Autism Transitions and Moving To New House

– What’s up guys, welcome to the– – [All] Vlog. (grunts)
(mumbling) – So we have to go do
the final walkthrough at the new house before closing, that’s exciting, that’s
why I have sunglasses on inside the house, I’m not a dork. Ab you wanna say hi to
everybody, say hello. We’re having a pretty good day, y’know, kind of a little bit
of lazy Sunday for Abbie. Not so much for everybody else, we’re still working on the
finalization of all the moving and packing and stuff like that. We’re still packing, I feel
like we’ve been packing forever. Okay we gotta go. Isaiah, you’re gonna hang out. Oh yeah, we got mail time coming up today. – [Priscilla] Maybe. – Okay, okay, let’s go
check out the house, make sure it looks the same as the first time we saw it. – Yeah. – We’re back home. Sorry, we couldn’t take
you in there for that ’cause it’s business, y’know. Final walkthrough, make sure
everything that was done that we requested be
done, that kinda thing. We’ll be doing the empty house tour will be a standalone video. – Yes.
– Yeah. That’ll be separate. This is just the regular vlog. Did you enjoy lunch, was it good? Had some Zaxby’s chicken. Ugh, so ready to get in the house and start cooking Priscilla. I’m so tired of takeout
and fast food and. (gags) We’ve been eating okay, we’ve still been doing okay with that, like I haven’t put on any weight. Abbie’s put on a little bit of weight but that’s mainly from camp
and going to California. In ‘N’ Out Burgers and them
camp snacks that getcha huh? – [Priscilla] I’ve lost weight. – Priscilla’s been losing
weight consistently obviously still, but, yeah we
haven’t been eating terrible, but y’know you just get tired of takeout. I want fish tacos that we make, not that we get from a restaurant. A lot of the concern
that you guys have had and I’ve had the same concern obviously is how Abbie’s doing with the move as far as things changing in the house. Then we have the whole transition of her moving to the new house and all that to deal with, but as far as things in the house, my little girl’s a chameleon. She adapts really well, transitions like that,
things changing in the house she adapts quickly to which is good, we’ve seen signs of that with moving. She gets real comfortable
real quick, things change. I think one advantage of this house thing taking so long is that
we’ve been doing this for a while now. So she’s grown accustomed
to the packing and all that, it’s become her norm. You adjust to your new norm very quickly. And she’s done really well, we’ve always been very fortunate with the whole transition thing and things changing
around her in her world and her doing well with it. Now you have the sniffles
huh, are you sick? Are you feeling okay? Huh? You just ate an entire meal. You did. Tip of the day. (sneezing) Oh. That was gross. I got it. Okay tip of the day, in reference to that, is give your kids the credit they deserve. Abbie is a trooper. I think sometimes we tend
to soften the blow too much and when really they’re a lot more capable of handling things than
we give them credit for. You are a rockstar, just want you to know. Now you know just think. Shh. You may be wondering why
her cushions are white and they’ve been that
way for several days, ’cause we took the
covers off to clean them and then I lost them. I didn’t lose them, I put
them in a special place. I know that means losing them. I put them in a special place so that Abigail wouldn’t take ’em ’cause she’ll steal things, take ’em into her room, and add to her nest that she creates. I found them, they’re
on the back of our chair in our bedroom. – Okay.
– That’s where I hung them up. So we can put our couch back together. – [Priscilla] Yay. (knocking) – [Asa] Isaiah, you have no bed. – No it’s okay, it’s fine. I’ll just stay here tonight. The end of an era. – So we got rid all of Isiah’s furniture, he’s getting new furniture. All of his stuff we actually
got from a yard sale six or seven years ago, so this is all gonna be new stuff that he’s getting in the new house. So we’re giving his
stuff away that we got. It was yard sale stuff
and all that, what’s up? – [Isaiah] This is my
box of disappointments. – [Asa] Oh. – [Isaiah] watch I broke. This is the phone that
I put the shop put ball. – [Asa] Isaiah dropped a shop put ball. – On the phone.
– Nope, that’s not that one. Nope.
– No. – [Asa] That one you were
skating or riding a bike. – [Isaiah] While I was skateboarding and I had a broken arm. – [Asa] Yeah, this is one is the one that you dropped the shot put ball on. – [Isaiah] This is my parking ticket. I didn’t know how parking meters worked. – Another broken–
– Abbie– – Smart watch.
– Oh yeah, no that was– – Don’t try to blame–
– It wasn’t Abbie actually. – [Asa] This one was Abbie. We told Isiah we’re
gonna make a shadow box of all of his broken cellphones. How’s your current phone? – It’s broken. – Broken.
– Yeah. – [Asa] Okay let me know down below if you have teenagers or young adults, what’s your dead phone count? Isaiah gets used phones, he always has, he’s never actually received a new phone. – Which is good, it’s a good, like it’s. – It’s financially wise, yes. – Yeah, y’all are smart. – [Priscilla] Pick the mat up. Take it to the dumpster. – [Asa] Good job helping! – [Priscilla] Come on. This one. This dumpster. – [Isaiah] The big one. – [Asa] You got that? You’re so big, look at you. – [Priscilla] Thank you ma’am. – [Asa] (laughs) Can’t help it. – [Priscilla] Okay, get
the concrete planter. – [Asa] Yeah, get the
concrete planter. (laughs) – [Isaiah] Can you get that? – [Asa] No? She said no. (laughs) – [Isaiah] Okay, it’s okay, I’ll get it. – So we have donated and given away and sold as much as we could, but that’s why the dumpster’s out there there’s just some stuff people won’t take, so we are getting rid of some stuff. Which a lot of our stuff, actually all of our stuff pretty much was second hand other than the most recent couches we bought for the
sitting room and whatnot, so. – [Priscilla] Did Isaiah help– – Still some recycling going on, but. Unfortunately you just, you
create so much waste, y’know? Ooh, that’s heavy huh? – [Priscilla] Okay,
don’t dump it everywhere. – [Isaiah] It’s a big boy. – [Asa] You gonna launch that in there? – [Priscilla] Go help him with that. – [Asa] Oh, I got this piece. – [Priscilla] Oh my gosh, you’re dumping the dirt everywhere. – [Asa] Don’t hurt yourself. (scraping) (thuds)
(grunts) Good job.
– Jeez. – [Asa] Hey I got this one. – [Isaiah] ‘Kay thanks, thanks. (thuds) – [Asa] Got it. – And you still got dirt all over the– – [Asa] You’re welcome. How you guys doing over here? – We’re busy hands. – [Asa] So Priscilla’s going through all of the sensory stuff and
craft things and all that. So this whole cabinet you guys was filled with sensory toys, puzzles,
craft things, stuff like that, and Abbie is really enjoying this unpacking process here, isn’t she? – Yeah. – [Asa] She is loving this part of the– – [Priscilla] She’s tryna M-O-U-T-H. – Oh, all the, yeah. So we’re actually looking for childcare during the move so like
Tuesday, Wednesday, right. Thursdays, because of this. We really wish we could
just have her sit down and I wish that you could
just play with stuff kiddo but I know it’s hard to keep
it out of your mouth, huh? So the pica still runs strong in this one. The need to mouth inedible objects. (Abbie vocalizes) The real deal. – [Priscilla] Your yeller’s fixed. – [Asa] Yeah. (chuckles) She lost her voice. – [Isaiah] Earlier yeah, she was like. (impersonating someone hoarse) It was so funny. You’re angry when you were
brought that play doh. – [Asa] So it’d be cool if we could just give her her stuff and let her. (Abbie laughs) Okay, all gone. Sorry. Come on.
– It’s so hard not to laugh sometimes.
– Jump up. I know it is, come on. ‘Cause she’s just cute. – [Isaiah] She’s super cute. – [Asa] If you were less
cute it’d be easier. Come on, get up, you’re all done. No, you have to get up. Time to go elsewhere. Thanks for playing. So I just found this, Isaiah
wrote this in 5th grade. It is “Isaiah’s Life,” by Isaiah A. Maass. Look at that. So this is about your sister. Do you wanna tell us what you wrote here? Read that out. This is y’know, from the mouth of babes. A fifth grader. – A fifth grader. A fifth grader, don’t attack me. (laughing) My sister being born, it’s a girl. I was four years old when my baby sister Abigail Maass was born. From the get go we knew
something was wrong with her because she was developing
slower than other kids. – [Asa] From the get go. – From the get go. (Abbie vocalizes) We knew. She was later diagnosed with a developmental
disability called autism. We were sad that she
wouldn’t be a normal child but we loved her all the same. – ‘Cause we’re such good people. – [Asa] From the mouth of babes. (laughs) – I’m sorry Abbie, you don’t deserve that. That was my top penmanship. – Now we say normal’s overrated, right? – Yeah.
– Yeah. We have kids that comment on
our videos all the time, right? And then there’s even adults that aren’t exposed to certain things that comment on our videos all the time, and they use words like normal. Y’know why is she not normal. Things like that, and it’s not like, you weren’t being rude as a fifth grader. – [Isaiah] Right. – You were just speaking in
terms that made sense to you. Normal was neurotypical. It’s ignorance, and
ignorance isn’t a bad word, it’s not like saying someone is dumb. – [Isaiah] It has a bad connotation. – It does have a bad connotation, right. It just means not knowing, uninformed. Sometimes people are just ignorant and we educate them, and
then they are no longer ignorant on the subject. Isn’t the world a wonderful place, look at all the good we’re going. High five. (vocally whooshes) That’s pretty cool bud. What are you getting into
trouble, get outta here. – [Isaiah] Hey. – [Asa] Huh? – I predicted the future. – [Asa] What? – [Isaiah] What is that
symbol, you might ask? I will tell you that
it is the YouTube logo. (laughing) – [Asa] Okay your nails are pink though. – There was a spa day at camp. But that’s not important, look. That is, that says clearly in the scribbles, Fathering Autism. – [Asa] Oh yeah right. (laughs) – I wrote it, and that
was like when I started– – [Asa] That’s kinda crazy though that you have a laptop on
your “Isaiah’s Life” book from fifth grade with YouTube on it. – It was really ’cause I watched
a lot of Halo Reach videos. – Look, but you still have a wired mouse. What, come on. So yeah, so we’ll be moving with Abigail and trying to navigate that. It’s gonna be a little bit challenging, y’know we’ll have all the
doors open at this house, all the doors open at the new house, and there’ll be movers
moving boxes in and out, and we’ll be moving stuff in and out ’cause we’re gonna carry
some loads over ourself, and it’s just gonna be active and busy and we don’t have
anywhere for Abbie to go, and that’s okay, we’ll figure it out. I think one of the cool parts, my favorite part about the internet, the reason why we started this vlog, the reason why other people wanna share their lives on the internet, is that you get to see life
from a different perspective. You get to see other peoples’ challenges, other peoples’ triumphs, all those glorious things
that we share with you guys every single day and it’s not, y’know, and it’s not to whine oh like oh we have, y’know, we don’t have childcare. It’s just life, we just deal with it. Everybody has challenges, right guys? Like Isaiah’s getting
stuff off the top shelf ’cause Priscilla has height challenges. (laughing) – Vertically challenged. – I am. – [Asa] Says the five
foot eight and a half guy. – I’m tall enough, okay? – Yeah I’m really just bitter
because she didn’t ask me to help get stuff off
the top shelf, ’cause. – What’s that? – Stance next next to me. – What’s wrong? I can’t hear you down there, shorty. How’s the weather?
– I was just saying that you’re taller than me–
– You’re small. – And now you’re gonna get all salty. – I got cloud cover up here, it’s cool. Collected, nice, now you’re on your toes. – I am. (laughs) Are you ready for bed? Can you say goodnight to everybody? Say bye. Good job. She’s exhausted, she’s exhausted. Aw you have glitter
right here on your eye, it makes your eyes sparkle. He’s exhausted, I am too,
but I have a video to edit. We’re gonna do a few
more things before bed but we’ll see you guys tomorrow. Tomorrow, tomorrow, we’re
filming the empty house tour. See you then, bye guys. – Bye.
(beeps) – [Asa] You have to go up to bed, you can’t sleep on the floor. Come on. Come on, are you so exhausted? Moving’s hard work, huh? (chuckles) – She’s waving.
– She’s waving, let’s go. – [Priscilla] I love you. – [Asa] Let’s go night night. Can you just put yourself to bed? Hey, can you put yourself to bed? ‘Kay, see ya.

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