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Oh restless leg syndrome is all too real today Hey everyone it’s Katy and welcome back to my channel So there are some people out there who seem to believe that when they google autism traits or autistic symptoms And they get that 20 pages worth of symptoms they seem to believe that every autistic person out there has every single autistic trait and that is a huge misconception and that is not the case and I feel like mainstream media are potentially fuelling this misconception because a lot of the times in tv series and movies and media where they want to have an autistic character they seem to like google the same symptom list and they get the 20 pages and they’re like yep that’ll do and they just have every single symptom and every single trait or as many as they can possibly jam in to a film or a tv series they have all of them there and it becomes a really stereotypical and caricature and really just an unrealistic portrayal of autism and then I feel like this fuels the misconception that everyone who is autistic has every single trait but that my friends is not the case and I’m hoping to prove that point today by sharing nine autistic traits that I don’t have Yes before you ask it does bother me that there are only nine that I could think of before filming this video And I couldnt get it to a nice round ten but we’ll just ignore that and move on with the video Just a little disclaimer before we get into it these are not necessarily symptoms of autism They may not appear on the list of symptoms if you google it these are just in my experience and from my knowledge of being in this community, things that the majority of autistic people experience that I do not I enjoy mixing food I enjoy food to be touching I enjoy gravy and sauce kind of splattered every where I enjoy mixing hot and cold foods together I like having multiple different foods in the same mouthful I am really a heathen when it comes to food as an autistic person because loads of people who I know who have autism hate this I’m guessing a lot of parents out there watching this video will be like recoiling back in their seats ah, because of the experiences that their child might have If you’re an autistic adult who still experiences this side of things you are also probably, like, recoiling back ahm, yeah a lot of people in the autistic community hate foods to be touching they hate mixing foods, they have to have everything separate they don’t like sauces, they like food to be dry ahm, I am the the complete opposite of that (giggles) I hate being in small or enclosed spaces I just hate it, I do not see the appeal I know that a lot of autistic people really enjoy the safety and security that comes when they are in a really small and confined space like in a corner, behind a chair or under a table or something like that – I hate it I really do not like that feeling of being smothered and completely just like enclosed I love being in situations and environments where I can’t touch the walls and everything is really massive and light and yeah I just prefer that so much more than just being shoved in a corner or enclosed somewhere. You guys know if you’ve been watching my channel for a long time about my irrational fear of sloping ceilings. I think they probably link these two things and yeah I just hate being like in like that kind of small space A lot of autistic people out there tend to find themselves wearing the same types of clothing or the exact same outfit which they’ve just bought like seven or eight times every single day. They just cycle it and constantly wear it they don’t venture out into new clothing, they wear the exact same outfit all the time and that is very much a side of autism but I don’t have that side, that is something that I do not experience. Yes I have clothing and the types of clothing that I do tend to wear like a lot – I tend to wear the same type of jeans and I wear the same types of leggings but I change my sense of style and my fashion sense a lot. I love that I can put on an outfit before like an event or something that I’m nervous about and I feel completely on top of the world because I feel so confident and comfortable and just really ready for the day just because of the outfit that I’m wearing and yeah I’m not a fashion guru, I’m not someone who claims to be like up to date with fashion but I really enjoy trying new clothing items and wearing new outfits and experimenting. So sticking with the theme of clothing I am not as sensitive as most other autistic people when it comes to tags and labels on clothing most of the time, emphasis on most I do not need to remove the tags or labels from my clothing, it is not something that normally bothers me. Sometimes it does and on those occasions I will remove tags and labels but most of the time I can get away with not touching them at all I am much more sensitive to fabric type the fit of clothing and any kind of embellishment or kind of decoration on that clothing item those are what I’m sensitive and very kind of particular and nitpicky with Tags, labels, even seams to a large extent don’t really bother me on a daily basis And the final one sticking to the theme of clothing is I hate being barefoot Now I’m not really sure if this is a huge autistic trait If a lot of people experience this but I’ve seen this floating around the autistic community quite a lot and when I’ve seen it I’ve been like ‘that is not me’ And I have found that a lot of autistic people hate wearing socks, they do not like the feel of socks they get really uncomfortable when wearing socks and in any situation where they can be barefoot they are barefoot. That makes me grossly uncomfortable I hate being barefoot I cannot even fathom being barefoot in certain situations. The only time that I enjoy not wearing socks and being barefoot is when I’m on the beach and when I’m in the sea and like anything to do with water – if I’m at the pool or if I’m in the sea or if I’m on the sand I enjoy being barefoot. Every other scenario and situation makes me grossly uncomfortable to be barefoot and I think there’s two reasons for this the first is I have Raynaud’s syndrome which affects circulation in certain parts of the body and I experience it very severely in my feet to the point that if I take off my socks for literally like two seconds my feet are turning blue so I have to wear at least two pairs of socks constantly in order to avoid flare-ups and pain So whenever I picture people being barefoot like my feet instantly start to like freeze up because I can kind of like empathise with how their feet must be feeling Ehm, and then the second reason is a sensory side of things I think, I just hate my feet touching things and feeling things through my feet it just, oh, it makes, it makes me uncomfortable I hate, hate, hate hate hate being upside down or dizzy and I know that this is an experience that a lot of autistic people seek out and really enjoy. They will make sure that they flip themselves upside down or spin around a lot to kind of experience the sensory side of these activities and I don’t know why that appeals to people I really cannot relate to that – I hate anything to do with those experiences I hate like rollercoasters or anything that there’s potential for me being flipped upside down or spinning around a lot I hate it. So I’m not actually sure if this next one is still classed as an autistic trait, it definitely was in the past and it was quite a fundamental one really and now I feel like they’re doing lots of research to maybe prove that this isn’t really a trait or a trait that a lot of people experience so I thought I would include it in this list because if it is still classed as a trait I definitely don’t have it and that is that I enjoyed imaginative play as a child the trait that I am referring to that is slash was a side of autism is that a lot of autistic people find it very difficult to play pretend or imaginatively because they are very black and white thinkers and they have to have, ahm, a very realistic view of play, it can’t be anything like above and beyond everyday life, ah, because they don’t understand that or they don’t see the point of it, and I definitely did not experience this, my whole childhood was kind of revolving around imaginative play both at home and in school. So, I’m not sure whether this is still classed as a trait like I said but if it is, I definitely didn’t have it I love sarcastic humour, I very rarely struggle to understand sarcasm Ahm, I do have the occasion where I get a little bit mixed up and I misunderstand something but the majority of the time, I love perfectly timed sarcastic comments Ahm, it’s actually the largest side of my sense of humour and the humour that I experience with my family and friends so sarcasm is a huge part of my life and I love it but most autistic people out ther despise sarcasm because it’s not a literal way of thinking and it could be quite confusing because that person is essentially lying and then autistic people take that literally and don’t see the funny side of it and that is not something that I experience. I experience difficulty with literal thinking in other aspects of life, things like metaphors and phrases and like, things like that but sarcasm and sarcastic humour is something that I definitely see the funny side of and that I can actively enjoy and participate in And the final autistic trait for this video that I do not have is I enjoy being spontaneous which a lot of autistic people don’t don’t get me wrong I stick to my schedules and my daily routines a lot like ninety nine percent of the time my life is made up of rituals and schedules and. routines that I feel comforted by and that I need to have in my. life but if an opportunity comes up for me to be spontaneous and break out of those schedules, I do and, I enjoy it a lot of the memories that I have that I cherish are ones of spontaneity and breaking out of scheduling and routines. A massive example of that is when I got my second tattoo I woke up one morning saw an instagram that they had a slot free and I went down and got a tattoo, like I didn’t plan it, I didn’t I didn’t really think about what I was doing, but it’s one of my favourite stories and I love telling the story of how I got my second tattoo ehm, so yeah I definitely enjoy the odd occasion of sponaneity and I don’t constantly feel like sticking to routines is the healthiest thing for me I enjoy a healthy little bit of risk and going out on a limb and spontaneity so there we have it, that was nine autistic traits that I do not have as an autistic person I really hope you guys have enjoyed this video, let me know by giving it a big thumbs up and let me know in the comments section which autistic trait or traits you definitely don’t experience and that you don’t relate to or you have seen in the community and you’ve been like whoa that is not me because I guarantee we all have at least one autistic trait that stands out to us for the fact that we do not experience it and let’s prove the point in the comments section that not every single autistic person experiences every single autistic trait, I hope you’re listening, mainstream media. I hope you’ve had a really really good day and I will see you soon. Bye guys

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