Autism Non Verbal Communication / Autism nonverbal – Autism Spectrum Disorder – ASD

Hi everyone – welcome back to the Autism Dad Channel in this video I want to talk about
nonverbal communication in autism so for those of you who are new to the
channel; my daughter Ashley is 11 years old and she has severe autism
spectrum disorder as well as a host of other non visible disabilities.
In this video I’d like to talk about her nonverbal communication.
She’s 11 years old and she’s never ever spoken a single word to us
despite undergoing years and years of very intensive speech therapy. However she has learned to communicate in a limited way using
gestures and things like pointing and stuff like that. So I just want to
show you some examples of that in a video today. So without further ado we’ll
move on to that – thanks for watching. Thanks to all the new viewers that have
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So thanks for watching and let’s go and have a look at nonverbal communication What do you want? Are you going to show Dad?
Are you going to point? You point! Ashley point!
You point or tap! Something in there? OK!
Let’s have a look. Is it honey? OK.
Is it shortbread? No. Is it cookies?
You tap! Ashley tap! Yes, cookies! Is it cookies? Is it cashew nuts?
Cashew nuts? No. OK. Oh, you want those as well? Something you won’t like…. …what about peanut butter?
Would you like some peanut butter? No. OK. So you show me what you want then.
You tap! So, cashew nuts and cookies. OK. Come on then. You go and sit down. On the table! Come on – this way! Cookies first – OK! Come and get me when you want cashew nuts Are you going to put the packet in the bin please? Thanks! 🙂 you Ashley, do you want the fire on? Do you want the fire on? Yes? Fire on! OK. Do you want to get some wood and pass it to Dad? A piece of wood for Dad? That’ll do! Very good! Do you want the fire on Ashley?
OK – we’ll put the fire on!

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