Autistic tendencies victor

(Father of victor) for the longest time I
though it would be hard to raise a child with Autism In the City of Angles especially in
south Central. you might say why not move we tried it is easier said then done But time
has proved me wrong with a simple apology of my son bumping into people or dropping
kids it makes a lot of difference. the biggest comments have come from people that I thought
would be bothered by my son’s behavior saying inspirational words like ( He knows no evil
he is one of our angels and we need to take care of them) although I still have to keep
on eye him. some people do mind and say you should educate your child. Victor is a free
bird to do what he
wants the only time we worry is when he goes in to a full Autistic Tantrum . But this was
a good day for victor Maybe because people saw me Filming him that they just stood out
his way but he normally shoves people with out any harm. but he needs to get out there
and has made lots of progress over the years in his behavior. Victor likes the AC system
he will look at all the vents that are available to him. he likes
to look at peoples watches. He can not stand in one place always needs to keep walking.
it is hard to get our order right sometimes but never the less its always autism awareness
everyday for us.

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