Autism Spectrum Disorder: Excellent Education for Kids with ADHD, Dyslexia and More… [2E, Parents]

Do you know about 2E or twice
exceptional schools for kids with learning challenges? 2E simply means a
child is gifted and talented with learning disabilities. 2E schools take a
strength-based approach to education most of the time they have one-on-one
academic instruction either for part of the day or all of the day with
opportunity for social interaction with the other students at common times during the day. 2E schools are growing in popularity, there’s more
and more popping up everywhere and they are serving a population of kids that
would otherwise fall through the cracks or just not have good educational
options. I’m working with a 2E expert to start a second 2E school on Long Island,
New York The first school the “Long Island Whole
Child Academy” is an amazing school for 2E students, if you want more
information about this school and hopefully schools that we will start in
cities near you click on the link below you can download the free report is my
child 2E student, and you’ll be kept in the loop about all the information on
2E and where the schools will be. I appreciate you being here I’m Dr. Andrea
Libutti, let’s create this community of growing like-minded individuals who are
looking at autism strengths and not just their deficits!

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