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You guys ready for this? Hey everyone it’s Katy and welcome back to my channel. So today’s video is super exciting, one that I have been waiting for for so so long, you can probably tell from the title of this video I have some new items in the invisible i clothing range that I am ready to show you guys. I have been working on this range for quite a while, it has been a work in progress for a very very long time and it’s finally here! If you guys have no idea what I’m talking about in April of this year, I released an adult Autism Awareness clothing line and we got lots of requests and lots of love from it and people wanted to expand the range and people were asking for more so in May about a month later, we released hoodies and a kid’s line and now we are still getting requests to bring out more products because I really want this range to have something for everyone in and we have not reached that point yet. So we’re going to be bringing out some more stuff and I’ve got lots of things to show you, brand new designs this is a brand new range. We have not repeated any of the previous designs. This is all brand new and it’s very very different and I’m really excited about it. So the real inspiration and the motivation behind this specific launch was colour. I really wanted to bring some colour into the range and make it a little bit more kind of exciting and bold. I have loved what we have released so far, but they have been fairly monochrome. We’ve kept things very simple just to kind of test the waters and so we’ve done black, white and grey. But loads of you guys are constantly requesting colour and I wanted to bring out a range which had colour in the designs, you could put on coloured t-shirts and just generally step it up with the colour. So without further ado let’s get into showing off some items and I will be showing some clips of me wearing them as I always do in these videos. I’ll put them – I’ll try them on them and show you guys the fit and the style and what they look like because we’ve got some slightly different products in here and the first one that I’m wearing today is one of the slightly different ones as you can see. This is one of the first new ones that we’ve got going on. This is a very personal design to me and I’m very proud of it and some of you may know instantly why it’s personal to me others may not and it is because this design “unique” is based off of my tattoo. My tattoo is of a key and it’s got the Welsh word for “unique” written underneath. Didn’t particularly think it would be very appealing for everybody to have the Welsh word for “unique” because not everyone will understand that so we have kind of tinkered with it a little bit and put it in English and we’ve changed the design so that the “i” is now the key and I yeah, like I said, it’s just a really personal design to me. I kind of knew since the last launch when we did like the hoodies and the kids’ range, I wanted to design something around my tattoo and do something sort of fairly similar to it and I’m really really pleased at the way this one turned out. This is a slightly different product because we’ve put it on a fitted t-shirt, you may be able to see from the try on and what I’m wearing today that it’s quite a fitted look. This is a different style of t-shirt. It’s a very slim fitting tight t-shirt and I wanted to put a fitted t-shirt in the range mainly because we’ve done a lot of larger sort of standard fit unisex t-shirts and I wanted to provide one that was slightly more fitted because I from a sensory point of view love fitted clothing. It makes me feel grounded, I love having things close to my body and I wanted to kind of put this in the range in case others feel the same way. If you don’t want this design – if you want this design, but not on a fitted t-shirt we can definitely do that for you we can put it on a standard if that is more comfortable for you, but I wanted to at least have something in a fitted t-shirt just to kind of cater for people who want a slightly slimmer fit. So I’m just scooting it over to the side, you guys know the drill. I hold up the t-shirts by here and then I show them being tried on so that you guys can see the fit and the look of the t-shirts. This next one is a variation of the unique design. We wanted to do almost like a sister design to this one because I kind of felt like putting it on a fitted t-shirt which I wanted to do and having it in pink is more like, it would appeal to some people more than others and we wanted to do more of a generalised design if like pink and fitted wasn’t really your vibe. So we came up with this one which has a gold key, which is more like you know a classic key and if you look closely enough, my logo is actually hidden within the key. So the two unique designs are the only two in the range that we are releasing in only white. But you guys know if you followed the range for a long time that customization is available, if you want these designs in a different colour, we can totally do that for you. We really enjoy getting all of your custom requests because they give us a lot of inspiration it’s amazing to see what you guys want and the things that you guys can come up with it’s one of our favourite things to do at the end of meetings is to just go through all of the custom designs. They are awesome, please keep them coming. But yeah we’re releasing these in white all of the other designs that I’m going to be showing you are actually being released in multiple colours which is the first time that we’ve done this and I’m so excited and that’s why it’s taken a little bit longer to sort out because we want to make sure that we’re releasing the right colours and going through and there’s sort of there’s so many options that we try to narrow down to but of course customisation even for the pieces in multiple colours is still available if you don’t see the colour that you want. So I’ve only got one of each design with me today and I’ve just chosen a colour at random to show you guys. I’ll be trying that one on and then I’ll be showing some photos of the mock-ups of the other colours so you can see the full range here today. So the next design is probably the simplest out of the range, but I think is super cool and I really like to think that maybe it’s in style now because you see a lot of these types of t-shirts around nowadays or I do anyway, and I took inspiration from them and that is the spectrum t-shirt. We’ve done this in grey in a standard fit and it’s just got this gorgeous little rainbow on the left side and “spectrum” written underneath it. So you guys really liked the previous kids’ range where it’s just “spectrum” written underneath the pencils so I’ve definitely taken some inspiration from that range and we’ve done something a little bit more kind of cutesy and really quirky, I was showing this to some of my friends and they thought this would be lovely for pride. So that was really nice as well. I really like this. This one comes in white as well. So we’ve done it in the white and the grey but again, if you want this in a different colour feel free to get in touch. We of course could not leave the kids’ range out of this launch we have decided to launch two brand new kids’ range t-shirts which are variations on some of the adult designs but if you are an adult who prefers the child design we can definitely put that on an adult t-shirt for you and if you have a child who you think would prefer the adult design we can do that in children’s sizes as well no problem. The one that I’m gonna be showing you today or the ones that I’m showing you today are in adult small because I wanted to wear them and try them on so they will look big but hopefully this proves to you guys that it’s so easy for us to customise and put different designs on different types of t-shirts. So the first design in the kids’ range that we are releasing is a variation on the Spectrum design. We decided to make this slightly bigger and in the centre of the t-shirt and we’re doing this in so many funky pastel colours. So it’s really cool, really vibrant and we are really hoping that a lot of little ones will like this. Moving on to another adult design and this was actually the first design of the range that I came up with. I was sitting out in the sun and I drew this one up and I don’t want to say it’s my favourite because all of these are really special to me and I think they’ve all come out amazing. But this one is up there. This one is up there and I really hope that you guys are gonna like it as much I do because I seriously have such a soft spot for this design. But that is the ear defender t-shirt and we put it on black with white cuffs but we’ve got variations and colours available which I’ll show you guys later on and I think it’s just a really cool t-shirt. It has a subtle nod to the spectrum, but it is also you know very just like a cool graphic tee and I love this one so so much, I love how it looks on, I am going to be literally wearing this constantly cuz it is just… I really like it. You guys can probably tell where this is going we of course decided to bring out the ear defender design in the kids’ range and that is the second design in the kids’ range that we are launching this round. So it’s just on a standard tee and we put it in this gorgeous sapphire blue, but there are lots of colours available but again, if you don’t see a colour that floats your boat, get in touch with us and we can definitely do it in other colours. So yes, that is the kids’ design, very similar to the adult one. Just the fact that it doesn’t have the cuffs on it. The other thing to note with the kids’ range is we’ve had to change the logo on the back ever so slightly because we’re doing colours. If you guys saw the previous kids’ logo you will know that it was made up with some primary colours which when you’re putting on white t-shirts looks awesome. If you’re putting them on the coloured t-shirts they don’t show up as much so we’ve decided to put the logo in white this time hopefully you guys can see that. And the final design in the range is an adult’s t-shirt and we decided to keep this in the adult range but I have a feeling that there may be some people out there who want this in a kids’ size or parents who think that their child would like this or little ones who like the look of this design because this is the… I feel the design that is most heavily linked to autism and is probably the most obvious. It’s still subtle but it is a little bit more obvious than maybe some of the other ones that we’ve done throughout this whole journey and that is ASD – we’ve put it right there on the t-shirt and underneath we’ve got the tagline Always Somewhat Distracted. So playing around with what ASD means and I really liked this one and it came to me very spontaneously and I thought yeah, I like that let’s put that on a t-shirt. We decided to put it on a cuff t-shirt with blue cuffs this time a bit of a pop of colour which is new to us again in the cuffs and we’ve also done this one in black cuffs but you can pop this on a standard t-shirt if you don’t want the cuffs and like I said, if you fancy having this in a child’s range or in like the children’s sizes we can do that for you as well. So those all of the t-shirts in the brand new range but we very kind of spontaneously and spur-of-the-moment decided to include two smaller items just as little added extras. So we decided to include – ooh whacking my face with it – the ASD Always Somewhat Distracted on a white tote bag with a black handle just as a little added extra if you guys wanted something that wasn’t like clothing that you can still kind of get a lot of use out of we decided to do that one. We also decided to do the unique in a lovely blue bag with the pink key and yeah, these are just like added extras if you’re like shopping or if you are going to the beach or just for throwing things in you know, war on plastic and making sure that you don’t have to pay five p for a plastic bag you can have a really awesome invisible i one as a part of this range. So now to give you guys all of the info if you want to get your hands on one of these pieces. The link to the Weird Triangle website will be in the description box. You can head on over and check out the entire range including the new products that I’ve shown you today. They’re up on the website ready for you guys to take a look at. These are exclusively available from Weird Triangle they are the company that I work with when it comes to the techno side of all of this the printing, the mocking up, they really take my ideas and make them a reality so I could not do this without them. They’re a small local Welsh business and they have connections to autism and they know a lot about autism awareness so yeah it’s just a win-win-win all around. But because I’m working with a smaller business on this which is what I wanted from the start and would never change it for the world now Craig and Raj have become such good friends of mine and I just love being able to collaborate with them on this project they are just a two-man band. They are the only two people who work at Weird Triangle and it really does take time and a lot of effort to mock up these designs, create them, and then print them and then send them to you guys. So there may be a slight delay or it might just be a slightly longer wait to get your items to you especially if you’re ordering from outside of the UK. International shipping is available, we ship worldwide. But it may take a little bit longer so I hope that is okay with you guys and that’s nothing that you guys are worried about or concerned about or annoyed about, it might just take you know maybe two weeks for your items to get you especially with summer now because there’s a lot happening busy busy busy in summer and we just wanted to let you guys know that there may be a little bit of a delay but that is nothing to worry about and we hope that is okay with you guys. As a thank you for sticking with us and just making up for the fact that there may be a slight delay and especially in these next few weeks when ordering anyone who orders from now until the 31st of August so all of this month you will be entered into a very special giveaway which you guys can win a brand new invisible i item and heads up, it’s awesome and it’s not even alive yet. We haven’t even created it. We know exactly what we want to do and it’s awesome and I’m very excited but yeah, it hasn’t even been created yet so you guys will be the first ones to have this item. So yes any orders placed from now until August the 31st will be entered into that giveaway. Good luck to anyone who wants to enter and yeah, I just wanted to let you guys know that there may be a little bit of a wait but hopefully it’s worth the wait when they get to you. As I said throughout this entire video customisation is totally available and that is the amazing thing about being able to work with Weird Triangle they are able to offer pretty much anything and they have autism knowledge so they know that customisation is important and we want to be able to get things spot-on for you guys. So if you have any questions about the items or if you like the unique design, but you want it on a standard tee, if you’d like some of the standard tee designs but you want them on a fitted, if you like the tote bags that you want them in different colours or you want one of the previous designs on a different colour or on a tote bag or on a fitted we can do it! So if you have any questions or any queries, or if you are trying to think “oh that’d be amazing if they could do that” chances are we can do it! So pop us an email, the email address is by here and it’s in the description box. I’ve got to stress that these emails are going straight to Craig and Raj not myself, if you were emailing me I’d just be like yeah, that sounds amazing and I wouldn’t be able to sort you out with the item. So they’re going straight to the people who can sort you out and get you completely sorted with these items. So yes, those are going straight to Craig and Raj. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch we love all of your customisation inquiries because they just give us loads of ideas and it helps us to expand the range and know what you guys want. Final thing to mention before I leave you guys because I’ve been rambling for a really long time is that Craig, Raj, and myself actually did a BBC Radio Wales documentary which was released last Friday so if you missed that there will be a link to the BBC iPlayer page in the description box. I really hope that works internationally, but I’m not sure, give it a go. Hopefully all of you guys who want to listen to it can listen to it. It’s all about arts and the autistic mind and we were actually interviewed by Richard Milan from the documentary Richard and Jaco. So he came over to Weird Triangle, the offices, and we showed him some of the designs and we were talking about what goes on behind the scenes and creativity and autism and how they link if they link at all very interesting discussions. The actual full documentary is lots of different areas of the arts and autism so we’re just a very small segment of the entire documentary but it’s really really interesting and if you want to know a little bit more about what goes on behind the scenes in the invisible i range and get to know us a little bit more then feel free to click the link and have a listen. That is it from me today. I’m gonna leave you guys. I really hope you’ve enjoyed this video let me know by giving it a big thumbs up and let me know in the comments which is your favourite of the new designs, I would really be interested to know. I hope you’ve had a really really good day, and I will see you soon. Bye guys!

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  1. if you had the shoulders coloured like the stimming>gymming t-shirt accept in the same colour as the key, my favorite new design would be the I "Unique" Women's fitted t-shirt. simple yet effective πŸ™‚

  2. These are amazing 😍 I just want to say thank you for everything you do with this channel. Your face was the first I saw after walking out of the clinic minutes after getting my diagnosis, furiously googling for info and videos to help me better understand the bombshell that was dropped in my lap. Your videos helped me understand and gave me calm in my world of chaos, so thank you.

  3. Omg the Always Somewhat Distracted design is so me and I love t-shirts with contrasting cuffs so I will definitely be trying to get my hands on one of those! Thanks for such great and original designs! x

  4. Love the A.S.D and kids spectrum rainbow designs and have requested customised t-shirts already πŸ™‚

  5. I love these, they're all so awesome! I would totally wear all of them – particularly love the ear defenders t-shirt though πŸ™‚

  6. Lol just spent way too much on the 'wired differently' products from a previous line. So me, but also so my nephew so so much less money now πŸ˜‚

  7. Is there a way for American fans to buy merch? I would love to buy the Ear Defenders shirt, but I don't have any pounds.

  8. I'm a fan of a fitted ladies' tee so I'm glad you added them to the range. Yay! I think I'd most like to see the Wired Differently graphic on a fitted tee, not necessarily with a contrasting colour on the neck or sleeves, probably just the graphic by itself. I think it would look good on a coloured fitted tee although I'm not sure what colour would work for me (I'd have to see the options) but probably the colour of fairy floss (cotton candy for the Americans!) could work for me. I wish you every success with the range Katy so you can expand the range to include a few different colour & tshirt options.

  9. I like the ear defenders graphic. It's very bold, simple, and strong. However, I wish it were of a female wearing the ear defenders as I'd be able to relate to that more, being female. I don't feel a male image represents me. Also, I think it shows an unconscious bias that when designers think "person" the default is "man" (think road signs of ppl or pedestrian crossing lights which show a green man, not a green woman). I'd love it if the designers came up with the female equivalent of the ear defenders graphic: I'm thinking same simple lines but say a heart shaped face with the outline of a simple short hairstyle like seen in a Google image search of Selena Gomez or Taylor Swift. You could even give her a pony tail or hoop earrings as a nod to Katy. Just something bold and simple in design in keeping w the original but immediately recognisable as feminine in outline rather than masculine. Thanks!

  10. Great designs. I think the unique would be great for many invisible illnesses. My daughter would like it. She has ME. She has also designed herself a T-shirt. (Black t-shirt with the words printed in orange) OUT OF ORDER.

  11. I like the unquie stuff,I don't think it's just labled to autism either.. I feel like I'm different unique to everyone else and I don't have autism x

  12. After eight years of suspecting I'm autistic, I was finally diagnosed officially (with papers to prove) the other day! I am so pleased because now I can tell people "I'm autistic" instead of just saying that I probably am. My school fought us so hard on getting me diagnosed because it would be more work for them (hate that school) but they can suck it because I have the papers and everything and now I can get a 504 plan and an IEP which will help me a lot and I may actually be able to get into a college now once I have money and graduate. I am so happy, I love being finally diagnosed.

    Also, not sure if you've been asked this before but have you ever gotten sounds and words mixed up? Like when I was little (toddler to 10ish), I would get key, q, and c mixed up. I'd ask for the key but instead say "Can I have the q?" or mean to say q but say key or c instead. Is this an autistic trait that you know of or something else entirely? It happens a lot still but only when I'm tired or my head is fuzzy.

  13. I love these! My daughter has just received a diagnosis of ASD. She loves rainbows so I am definitely going to get her a rainbow β€˜Spectrum’ t-shirt so she can wear it and feel proud! Your videos are amazing. I’ve learnt so much from them!

  14. Me and my daughter have a rare gentic deletion (5 in the world) my daughter been dinosed ASD as well. We bean watching many of your videos. I think your amazing!!! Where can we bye your stuff? Totally respect! Very cool clothing!

  15. Cool idea would be if you played around with non verbal communication like Macton or P.E.C or BSL as some people with Autism are non verbal or deaf or both.

  16. Old vintage style baseball shirt w 3/4 sleeves in contrast color woud be fun option headed towards fall. Loved the new designs and optiins!

  17. What would the possibility of getting any of your designs on a vest/strappy top (Or a scoop neck – I can't stand collars near my neck)?

  18. Really love how your designs are typically all really subtle especially since I tend to prefer my clothing to be more clothing camouflage that doesn't stand out that much and most autistic awareness products just scream Autism to the point of being really off putting. Also things tend to be very parent and child focused as you've mentioned. Also a fan of how you have kept the kids clothing line fairly subtle because most autistic child shirts just scream 'bully target' to me, so really like how it's not as obvious. Really for all of the designs, it's often something you can appreciate personally while not making a big flashy statement, it can be something personal while subtly making a difference and raising awareness or just connecting with others who get it, which I really like.

    Also, hopefully you don't find this offensive since I'm talking about tweaking your personal logo, but I came across a updated accessibility (disabled) wheelchair logo that has the person leaning forward and adds motion and makes the disabled person look more active then someone who is just sitting still. Struggling to put it into words here, but basically it's all about changing how society sees disabled people from something other and stationary to something moving, alive, and living. So I thought that might be a nice twist to add to your invisible disability logo, if you're okay with changing it.

    You can find out more about it here:

    quick explanation of updated logo:
    official website for logo with more detail:

    It's 'free for use in the public domain' so not entirely sure if that includes selling products with that logo but thought I'd mention it just in case it interested you or if you want to consider doing something similar in future designs.

  19. Really loving the info videos πŸ™‚ and coming back to this because I'm curious about the bag, what material is it made out of? Also is the handle soft or sharp along the edges?

  20. I love all this and my daughter and I are obsessed with keys lol. So awesome. Also sensory wise. Yes fitted also for me. Our brains are super similar. stuff different but it's so cool to hear someone else talk how you do from a whole other country.

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