Autism On A Plane – A Flight To Remember

– [David] We’re gonna do
mac n cheese before we go. – [Stacey] Did you see
how motivated she got? Mac and cheese.
– Heck yeah. – [David] It’s all about
that mac and cheese. – [Stacey] Come on. (giggles) – [David] I like your shirt
today Braylee (whistling). (whistling music) (restaurant noise) – [David] Hey Braylee, (mumbles) you some mac and cheese? Mac and cheese, yeah? (Braylee vocalizing) – We are totally headed back today. Back to Minnesota. It’s been a fun trip. Braylee’s been loving it. Finally got some mac n cheese for her. Last couple of days and yeah we have a travel day back. That’s how the day starts. Mac n cheese and the airport. Well we’re probably gonna
make a stop at Dunkin’ Donuts. Right? – Sure – I know Stacey doesn’t
drink coffee, but… – I’m not a coffee drinker. – I’m ready for some
doughnuts and some coffee. We have three hours to wait ’til we actually have to be at the airport and so we’re just chillin’. We might still go to the airport early. We’ll see if there’s
anything close by the airport or something that we can do. It’s been a pretty chill morning. Just a bunch of packing. Braylee slept in ’til
like what, like nine? – [Stacey] Mm, hmm. – So like she slept almost twelve hours. – She has slept really,
really well on our trip. – Do you think it’s because of exhaustion? – Yeah, ’cause we’ve
all slept pretty hard. – Definitely, we’ve been really busy. (door closes) (utensils clatter) – [David] Here you go. – [Stacey] What do you tell me? – Help. – [Stacey] Help, that’s right. Open. – Open. – She didn’t have a
single meltdown all week and we put her through
quite a few transitions compared to some of our
other trips that we’ve taken. – I mean we’ve been to
how many different places in the last week? – We’ve stayed in… (Braylee sneezes) – [David] Bless you. – Jacksonville one place,
Vero Beach one place, a hotel down here and, we’ve been in four hotels
or Airbnb’s, whatever, we’ve stayed four
different places at night in a span of a week. – And she has been doing amazing. – Yeah, we also did a
lot of traveling by car. Long distance drives at least an hour and she’s been doing great. – Even without mac and
cheese a lot of the time. It’s just been a really, a
really fun good trip, for sure. So we’ll be getting back home tonight. – And then she’ll be back to school bright and early in the morning. – Yeah which is good. I mean it sounds like
it’s just a lot for her but really it’s like her happy place. Like she is gonna be excited to be back. – Especially with the weekend and then she’s missing
a few days next week or shorter days because of dental stuff. – We’ll tell you about
that when that comes. We’re having Braylee rock
the born anxious shirt that says, I have Autism,
on the back, be kind. Perfect for traveling
because if someone’s like, “Hey why is this kid up
in my personal space?” There’s so many things that can happen. I would recommend like if you’re traveling and you’re nervous about
people, crowds and stuff, you don’t wanna have to
constantly explain yourself to everybody… – [Stacey] Wear an Autism shirt. – Wear an autism shirt. Also, we’ve learned if
we’re sitting in the front of a plane we decided to board almost last because Braylee sits in
the plane a very long time if we board first without any movement and you know the whole
waiting thing with Autism, she doesn’t like waiting neither
sitting there in a plane. It has to be moving. All right, well, I’m
done talking right now. (upbeat pop music) (car door opens) – [David] Let’s go! – [Stacey] Last day in
the mom van, Braylee. – [David] Last day in the mom van. – It just (vocalizing, exclaims softly). – [David] Let’s go. We had to stop and see this waterfall. – (yawning) Don’t even you needed coffee. – (laughing) Just kidding
we stopped to get coffee at Dunkin’ Doughnuts. One last trip to get (stammers) Dunkin’. Yeah this is the last
time I can have Dunkin’ for who knows how long. – [Stacey] They have it in the cities. – Yeah but how often do
I go to that Dunkin’? Zero times. Not that Dunkin’ is that good. It’s better than what I have access to in Minnesota, around my house. Caribou, eh it tastes better than Caribou ’cause Caribou is a hit or miss. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad. At least Dunkin’s consistent. They haven’t been great but they haven’t been bad. They’ve been good. – Do you need help? – Every single time they’re good. I don’t know how you feel about that but I like consistency with coffee. Coffee and consistency. – (yawning) Coffee and contemplation. – [Braylee] Hungry eat eat hungry eat eat. – What’d she say? – [Braylee] Hungry eat eat hungry eat eat. – Hungry eat eat (laughing)? Wait Braylee did you say hungry eat eat? – [Stacey] That’s exactly what she said. – (sighs) Hungry eat eat. – Seriously Braylee
just eats, ate so much. Her little stomach is so bloated. Wouldn’t you say so? – Her tummy is pretty full. – Anyways, man, it’s time to
go to the airport, I’m sad. – (yawning) Sorry, it is kind of a bummer. We’re not gonna see sun for
a few (laughs) more months, I don’t think. – Yeah, all right. – Like this kind of sun and weather. – Guess we’re gonna have to move here. Dang it, we are gonna have to move here. That’s… – Yeah right don’t
(laughing) you’re ridiculous. You’re so ridiculous. (noisy airport crowd sounds) – [David] You’re doing a good job waiting. Pound it, pound it. Aw yeah. (upbeat pop music) – [David] (laughing) – (laughs softly) – [David] (laughing) – (laughing) – [David] (laughing and vocalizing) – I love you. – [David] So how long
of a wait do we have? – An hour. – [David] An hour? – Just a little bit over an hour. – [David] And then, well ’til we board? – Mm, hmm. – [David] When boarding starts? – Yeah. – [David] Or we’d probably wanna wait at least halfway through
boarding, I think. – Like fifteen minutes or so. – Yeah. We’re sitting row two. – Because this is so
weird the TSA cares guy, hey you dropped a piece, he gave her a lifesaver mint. She’s literally never eaten a
mint without spitting it out and she is just going
to town on this thing. I told David it’s gonna be the freshest (David mumbles in background) it’s gonna be the freshest
breath she’s ever had. No look you dropped a piece. I was trying to help you, look. – [David] She usually
doesn’t like mint flavors. – It it’s like little kids, how when they say mints are spicy. – [David] Yeah. – It’s just that. – [David] But I think
these are lifesavers ones so it’s probably are a lot better. All right Braylee we’re gonna board soon. Gettin’ on that airplane. She’s been pretty good. (Braylee vocalizing) Running around every once in a while. – Which is probably better. – [David] Yeah. – Since we are going to
be sitting for so long. (Braylee vocalizing) I don’t know how that’s
gonna work for her. (Braylee vocalizing) – [David] We’ll see. (Braylee vocalizing) We’ll see how it goes with her. We really don’t have a choice
but to get on the plane. – Right. – [David] I’m hoping
that she enjoys take off as much as she did the first time. (plane engine noises) – [David] Go ahead, go ahead. (Braylee vocalizing) – [David] Are you so excited to fly? This time we’re gonna be awake
when we actually take off. How do you feel about that? (voice in background) (Braylee laughing) How do you feel about being awake? (Braylee giggling) – [David] She’s so excited about this. That is so cool. – [Stacey] As of now
they’re opening tomorrow but the local schools are
closed due to cold weather. (Braylee laughing) But we don’t have to (mumbles) but we don’t have kids
waiting at the bus stop. (Braylee vocalizing) (David and Braylee vocalizing) – You think it’s funny
that I’m copying you, huh? Are you nervous? (Braylee giggles) (Brayless vocalizing) (plane engine whirring) – [David] We’re taking off. (Braylee vocalizing) – (mumbles) there (laughing). (bell chimes) – Everything is so small. (David laughing) – [David] Are you looking below us to see? (laughing) That’s funny
that she’s looking down. – [Stacey] (mumbles) – [David] Yeah. (plane engine whirring) – [Flight Attendant] I
have a few safety reminders for our flight today.
– Look! – [Flight Attendant] If
you look up you’ll see the fasten seatbelt sign is still on. – [David] Look, look. (Braylee exclaims) [Flight Attendant] Our
federal regulations require that you remain seated anytime
the sign is illuminated. If you wanted to sleep
please (voice drowned out). – [David] Braylee is off the chain. I’ve never used that expression. – Expression? – [David] Expression. Her flying excitement is off the chain. – I think it’s cause I
told her we’re almost home. – [David] Yeah. Well we’ve still got a drive too. – [Stacey] I know. – [David] Probably clean off the car ’cause it looks like it snowed. – Did you bring the scraper? – [David] Nope. – Get your hair all
pushed back (chuckles). – [David] Pretty good
flight, pretty good Braylee. (Braylee murmuring) – [Stacey] It’s the
first fully awake flight. – [David] Yeah. – You ready, come here. – [David] Not too much excitement. – [Flight Attendant] Ladies and gentleman as we make our final
descent into Minneapolis, we’d appreciate your
assistance (voice drowns out). – Braylee so yeah she has done fantastic. – Yeah she did, she did good today. – A little over excited and then she would like, a couple times she didn’t
put on her seatbelt. – But we were having
that problem in the van before we got to the airport too, so. – Yeah, it’s just something
we’re going through right now. We’re gonna get a, a thing that keeps her from being to unbuckle the top strap. I think. – Yeah, I think so, that
will be ideal for her. – Yeah. Just ’cause she’s
startin’ to get into the, I think it’s part of like a
stem, buckling and unbuckling. – Yeah buckling has been a
big thing for her lately. – [David] She’s doing her
salon thing right now. (laughing) I also wanted to point out, this is the first time
ever, first time ever, first vacation with no meltdowns. – Yeah. – Not one meltdown this whole time. – Yeah not even (mumbles). – And I hope I didn’t jinx it (laughs), we still have a drive home
but yeah she’s doing amazing. She’s been able to
self-regulate a lot more than she has in the past. My ears are popping. – They’re poppin’? It’s poppin’. – [David] It’s poppin’. – Yeah yeah yeah. – Look, do you see all the lights? (Braylee exclaims excitedly) It’s so weird that
everything’s covered in snow. – [David] We’re about to land. (laughing) – Stop it, stop it, stop it. – [David] I can’t make it stop. She’s telling me to stop. – Stop, stop (Braylee vocalizing, giggles) – [David] Look, look! (Braylee vocalizing) – [David] And here it goes. Here it goes! – (laughing) Good job. (clapping) – We even got a clap! We even got a clap. (passengers speaking) – [David] How far did she get? – All the way out here. – [David] Yeah. – She had the zoomies. – [David] Did she know
where she was going? Hey, hey, hey, no, Braylee! (airport noise) (Braylee vocalizing) – [David] Hey, come on, come on. This way. That’s what happens three hours after, three hours of sitting down. – [Stacey] That’s exactly what I told the guy in front of me. I said, she couldn’t sit for too long. – [David] What are you doing? (Braylee laughing) – Oh I’m sorry. – You’re good. – My, the video quality
is not gonna be that great because I have the heater on and my camera battery died, (laughing) and it’s cold. We’re warming up the car, right now. Braylee, Braylee for some
reason just loves this. – She’s cracking up. When she stepped out of the shuttle bus, she was cracking up laughing
and it was wind going, whoosh making it even colder and she was cracking up.
– That’s the cold. – Cracking up. Oh man. – Braylee, you are a true Minnesotan. – Yup. – This is where we choose to live. We choose to live where
our car would barely… – The air hurts your face. – our car would barely open ’cause all the doors are frozen shut, and – And your shuttle driver has to make sure that your car starts for you (laughing). – Yeah the shuttle driver waits to make sure your car starts. Nice guy, too. – Yeah. – Look at that! Yup, that’s a big snow
pile on the windshield and guess what? – No scraper! – I didn’t put a scraper
in the car before we left. So we just have to wait
until the car semi warms up to, so that slides right off. – It’s like negative eight. – Yeah, windchill negative
eight, so we just left – Our home is negative two, feels like negative 22 so it’s only – It’s like 85 in Orlando today. So we went from 85 and we’re going to negative two degrees. – [David] Are you so happy back here? – [Stacey] Can I just say I’m
so glad that we (laughing) – [David] Are you so happy? – I am so glad that nobody sat in the seat in front of her on the flight. – Yeah she was kicking a lot. – Yeah it was excited kicks. – Yeah she, this is the
most energetic travel day ever for her. Like she has been happy all day. That’s what matters most right? It kept us in a pretty good mood too. – Yeah, I wasn’t super stressed
out today which is nice. – Yeah normally traveling
can be a little stressful and stuff but for some reason. – Today was pretty chill. – It was good. Three trips out there and I’m getting there. Slowly but surely. Using a Chuck E Cheese card and one of Braylee’s gloves. Yeah we were not, we were not prepared for
the Minnesota return. (upbeat jazzy music)

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  1. My son, Mello has been travelling since he was 2 months old…now he is 8 years old. He always prefer to seat on the window seat. We travel from Asia, Middle east, Europe and the US…and he did fantastic. I was the one that always feeling nervous and exhausted.

  2. I'm so glad you guys had such a great trip to Florida! Go Braylee for taking on all the transitions and changes like a champ! It's so fun hearing about all the progress she's making even when there are a few set backs here and there. You guys are amazing.

  3. Mac and Cheese is the best! As a kid that was almost all I would eat when we went out. My poor parents lol. Braylee did fantastic on that plane! Flying with Autism is hard. I am so impressed with her! I have a lot of anxiety and fear when thinking about flying but once I am in the airport and I see that it's a normal thing people do all the time it helps me calm down. The sensory issues from flying on the other hand are still hard. Especially the noise, but those noise canceling head phones are magic! I absolutely love the idea of wearing an autism shirt. That must make things so much easier for you guys. I don't remember how my parents handled my issues as a kid but I don't think I was quite as well behaved as Braylee was on that flight lol. I am so glad that you guys had so much fun on your vacation! I also love to hear parents say that their kids are getting better at self regulation. It takes practice (as you know) and doing stuff like going on vacation is the perfect way to practice it. I am an adult with Autism and I also volunteer at a horse summer camp for kids with Autism. Braylee melts my heart every video and that laugh is pure gold. Keep up the amazing videos! I am still going back and watching old videos from you as I am new to your channel. Take care!

  4. It is SO WONDERFUL to see how well B did on your trip to Florida & all of the time spent at Disney, etc. This is SO awesome the great advances that has happened in your lives. To have such positive, amazing experiences during the entire vacation!! Wow! You all have come SO FAR!!! I would imagine B missed her music room, while you all were gone. I just don't know how you all deal with those freezing temps!! I could NOT survive outside of Arizona💞Brrrrrrrrrr❄☃️🌨

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    Where I live we used to have caribou. But they all closed down and we then got Peets(yuck). Then peets closed and Starbucks took over. I’m not a coffee drinker, but I like chai. So if I’m in MN or somewhere that has a caribou I’m excited! I like Dunkin for their hot chocolate.

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