Autism School Fun

– [Asa] Come on Mav, let’s go. – [Priscilla] Have a great time. – [Asa] Time to go to doggy daycare, oh my gosh, he’s so excited. (car engine rumbling drowns out talking) – [Priscilla] Grooming, right here. – [Asa] Oh, all right. Come on, bud. Good morning. – [Groomer] Good morning! Hello! – [Asa] Maverick is getting
a full grooming today. – [Shop Assistant] All righty. – [Groomer] Hey, Maverick
man, what you doing? Hi, buddy. Alright, so we’re doing
grooming today, is that right? – [Asa] Yeah, full grooming, yeah. We got Maverick dropped off, for doggy daycare and a grooming. That’s why he’s going to doggy daycare. – [Priscilla] Yeah. – He needs a bath. We have world nations
at Abbie’s school! Yes! Why do you have this Ikea bag back here, what is going on with that? – That’s from taking
merch to the postoffice. – Oh. We need, uh, Abbie’s song. What’s Abbie’s morning song now? – Um, Lizzo. – Oh. (laughs) “Truth Hurts”? – (laughs) Yup. – Okay. Little different beat? – [Priscilla] Yeah, she
was getting tired of, um, it’s, uh, “Have a Good Day”. – Gotcha. Abb, you ready? Here we go. ♪ I think you only love
me, ’cause I’m poppin’ ♪ ♪ This a lay-up, this a
Rebok, Dennis Rodman ♪ ♪ Tasting with that fate,
not the hair on my hands ♪ ♪ Rock, aye. ♪ – [Asa] Gym class, mama and
I are gonna help decorate Okay? – Yeah I’m gonna help decorate,
you’re gonna go get coffee? – [Asa] Yeah I’m gonna go get coffee. – Okay. Okay. – [Asa] See you in a minute. – Show dad! Say Columbia! – [Asa] Wave your flag! – You’re doing so good. (laughs) Columbia? Can you tell
us about your country? – [Asa] It looks lovely Abbie. Let’s go check out another country. (classroom chatter) Hey get your hat. You dropped your hat. Come here, look. Look. Oh my gosh. Oh boy. Whoo! Going at it. (classroom chatter) What do you think? Look. We have, Ethiopia. No, that’s Germany. – That’s Germany. – Do you want to try something? Yes? Which one? This one? Wait, I’ll get it for you. – [Woman] Hey Abbie! Welcome to Australia. – [Asa] Welcome. – Would you like to try some? It’s called fairy bread,
would you like some? Would you like a piece?
Do you want to try it? No? – [Asa] Okay bye France. – [Woman With Hat] Au Revoir! – [Asa] Au Revoir. Where to next? What
countries should we go visit? (background chatter) Say hi again, say hi. You wanna go check out Jamaica?
I haven’t been to Jamaica. (clapping sticks) (adults cheer) Here, look, you want to try? Don’t step on it, step in it. (clapping sticks) (laughter) Yeah good job. – She wants to do gymnastics. All right, who’s up next. (laughter) (rhythmic stick clapping) – [Asa] These are all the countries, represented in world of nations. – Yeah so last year they did states – [Asa] Cities – Or cities. – [Asa] Cities of the U.S. – Yeah, and then this year, they switched it back to countries. This is so much fun, and the kids do all the boards and, they get to learn about their country. Abbie help put together their flags. – [Asa] Yeah it’s like a
little fair, like a festival. – Yeah. – [Asa] For countries. – [Asa] It’s really neat.
And its cool cause a lot, actually a lot of the staff
are from different countries. – Yeah. – [Asa] Like one of the
teachers in Abbie’s class is from Columbia, and
her class did Columbia. – Yeah. And then like, Miss
Irene is from the Philippines and they did the Philippines, so. (cutting vegetables) – [Asa] It’s a riveting
video we’re making here we’re getting through the cutting part. (laughter) Cutting is hard to do audio, in a video, so Priscilla’s knocking all the cutting. She’s doing a “Hello Fresh” video, but she’s doing a “Q
and A”, her and Summer. Doing a “Q and A” on her channel. So as soon as “Hello
Fresh” approves the video, we’ll have it posted
on Priscilla’s channel. – Nice. – [Asa] We gotta pick
up Abb, in a little bit. Is Becca picking up Abb today? – No, she’s off today. – [Asa] Okay, so we gotta
pick up Abb in a little bit. And pick up Maverick,
he got his haircut done. But first, we make lunch. I’m not really that hungry though. We had all that food at world of nations. – Yeah I didn’t try very
much because I was like ah what’s going to agree
with me, I’m nervous. – [Asa] Yeah fair point, yeah. Is there anything that he likes? – Not really. – [Asa] He’s never really
been into toys at all. – I know, I don’t understand it. – [Asa] Every once in a
while he’ll pull on a rope, – I got, – [Asa] But that’s about it. – The puppy – [Asa] Uh huh. – One of these balls. – [Asa] Okay cool. – Its a crackle ball. – [Asa] Oh she’ll like that. – Yeah. – [Asa] She’s big into toys. – Yeah she needs. – [Asa] Yeah we decided we need more toys. – Yeah. Um, and then I wanted to
see what kind of other dog food options they have. And then we need treats. Come here buddy. Maverick. So we’re walking him down the aisle, trying to let him pick something. – [Asa] Oh. – But he’s not picking anything. – [Asa] Okay. – [Priscilla] Don’t you look
so handsome, after his haircut? – [Asa] He does look handsome. (toy squeaks) – Well that’s a fun one. And then we have this one. Do you like this one? – [Asa] Training, puppy training. – I bet berry and yogurt smell better. – [Asa] Yeah lets just go with the beef. There’s no sampling. Come on, aye. You can’t sample. (birds squeaking) – [Priscilla] So Isaiah
texted me, he needs food. Get her the youngest they have. – [Asa] What? – I don’t know. What does that mean. – [Asa] What do you think of that man? What do you think of that? I wanna play with it. She loves all your toys. – [Priscilla] Yep. Shes like, I don’t know what to play with. – [Asa] There’s so many
things isn’t there? There’s so many things. Ready? Ready? Its over there. – [Priscilla] Cindy look! (ball crackling) (ball bounces) – [Asa] Good. Okay. All of our animals have things that they love. Maverick I don’t know
what to do for you buddy. – [Priscilla] Well, he just had a bone. – [Asa] You like walks,
we’ll go on a walk. – [Isaiah] Now, Ill
have my curtains, at 2AM – [Asa] And all the animals, are now, well not totally, but
all of them are being switched over, to grain
free, 100% grain free diets. – [Priscilla] Um, and
we, just so you all know, we pulled up the rug, so
we didn’t have to worry about if we have an accident. – [Asa] Right, since we’re training. What’s up bud, you want to go outside? – [Isaiah] I didn’t even think about that. (bouncy electronic music) – [Asa] Isn’t it nice out. – From the other day, everybody was here. – Yeah. – But today they’re like,
its too cold to go out. – Yeah, when it was eighty
out, everybody was here. Now its forty, and they’re like, nope. Wanna do some sick tricks? – [Man] Sick tricks? Sick trick time? (bouncy music) – [Asa] Abb, are you gonna, you wanna hang with your brother? Everybody’s trying to talk
me into going tonight. – [Priscilla] Do you want
to hang out with Isaiah? – [Asa] Nope. She doesn’t want to hang out with you. – All right well you can go with them. – No, no you got to give
her a second chance. – I’ll stay here myself. – Hey, do you want to hang
out with Isaiah tonight? See I knew you would. (laughter) – [Isaiah] She’s just saying that because you’re making her say it. – I didn’t make her say anything. I just asked her a question. – She’s just saying that
because it’s on camera – How is your eye feeling? – She doesn’t like me. – [Asa] Priscilla’s
going out with Caitlyn, she’s making me go. (laughter) And Summer’s going out with her friends. – Yep. It’ll be fun. – It’ll be a blast. – Remember you just said it’s the going, once you get there, it’ll be fine. – [Asa] Yeah, I don’t like
getting motivated to go. – You’ll be okay. – Well at least you don’t have much time to think about it. (laughter) It’s a day of decision. – Or we can stay here and watch The Joker. – [Asa] We can vibe. – We can vibe. – [Asa] Wow, you just
guilt tripped me bro? – It’s up to you. (laughter) – So our eighteen year old
wants to hang out with his dad? On a Friday night? – And watch movies? – What? Aw, see? You are different. – It would just be us. – [Asa] I mean I could
just stay here with Abbie, while you’re out with your friends Isaiah. I don’t care. – That’s super lame dude,
don’t guilt me into that. – [Asa] What? What do you mean? – I’m not going to leave my dad here, while I go hang out with people. That’s, that’s just wrong. I would feel awful about that. – [Asa] That’s what every
eighteen year old does. – If I like, if I like,
like, checked the ring, and y’all are just walking
around waiting on me. – What was wrong with today’s vlog? – [Asa] Uh, its a different frame. (Abbie yells) Hey, you can go upstairs and yell. Then don’t yell. You’re allowed to go up there and yell. I, don’t get mad at me. That’s your option. Um, it was in sixty frames per second. – So John said he felt
like he was swinging today. – [Asa] Swinging? – Yeah. – [Asa] So some people
say that they’re like oh Acer got a new camera, I just, I uploaded in
sixty frames per second. – He said he vlogged yesterdays. – [Asa] Yeah that was
thirty frames per second. I just want it to be the
best for everyone Abb. The best. – [Summer] The lip biting though. – Ow! – [Asa] Yep, go ahead. Go chill upstairs. Come on, we’ll go turn your lights on. Come on, I know. (Abbie running) Come on, lets go upstairs. (Abbie making sounds) There, got all your lights on. (door closes) Innit pretty? Innit pretty? Do you want me to turn
your star light on too? That one’s fun. There we go. Now we’re vibing. Look at this huh. Woo. (laughter) – Maverick are you not impressed? She loves you Maverick. She loves you. She wants to play with you. (laughter) Oh he tricked you. He tricked you. – [Asa] Get him Mav. (dog barks) Mavericks like, we don’t bark here. This is not barking place. (dog barks) – She’s like I know
you’re with the wild ones. (laughter) I know you have it in you. (laughter) You know I do. Me and him play tease. – They feed off each
other in the restaurant. It’s hilarious. – [Priscilla] Yeah they
start yelling together in the restaurant. – Oh yeah they have fight sound offs. – Yeah they really do, its so funny. (laughter) – [Priscilla] Feet! Watch your feet. – This is perfectly all good guys. – [Asa] Stand up, you have to calm down. – [Priscilla] Give me a hug okay? – [Asa] Yeah. – [Woman] I encourage that. – I love you so much. You can’t push me backwards. Hey, we’re going to go out okay? (Abbie claps) Listen, be nice for your brother. – [Asa] Oh y’all are
going to fight I can tell. (laughter) – Maverick’s like why
are you leaving me here. – [Asa] She’s got the heebeejeebee’s – You’re going to be fine. It’s all going to be fine now. – [Summer] The leg slap. – Hey, I love you, can I have a kiss? Can I have a kiss? – Give mom a kiss, give mom a kiss. – Give me a kiss. Give me a kiss. Oh she wants me to come to her. Fine, I love you. (kiss sound) I love you, goodnight. – Give me joogers, I love you. (laughter) It’s our brother. (bleep sound) – Whoa, I hit a stump.

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  1. Hi Fathering Autism! I am a Licensed Vet Tech in VA and wanted to share some info with you guys about grain free food! It has been linked to severe heart disease called DCM (Dilated Cardiomyopathy) in dogs, specifically golden retrievers! Please do not switch to grain free. I trust Purina Proplan line and would consider that instead. They have tons of research and lifelong studies on their diets. I love your family so much and just wanted to inform you. Have a wonderful day!

  2. I'm the same. Going is not something I ever want to do, and it always holds me back. However, I usually have fun when I do go. It's the going, though; I'd rather just not 😂😂

  3. Grain free food causes a slue of heart issues. It’s something you definitely want to avoid. Currently in school for cvt and not to long ago had our nutrition section!! I personally in the kindest way wouldn’t even mix it in. Vets shouldn’t be recommending this unless there is a specific dietary need that calls for a no grain diet! 🙂

  4. As a 28 year old female who is on the spectrum, your videos mean so much to me. It means so much that we have content creators who show real life struggles. Not many people vlog such real content, and you guys are awesome for showing what most people won't. Thank you.

  5. I’m happy to see you going out and having fun with friends. We struggle with that too, but it is really important to have some adult time too!

  6. I don't blame you for not trying the fairy bread Abbie 🤢 we have much better food here in Australia, I promise!!!! 💚 xo

  7. Is her school for kids with mixed special needs/disabilities and needs or is it specialised in Aspergers?
    I'm 22 and I went to mixed in the uk,but only just got diagnosed a few years ago,I love how they organized her prom too!

  8. My cats are on a grain-free diet. Wren is allergic to gluten and corn. BUT Ingrid is allergic to fish, so it is tricky as to what I get them. But we do it because it is what agrees with their bellies.

  9. Maybe…just maybe…she gets anxious with a camera in her face all of the time and being asked to do things for the videos. Just maybe

  10. I knew it the first time i saw Ms. Irene she's a filipina! Just had to confirm it though. Hahaha sending love from the philippines maas fam 💜

  11. Will you please adopt us? That would be my hubby, me, two fur babies and two large feather babies. :-)) What an amazing function. So much fun. All in one day. Sending my support and love to the FA Family. 2/24 " Cathy also from Florida "

  12. Why does Abbie sign bathroom all the time? Does she need to go? Also does she still wear nappies or is she toilet trained now? X

  13. I dont know if anyone else has warned about the rope toys. They can pull apart and get stuck in the intestines and stomach… can cause serious damage!!

  14. It's always so funny when you see your hand holding that 360 camera. Since it hides itself, it just looks like whoever is holding it is angry and has a clenched fist.

  15. Does anyone know what pet store that was? I don’t know any that sell live bunnies inside and I think I’d prefer that bc then they’re used to people/noises and won’t be so scared right? I realllly want one!

  16. Lovely video I'm sorry but I have to ask what was that awesome thing you all was riding in that looked similar to a golf caddy so freaking cool!!

  17. I would think a lot of parents don’t want their child being filmed for a vlog while they are at school. Your family is comfortable giving out that information, but many are not. Some people have people in their lives who they do not give school information to, as they may use it in an unsafe way.

  18. Please be careful with grain free, I heard it was bad and switched mine off of it. The vet I go to recommended Purina pro plan the chicken and rice formula. Love your new pup!

  19. Hey fathering autism 🙂 yes it's been linked to heart disease but as long as you give SOME grain in the diet it's more than healthy to do grain free food, I have to because of stomach issues for my golden retriever so she gets grain free kibble and treats here and there with grain in it, usually I do human grain tho such as a little bit of my granola bar or a bit of bread, but yes 100% isnt the best to do, hope all goes well with your babies

  20. Wow so cool she did colombia ! Proud colombian right now, hope you guys visit some day!

    Quick suggestion I did notice the school did write Colombia wrong on their white board it’s a common mistake to write ‘columbia’

  21. Hi. I am one of your fans however today I stopped the video within the first 5 seconds. As a dog lover… please buy your dog a proper harness that goes around his chest and not the neck. I can't watch your video while you're strangling the dog. Thank you for understanding.

  22. SO much love and respect for this family. People will try to tear down anyone who is successful, but how you react to those people says so much – your honesty and authenticity is valued and remarkable.

  23. Hi I just loved Abbie's White Dress and her Hat she looked so cute, I am so hooked on your video's I love love love your family,

  24. Be careful when changing foods, especially Maverick. If he is used to one brand, change very slowly or he can end up with to such problems. Went through this and 2 of our dogs got really sick as we switched. I know you probably know this.

  25. As a parent of newborn I have a question, if u don't mine. Maybe u was writing or saying it in ur videos (plz give the link ), I didn't find it! My friend discourages me from vaccinating my child. wud you tell me plz, do you see the connection between vaccination and autism, can these be related? I thought you might have something to say on this subject. Thank you!

  26. She looked super cute 😍 was that 7up I see on Australia's table, can't beat a nice cold glass of 7up when you have a tummy bug 😊 maverick is like Abbie let me try the goodies dad lol 💜

  27. Don’t switch to grain free!!! It causes heart disease I had all my dogs on this and my vet told me to stop immediately!

  28. I love that she understands her options are yelling upstairs, or not yelling. She understands so much more than I'm sure many people assume. And I love that she's allowed to do that stim, but still needs to be appropriate with it. 🙂

  29. You know one of the things I do first when I open the daily vlog is hit the like button because I have never seen one that I haven’t liked Hahahaha this way I don’t forget to hit the like hahahaha

  30. Hello, I'm a licensed veterinary technician and I would like to recommend that you all do some heavy research on the risks of grain free diets for animals. Commerical grain free diets have been linked to a increased risk of cardiovascular disease. The animal food industry preys on current diet trends for humans, but this is completely unnecessary for animals and can cause serious medical side effects. I'm not trying to tell you what to do, everyone has their own opinions about the best option of food for their animals. Even though I don't know you personally, I care about your family, want the best for your animals, and as an LVT felt obligated to at least let you know of the potential risks.

  31. I know it might sound silly but I got SO excited when you were at the pet shop and Blake Shelton was on the radio, I'm such a big fan and living in the UK he's hardly ever on the radio, none of my friends or family knew who he was before I started listening to him, so I got super excited to hear him in the background, it made my day, thank you so much, I'm loving watching Sandy, makes me want a puppy, I have a six year old border collie and we lost my other 12 yr old border collie at the end of November, less than a month before his 13th birthday, but I couldn't keep him around in pain just so I could give him a great birthday, my hubby has said that once winston my border collie goes then we're not getting a new dog for 4 long years, he wants a few years without a dog around, we will have to wait and see if that happens, I hope not, I do like having a constant companion with me 24/7, I'm waiting till summer when you can't get Sandy out of the pool, her breed is definitely a water dog, we had them all the time growing up, they are my mum's favourite breed of dog,

  32. Awww❤ Abigail wanted to do "Tinikling" (the Philippine folk dance Ms.Irene was doing). Love from Philippines💕💕💕

  33. My dog was allergic to corn like "bad". So I did some research and the best one I've found so far is "taste of the wild" it's like $60 but for a biig bag. Just thought I'd try and help love u guys😊❤

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