Autism Swimming Lessons

– [Dad] Say hi. – Hey. – [Dad] Welcome to the vlog. – Welcome, welcome to the vlog. – What’s up guys, good morning. We’re gonna get some uh,
some breakfast going. Making some breakfast for the children. I don’t know what time
Mom’s gonna be home. No clue. – Well, neither do I. – Okay, we wanna get the house picked up before she gets here
’cause everybody likes coming home to a clean house. It’s just a good feeling. – And the house isn’t clean
right now, I’ll tell you that. – It ain’t clean, it is not clean. We’re just gonna pick up really. – Yeah. – Dishes, the laundry,
gotta take out the trash, pick up, sweep the floors you know, that kind of thing. (humming) Who wants some uh, chicken
embryos and pig tubes? – That’s a weird way to put it. (laughing) – Liquid chicken, yum. So this is a good example of
Abbie’s insatiable hunger. Hey, what’s up? Yeah, more food? How does your stomach feel, Isaiah? – I feel sick as Isaiah. – Content? They had the same amount of food, Abbie is constantly requesting food. It is an autism thing. Wouldn’t you say it’s an
autism thing, Priscilla? Priscilla, Priscilla’s
on the phone right now. She said you either have
kids that eat too much or don’t feel the, and
don’t feel like the, you said, what’d you say? So you either have kids
that eat way too much and never feel full or you have kids that are super
picky and never eat anything and it seems like it’s either or. – Is that an Airpods
flex that you just did? – It was not an Airpods
flex, shut up. (laughter) – Still an Airpods flex. – [Dad] How crafty is your Dad? – Very, I was like, what is he doing? I thought you were streaming a game. – [Dad] No, that’s illegal. – A different game. – [Dad] That’s illegal. – I was very confused. – Look, Priscilla’s like,
how can I watch the game? ’cause she’s driving, so this is my rig. – She’s not driving, she’s writing. – Write, writing, yeah nanny’s driving but I have it live streaming
in a private link to her so she can watch it, (laughter) watch the Jaguars game. Oh this is, okay even better we have a microphone hooked up in front of the sound bar. You know, you gotta have a good audio or you won’t be able to hear the game. You were standing directly in my way. Who is it? – Hi!
– Hi, mom. Oh she’s so excited! Look at your shirt, isn’t that cute. – Is that cute? – [Dad] Yep, how fitting. – Hi, now Ricky’s like, Mom! – [Dad] I know, Oh he misses
you so much when your gone. He just, he just lays there,
like he doesn’t want to participate in life without you here. – Hi! – [Dad] Look, what do you have? – Hi, how are you? – Are you starving? I know you’re hungry. We had a late breakfast
so we didn’t do lunch but. – Hi, I miss you. Where’s our king? – [Dad] He’s upstairs, he was
taking a shower and stuff. How’d your live stream work? Did it work good? – Yes, I was like, this is awesome! (laughter) Aw man, we didn’t get the touchdown? – [Dad] No. – You missed me for sure. – Aw, makes you feel loved,
don’t you, doesn’t it? – It does. Run, just run! Run Minshew! Whoohoo, we got a touchdown, Jaguars! Oh my goodness, go for two, go for two. Or are we gonna do one? Probably do one to be safe. Holy crap. Oh my god, he’s going for two! Woo Maverick! – [Dad] I don’t watch football, I watch mom watch football. – Holy crap, Marrone I’m
either gonna love you or hate you right now. Are you so excited? Are you excited? – [Dad] Same as the kick
or the three, rather. – Oh my god, go just ah! – He crossed it.
– He crossed it. – No, what? Like does it look like his
elbow got over the line? – [Dad] Well the ball
has to cross the line. – Oh. – [Dad] Yeah, he didn’t get it. They wouldn’t be able to overturn
it without evidence anyway oh sorry babe, so close. You wanna get in the pool? You wanna go swim? Yeah go swim, you need to. Lets get in the pool Abby,
you need some exercise. You’ve taken two naps today ’cause you didn’t sleep well last night. Lets go swimming. Yes, we’re gonna put on a bathing suit, you can go jump in the pool. Its either that or you can go for a walk. One or two. Go swim, c’mon. Lets go, c’mon. Go jump in. There ya go, get in. Oh, get in. Isn’t it wonderful? See, great, huh? – [Mom] Are ya guys swimming? – We’re swimming. Here get the ball. Throw it, throw it. Are you gonna shoot it? I saw you looking, shoot it. Up the basket, in here, shoot it. – [Mom] Woohoo, good job! – She doesn’t like how it
splashes when it hits the water. – Yeah, so I’m actually not swimming because I washed my hair this morning and my girls know, that’s a big deal. So I wash my hair every other day, where are you going? Where are you going? Where are you going? Smiley, where are you going? So anyway, just washed
my hair this morning and you know, you have to wash your hair after you go in the pool
’cause you don’t want chlorine and stuff to stay in it, so I’m not getting in the pool today. Tomorrow I’ll get in the pool. – One, two, three, go! – [Mom] Jump! (laughter) You have the cutest jump ever. Aww, so sweet. – That’s a foul. – Say, I’m going to swim, Dad. I’m going to swim. Go swim Abb, show him your swimming skills, girl. – And go, swim Abb, swim. – [Mom] Good job, Abb!. – You’re fast!
– You are fast. So, so many people ask in the vlogs how do we
teach her how to swim. – Look, I’ll show you – We didn’t. – She’s got a snotty nose. Well you guys kind of did, I mean its pretty traditional way to teach a kid how to swim. I can’t catch her. (Mom laughing) – [Mom] Yay, Abb. – Good job, alright so this
is Priscilla and her mom. I was at work one day and I
got a video of Abby swimming. I, I was like crying at
work, it was amazing. ’cause that was always a big fear of ours. Just like most parents. – [Mom] Right. – So what they did, it was her mom’s idea. They took off her life jacket and you guys stood ten feet? Maybe ten feet apart
so there was enough gap that we can reach out and grab her. But I think nanny started it right? – [Mom] Yeah. – She, she was like you okay,
she was like okay swim to mom, swim to mom and kind of
gave her a little push and Abby started doing
the survival stroke. Kind of like a doggy
paddle but with more reach and she would pull her head up but her first swimming kind
of, kind of looked like this. So she would push herself up
for air after a few strokes. And she was swimming that day. – [Mom] So that was like
five or six years ago now. So she’s doing awesome. My mom has a pool and my mom
had just got the pool built and she’s like if we’re
gonna have a pool here, we have to have her know how to swim. – Right. – [Mom] So, sometimes
that’s just what it takes. – Swimming’s a really
natural thing for kids. So I don’t know, try it. You know, try it with your kid. It may work out. – [Mom] Lots of supervision. – So lots of supervision
if, you know it stressed, it stressed Priscilla out she was like– – [Mom] It was, I was like oh my gosh, this is not a good idea. – What a treat, are you excited? I can tell, your excited. She’s been giggling, she can’t wait. Guys we have a famous chef in our kitchen. (Abbie sneezes) Cooking right now, bless you. – Thank you. – Pots, pans and Priscilla’s in the house. Don’t know if you know, she’s
got like 55,000 subscribers on YouTube, something like that. She’s pretty much a big deal. – Stop. – What are we cooking this week, triple P? – This week we’re making
a pizza on the grill. – That’s weird, pizza on the grill. – Yep.
– Okay and what else? – Banana pudding. – Oh you guys been waiting on that one. We’re gonna do one on this week? Cool. – Get out of here. She saw me mix up the mashed potatoes. – [Dad] So we got mashed, mashed taters and hamburger steak? – Salisbury. – Salisbury steak, sweet. And broccoli, do I get broccoli? – Yeah.
– Yes. This is the easiest and
best way to make broccoli, you just microwave it. – Well and I add butter and
garlic and salt and pepper. – [Dad] Right. Patiently waiting, are you hungry? Hey, are you hungry? You are, starving? They look like hamburgers. Is that pretty much what they are? Or is there something in them? – [Mom] Well yeah, there’s
all kinds of stuff in them. – [Dad] What makes them Salisbury? – Panko bread crumbs. – Yeah. – Ketchup and mustard, salt and pepper. Not salt and pepper,
garlic and onion powder. – [Dad] Get out the taters. – Go. And then you put the gravy. – [Dad] It’s not ready yet. – We’re not ready for all that yet. – [Dad] Come sit down. This is not the kind of
thing you normally make. – Nope. – [Dad] I’m excited. – Well, thinking outside of the box today. – [Dad] Yeah? I like a good, like a goulash or like a soup or you know, comfort food. I’m big on comfort food. It’s not really Priscilla’s forte. It’s not not what she makes
like that kind of thing right? Does that make sense? You call it slop. Pretty much anything that resembles slop she doesn’t like, she’s not a fan of. – I do need to start getting
some soup recipes going now because it’s going to
be fall, summer soon. Not for us, but for the
rest of the United States it will be fall soon. So I do need the, I know you guys want that broccoli cheese soup. – Oh, so good. How many people, yeah comment down below what kind of soups– – I have a, I did this
yesterday on “Sick Momma”. – Okay. – If we can get 2,000 likes on this video I will make a broccoli and cheese soup. – And it’s so good you guys. – 2,000 likes. – Hit that like button. – Can you do zero dislikes? – Probably not. That’s not gonna happen,
haters gonna hate. Oh yeah, also let me know
if there’s any goulash kids out there that, I grew up on goulash like, my parents were constantly making goulash. Don’t ask me what it is. – [Mom] I think lots of
parents with big families make that too, I don’t know, that’s a thing, right? – I’m pretty sure goulash is
like german for stuff in a pot. – Prisoners call it munch. – [Dad] Its not prison
food, that’s so rude. Somebody watching this is
probably making goulash for their family with love
right now and you just ruined their day, prison food. You know your suppose to wait
until everybody is seated. That’s the polite thing to do. Thanks babe. – You’re welcome. – [Dad] Hey, come back, come back. Sit down, finish. This feels so Brady Bunch,
how was everybody’s day? – [Dad] Its good, I slept for 4 hours – He did, Isaiah took a 4 hour nap today. – Its hard being a kid. I’ve been trying to tell
you, queen is a tough job. – I don’t normally do that
to be clear, everybody, I’m not like a napper. – [Dad] No, he’s not. – I don’t lay down for a nap. – I feel like you needed it though. Its been a long week. – [Dad] You had a lot going on. – My ankle’s hurt. – [Dad] From dancing,
Isaiah is sore from dancing. – I woke up and I looked on
Snapchat and one of my friends was like, is anybody else
super sore and all us like in our friend group
was writing up on it and saying like oh my gosh, I’m dying and my whole body hurts. – That’s so funny. Athletes. – [Dad] Y’all dropping it
like it’s hot up in there. – It’s crazy. Do you want to eat a doughnut, come here. She’s like, guys I’m ready. Dad’s already talked about it. I’m ready to go now. She says yes, we can
do that later she says. Where are we going? Do you know where we’re
going, we’re going where? In the car, what are we gonna get? Candy, sort of. It’s sweet. Yeah we need to figure out that sign. Doughnut, doughnut. So your gonna start up
here and go doughnut. Doughnut. Doughnut. Ready? Doughnut. Close. Doughnut. (laughing) What’s so funny? Wait, come here, you gotta learn it. You ready? Here listen, you ready? What are we gonna go get? It’s hard isn’t it? Yeah, you ready? All right you ready? Let’s prompt you this time, ready? Doughnut. Doughnut. Keep doing this. Do this. Good job, you got it, all right. No I did not talk about the bus, do you want to talk about the bus? Go ahead, tell them about the bus. – So, one of the reasons we love Dunkin’ is they are so supportive
of Abigail’s school. They actually just donated another. – [Dad] Well its like a
program that they have. – Right it’s for– – [Dad] Where they can get
money raised for or something. – Yeah, and I don’t remember
the name of the foundation but its through Dunkin’. And so it has Dunkin’s
logo on the back of it. – [Dad] Joy for kids? It’s something like that. Yep so they have a new bus at Abbie’s school for taking the kids out. – Yep. – They use those buses for uh
recreational, recreational, for vocational purposes so the kids can go out and work jobs. They use it for transport. – And for like Abigail’s classes
go to dailies once a week. – [Dad] Right, yeah. Hey Abb, can we just talk
about your shoe selection? You got some, you got
some patterns going on. I might have to help you
okay ’cause it’s super messy. Oh is that the best? Is it the best? It’s been like two days
since we went to Dunkin’ So Dunkin if you see your
revenue dropping the last couple of days, we apologize. The mosses haven’t been. – Two days and their booting me out. – [Dad] We just borrowed your
mouse for a second, calm down. – [Mom] I love you so much. I’m glad you had a good weekend. Your giving me all the kisses. – [Dad] She has all the
lights on outside again. – [Mom] I love you so much. – [Dad] Hey, love you, can I have a hug? Night. You want to say bye? Bye, do you want to close it out? – What, what, what. Are you so excited, holy crap. Are you so excited, holy crap. Are you so excited, holy crap.

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