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So the point to this video is that there isn’t
a point and that’s OK because does anyone actually ever really know what they’re doing? Ah I don’t know which colour I’m doing – oh
God! Right OK. Hey everyone, it’s Katy and welcome back to
my channel and welcome back to World Autism Awareness Week. I really wanted to do just
a chilled video today especially because I wanted to do some painting. So I am warning you now, this video is going
to have no structure or purpose but I just wanted to paint and I wanted to chat to you
guys so I thought I would combine the two. I really wanted to do this video talking about
Autism just being in children and that whole misconception out there and then I thought
this probably isn’t the best video to do that with because I’m sat here painting and people
think that’s quite childish. Maybe they just think I’m a big child – which is fine because
I probably am. I just realised how little there was out there
– in terms of charities and campaigns – for Autistic Adults. Every campaign that is out
there at the moment – charity things that are going on, events that are going on – as
much as I support them and love them, none of them are for adults. It always has this
childish under-tone and I would never judge a campaign for that but I just really wish
that some campaigns out there would be, like, not age specific or not be so giving into
this stereotype that Autism just affects children. I booked my tickets to ‘The Autism Show’ today
and I am so excited. I’m scared about it because it’s going to be like the first big trip that
I’m going to be doing this year. It’ll mean taking two trains by myself – well four if
you count going there and back on the same day. But it’s this big – what’s the word I’m
looking for? – convention all about Autism and I’m super excited. I will leave the link
down below to The Autism Show. It’s in June so you’ve got plenty of time if you want to
think about coming. But it is a UK show. It’s in Birmingham, Manchester and London so you
can choose where you fancy going. I am going to the Birmingham one. I’m not doing anything
professional there – I’m not going and talking or anything – I’m just going to wander round
and just be like everybody else! But if you see me there, come and say Hi! But I’m so
excited. Link down below if you want to go and check out who’s going to be there and
what’s going to be going on if you’re interested. But how are you guys doing? and what are you
guys doing for Autism Awareness Week? I want to know what you guys are enjoying this week,
if you’re doing anything new, anything exciting let me know in the comments below – I want
to know what you guys are doing! I really hope that I am going to be able to
pull off a video everyday. If you didn’t know that already, I am doing a video everyday
this week centered all around Autism Awareness, Asperger’s, what it’s like to live with Autism
and Asperger’s. So there will be a link to a playlist up here and down below if you want
to go and check out the videos that you might have missed this week already. If you haven’t
already, hit that subscribe button and that little bell button so that you can get notifications
of when I upload videos this week because who knows?! It’s going to be all higgledy-piggledy. Maybe this is some weird form of ASMR but
without the noise so it’s really not ASMR. Have I just discovered a new thing that could
be potentially therapeutic to watch on YouTube? Who knows?! Speaking of ASMR, does anyone actually find
that helpful? I know there are some people out there who don’t experience any sort of
sensations or impact from it at all. I’m not one of those people, I do experience something
when I watched those videos or when I have tried them in the past but I don’t understand
how people can be relaxed by it. It makes me tingly and I’m guessing that’s the sensation
I’m supposed to have but that is in no way, shape or form relaxing! But the other thing that I wanted to mention
was this crazy realisation that happened to me the other day. I was looking back at some
old Primary School stuff – it’s from the ages of 4 to 11 so
that section of your life. There was this person who I knew, this other
child who I knew back then – one of my friends and it’s taken me over a decade to realise
that one of my really, really good friends throughout this period of my life was on the
spectrum and it’s taken me being diagnosed myself to realise the signs that were in this
person as well! Maybe I can just do this painting and every
time I paint on this, I’ll film it for you and by the end of it, we might have finished
it in like 3 years time! Yeah, I think that’s pretty much everything
I’ve got to say or everything that’s come into my head to talk about. I really hope
that this video wasn’t just boring. Maybe if you’re just sitting down before bed you
can watch this to relax the mind, I don’t know! Or have it on in the background like
I do. I watch YouTube videos when I’m doing my makeup, I’ll probably put on a YouTube
video now after I’ve finished filming. You now, just have it on in the background. But
I really hope this video wasn’t too boring or different but let me know if you’ve enjoyed
it by hitting the like button. But I hope you’ve had a really, really good
day and I hope you’re still enjoying World Autism Awareness Week and I will see you tomorrow
– bye guys!

23 thoughts on “Autism Chats | WAAW17 | invisible i

  1. I agree about the non child specific autistic support. I belong to a new group in London that reaches out to ASD adults and their families and everyone says the same thing – what about the adults? Children don't stay children forever. I think there's an awareness gap that needs closing. This is my first AAW having a diagnosis of ASD so it's been very interesting so far! 😊 Thanks for a lovely video 😊

  2. The National Autistic Sociality did actually include a part about job interviews in their Too Much Information campaign back around October/November. But yeah, there is quite a lot of focus on children. What happens to these children when they grow up? Are they going to be ignored? Or are we more like a Generation X version of autistic adults?

  3. Hi I´m 21 years old, I would very much like to go, can I buy a ticket even though I live in Sweden? And I am on the autistic spectrum

  4. Be good if everyone could understand what it's like to be austic. Lot people judge or assume things don't you know what I mean?

  5. I think one of the big drivers is nt parents of autistic children who get very enthusiastic about being nt like and actively setting up events and organising things for their AS kids… They have to have something to cluster over

  6. I'm excited to watch the vid. but haven't yet. lol Just randomly- Sesame Street (…in America…idk if you have it there or if it's different. ^_^ blushing face. ) is supposedly about to have or has an autistic Muppet on the show. Not feeling optimistic about it; only since it sounds as if this could easily create a general misconception that all ASD "cases" are the same for every ASD person…and whatever level they portray on the show. But I would LOVE to know your thoughts! (Katy & everyone )

  7. Well I’ve just had a book published through my Psychologists company Axia ASD which I was hoping to do a video for World Autism Awareness Week. However I’m a little Self Conscious about overtly “coming out of the autistic closet” so to speak.

    “Mental Models of Reality by Lord Dream” isn’t exactly about autism per se, however I have been told my autism is very apparent when reading the book… part of me doesn't want anybody to read the book and part of me thinks it should be mandatory study in schools!

    Hope you enjoy the Autism Show, don’t think I could cope with all those people!!!

  8. i love ur vids so much !! im not sure but my family and i suspect my cousin, 8, has autism. how could we be sure?? xxx

  9. I have experienced the whole no-support-for-adults-with-TS, autism, off, ect who h is why I'm working on creating a awareness brand for adults, like myself, who suffer from these disorders to get support and to let the public know how important it is that we have that.

  10. Mentioning the things from childhood reminded me…I plan to bring with me a lot of my childhood art &c. when I get an appointment (s) for diagnosis. I figure it will help since a problem now is the criteria is mostly for children….to diagnose ASD. I have stories I wrote very young that are crazy lol But I figure the less "normal" the more helpful it'll be to figure out. lol

  11. Katy, It seems to me that resources for adults with Asperger's/ASD are more easily available in the UK than they are here in America. I could be wrong, but I envy your opportunity to attend and "hang-out" at the event you described in this video. (BTW. Your Channel Name , "Invisible 1", I can relate to. I just want you to know you are doing great work to ensure you are noticed, and " visible". You are an interesting and captivating young lady, IMO, and I applaud your willingness to express yourself so "openly public"! Perhaps in another place in time, you and I would attend that event together, just "hang out", and have fun! 😇

  12. Maybe it's one of my special interests but does anyone else with ASD/aspergers find it impossible to not be obsessed with the current political climate (I post this with no intention of getting in to party politics, I'm too tired)? I'm not yet diagnosed, have a 6 months wait, but I'm fairly sure I will be diagnosed after reading up and seeing my life explained, finally. I'm finding day to day exhausting without even socialising due to the stress I am experiencing around political life in the UK.

  13. My biggest pet peeve is that most resources I've come across regarding autism and aspergers are geared towards parenting autistic children or are dry, boring medical textbooks. There are a few memoirs by autistic adults out there, but memoirs aren't quite what I keep hoping to find. I found your channel yesterday and have watched several of your autism videos now, and I'm so glad that you're out there talking about what it means to be an autistic adult.
    Side note: I love how British and Canadian people pronounce adult! It sounds so much cooler than the American pronunciation.

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