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Hello! In the Orthodoxy’s tradition something or someone like Foolishness for Christ or Holy Fool exists. That person behave strangely, but in Russia
[VIDEO LOCALISATION THANKS FOR UMCS] was treated like a pattern of holiness That human can neglect the hygiene, stay away from people, in some strange manner communicate with them even if communicate with them. [
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] And so on… And this most holiness or rather mostly well known we should say “jurodivyj” – this is a dictionary correctly term. was Basil who while the Ivan The Terrible’s times mortified on the Moscow street. Disable himself with chains. He went naked in the winter, live under the bridge or the towns’ squares But also he was prophesying very strange answer the question, commonly repeated this question And due to this, the tsar respect him himself. The tsar who did the title deservedly and got the save on history’s feather with the “Terrible” surname. And he not only respected him, but some people dare to claim, he even little scared of him. In the Foolishness’ behavior some repeating pattern what they to bear it turned special attention. These traits are: Isolated from people, often insensitivity to the cold or warm fasting, didn’t use a sleep and also they are often living in the silence, or sometimes they’re using something called as an Echolalia meaning they’ve repeating after people what the people saying to them. And many people are thinking these strange, extremely traits what those Foolishnesses or Christ Fools got evidenced they’d to bear some ailment. They’ve suffered the autism. And of course such revelations or rather the presumptions this can be treated as a curiosity to say our friends while drinking beer with them. Then autism is a more serious issue. And to the people with autism, the situation has the other way around we could say that. For this reason in the public sphere, more information is added. More the talking about the autism and more people have more knowledge about it. And this is very well. Yet since there are a lot of voices in this matter it is easy to get fibs, hypothesis(it’s a full of it even in the scientific literature) and even unconscionable theorems(a false one) to yourself. Theorems such like (for lucky less and less) that autism is a disease. It isn’t. What is a autism at all? It’s really to say clearly instead as if I have to say this in few words, I’ll say, this is a situation The state wherein the mind of autism person is created in such way that is working differently. Sometimes, it ties with abnormal problems about normal functionality in the society or even sees our world in another way that the most people do. And sometimes and without exaggerate words it is possible to say, the this mind is… in some way more beautiful… The Autism Piękniejszy umysł Chapter One: Eleven children Autism is probably as old as the homo sapiens is. This definition itself in the psychiatry created before the currently used was indicated. Autism is also one of the factor in the Schizophrenia namely, withdraw from the social life, from relations with others. And closing themselves. Also the etymology of word Autism is derived from the ancient Greek, where Autos meaning myself. And from the historical view we could never heard about autism. This has its own reason. Seventy years ago yet, hardly anyone was worrying about the children’s sanity. And these with autism or having the autistic disorders were diagnosed as a “Children’s schizophrenia” or no one really carry about them. Because.. What the problem the children could have? All and both factors were changed at once one American – Jewish, who born in current Ukraine. In the village named Klekotiv belonged to the Second Polish Republic once. His name is Leo Kanner, which after WW1 emigrated to the US. And in the John Hopkins University he got there a psychology professor’s title. [LEO KANNER (1894-1981)
AS A FIRST DESCRIBED CHILDREN AUTISM] In 1936 he met the Alfred. Three-year-old boy. His mother was disturbed, that her son can full day have fun with play a game, yet always alone. Always used the inanimate objects. Kanner examined the boy and it turned out, he has a extraordinary intelligent. And indeed, the words of the boy’s mother were true. Didn’t interested people He has had passion playing with inanimate objects. And he didn’t pay attention to mother or someone else is in the room. Then, he didn’t make a diagnose. Yet for the next years by the Kanner’s office hundreds, thousands of children were through. And every now and then appeared someone who was similar to Alfred. First was probably Donald. He also was fascinated his inmate toys. The boy didn’t interesting himself in any way the parents or other people. And if his monotonic fun with toys was corrupted his behavior stood impulsively. In the first visit, Kanner saw the boy has the tendencies to rhythmic to nodding to the sides. He had also Frederick as a patient who almost didn’t speak at all, but perfectly singing. 20-30 songs he was known by heart. And … some of these songs in French, wherein was an abstract language to him. And no one else in his home using French. Kenner got also Barbara as his patient who was fall in love in swings, yet she was scared loud sounds and she almost didn’t speak at all. In the second hand however she perfectly reading, writing, and without any hard she was able to spell even complex words. There was also Victoria scared the sudden unexpected sounds and has had a lot of fun while playing with her inanimate dolls. And at the same time she didn’t pay attention to her mother. One or two children it could be just an ordinary case. But eleven, because that number of children got to the Kanner can’t be just a case. Kanner knew, he had hit the something special. It could be a disease, maybe a syndrome, and maybe developmental disorder. In that time it didn’t have any matter to him. Because it was something. And this something it was different than schizophrenia, because in it case the patients retreat from the social life. In this case such relation never were created. Leo realized he saw something where other didn’t saw before. These children have many common traits. Retreat from social life, lack of interest of interaction with human an inclination to repeating some behavior still and still. Tantrums when someone was trying to hindering their behaviors. They have problems with eating. Didn’t tolerate some food in their menu or even the food with specific consistency. And finally, something very special for Kanner. Meaning very difficult with verbal communication and non-verbal. These children either were not speaking at all or were speaking repeating words. They were repeating phrase after questions. Didn’t answer with sense. Children have problem to understand that one word in the different contexts could have different meanings. Also the children were very … rigid if talking about words’ meaning. And respectively it is seemed to see the children became deaf. Because their parents were speaking this regularly. That all make made in 1943 Kanner published the paper, became first work description the childhood autism. Year later similar paper published Viennese psychiatrist [Hans Asperger – Discoverer of syndrome named after him]. He also saw some relations related his unusual children patients. Although he had only four such patients, yet so amazing themselves, that Hans was speaking about them as “Little professor” Although, in the paper, he also used “Autistic Psychopaths”. Used it incorrectly, because the psychopaths reading other people’s emotions. People with autism can’t do this. Today, when we are speaking about these people we say they have an Asperger syndrome. What were those traits? Similar to autism. Problems with the emotion understand and problem with the reading of attitude other people Problem with social interactions. Making friends, interesting very specific areas. Asperger was convinced the such deep interesting eg. learning, entomology, or philosophy, they will get success in their life And in one case he was a very close because his patient was Elfriede Jelinek[Nobelist with the Asperger syndrome and the Hans Asperger’s pupil] later Nobelist. What is interesting according the part of paper, Asperger himself have the symptoms of Asperger syndrome(disorder) what he wrote. He was very withdrawn child, have few friends, passionate the literature and supposedly known all works of certain Austrian playwright named Franz Grillparzer. And possible Asperger has had the presumptive evidence about autism before Kenner did. [ASPERGER SPOKE ON THE SCIENCE CONFERENCE ABOUT HIS PATIENTS BEFORE KANNER FIRST PUBLICATION] Asperger for the first time on the conference speak about his patients few days before before Donald, the second of Kanner Boy visited him in his office Unfortunately, he didn’t get the international famous despite even this, he published very much but in German. And first time about the Asperger spectrum wrote one year later after death of the person, who gave the Asperger spectrum name after himself. Meaning 1981. Yet… I speak here about Asperger, Autism, autism spectrum disorders. We have to systematize some stuffs, because in the science literature two sometimes contradictions classifications similar disorders could exist. [AUTISM ACCORDING ICD-10]
Two not exactly unanimous definitions of autism, or autism spectrum disorders. According 10th revision of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems autism belong to the fully development disasters Due to this reason, we have to emphasize the autism isn’t a disease. Speaking of autism with this classification, I mean the Children’s autism or childhood autism, because sometimes it is called like this. It is such ailment where the first results symptoms have got in the child’s first three years of life. If no, Atypical autism is diagnosed. In the case, the problem with speaking no exist, verbal communication the different spectrum is diagnosed. Meaning the Asperger spectrum. Also there is non-formal definition laying between Children’s autism and Atypical autism meaning High-functioning autism Also we have to will mention about other Pervasive developmental disorder Speaking of ICD-10 it is apply in Poland, EU But there is also another classification.Competitive. Classification of American Psychiatric Association and according to the latest version from May 2013 The autism doesn’t exist. There are only disorders of autism’s spectrum. Meaning Asperger spectrum, children’s autism and atypical autism are counted together. And this spectrum is indicated how much the scale of intensification it got. And on this scale, these person has themselves indicator according to how many help from entourage or environment they need. For example, people with Asperger spectrum which have problems with reading emotion in other people, But they are excellent communicate with other, are usually well… if they are no more intelligent like rest population, they are at least the same intelligent as average others. They are placed in the low places on this mentioned scale. Serious children’s autism [THIS SPECTRUM INCLUDING THREE STAGES], or deep children’s autism when the children does not keep the eye contact, does not interesting people in any way. This is placed far from the beginning. This has its own const and advantages. [LOWER PLACE: AUTISM ACCORDING TO DMS-5: 299.00 AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDERS]
To preserve a order, if I’m going to speak about the autism spectrum, I’ll mean what the American writing and speaking about. Meaning childhood autism atypical autism and Asperger Spectrum According the ICD-10 classification.
ON THE YELLOW FONTS: NAME IN THIS VIDEO: Autism spectrum disorders] Speaking autism I mean childhood autism
[CHILDHOOD AUTISM IN THIS VIDEO WILL BE CALLED: AUTISM] Asperger Spectrum remains Asperger Spectrum, and people who will be control group, meaning the average of society I’m going to call Neurotypical. All of it to emphasize and I will do it in this video multiple, the autism isn’t a disease. This is a disorder. And due to this reason if something isn’t a disease, it is worth to define what the disorder really is. Chapter 2:
Three main symptoms While the child is playing some toy, and adult handle this child for a hand stopped playing, the child involuntarily, automatic grow up the eyesight trying to see the face of adult see in his eye and understand reason why the adult stopped child’s fun. Yet children with autism spectrum, autistic children mostly don’t do it. They are still looking at their hand. Trying to get over the adult’s handle. But don’t seek the reason of this situation in the eyes. This simple experiment with handle the playing children, was shown in 1996 that in the autistic people this reflex action. Action to seek the explanation in the other’s people eyes. However, if the soul lives in the eyes, as we say so, we could say the people with autism spectrum either do not know about it, what meaning deep autism or have the difficult with using this mirror. They and their families are generally weaker in the reading emotions based facial expressions e.g meaning eyesight, or the eyes’ behavior. the eyes’ behavior another person. But it’s worth to mentioned one stuff This is really really important, that doesn’t look like for example The Big Bang Theory where Sheldon doesn’t know anything how exactly his friends are feeling. Until his friends will say him how they feeling. That everything based on lucky. Simply emotions like: Sadness, joy or… regret these emotions, people with autism or with autism spectrum are being able to reading. However the problem is when the emotions are complex. Meaning sarcasm, irony, embarrassing, it all are emotions or rather expression manner would read or understand people with autism people with autism spectrum is being significantly harder than others. What is interesting, there are situations such as e.g Asperger Spectrum wherein the children with would be able to learn this on their own. Meaning These people can would read a book about the body language. And based on this book, information would learn trying to solve this riddle, meaning solve what happened in the world around them. And what emotions is correlated with people around them. But it isn’t natural like in others. This is probably tie with the manner of see and race the faces. Because, when we see in face we have amazing ability to don’t analyze separately e.g eyes, nose mouth, ears, and so on. When we see the face, our mind always see as a full part. Futhermore the mind has the areas, which are specialized in see the sadness and this is automotive process. Also in the joy recognize. In the regret see and probably a lot of research about mind’s activity confirmed these areas in mind are less active in the people with autism spectrum. The prove the people with autism are be able to recognize emotions was experiment (following interesting). It sounds: Asked autistic boy to sort, or rather group the faces’ photos. Like e.g group the cards. What is important: There are many ways to doing it. For example people with blond hair would placed to one stock, people with dark hair to another, and redhead to third. Or even doing it according the eyes’ color And such things they did. None of the autistic boys didn’t have a reflex to group these faces toward to the emotions. Well… it is as though not group card towards for example the figures versus numbers, digits or the rest of cards. And this matter is important because when they asked them to choose from this group of photos these photos with people would be positively related to them they didn’t have any problem to choose the smile people, or with the happy expression without the furrowed eyebrows and so on, and so forth Excellent, not even in this word itself because it is hardly to rate, yet they were be able to separate the simple emotional states on the photos. But it not their first method of classification, or rather first firmly to classification. And in the first thought they didn’t think that emotional states were well to distinguish people. And this information is valuable to us about how the mind of an autistic person is functioned. Emotions do not the first method to communicate, or even classification about what around is going on. Hence the emotional withdraw in those people exist. And if we are looking at eyes about important and interesting matter. Meaning sharing attention. We people have the connection in mind the involuntarily trying sharing what we are looking at. And other also wanted to share what we are looking on. Meaning, want to look at it too. Proof? If we quickly indicate by finger someone this person will look at it. If we’ll proceed similar situation, give the clear eye sight, that here is something special, the other would see there Of course connection eye with a finger is very clear as we not only see there, yet move there our finger. But as I say, One, two these all works. Generally, people with autism spectrum have a problem with or rather less tendency to share field view. And very often have to note them, Follow my finger, but this is not a standard. Many autistic people, with autism spectrum do this, but it is very interesting situation has placed when indicating one side with a finger and another eyesight. Then autistic people have tendencies to tail the finger. People with autism spectrum of course. And in this there is also one interesting situation meaning such that when we’ll look at something at something who someone indicated, and it would there is nothing interesting in this situation, the activity in our mind electric activity in mind could suggest the disappointed was make. Meaning our mind is disappointed, because “wants” to share the view with us or rather someone other wants to share attention, we wanted to take up it, meaning sharing view with. And it turned out, there is nothing interesting and our mind is disappointed. Mind “expected” to see something there, but nothing got. And the mind is … “sad”. In the Autistic people such phenomenon does not exist. If someone wants to draw attention autistic person to look somewhere with success, and this person will have split attention. And as before nothing got there, mind of this person are going to ignore it. And will starting to doing something other. This shows, that, well… another schema activity of such mind “is taking place” in people suffering from Autism spectrum or rather disorder of Autism spectrum. While people with Autism spectrum were watching a movie full of a close-up of actors with an extraordinary emotions very rarely (comparing to neurotype group ) were looking at actor’s eyes.
[NEUROTYPICAL CHILDREN] Often concentrated at the mouth and in some time they were looking to the nothing, empty space. Meaning the space without any face. If someone is interested what the movie was emitted there, [AUTISTIC CHILDREN]
I’m not going to waste your time and I’m going to answer. In the original paper was choose “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” And maybe someone wants to check out because was saved in the science’s history. People with Autism spectrum have also one additionally difficulty. Namely automatic the problem to play the sham.
[*Problem with interaction to play in the Play only to sham] If we would have got the autistic children or with Autism spectrum one of these dolls and would have started second one to the position for tango’s dance, assumed the children know this dance the children would have got big problem to would started play to show that the tango’s dance is performed now. This would have had a big problem. And children with Autism spectrum would problem to automotive play like neurotipical’s other children, which at the age of 18-months, know exactly what is simulation, even if not know this about play with dolls, the simulation of social situations dosn’t make them a problem. Another interesting situation is when the children with Autism Or with Autism spectrum is taking part in the game is about it, that decisions making by person with autism spectrum could affect what the second one person about the person with autism spectrum will think. Very often, and even in the vast majority of cases where the blueprint of mind’s activity person with autistic spectrum, it turned out, that this blueprint is completely different while the decision was made than in the neurotype person. It mean no less than more, that there is no tendency, or rather natural predisposition to thinking way: “What this second person is going to think about me if I will have reacted like ?” Just the reaction is calculated in the game. Additionally, people with autism spectrum don’t have a natural tendency to thinking what the others could will think about us. Fot them doesn’t matter if someone will good think about them or not. In the opposite situation when the neurotypical people was researched of course the pattern of mind’s activity was completely different, and bounded to situation: “What would others think about me?” First sign :
[Restricted possibility to interaction with other people and reading their emotions]
And those all robbed of details was the first symptom of autism spectrum. Meaning, restricted possibility to interact with other people and created deeper bond relations with them. Yet we have to say, the autistic people can’t created the bonds with people (As I mentioned before), Yes, they can would create. But this is not natural like in neurotypical people. Required time and make efforts. Second of autism sign is disorder in the verbal and in the nonverbal communication. For that very reason, children with Autism spectrum [Sign two: Problem with verbal communication and non-verbal]
less speaking and if it will make, they do with less pleasure. Speaking a little different and respectively they have a problem with reading gesticulations, facial expression
[*If you know other facial expressions than “facial”, put the comment below about it…] and they itself very rarely using gesticulation and facial expression. This is so interesting, because because those days, were suspecting the fifty percent of children with autism spectrum don’t say at all. And the children without the need to answer the questions, they would have said less than five words per day. Today, this percentage is estimated about twenty percent. And all is correlated by enlargement the criteria of diagnostic. (I’m going to say about it for a moment) Still, while we talking about the processing of speech it is worth to say it: Generally many functions in mind are made by so-called “Laterality”, what means one side of the mind is better, more proficiency in those function than the second one. And in the processing of speech the situation is the same. In the neurotypical people, the left side of mind is often significantly active while we would hearing someone, or when we speak something. Instead, This laterality is either negligible or at least significantly smaller in the autistic people and with autism spectrum than others. That means the specialization of mind is completely completely different, and basically is less. We could say openly, there is less mind’s specialization in those people, if we considering both cerebral hemispheres. Furthermore, some part of researchers are postulating the people with autism rely on the different ratio to various of, when the understanding the world around is considered. What does this mean? We firstly off trying to see something then hearing, and on the end we rely on the smell, touch, or taste. This is the five basic senses, which everyone more or less know. Autistic people usually take care less rely on the e.g. hearing (proportionally of course) From their, the smell, taste, touch are more important than to us. What is really interesting, because hypersensitivity to stimuli is bound to autism disorder spectrum. Or otherwise, is bounded to reduced level of activation of such receptors. Those people are usually more sensitive to pain, perception of temperature too (what is also an interesting topic, but i don’t want to speak about it now). Additionally people with autism spectrum usually are very sensitive to various palet of sound. For example children with autism disorder, very often afraid vacuum cleaner or loud music like e.g. metallic music. Third symptom:
Person with autism has tendentiously to schematic behavior and limited interestings. Third symptom is tendency to schematic behavior and limited various of passion and activities. Additionally correlated with lack of imagination. It could be seen as protest to do new stuffs, new eats, new toys and even day’s plan. Scientist proven the people with autism spectrum function significantly better if they would know, what they would to do. And when, and where they would do something. I mean, they are more calm and does better function when in the house or place where they spent most time, there is table and there is clearly plan for today. “I”ll do it at morning, this here in the afternoon and in the evening in the certain places” This way these people will be more calm their mind, which has problems with planning sth or even when they planned, they does problem with execution all of it. Probably the disorder of frontal lobes taking the main responsible for this. Frontal Lobes are responsible for planning and execution. Also as the situation wherein we could feel social awkward. This is some control of our social behavior And people with damaged or nonfunctional frontal lobes does such very strange things. And of course, people with deep autism could public make things publicly unacceptable. And they don’t see this anything wrong. And now, two important issue. Very important. First off: Intelligence. Very a time long ago people thought the indispensable element of people with autism is mental retardation (Intellectual disability). This came along to such an extent in the 60’s and 70’s years didn’t diagnose an autism in people did have average IQ or higher. And that was made even about eleven Kanner’s children, on the basis of which, autism was described the first, appeared the individuals, which those research called above intelligent than average. Very long this Intellectual disability even more, every mental retardation that times was treated as if this responsible for problem with social interactions, and verbal communication, nonverbal too. Today we are know, the something called
Williams syndrome exist, This syndrome is something like an anti-autism in some level of development. A people with this spectrum have IQ over a dozen less than average. But they better if we considering empathy, they are more susceptible to the fear significantly solicitude, they are looking contacts with people more intensive than others, They have more traits, which the people with autism don’t have. Mental retardation isn’t from a long time ago a criteria of diagnostic in the autism. And today no one look if wants to diagnose autism or autism disorders this the mental or intellectual retardation have to exist. Second off: Diagnose. Diagnose could be really, really problematic one. Chapter 3: Two year less Mostly children in the 18th month of their life could follow the finger. Even babies when they would have looked at mother concentrate their eyesight to her eyes. But if it not, if the children would have looked at mouth, or looked somewhere beyond the face, in this group then the autism is very often diagnosed. On the other hand, one of the factors of autism is being a boy. Boys are fourth times more autistic than girls. [THE BOYS HAVE THE AUTISM SPECTRUM FOUR MORE OFTEN THAN GIRLS] People with higher education have more chance to would have got children with autism spectrum. Especially it is applied to engineers’ children.
[HIGHER EDUCATION IS CORRELATED WITH THEIR CHILDREN’S DIAGNOSE OF AUTISM] Such relations are hundreds, maybe a thousands, and about a few I’ll say something. But here, I want to point out one important issue. I want to warn before the homemade diagnosis of autism. Not only that, we don’t know some causes, maybe we know the genetic component, environment factors are correlated with autism About this you’ll know from this video, but I want to warn you primarily because that one of three diagnoses, or even more before the 24th month of children life are verified as a false. And even children, who normally developed to 24th month of their life, sometimes they are diagnosed as a children with autism, as a children with autism spectrum disorder, or as the Asperger spectrum. This is very important issue, because every children has its own pace of development. And these who looked in trouble in the beginning of their life very often could without any problems this development will catch up the others. For this reason, if someone has the think, there’s something wrong with its children’s development then the first, the good idea is to go to the specialist. The sooner the better. The right is if the before diagnose of autism, the better prognosis about therapy of children. Because I point this is not a disease, there’s nothing to cure. It’s worth to mentioned, the Asperger spectrum is diagnosed later than autism The diagnose of autism [DIAGNOSE OF AUTISM IS MOSTLY HAPPENED BETWEEN 2 AND 4 YEAR OLD]
Diagnose of Asperger spectrum between 6 and 8 year old. And that why because the lack of reading of human’s emotions don’t make a big problem for adults. These children have high concentration, have ability to do a complex stuff, have passions which devotes themselves to it and when they doing it, they’ll give the passion all of their energy. And very often the parents are proud of such children as special talented. That’s the truth. On the other hand, when the development of autism spectrum or autism spectrum at all are considered, we have to clearly say: The development is non-harmonic. Very often the children is growing excellent, start babble, start speaking, it kept the relation with the friends (seemingly of course) And then suddenly lost of children ability. It could be related to some stage the children’s head in people with autism are even a few dozens of percent more than others in this same stage.
[WHILE THE FIRST AUTISM SYMPTOMS ARE OBSERVED CHILDREN WITH HAVE BIGGER HEAD THAN THEIR PEERS] And such correlation is existed because their mind are a few dozens bigger than their peers. Then this difference is lost. This digression has its own target. Point out the every children is growing in their own pace. And many children suspected of being autistic before 24 months of their life, developing normally without autism. Even the Asperger Spectrum doesn’t appeared. This rule works also the other way around. The children with absolutely normal of development the later are will diagnosed and putted as a autistic. And this is completely normal for autism because, the regress exist and the reason of that regress (multi-level regress) are multiple factors. And in a moment, I’ll say about it, but here I want to mark out, the vaccines don’t count as causes. Chapter 4: One per sixty eight In a moment when the autism was firstly described the scientists didn’t know how many cases exist. Leo Kanner even did’t know it. But he knew about one important issue. If he could described eleven cases in the barely of few years his practice in John Hopkins University. That has to mean these cases appeared more often than most people could be able to acknowledge. First researches about the autism’s frequency derrived from the 1960s and they show a few cases per 10 000. Results derived from 1970s and 1980s confirmed less or more these results. Autism appeared in the 2-4 maybe 6 per 10 000 Instead in the 90s instead of it in the 90s, it turned out, a few dozens of cases per 10 000 is possible. At the beginning of the 2000s, the number still was growing. Then a few cases per 1000 is considering. Finally, the results of 2014 which ones are currently mostly cited in the science literature in the negative context. This paper showed the autism occurs more and more. Currently statistic showed the autism children occurs one child per 68 others. And looking at it, if we connected these dots as sometimes is made. And we are going to make prediction And while looking at this correlation many people are saying about autism epidemic. And it is of course… tempting to do it while we are looking at this very correlated graph. But in the scientific view non-correct. “But how Dawid? False? You see this chart? You need serious help if you are thinking that.How possible this is not epidemic?” Just this is not epidemic. Because there are many causes have would be explained that situation. For example, skipping that here does not have values. Let’s assume, we considering California’s state. Because from there we have the most data. If we would have looked at how often in California’s states, the mental regression appears at the same time, then we would have saw, that the frequency of mental regression diagnosis still decreasing. And at least part of these cases was classified as mental regressions, if the better autism diagnose wasn’t change. This is a first issue. Second off: It looked less or more as if (what the papers from 2011 showed) point out how many of cases the deepest autism with many problems in the last years is diagnosed or what Kanner in the 1940s had in his mind then this number is more or less constantly. That’s mean this grow here is bounded with another issue, which one is called an extension of diagnostics criteria. I was mentioned before the diagnostic criteria could be used for mental immaturity diagnostic. Or intellectual immaturity. And… back in the 1960s children today diagnosed as a children with autism disorder didn’t have any chance to autism’s diagnose. And this because their iq is completely normal. And process of extension diagnostic methods it could be imagined when looking at deck. That’s meaning trying from this deck will select cards defined as the autistic cards. Let’s assume, we are at the discovery of autism stage. And defined the autism as all red cards with a number of six. After two decade more and more doctors know the combination of being a red card with six number is so-called an autism. And series of research and publication make this group the red cards with eight number should be added too. With time the four and two also should be. Provided the diamonds it is. After a few dozens of years :state of cards” decided the autistic cards have to would have got care from the state. And since the compassionate doctors more and more make a false positive diagnose. And due to this reason, on the paper the two heart have this diagnose too. As well as ten red. Of course with some simplified stuff, this looks like this. Most likely if we were stuck these rigid definition defined in the forties, fifties and in the sixties, the number of autism frequency probably was constant. And we would have didn’t have autism spectrum disorder too. Anyway, here we could say and even we should say, the for this how the curve looked the vaccines don’t respond. At the end of the nineties, Andrew Wakefield made this matter one publication. But this publication was multiple criticized and overthrown. Author himself was convicted. Meaning he lost the right to work as a doctor. Proved cheating, as well as manipulations of data. And paper was withdraw from journalist. And what’s more. In this paper, nowhere it has not been written the vaccines cause autism. But, there it was suggested that relation could be been “theoretical” correct, and it’s worth to mention it. However, this anti-vaccine action drove while Wakefield started was talking beyond what he has written in his paper. Then, he started to talk about relations autism with vaccines. His paper, based on twelve children research. Later papers wrote by other scientists counted cohorts. These “cohorts” counted even more than millions proved the relationship between autism and vaccines doesn’t exist. His work was withdraw. And the number of papers confirmed this non-correlation are still growing and growing. As if that were not enough any agency or fundation taking care of autism (meaning serious foundation) doesn’t related autism and vaccines. While the MMR vaccine was introduced against measles mumps and rubella. Because all of it started with it. Then this blue curve was started growing. When the vaccine was withdrawn from Japan, this trend wasn’t change. Still growing and growing over time. When the correlation between autism and
Thiomersal(organomercury compound used in vaccines) was postulated. That postulated was published in the journal is collecting hypotheses without any proof. Then… very quickly proved the thiomersal doesn’t correspond with autism. Anyway this lobby was so strong, the thiomersal was withdraw from mostly vaccines(from the vast majority). Even this trends wasn’t change. So… instead of devoting time to such discussion of this, which one is false and I’m saying that with responsible Maybe… instead of it, it’s worth considering real reasons, which ones count hundreds, thousands if not millions of causes. Chapter 5:
Millions of causes. Discovery of autism was a Kanner’s big achievement. Or rather description,
[LOCATION THANKS Bohdan Dobrzański Institute of Astrophysics] was a big success. But in the science it is not enough to accept some fact and often, it would try to will get the reason of that. And Kanner wanted to do it too. And made it. It’s worth to mention, that he acknowledged (don’t know exactly what he based for) that autism cause is a fridge Fridge-mothers. Meaning, such mothers don’t care about her baby, as well as lack of emotion given to children or would have gave too little to children, And even they didn’t back positive emotion was given by children, as well as neither closeness to children. And I’ve said before. Don’t know exactly why he determined that, but he put the theory, or rather hypothesis(theory is the significantly word in science). He thought the something called “Classical conditioning” is appeared. Like in the Pavlov’s experiment. I mean, the children who trying to close relation to its mother, and would have tried to regularly contact with its mother and would have got constantly cast off. That way, children are learning this close relation will not get. Not only from mother but also from anyone. I’ve said this phrase was backed by… I don’t know about was backed, but the Kanner said it, person which one discover the autism, the science got the message to itself. And was functional in the psychiatrists’ entourage it took a very long time. Took a very long time, to such an extent in 1964 one of the publication described the there’s any doubt the main reason of autism is cold relation careless mothers didn’t make the relation with their children, eventually the mothers arguing with father of these children. Or… if the family have the tensions inside. And it marked out in that publication, so interesting as well as shameful, there are no any other proofs to the other biological reasons of autism exist. And marked if such relations are, as well as current explanation is confirmed (And according to researchers, it was working) there’s no reason for would have searched these causes Anyway, it is hard to describe how things, or thoughts were going on in a mother of autistic children that times. Because if psychiatrist was called such mother as cold, robbed of love mother for normal human is as an alias of a bad and not loving mother. And psychiatrist didn’t understand these parents explained that they are living in peace, exactly they are raised a young and older children, which didn’t have an autism. Parents explained, the children never was searching feel at all, and even it themselves didn’t want it and repelled mother when the she tried to break monotonic repeating fun with the non-living item too. All of it for a long time back wasn’t understand by psychiatrist. For lucky, these same mothers, who were considering as non-loving mother finally got struck and we have started searched a real reasons of autism. Causes who are being biologic… throughout. To such an extent, the we are almost 100% sure about the autism is mostly inherit than the e.g. multiple sclerosis is. Even more than predisposition to diabetes. Mostly science literature say that genes are responsible from 40% to even 80% for autism. [THE ANALYSES INDICATED THE AUTISM HAS GENETIC BASIS FROM 40% TO EVEN 83% OF ALL CASES] Moreover the publication from last year showed more. It explained the autism is caused in 83% by genetic basic. The fact itself that opinion about cold mother functioned that times and long is really surprising and shock. Especially if it was easy to fall. The look at… children should be enough. Meaning siblings. Of course, certain cases of siblings. Meaning twins. Certain case. It means identical twins. Statistically we shared in our siblings 50 percent of genes. However if we have a twin additionally we shared with it nine months in this same or very close fetal conditions.
[+9 MONTHS IN THE MOTHER’S WOMB] And in the identical twins, apart additional 9 months in the fetal conditions and one hundred percent the same genes. And now if we properly would choose the study group, with many people inside of course, we could would get very interesting things. So. First off: If we would compare siblings, normal siblings with the fraternal twins and would turns out the (assuming one of the siblings have a autism spectrum and second one too but not in 100% cases yet less) so if the percent of cases would be higher in the fraternal twins, than in the normal siblings then we could say, the impact of autism cases could be conditions they are inside of mother’s womb. This is first. Second off sounds: When we have e.g. identical twins and fraternal twins, and it would turns out the percentage of occurrences while considering autism is higher in identical twins, than fraternal twins that way it significantly indicates the genetic factor plays as a mayor role. And exactly that is. However, according different research and different method make the result aren’t equal each other. That way, we’d get the result indicate the identical twins have the autism spectrum disorder in around 36%(?) While fraternal twins have exactly 0 %. In some studies indicate more different than I’ve said, even 90% in the identical twins. And only ten percent while the fraternal twins are considering. However, the most frequency results sound more or less 95% percent in the autism spectrum disorder while the co-occurrence in identical twins is considering, Yes, even 95 percent. Instead 27% percent in the fraternal twins. Anyway, disproportion isn’t be neglected. This disproportion indicates unanimously for a strong genetic factor, if the occurrence of autism spectrum is considering. Generally, development disorders are more correlated with male sex, than the female sex. Things like ADHD, dyslectic, That stuffs they are typical male-sex things. In the autism one, this disproportion between males and females in the frequency of autism’s (autism spectrum disorder) occurrence is… more than significantly difference to the detriment of boys. That means. For every girl in the autism spectrum disorder is at least 4 boys for each. If the something has genetic basic and is more correlated with male sex the common sense should search the reason in the sex chromosomes. And in the fact, the children with autism spectrum disorder(autism) has more disorder like fragile X syndrome However… they are more statistically suffer for that syndrome only in 2-4% of all autism children. That means 2-4% of all autism children have X fragile chromosome. And even the bravest statistics indicate ten percent. And this still is like a drop in the whole genetic needs. Well… also we could look cause, or rather relation for other disorders. Like another one. Like for example tuberous sclerosis, which will cause change the area around the eylets, kidneys ,pancreas, or even liver as well as mind. Here the correlation is even lower than the before with fragile chromosome. Only 2% children with autism has Tuberous sclerosis. The strongest percents participation if we considering direct cause, was found in the ADA gene mutation. Here we have about 20% children with autism having mutation in this gene. Well… When we’re talking about genes, the possible genes “candidates” related to autism occur a lot. No… “a lot” is a bad word. The better sounds: “there are vast of them”. Some estimates(and this is not extreme estimates) indicate there are over thousand of them. And most of them more or less extent is taking part in the development of mind or its functionality. [MENTAL RETARDATION AND AUTISM ARE CORRELATED IN 50-75%]
In the case of classical of autism, it could be related to intellectual retardation. Which one affects 50-75% of that strong autism group. Let’s make a quick remind. In the whole autism spectrum [IN THE CASE OF WHOLE AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER THIS PERCENT EQUAL 20%] this development delay occurs about 20 percent of all cases, maximum 25 percent. Very often on the lists with predictable genes causes or favorable of autism. Because, we don’t say the gene is caused for autism, but anything like to favorable to come out of disorder. On these lists chromosome or rather genes laying on the chromosome of 2, 7, 15, 16. It said to be about cons of whole chromosomes and not single genes. Those disorder of building [STATISTICALLY THE PERSONS WITH AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER MORE OFTEN HAVE VARIOUS OF CONS IN THE CHROMOSOMES ]
like for example deletion, meaning lack of whole big fragments of chromosomes, duplication others (doubling) and finally aberration, meaning changing the order of chromosomes’ gene occurs. Of course, all of it affects on how this genetic “recipe” is translated into a human then. This number, I mean here to back for this 1000, or over number of genes suspected for more or less correlated with autism spectrum disorder occurs. This… is a gigantic number of genes when we given, that we have almost 19-20 thousand of genes at all. These all genese are coding proteins. Of course I mean here about us, homo-sapiens. And this way number from the last chapter, that is 1 child per 68 according estimates have autism spectrum disorders and it is diagnosed as a child with autism spectrum disorder. That way, we should maybe treated that as a least penalty. On the second hand, does someone exist without any quirk? Well, for sure we know some persons don’t like being too often with others. Don’t like hold eye contact, have non-typical hobby binding with non-living objects, e.g. collecting stamps, repair clocks. Honestly, do these persons have at least a bit “behaviors” similar to autism? Well… probably we have some basis to dare to claim that they have. And phenotypically Phenotype is a collection of traits some species written in genes. Meaning “how” these genes would have bound to organism’s appearance, behavior. So phenotypically autism is a very wide definition. It means many traits (traits are a better word) which are characteristic traits for wide cases of autism spectrum disorder it could be find without any doubt in people’s behavior even if they don’t have any disorders. It maybe be these persons have predispositions to autism occurrence. But the entourage didn’t
[IT IS POSSIBLE TO HAVE GENETIC PREDISPOSITIONS TO AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER, HOWEVER IN SOME ENTOURAGE IT WILL NEVER APPEAR] let to the development of autism in the significant form. Or they are only a carrier of genes correlated with autism but in the specific combination. Combinations don’t make them autistic, but could appear in their children. That way, we could explain also why the girls rarely have the autism spectrum disorder. Why significantly have autism? Well… It’s mean, whether we like it or not, The differences between sex are pronounced. I don’t speak here about body, yet also about inside. For the psychical view the women has different species than men. As well as girl has other traits than boys. And very lot of women’s traits Proven not only in the scientific papers but also in the internet surveys, or personality tests (or you can see it on your own, I will leave a link in description) the women has species about creation of interpersonal relations. Meaning more empathy, more abilities to would create a relationships, greater need to binding relations. As well as ability to “reading” intentions of others. These things, which autistic people don’t have. As well as in people with autism spectrum disorder. If the autism is defined as lack of some traits, or rather in these people, the “negative” traits are searching. That way… maybe I have to emphasize what I will say for a moment, this is only “maybe”. The women, girls have autism significantly less than the boys, because if they are don’t have e.g. 1-2 traits which have genetic basis then the rest of social, culture behaviors, lead the ways the autism deficit in girls “can’t” be found. In boys, which have less predispositions to social behaviors like tenderness, or to be thoughtful it is easier to would observe it. This is almost, as if we would have a recipe which requires 20 eggs. And we’d use 19, and probably what we would have got almost the same, from the one what required in the original recipe. However if we’d use instead 2 eggs in some recipe, only one egg, then it is possible then our finish product will be another than “expected”. And I want to say, I only generalizing. About general situation. Because, for sure there are a males, (and this no shape) which cries while watching “The lion king”, “Coco”, or “Green mile”. But we don’t have to see at concrete genes, [FAMILIES TRAITS WITH WHOM AN AUTISM APPEARED] analyze traits children’s siblings, and parents will get the evidence of genetic basis. For heredity of autism. Parents of autistic children generally have worse in emotional reading than neurotypical parents.
[LESS ABILITY TO READING EMOTIONS] As well as reading the emotional state from others people eyes. And have the
Their father significantly often have obsessive-compulsive disorder. And their mother significantly more have fear and depression. The siblings of autistic people have less language abilities, than the average of society. And they are used fewer gestures while communication. [FEWER VOCABULARY RANGE AND GESTURES IN THE AUTISTIC FAMILIES ]
The families who have at least one autistic children they are better in the Implicit-association test. This Implicit-association test, is an interesting thing. In a big simplification, the details is picked something out from the general entourage. This mean, we could ask the “tester” person in one version would tried in the complex picture, which is showed many figures imposed on each other.And this “tester” task is find certain figure, or to answer that figure exist at all. And fact itself, that autistic children and their families have better results it show something important. Very important concept. Meaning they are tendencies to see the world around them not as a simplified model, they will not creating something “over-simplified” of reality but they are looking at the world as a collection of well… “non-reduction”, “non-simplified” or “hard-reduction” elements. Also “hardly-simplified” stuff as well as “hard” to simplified components. This inability to create models would see on many levels. Even if, when we would ask autistic children or children with autistic spectrum, to draw something from the memory, they are usually could make significantly more details, than neurotypical children. If we would ask them about repeat words robbed of sense, (sequential of words without sense) That way they are be able to remember more words than neurotypical children. However they also got less scored, when these words could be turn to the phrase. Meaning of course, the phrases with meaningful meaning. When the model (simplified) of what they heard as e.g. a “feature” sentence. This mean, in some way autism and autism spectrum disorder predispose to being an exceptionally observant. If this is not enough in people with autism spectrum disorder, the other disorders have also correlated with this spectrum. which also have its genetic component if the causes are considering. [PERSONS WITH AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER STATISTICALLY HAVE MORE OFTEN DISEASES LIKE: ANXIETY OR SLEEP DISORDER] And I speak here about others than fragile chromosome x, or tuberous sclerosis. These are for example: Sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, epilepsy or mood disorders. Of course, co-occurrence doesn’t mean the two disorders have a thick correlation. But the fact itself, that these diseases also indicate a mind that has to… postulate(?), or maybe not. Rather mere suspicion is an appropriate “word”, that suspect this connection could really exist. But… instead speak over and over in these percents, all those things we could sum in the following way: That autism don’t necessary must be inherit, but is genetic. I mean, from our parents, we had got the predisposition to autism appearance. To autism spectrum disorder. This correlation is at least in the vast cases. And this we know today, but maybe someday the situation would look different Because from current knowledge would get concrete genetic cause of autism, meaning not only the “some” genes, yet directly indicate “this and only this one concrete gene” is responsible for autism only in about 15% of all autism causes. One would say only 15% of autism cases, others in as much as 15% of all autism cases. However I’ve said before, genes is not at all. And this maybe could out from this “divagation” about chromosomes, mutations and would say about entourage’s factors conductive to autism. And the most of attention (and not without reason) in the entourage’s causes do about birth and perinatal events. Because the children with autism spectrum disorder statistically have low weight birth, statistically also they are premature infants. or after the birth head to intensive care unit. It turns out, the birth by cesarean delivery is correlated with more autism spectrum disorder cases. [CAUSES CONDUCTIVE TO AUTISM DISORDER:
PREMATURE DELIVERY, LOW BIRTH WEIGHT, COMPLICATION WHILE BIRTH, BIRTH BY CESAREAN DELIVERY] And even increase significantly, because of about 23%. However, this doesn’t mean as if one percent in natural birth, then in the group used cesarean delivery “equal” 24%, but… this mean other. And exactly means 23 percent higher change from 1%. That we would get when we get 23% from 1% and then added it. “Then”, we have 1,23%. But this doesn’t change the fact the multiple of these proves, relation and the fact that in children with autism as well as in their parents, families, siblings, the higher level of serotonin is observed. This indicate, the correlation with… bacterial… flora exist. For a moment I’m going to expand that conception, because is as interesting as well as shocked. However…the important stuff given reliable is statistic. Because statistically the children with autism spectrum disorder more often have disease like otitis before the second year of life. More often than social average. And what’s more, they would get more antibiotic in those times than the neurotypical group. But before we would started to afraid the antibiotics (by the way, this isn’t unreasonable, especially unwise antibiotic management could be very adverse not only for an individual, yet also for society) Emphasize only one thing. The antibiotic itself doesn’t “means” autism. Often use of antibiotics or overdose it, don’t cause autism. Because, beyond any doubt autism itself started before the birth. [CAUSES CONDUCTIVE TO AUTISM DISORDER:
PREMATURE DELIVERY, LOW BIRTH WEIGHT, COMPLICATION WHILE BIRTH, BIRTH BY CESAREAN DELIVERY] The autism often occurred when the mother had viruses infection, or rubella while pregnat. As well as taking antiepileptic drugs. It demonstrated, the experience of strong stress especially between 21-32 week of pregnat correlated with autism occurred in a child. Higher level of mother’s testosterone while pregnant is correlated [FACTORS CONDUCTIVE TO AUTISM OCCURRED:
(From the left)
] with less communication skills at the age of four. As well as tendentious to develop narrow interest after few years of birth. But we could also back in these all because the older parents’ age meaning the higher change to birth an autistic child. As well as a mother as well as a father. However in this count from one reason to the next, well you’ve probably noticed something. I mean, the factors related to infections, antibiotics factors the hormones changed while pregnancy and they dominate. It’s time to leave the mind in the discussion about autism. At least, from the… first mind. Chapter Six:
Billions of reasons. For sure, every hear pithy saying “You are what you eat” And based newest research, really newest, because from 2014 and later,
[LOCALISATION THANKS FOR DYMIONA GĘŚ’S RESTAURATION] this pithy saying contains a lot of truth. We could also expand it. “You are what you eat and your mind is what you eat too” But the questions are justified here. How? What based? What is happening here? And how this is related to today’s story? Because we have a story about autism on the plate. The answer is seemingly strange but real. Because… gut. The answer is to gut. What is inside of your viscera could be bravely named and even more and more often is calling Your second mind. Let’s take a some example. Serotonin. Antidepressants, depression as a result of a low level of serotonin in mind. Depression treatment is given the patient so-called serotonin reuptake inhibitor. This is nothing else like substances responsible for would block the serotonin absorption as to will be serotonin more and more. And…whence serotonin from? From the gut. At least in the most cases. From 90 to 95 percent of serotonin is creating in the gut. Is creating by the bacteria inside of our gut. Even if you would get naked now and go in the scale and it imaged your weight equal 80kg, then just really Your weight equal however 79. One kilogram is mass of bacteria inside and out of your body. And this is only the first crossed example. Because this one to 79 this is of course only more or less in most people, if the proportion of humans’ bacteria to body is considering. And this is only noting. If we would have had genes on the plate the proportion is incredible. I mean every of us have inside and out 9 millions of bacterial genes. (Of course this is only estimates) I remind, the human has between 19-20 thousand genes. That way, the disproportion is gigantic. If we take into whole dna inside and out us, then only one per ten And even less than 1/10 of our genes will be a human dna. Bacteria control the rest. Well… that way it’s hard to answer Who are we? But also, the searching of correlation “this” with autism isn’t a bad idea. It is worth to consider especially the the persons with autism spectrum disorder have monotonic diet. They also have problem with their gut, as well as diarrhea and diarrhea. What’s more interesting. The more of gut’s problems mean the more [MONOTONIC DIET IS CHARACTERISTIC FOR CHILDREN WITH AUTISM
destructive behaviors. If we remind paper about identical and fraternal twins, or siblings where the autism or autism spectrum disorder occurs, then the chance of (assuming one of siblings have these autism spectrum disorders) second of the siblings also would have this autism spectrum disorders is higher. Statistically significant, if the second of siblings (brother or second sister) have gut problems, or problem inside of digestive system. All of this probably started while pregnant because taking antibiotics increase the chance of autism occurred in a child. [(From the left) WHILE ANTIBIOTICS IS GIVEN WHILE PREGNANCY, IT IS INCREASE CHANCE OF AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER
Breast-feeding LONGER THAN 6 MONTHS DECREASE THAT “RISK” ] On the second-hand, breastfeeding longer than six months decrease autism occurred You could ask: How this is possible? Explanation isn’t simply, yet very interesting. The recent study showed the fetal waters isn’t sterile. There the bacteria also could be find. Meaning type of bacteria in fetal waters will be strongly related with mother’s diet. As if that was not enough composition of birth canal’s bacterial flora while birthing is changing to “promote” the positive for child health bacteria When the birthing is starting the composition of vagina’s bacteria is changing. Moreover, the woman’s milk contains the customize substations to the bacteria best for children’ gut in their first hours, days, months, years of those children life. All of it is very well “programmed”, so we shouldn’t be surprise, the problems with this… system(?) structure or problems with this liaison between mind and gut could be is as devastation. It could be clearly visible in children’ behavior. You could be amazed these changes is visible in behavior, yet remember the strongest connection between mind and any other body part is the vagus nerve. And this vagus nerve is responsible to connection mind and gut. If the diet is considering, it’s worth to mentioned, the diet contains a lot of fats or mother’s obesity while pregnant conductive to indigestion. Indigestion is disorder proportion between one and other bacteria’ species in the children guts. And in the animal model, it increase the autism occurred. [(From the left)
AND THIS INDIGESTION IS “CONNECTED” TO AUTISM’S SYMPTOMS OCCURRED] Generally, the less various of bacteria flora is often seen in people with autism spectrum disorder. A permeability of gut is changing. Yet I want to say here, that I don’t have in mean something called “Leaky gut syndrome”. Because that term is non scientific. This pseudo-“disaster” isn’t considering as a sick disorder. But however the substances through from the gut to the blood could be changing. It depends on other substances inside the blood, as well it depends from the entourage impact on the human. But this parts of food who “have” allegedly permeability to viscera is as true as flying cows. And non-confirmed phrase in any way. By the way, that disorder if the “standard” neurotypical is considering, normal permeability occurs in 37% persons with the confirmed autism spectrum disorder. 20% of families (or rather families members) these person and only 5% in the population classified as a neurotypical occurs. This unanimously shows impact of manner and nutrients of our diet to our mind. But what decided, what we eat? Many researches claim the bacteria would be able to affect on our nervous system. This works that way to we desire some substances, needed for them. Well… it is possible we don’t feed ourselves, yet the bacteria “order” some food as if we think to want it. It’s why the proper and balanced diet is so important. All things are for people, yet for the long “distant” life as monotonny as very unhealthy food which has only one nutrient in vast quantity and robbed of others could be harmful to us in many “levels” of our health. Exactly. Monotonny eating. I speak about it because people with autism spectrum disorder very often have monotonny eating habits, don’t tolerate some food, or desire only others. And paradoxically could be a proof for strong relation between gut and mind. And even more. The strong relation between bacterial flora and mind’s behavior exist. Meaning with process inside the mind, how mind function. I want to emphasize one more, paradoxically (and even non-paradoxically if we bear in mind what I’ve said before) in the moment when many people with autism spectrum disorder antibiotics are given to them some “parts” of symptoms this level of development don’t disappear. I remember. Autism isn’t a disease, it can’t be cured, but the symptoms could dwindle. This environment’s factor which would promote some genetic-predisposition behavior. This factor are… (How many time I’ve it before?)bacteria. And a few mechanisms what it works. First: Vagus nerve could be activated by neurotransmitters from the gut. Second way: Neurotransmitters from the guts could penetrate into the blood and then penetrate blood-brain barier and have place in mind and there would have made “its job” in the mind. And finally, Third way: Inflammation could have happened. As a result of dibiosis (gut disorder if the bacterial flora is considering) substances responsible for inflammation. And long-term effects of inflammation are seen very often in the persons with autism spectrum disorder. [
] Special attention should be seen on short-chain fatty acids One of the most important of them is propionate. And it is something without it the life would be hard. It is a substation supported learning. But the researches showed the bacteria responsible for created propionate in our gut. Gut because these short-chain acids are effects as presence of bacteria in our gut. Very often (and this is well) in persons with autism disorder, or with autism spectrum disorder those bacteria occur significantly more in that people than in the neurotypical population. Now, researchers decided to check what is means? They inject large doses of the propionic acid in mouse and it turned out few result. First: They’ve lost interesting with other mouses Their behavior looked as though any other mouse wasn’t near them. Second: They started to repeated the same play like bury a crystal ball then dig out it. Bury ball dig out the ball. This behavior also could arouse suspicion in our mind. That looks familiar with it what we’ve heard about autism before. And finally third: When these mouse die, and the “autopsy” was made on them meaning they check, what was inside of these mouse’s mind They have seen there a long term-effect of inflammation. Long effect impact of inflammation. If that wasn’t enough, in the time of learning this mouses was looking well. The mouses have the ability to quickly learn of maze’s structure. But also lost the ability to forget some stuffs. Meaning, when they are putted in another maze, only alike to last, they are made the same and the same errors as if they went the old maze. Due to that reason, the researchers is speaking about new hypothesis not robbed of logic. That hypothesis sounds: That way, the bacteria are be able to “learn” us, which one road will choose to find the interesting food(for bacteria), for example. This repeat and repeat still the same effect meaning the same food on the end of maze’s structure could be an effect of a lot of (too much) propionic acid in the mouses’ body But however, if the models could be “moved” and would have scaled to human this also has sense if the autistic persons are considering. Now, in the autistic therapy the more willingly the gut and what could will do with it. Very well effects are seen when the probiotic therapy is used, as well as prebiotic get positive effects. The diet excluding gluten casein, or ketogenic diet also improve persons with autism spectrum disorders. And that therapy is preceded by sterilization of gut. Sterilization is made thanks for a lot of antibiotics. This is used to gut bacterial flora zeroed out. [SOME CASES WHEN NON-GLUTEN DIET, KETOGENIC DIET, OR OTHER COULD DECREASE AUTISTIC SYMPTOMS ARE CONFIRMED, THAT’S NOT IS UNIVERSAL RULE, HOWEVER. ] Potentially, very promising in the therapy could be something called… Fecal Microbiota Transplant. I know how terrible this sounds. But… This isn’t terrible as look like. In the scientific view it is very promising medical therapy. Medical therapy… which one deserved for history only about it. As well as an extension of bacterial flora’s impact on the mind and on the human’s body at all. However let’s just think for a moment. You know undoubtedly the story: For every us, there is a good and bad wolf. And with human is the same. The human is good or bad because one of them won the internal struggle between bad and well wolf. And it wins this wolf whose we are going to feed. There it is a lot of truth in this, right? So, when you next time sits in your favorite restaurant, I like being here very much They have best goose, I recommend Then lets you think for a moment. That you are here on your own willing or your bacteria “ordered” you to went here and deceived you as if you thought, that is your free willing. Bon appetite! Chapter Seven:
Five and half idea. Let’s play a game. We have here two “actors” Mr. Wooden Man and Mrs. Wooden Woman, which one has red bolt on her hip to distinguish from the Mr. Wooden Man. And the Mrs. Woody Woman has its own toy. Rubber duck. She decide to put her underneath the celadon flowerpot and goes out. She completely goes out the room. And when she is absent her nasty mate Mr. Wooden Man (maybe husband since has the same last name) He takes out the duck from the celadon flowerpot, and he puts underneath pink flowerpot. Simple fun. Very funny joke. Then Mrs. Wooden Women come back. And the question sounds: Where is she going to search her duck? You have three second to answer. If you’ve answered she will search here underneath the celadon flowerpot, where she left her then probably you have more than five because mostly of five-year-old children have no more problem with take care of it. And probably you understand something called theory of mind, or rather you have theory of mind. However children with autism, with autism spectrum disorder very often half its answer. They often claim, the Mrs. Wooden Woman without know about replace will search the duck underneath pink flowerpot. Meaning place where duck really is. But of course she doesn’t put there her duck Why ?
LACK OF THEORY OF MIND] That’s because they think for some reason, or can’t understand to themselves information that other people can have separate information about around than they have. Meaning, lack of theory of mind we do not realize someone could know more or less about world than we know. That’s the one of ideas (about others, I’d want to say for a moment) translating reason why mind of autistic person or with autism spectrum disorder behave like that. Translate also why those children or general persons don’t want to try communicate. That’s why because (at least according that to idea about theory of mind this behaviour is postulating) if they are thinking, as if they know something e.g they want to get the candy then according the whole world is know about and they don’t have to say about it. And have the “reason” to be angry when they don’t get. That’s very simple explanation. Moreover if the emotions are considering that idea works too. If they know, they are sad all should know that thing. Instead if they don’t know what second person feel about, they assume or at least they behave like that as if another person feels nothing. Because they nothing feel right now and don’t understand that the others people could have another feeling, and another know about world than they have. And that’s one of the explanations. Just one of the explanations. That first idea what i’ve said a moment ago, meaning idea about mind’s theory is connecting in the natural way with the sharing of view. Meaning something what children with autism disorder, with autism spectrum disorder neither do it never or nor very rarely. Meaning they don’t want to point to something, because they assume if something is interesting for their so this have to be interesting for whole world. And that socializing each other thorough sharing field of attention let us relatively go to second idea. Meaning about some “impulse” to human impulse to create
ABSENT OF SOCIALIZATION WANTS] social relations with other humans. Or rather not only with homo-sapiens, but also others. In the mind of little child while the electric is observed the children prefer are looking for humans’ faces than any other. And prefer to hear human voice than anything else. While one of the experiment which baby seen the mothers’ face then very well… we could say good, nice the children was synchronizing it mind’s electric with the mother face however when the face stopped activity in the mind some pattern appeared. This pattern accompanied with such feel like uncertainly or fear. Such mind’s activity isn’t observed (or at least is observed in smaller part) in the autistic spectrum disorder persons’ mind And many of people, papers indicate it is correlated with the fatal (or rather fatal is bad word) with the different functionality of the amygdala. We will back to this is part of mind for a moment. Now, I’m speaking about it because the amygdala is recognized as a “pool” of a social relations. And there’s very interesting correlation between this one and what the other people with Asperger spectrum have. I mean they don’t follow accurately e.g. what they say someone or how information they will send to others people. And each of us have something like “file” In this “file” in mind, we have information that someone other got from us. I emphasize. Some persons of Asperger disorder speaking they have problem to remember what they said someone others. However, what’s interesting autistic persons aren’t free from stereotypes. When the children in the US which children could be able to make a criminal act, then statistically they indicated people with black skin color. [THIRD IDEA:
PROBLEM WITH MIRROR NEURONS] The third idea trying to explained autism spectrum disorder with mirror neurons. It noted the autistic persons are less “contagious” of yawning. This is very interesting topic, about yawning itself in human or any other animals. That matter could be present with great curiosity. However, without any doubt the yawning itself is contagious. I mean, if we see someone is yawning, the more chance we also would have started yawning. Most likely, it is bound with special perimeter in mind where the mirror neurons are occurred. They are seen first in Macaque while one monkey seen another monkey’s behavior and while this process electric activity was measuring. Then it turned out the same elements in the mind are activated as if another monkey would make the same thing as though “viewer” monkey did itself From this, it follows that our mind involuntarily “thinks itself” how to make this thing. And there suspicions the mirror neurons also did not work correctly in the persons with autism spectrum disorder. While we are looking to someone crying, we’re also sad. While someone other vomiting, we’re also feel not well. And this is evolution used to multiple situations. Probably making emotions could have some role. Meaning if someone is sad and we are driven for being a social animals we’re also wants to be socialized with that person, more if we also feel sad. And if we socialized with that person there a chance to take care that person and thanks for it our species will be have an evolution advantage. That way many researchers explained all those things. [FOURTH IDEA:
BAD CENTRAL ATTENTION(Weak central coherence theory)] About two other I will say in a nutshell. First is a weak central coherence and second, problems in the executives systems so called. What does this mean? First, indicate situation as if I would have said you that phrase: I’m going on a hunt with a knife now and… and? What did you think about it? How is this phrase going to being next? Because if you thought, I’m going to the hunt with knife and something I’ll hunt to eat, that way your central attention functionality is probably well. I mean, you’re able to create image with the phrase’s context and finish it with logical sense. However, someone robbed of central attention (and it is seen in autisictic people) it makes the more attention to the end of phrase than the logical sense. Meaning I’m going with knife and… e.g. fork. Knife and fork are for that people related itself. Meaning they don’t draw attention to whole sense, yet only seeing a local elements of that phrase, or the end of that phrase (usually the end of phrase is remembered better than rest) and fill phrase with the local part, and not globally one. However about create general models in persons with autistic spectrum disorders in this video information was and will be a lot. By the way a one interesting experiment with the phrase repeat telling us a lot in this context. Meaning some researcher asked people with autism to remembered a phrase and then she compared how well they are in the neurotypical children. And when the phrase was with general context as before(e.g. I’m going with knife to hunt) Then the children with autism (autistic children) have worse than neurotypical children. Why? Probablybecause they have tried to remember every single element in phrase, and not sense of phrase and will reconstruct with similar elements. However if these words were completely random, meaning “stone, grain mixing mill water” That way autistic children had better results or at least not worse as neurotypical children. Why? These “systems” responsible for generalize sens of phrase systems allowing to concrete attention, on phrase’s meaning they aren’t necessary in that “phrase”. These deficits of central attention could explain not only problem with emotion recognized because behavior is as phrase with sense not as single elements. And autistic persons only see those single elements. This also could explain other things. As an extraordinary sensitiveness to the touch, or absolute pitch. 30% of autistic persons (let’s reminder)have the ability to recognize single note independently of others notes. Without any musical training before. Just they have able to separate one note from the others. Due to this reason, they have better results in the tests like Embedded Figures Test. And better seen small elements which have to be find surrounded by multiple others. They can’t create simplified model, have deficyt of central field. That’s the professional name. [FIFTH IDEA:
Problem with control systems is explaining if a person with autism spectrum disorder make something once, e.g. learn some word(and about it I’ve said before) then it will identified concrete meaning with this concrete word. For example, if I would have learned word “get” now, as a get something then to the end of my day I wouldn’t (or with huge efforts) understand the word get in another meaning. In the meanings like e.g.” I get used to something”. And in the autistic persons e.g. if they saw open door and they’ll learn they can go through by it, then the risk exist, or rather danger the systems blocking our behavior in the e.g frontal cortex meaning we’re not through by every opened doors in their it does not exist. And when they’ll see open door they’ll associate as “Ok, our behavior tells us to go here, as well as our experience tells us to go here” And this in turn could well or in the logical way explained why they are absorbing with making monotonic actions. It’s why they are comfortable something made before, it then will get them psychical relief, because it can be made by the same way the second time. Without need of learning or concentration about how to make that thing. And it’s very often another idea is added which trying to sum all others ideas about I’ve said before. And this idea is rather complex and I think the best illustration how does this idea works is compared to client and cook. Client is our memory, our past. While e.g. we went to some bar and we ate there delicious duck breast and the next day we would have came we’ve got card, ask for duck breast because we want to eat it, but it turns out the bar doesn’t have duck. And now in the normal situation, the memory should adapt to eat could get. That also have to be learned in the intellectual, emotional and mind’s develop. But the memory should adapt. I mean, memory “should” change its expected. In the children with autism (or with autism spectrum disorder) that behavior is hard and that “wants” to get certain stimulus (meaning repeating stimulus) is impeded.On the other hand image the cook get the order from client we could say about the cook doesn’t draw attention to e.g. don’t want mushroom on its pizza, or pineapple on the pizza, yet the cook due to receipt which requires a pineapple cook get the pineapple to client’s pizza. And unitl pineapple will have it in can, then the cook will “throw” on the pizza over and over even if client doesn’t want that “supply”. And in the mind there a lot of systems, requires for client with certain expected and cook with the task with multiple stimuli from outside, e.g. components in the kitchen correctly works each other. And that system could failed in autistic person. Moreover very often faults are attributes to the client which wants certain thing, even if there is not chance to get them. Meaning requires repeating actions, something client met before, because with that, the client feels comfortable itself. And… I suspected every of these ideas is in some ways correctly however for sure, any never will be 100% correct. Autism as well as autism spectrum disorders are so much complex issue today it’s very hard to create unanimously definition, unanimously picture, or idea would have explained everything about autism. However, these ones I “quoted” are in some ways comfiest in some situations and they have indicate the most about what is “inside” of that person’s mind happened. Since we are saying about mind’s content… CHAPTER 8:
ONE MORE BEAUTIFUL MIND Leo Kanner (which one again happened in this story) noted autistic children have bigger heads than neurotypical children. I know, that what I’m going to say could be strange, but that remark it was in him while the first met with autistic children. And in this matter later study shows, he really had right. 90% of children with autism from the age of 2 to 4 have heads and their minds even 10%-15% bigger than their peers. For formalities, I have to say, at the birth or at a later age than 4, that difference doesn’t exist. [IN THE MOMENT WHILE FIRST AUTISM SYMPTOMS ARE SEEN, CHILDREN WITH IT HAVE BIGGER HEAD AND MIND THAN THEIR PEERS.] Let us note period from 2 to 4 is a period while maximum regres in the communication matter appeared. That is also a period then when most autism or autism spectrum are diagnosed. Probably, that relation isn’t just an accident. And maybe if we want to met the autism causes in the functionality level (of course at least if the universal autism cause exists in the mind’s function or general functionality) then maybe we should search difference in the anatomic difference of mind. Differences between neurotypical persons and autistic. And actually multiple papers concentrate on it. Likewise multiple papers trying to see difference between mind’s certain elements in neurotypical person and autistic. Yet it is hardly to say about result of that works. It follows that many papers are conflicted with each other. And even many papers are denial each other. For example size of the amygdala. There are papers (for what I know) mostly indicate that part of mind is bigger in persons with autism spectrum disorder. However there are also papers indicate lack of difference and finally there are also papers indicate the autistic persons have less size of the amygdala than neurotypical persons. [MANY PAPERS ABOUT CERTAIN PART OF MIND IN PERSONS WITH AUTISTIC SPECTRUM DISORDER COMPARED TO NEUROTYPICAL PERSONS ARE CONTRADICTORY] I’m saying about of it, because the amygdala is responsible for reading emotions in others. And handicap functionality of the amygdala or it damaged lead either to vanish this ability, or weakness it. Therefore it’s could think a relation between its size and its functionality exist. But… Do we firstly ask that question? Does size matter? Meaning Does the amygdala is bigger have the better ability to reading other people emotion? Or the other way round because it is using more energy and single neutrons have less energy? Or that the difference exist is cause or consequence ? For example maybe autistic persons trying to working about their communication skill and the amygdala increase size(as well as volume) itself? I can’t unanimously answer this question and that’s why it’s worth to take a little peek under other mind’s parameters. Which could be helpful this matter. And here the number of neutrons could help us. Meaning a number of neutrons in the amygdala in persons with autism spectrum disorder is less than in neurotypical persons. And this matter is independent if the paper indicated bigger the same or less amygdala. And this is important. This could explained lack of interpersonal communication or e.g. reading emotions. And even more than important if we used in our paper magnetic resonance imagining. That device could measure energy taken by a mind. And its measurements unanimously indicate the persons with autism spectrum disorder have less activity in the amygdala if they’re looking at faces. [GENERALLY, THE AMYGDALA IN PERSONS WITH AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER HAS LESS ACTIVITY WHILE LOOKING AT HUMANS’ FACES] compared with activity in control group(neurotypical group). And the difference between these groups was smaller if face was familiar. That proves the persons with autism spectrum disorder don’t have any ability to form relations, or interpersonal communications. But for them it is hard and require more efforts, more time but still is possible. Anyway, we shouldn’t get the mega-optimism due to this reason. This don’t means, we find central system in mind responsible for autism. And that’s why the amygdala is only first of betters examples. Many anomalies, difference in the size, functionality can be found in other parts of mind. For example in the cerebral cortex. Specifically in frontal lobe, which explain problems in planning and vehemence character persons with autism spectrum disorder. In the limbic system responsible for processing emotions, or even cerebellum, which takes part of learning. In all of these parts of mind less volume of neurons are seen. [WITHIN THE FRONTAL CORTEX, LIMBIC SYSTEM AND CEREBELLUM IN AUTISTIC PERSONS SAW LESS VOLUME OF NEURONS. ] And that’s less volume of neurons according to doctors, specialists changes are starting already in the prenatal development. Meaning, while pregnant, before birth. Moreover dendrite of nerve cells in person with autism spectrum disorder are shorter And if we’d have saw proportion between gray matter to white matter (that means gray cells to whites), then it is possible to get the result, a proportion is impaired. Gray matter is responsible for complex process especially in the cerebral cortex. However, white matter allows communication between mind’s part each other. Because many activities, which we are doing isn’t locale in certain part of mind but rather mind is connecting between various areas in its mind. And some parts of activities are processing in one part of mind, and other parts somewhere else. And these connections even if exist in right order, in the autistic persons, very often they are bind with weaker activity in specialized areas. And moreover these signals sending certain part of mind are weaker about their force. By the way about communication. There is such part of mind named superior temporal gyrus. which one in very interesting way show differences between autistic persons and neurotypical persons if the autistic symptoms are considered. This part has more activity while hearing. And that activity, growing and growing even without up the volume of sound, if this volume is human speech. Meaning, hearing another human strongly stimulate our mind. That behavior is appeared even in the small children. But in persons with autism spectrum disorders, amplification of sound isn’t observed for human speech. [IN THE NEUROTYPICAL PERSONS MIND’S ACTIVITY IS HIGHER WHILE HEARING HUMAN SPEECH;
IN THE AUTISTIC PERSONS, A DIFFERENCE NEITHER DOES NOT EXIST NOR IS SIGNIFICANTLY LOWER] And most probably for that reason they can ignore others people while, speaking to them Especially if they are busy their own monotonic, repetitive fun with non-living objects. For that reason many autistic children(with autism spectrum disorder) are suspected for being deaf or going to be deaf, because they don’t react to human speech. We are already “connected” in mind if we could simply say, that we are catching everything human very easily. Let’s make take a little peek under Asperger Spectrum. Which is generally diagnosed later than autism. At the of 7-8 years. There are the most diagnosed cases, compared to 2-4 of classic children autism. And this is really significant difference. And all of this because persons with Asperger Spectrum generally have problems only about reading emotions, intentions, catching sarcasm, but still have good communication skill and likewise these skills they have, for example higher concentration, ability to see specific from general. These skills help them e.g. in the various tests. And parents are often very proud due to their children like reading, have concentration, and make themselves on its own. However, we have to say, identification asperger spectrum with genius isn’t true. The fact itself, narrow interesting on some subject lead to remarkable proficiency in that subject, for example as a scientist. However the guarantee about someone with Asperger spectrum will become more intelligent or a certain genius doesn’t exist. Someone of that children ability, like keeping attention, concentration saw specific elements from general mentioned before, as well as excellent mememory to those details in many fields that children is better. But Asperger spectrum isn’t some genius spectrum. By the way, we shouldn’t bind autism (or autism spectrum disorder) with something called savant syndrome. Meaning the situation in which someone have unique abilities. For example having only date, what was a day of week in history, know all of monarch certain epoch, remember everything they read. Savant syndrome is binding unanimously with strong mental retardation. Persons with that syndrom have iq between 40-50-60, and even if autistic persons have ability to such “calendar calculation” because there are also periodic and repeating behavior are more attractive to them. But however, they don’t have savant syndrome. Savant syndrome require very strong mental retardation and in the history classical, “a book” examples about “savantist”(if we’d say that) was more or less 100. Which does not change the fact vast participation of this group are autistic persons. And this is so much as 50%. In 50% of all “savantist” autism was diagnosed. It’s time to stop this very, very long story And I think, good summary would be explained, why this videos has that title? For sure, many from you think how 20 or little more percent persons with mental retardion in autistic “group” let me tell about more beautiful minds. How is possible that much much autistic children in whole group persons with intellectual deficits dare to claim us tell us about beautiful minds. How deficits, how lacks or difficulties in social communication could be evidence of more beautiful mind. Well.. I’ve used that “formula”, that title really for each one of us interest. Because, let’s think for a moment, or at least I’ve made that. If someone with 10-cm shorter leg have surgically removed lungs does not have a kidney, or just puts 20-kilograms on a backpack and running marathon and lose with Olympic champion for a hour, does this someone is a bad athlete? Because will never win the Olympic Games? Or the contrary? Do overcoming these difficulties makes that person is in some way outstanding? Maybe not the best, yet on them own way beautiful? I prefer to named overcoming a difficulties like a virtue than defect. And with autism spectrum disorder is the same. In some ways in autism we could find vast abilities. The fact itself, they don’t create a simplified model of world, but see everything like “components”, elements makes with autism spectrum disorder many persons have absolute pitch. With easily can say about sound pitch, or named a note from many others. The fact itself, they don’t “like” a simplified, general picture it gives many people of autism can place puzzles turned upside down For them more interesting is match shapes, than pictures. Isn’t a talent? Or I wrong telling as if these children have more beautiful minds? I don’t want to impose you something, but it will be a good idea to think about it. In the past representative of our species meaning homo-sapiens crossed with other species, e.g. with Neanderthals. And due to this reason, many of our traits especially in Europe many elements of Europeans’ people genome could be bound to Neanderthals. But however, if we take a look in areas of our DNA, which ones indicate the biggest differences between Neanderthals and humans then it turns out the genes suspected about autism called are there. E.g. Gene called AUTS2. And the region where this gene is placed is the area where the biggest genetic differences and human exist. Does the autism is strictly related to be a human? On the other hand, following this clue we could say in the expression of genes meaning in a way gene is seen in certain organism, then these areas placed mostly with areas correlated with commonly seen intelligence. And again… the difference between our(homo-sapiens) and Neanderthals is seen in intelligence. In intelligence which one is decided about our evolution success. And respectively the same genes are related with schizophrenia, depression and mental disorders. Does it look as if what is our large evolution advantage makes us accursed? Meaning, we are more predicate to psychical disorders. As well as development disorders. Or at least presumptive evidence to think like that. In the autism context on the end, I want to add one issue. In my opinion important and the saddest information. Meaning persons with ability to describe their own mental life, inner life persons with autism spectrum disorders they clearly said: The fact itself, they can’t create social interactions, have difficulties if the reading emotions is considering, as well as making friend with others (and making relationships too) isn’t their choice That social withdraw isn’t their choice. And in their emotional view, they really want to be close with others, yet they can’t. And due to that reason they psychically suffer. And this is one of reason why this video exist. And for the end I want to say I didn’t mentioned about therapies, because universal therapy doesn’t exist. Therapy requires strong individuals depends. More we would know about the autism means better therapy. In the video description I left you many institution (about I know) which could help persons with autism spectrum disorders, with autism as well with Asperger spectrum. If I’ve forgot about something please, let me in comment, I’ll fill the description. And all of these things I don’t speak this as if I want to you have to give them 1% of your tax or some donation because… I don’t want to be a face from internet which say about their genius and speak how to life. I want you will be aware how “target” finally “shine” that act. What benefits will be from that and what we would know thanks about it, because here you know how many things, we still don’t know. And the worst about autism is… we know about it many, but almost nothing. And in my opinion (and I want to emphasize, this is only my opinion) helping these more beautiful minds or generally, care of the other man without any doubt makes us more… beautiful See you later! AUTISM – MORE BEAUTIFUL MIND WAS SPEAKING:




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