Autism young men

Al salam Alaykom, Hey guys! how are you? – Al Hamdulelah (thank god) can you please introduce yourselves? shall we start from the right side? hey young man, what’s your name? His name is Ahmad right? he is shy and you, what’s your name? Omar you are welcome Omar and what’s your name? Faraj you are welcome Faraj and your name? Abdo you are welcome here Abdo How are you guys? Alhamdulelah (thank god) Who will tell us about your daily life, when do you wake up? what do you work? what you are going through? would you please tell us Faraj? Abdo? I will speak, I will speak When it started in Al-Jisr I was sick, and went to the doctor, I had no thing we are receiving no aid, no thing at all we are receiving no thing at all ok, Abdo, can you please tell us when you wake up in the morning, what do you do? Are you with me Abdo? in the morning when you wake up, what do you do? No thing, In the school, you don’t move from it at all? Don’t you play sports? No, we don’t play Yes we play, we all are playing is there any one teaching you reading and writing for instance? I have stopped, I have made an id from Al-Jiser, and I gave fingerprints, we don’t have anything, no food, no thing, no water and no money Abo Mosa’ab is not bringing us any aids Omar, won’t you tell us anything? there is no thing, no aid, no thing Ok, I want to ask you a question Have you been to your house in Al-Jiser recently? how long have you been away from your house? 2 days

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