons of screws and can’t close it.😢 Now I’ve had a iPhone 7 Plus since they came out. Love it 😍! Asa is so intelligent!

  3. I'm sorry but seeing the naughty but not real naughty is funny! My kids do it as well and know the same they are just pushing buttons! Just makes it like we are more friends than someone I watch over YouTube.

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  5. Pricilla, Mom isn’t an easy target, she is a SAFE target. Abbie knows that even when she does something that causes you to get a little angry & upset with her, you will always love her.

  6. Love you All. Could not think of no questions to ask you all. Have a wonderful day or night whenever or if you ever read this.

  7. I truly appreciate you Maass family and Maass squad. My nonverbal autistic son is 13 years old and he is doing all the things Abbie is doing. Everyday I watch a video my son has been having the same behaviors as Abbie. It means so very much to me to know I'm not alone in the teenager autism world. Love you guys!

  8. I love your family for many reasons… but today I just want you to know ya’ll converted me to Dunkin. 🇺🇸🏃🏻‍♀️

  9. I usually don't leave comments, but I guess I feel differently on your channel… Asa, I really do appreciate the energy and effort and time you put into your videos. I haven't been diagnosed with hearing loss or being hard of hearing, but I miss a lot of what is being said in videos, and for me, true closed captions really does help! So thank you, I appreciate it very much!

  10. I realize we are only seeing a small part of your day but, do you think Abbie's meanness was from her not being able to have her music right then because football was on? Maybe that is why she directed it towards Priscilla. Priscilla, girl, you are rocking those onion goggles. 🙂 Seriously though, I think you are melting away. You are looking great though. I look forward to the weight loss update video.

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  15. Asa! I know you’ve talked about editing and taping before but I was wondering if you’ve ever done an editing tutorial and showed the whole editing process!

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  18. I have a little random question. Do you feel that kids with autism target one person regularly? For example there are three of you in the house she gets mad at maybe say Isaiah but instead she pinches mom to agress. Do they target and why do you think that is ?

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    Hoping you all are having an amazing week!!!

  23. We are seeing the same attitude in our daughter Brooke as well and deal with it like you do the room or corner to calm down gather herself and regroup she views dad as the push over and trys to hurt him and Mom is often the bad guy because I enforce what needs to be done so I receive alot of attitude but have learned to laugh it off because I understand it's not fun being told what to do and I am step mom and I know she loves me because I bring that girly fun as well once we get through what needs to be done I love your family it's VERY similar to ours it's just we are a blended family Brooke is the oldest and is sooooooo simular to Abigail pretty cool to relate to you guys when this is a spectrum range you know? Brooke is getting used to having a mom after 8 years of just her and her dad and now she has my daughter as a sister and a brother on the way I just want to thank you guys for doing what you do I've only been in this world for two years now but wouldn't trade it for anything love learning and spending the awareness because it helps me help Brooke ❤️

  24. My daughter gets her grumpy moods when she is hurting. Example: growing pains, when it’s that time of the month, constipation, and itchy (bug bites or dry skin).

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  26. Hi guys!!! I'm a stay at home mom of two little ones and I cannot express how much your family has impacted me. I have ZERO connection to the Autism/Processing disorder community (other then your beautiful family now of course). I came across your channel about a month ago while watching SBSK videos!! I fell in love with Abbie and your family. As of about 5 minutes ago, I have officially watched every vlog you's have! I have learned so much from you all about acceptance and understanding and just about making a conscious effort to be a happier and better person! I'm sure you's are plenty aware but the progress that Abbie has made from the first vlog until now… How can anyone doubt or criticize ABA???? I've used a little ABA on my "typical" kids and IT WORKS!!! You are a breath of fresh air on YouTube and it was so easy to feel bonded to your family. I've cried with you's, laughed, worried, cheered and have felt just overwhelming joy for you's!! Isaiah is legit the poster child for what every parent HOPES AND PRAYS their children are!!! Just such a genuine kind soul with such amazing talent! Abbie and Isaiah are both amazing artists!! When Abbie learns something new, I feel genuinely excited and proud of her!! I love that although Autism is a major factor in your lives you don't make it the only thing in your lives! I cannot wait to see what the future holds for you guys! Whatever it is thank you for allowing us to come for the ride!! (Sorry for rambling 😂) ❤️❤️

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    I know you could have found it! 😁

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  36. My sister had a bad day today, but not because of her behavior. It was because of another student's behavior. When she was going to the clinic for her meds, that student went and choked her. I could tell she bit her hand out of frustration when it happened. The fact she is non-verbal like Abbie, she cannot tell me what happened.

  37. I am sooo excited I watched this video today cuz I was just complaining about the battery in my iPhone 7plus not even lasting a day anymore and I was under the impression that I couldn’t change the battery. I can’t wait to get a battery kit of my own now!! Thanks for the little info even though it wasn’t the focus of the video! 😉👍😊📱

  38. Oh, the joys that are "teenage" girls. I put the word "teenage" in quotes, because my daughter is now 19 and still has a bad attitude from time-to-time. Then again, I think you hit the nail on the head when you said that adults do too. I think the difference between adults and teenagers is we've been around long enough to know how it feels to have that type of attitude inflicted on us and teenage (girls specifically) aren't thinking about that. I think the two biggest factors that affect teenage girls are lack of sleep and hormones. Such as, if my daughter is super tired AND has her period, I just instinctively know to toss our egg shells on the floor so that I can walk on them. It does get better though, so hang in there momma and daddy! Thanks for sharing your lives with us. I do not have a child or a loved one on the spectrum, but have learned so much and I truly enjoy watching your family. All of the hard work you put into your videos is not lost on me either and I'm sure I speak for many when I thank you for that as well. Your family clearly enjoys what you are doing here, and so do I.
    One question, when you were working on the iPhone, you had the hairdryer out. Was that to soften the seal or something?
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