Autistic Teenage Girl Room Tour

– Is it ready? Is her room ready? – [Priscilla] Yeah.
– [Summer] We’re ready. – All right. – [Priscilla] Abbie, can you stand here? – Here we go, the big reveal. – [Isaiah] Show ’em! – Here it is, Abbie, you have
to stand up and show ’em. (everyone laughing) – Like all assembled, come on! – [Summer] Come on! – [Isaiah] Come on, get up!
– Come on, get up. Go like this, say “Here’s my room!” – [Summer] Abby,
can you put your hands out? – [Asa] “Here’s my room”. – [Summer] Like this, look, ready? One, two, look, look,
look, look, here it is! (All laughing) – [Asa] So here we go. That was painted, that
was in her old room, that was painted by our buddy, Eric. That’s Abbie and she used
to wear the monkey backpack so that’s why he had the monkey. (Abbie grunts) – Super cute. – [Asa] What’s wrong? You don’t want anybody to see your room? It’s beautiful though. Oh, you want a snack. Oh okay. The beach is your happy place? Can your room be your happy
place right this second? Chill out. Some surf boards, her flip flop. I put these shelves up here, you guys notice that everything
is up really, really high? (Summer giggles.) – Summer] Like look. – I think that goes without saying, right? Like it’s super high. (Summmer giggles) ‘Cause she will, she’ll tear stuff down. Aren’t you cute in your room? – Do you love it? – [Asa] A mermaid sleeps here. (Priscilla laughs) Very, very cute. – No curtains, because
she doesn’t like curtains. – [Asa] These mini blinds
are gonna last a week, I give them one. I’m surprised they’re still
up to be honest with you. – Yeah. (Priscilla chuckles) – [Asa] We will, we’re gonna do another, another window treatment here for sure. – Yeah. – [Asa] We just don’t know
what, what yet or when. Just depends on when she destroys these. We were gonna replace the
window, the blinds right away but it’s like might as
well let her destroy them and then replace them. Little girl, big attitude. That’s so true. – She’s had that for a long
time which is really fitting ’cause she’s always had a big attitude. – [Asa] And she’s always
been a little girl. (Isaiah chuckles) Toy box? – [Summer] Yup. – [Asa] Awesome. (Summer laughs) All of her favorite sensory
toys and a few stuffed animals, and stuff like that. – Yeah. – [Asa] She’s got a chewy
right there that’s perfect because this is where she goes when she’s having a hard time. – Yep. – [Asa] So she’ll come in
here and we can have a chewy on hand to give to her. – If you guys you know,
if you need a lock, these are awesome for kids. – [Asa] Yep, I’ll link it down below. – Yes. – [Asa] We had this one
on our front door, too, and we’ll probably put
another one of these on our front door but in gold
because our door knob’s gold so it matches. But yeah those things,
those things are great and they’re super easy to
install, it’s like four screws. – Yeah. And so this is her,
where we keep her clothes and we can’t keep it accessible to her because she would just pull
all the clothes out and the (Priscilla scoffs) thing over so. – [Asa] Right. I’m gonna raise this up about here so that we can actually hang
stuff over top of the dresser but other than that it’ll stay the same and we’ll still be able
to reach the baskets ’cause they’ll be about, about there. – [Priscilla] Yeah. – [Asa] So and then
the most awesome thing, if you guys remember the light, we did a review on that light, it was actually a sponsored video. Company sent us one of
those but check this out. Abbie loves this thing. – [Summer] Woo! – [Asa] Whoa! How cool is that? – [Summer] It’s pretty cool. – [Asa] It’s so, it’s more blue on camera than it is in real life. But, she likes to sit in here and look at the twinkly lights. – [Priscilla] And she’s got her couch, we didn’t talk about her couch. – [Asa] Oh yeah, her couch. (Summer giggling) – That is the love seat
from our living room, we took that and brought
it in here for her instead of a futon and she’s loving it. And then, like I said, she
typically has that blind open so she can sit out there and
look at the trees and pool and stuff like that. – [Summer] The pool. – [Asa] And those cushions, you can probably hear it right now. Listen. (Cushion rustles) They have plastic. – Yeah. – [Asa] Plastic bags
covering the cushions. – Another little trick for you guys. – [Asa] Which has been awesome because we’ve had to
wash the cushion covers a couple of times. – Yeah, so if you need a couch that you don’t want to
spend a lot of money on, and you want to be able to wash stuff, go to Ikea. – [Asa] Yeah. – [Priscilla] ‘Cause they’re awesome. – [Asa] What do you think, Ab? Do you like your room? Hey! – [Priscilla] Do you like it? (Abbie mutters) – Hey, do you– – [Asa] Look at me. – [Summer] Look, do you like your room? Yeah? (All laugh) – [Asa] So when you guys,
you know you guys left and ran out to the store,
she’s been here the whole time. – Oh good! – [Asa] Yep. She loves it. – I kept like checking on her
’cause I was like, “Oh no, maybe she’s in my room,
maybe she’s in mom’s room”. Like she was in here the whole time. – [Priscilla] That’s awesome. Well, we will let you go so
you can be in your room, Ab. – Yep, we’ll let you be. I think adding all the pictures and then her light and all that, really made it feel more
like home to her, you know? It’s the next day. Again, this is real life
though, like you know, we had the room all pretty and
everything for the room tour, but this is what, this is what
it looks like on the regular. Yep. Still got her little nest. You got your nest, huh? You wanna go swing? You wanna go swim later? Hey (mumbles) Do you wanna go swim later? You don’t wanna swim? Why are you gonna go swing now? ‘Cause I know you don’t need
swing, you just wanna go. Yep, this is what it looks like normally. It’s not bad. Not bad at all. Still super cute. She loves her nest. We’ve got more room tours
coming up so stay tuned. Thanks for watching. Ugh, this one’s just, that’s
a devastation in there. We’ll see you next time. Bye. (Beeps) You can’t look yet. Office tour’s coming soon. Gosh!

100 thoughts on “Autistic Teenage Girl Room Tour

  1. Have you ever thought of the double paned windows with the blinds on the inside (like in between the two panes, so she wouldn’t be able to get to them), for Abbie?

  2. I love your channel. I watch you everyday. Waiting for the next one to come out. My grandchild just got diagnosed with sensory issues any help would be appreciated.

  3. QUESTION: are there any air vents in the new house that she fixates on like the last house? Like the one in your old living room?

  4. 🚨 🚨🚨I replied on the FB video but I will also do it here. Maybe for Abbie's room get the windows that have the blinds in between the window panes…I think it comes with a remote to open and close the blinds. Then she wouldn't be able to tear them down. Her room looks AWESOME 😎 by the way …LOVE the twinkle lights and I love her closet. And I have to say this, when Abbie is around Summer you can definitely see her face light up. They're like sisters. So awesome.

  5. Why do you think the best place for all the Abbie decor made by fans is in Summer's bedroom? Summer deserve a place to relax, study & sleep that isn't an Abbie shrine just like you guys & Isaiah do. The F.A. ofice seems much more appropriate.

  6. I am a host home provider to two autistic boys. For the blinds we were suggested to put privacy tint on the windows so they can have privacy but also not have to have to risk of them breaking the blinds or tearing down the curtains.

  7. Are yall going to paint abbys room.
    I have Asperger's and i painted my room 2 tipes of gray as to make it more relaxing because the white walls was to much.

  8. Abbie room is so cute .

    And i always find amazing how sweet and understanding are Isaiah and Summer with Abbie.

  9. Just want to let you know how much awareness you all bring….I feel so different now then I did growing up.
    Thank You so much for that, I'll be sure to pass my knowledge and compassion on.

  10. I love you guys, but I do have a pretty serious (and I hope you find legitimate) question:

    With the recent fight you guys have been battling with Medicaid and their cuts to certain programs that would absolutely benefit Abbie, how is it you guys are still republicans?

  11. Oh my goodness… after spending years raising my three gorgeous children whom are all on the spectrum. I was told today that I also have Autism Spectrum Disorder. I'm officially diagnosed and my mind is absolutely blown away. I don't know what to do or say but this, I have enjoyed the Maass family vlogs and found them so useful over the years, love y'all so much I'm joining the gang. Yep I love fathering autism so much I am going to join. I think it's much deserved, thanks guys for being my ray of sunshine everyday xo

  12. Was told reflective blinds don’t work at night. Another solution is blinds between the window glass. You get them with a built-in lever or a magnetic tool to raise and lower the blind.

  13. I love Abbie's room you guys did great! Have you considered a Day bed type bed for Abbie? They are similar to couches, almost like a really deep couch, only asking because she does like to nest, I feel like day beds are easy to nest in especially if the sides are made of a wood material and not like a bar/headboard material. I am new to your guy's channel so I don't know much about how you keep Abbie's room "safe" or more so comfortable for her, so I don't know if a day bed would work but it is an idea! I've loved watching your videos over the past couple of months.

  14. I've noticed the squishmallow stuffie ( the gray owl) I have the same one but it's smaller, blue instead of gray! My friend bought me one for my birthday. These stuffies are so soft, comforting and fun!

  15. This is so cool! Her room before looked very little girl. Love the update! It still fits her, but it’s also more grown up to show that she is older now. So cool!

  16. Luv! ??? Do you have any extra locks on Abbie’s bedroom windows ? We’ve had to put extra safety locks on all of our windows for my son who is Autistic.

  17. Hi there.. I would like to ask a question.. Btw I'm all the way on the other side of the world, Singapore..

    Q: How can we assist if an autism child is having tantrum or lost?
    Q: As a Customer Service worker, how can we provide hospitality for the autism family?

    Hope to hear your response..

  18. to The moss family my name is Mike and I love your videos I also love the décor in your daughters room I believe it makes for a great happy place great job guys

  19. Love the room! What a perfect room for a teenage girl! Can you tell me where to get the light? I must have missed that review.

  20. Asa I mentioned a while back before you guys bought this house I think it was right after she destroyed her last blinds that you should look into getting some of wooden blinds cause they are super sturdy and I think they might be black out blinds which can be pricey but way worth it if they actually last you should really check into those and some places if you buy a bunch of them you get a great discounts and I say that cause I know she destroyed a few other blinds besides the ones in her room so if you get a few for her room you could go ahead and do the main rooms she'll be in or the full house and sometimes there are places that when you buy in bulk they will send someone to hang them for you so you'd be able to distract her will they hang them!

  21. Have you guys considered the blinds that go between the window panes so she can’t get to them? They are just blinds built in between two panes of glass and the function like normal blinds. Just an idea

  22. I have a non verbal toddler and watching this gives me hope and happiness , you and your family give me so much strength and knowledge, i my self will try to blog my life soon and I’m thankful to have you as a guide and inspiration
    Love your family and thank you

  23. Have you guys thought about getting her a hammock? It could be sensory input for her and also fun cause it swings.

  24. Hey Asa. Love the channel. Been following for awhile. Have you ever considered doing doing an AMA for reddit? That would be super cool. Cheers from California

  25. I love her new room! And her new bed! I love that it’s smaller than her old room… I feel like that is maybe more comforting also? I know it would be for me if i was having a hard time/feeling overwhelmed…

  26. Just an idea could you tint the windows ? That would stop light from coming in but do away with the window treatments

  27. I have autism and live alone and my family doesn’t care about me and I feel so sad watching your videos because it’s the life I deserve to live

  28. Hey everyone! I’m new here. Who’s the girl with the brown curly hair? Is that another one of their kids?

  29. Love Abbie's room—especially the lights! Love the next day after the tour—total teen reality!👍💕☺

  30. The "little girl big attitude" sign I used to that when I was little (I still have it 😂) I got it when I was 6 I'm 16 rn

  31. i’m 14 and i’m also autistic but it’s pretty mild. i love watching your videos i have been watching them for a while❤️

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