*Laughs at the Autistic Feline* WOOH! Hey guys, welcome to Oblivion. I don’t have my webcam setup at the moment, Um, It’d take me like 30 mins to set up and I kind of can’t be fucked. But also- I feel like it would be more of a immerseful kind of role-playing experience if I didn’t have a webcam. I’ve noticed a lot of Oblivion videos don’t really use webcam anyway, so let’s just- um. *Laughs harder at Autism Cat* Never been more sure in my life. Let’s talk to this fuck. [Ugh, you fucking-] What how do you- is it tender loving care? What- what’s the uhhh- TCL. That’s the one. [ya] [You’d better take-] *charming voice* You better die. Da da da DAH! Hahaha! Oh he’s gone! See you late- *Papa Wilburgur laughing* Oh, what? What the fuck? [He’s talking!] Oh my God! Hahaha! Ah shit! Oh no! Can I search him? Okay, I’ll take his gol- How does he have money if he’s in a prison cell? That’s the scariest fucking thing. I’ve ever seen. Oh, hey. Sup. How ya doing Emperor Uriel Septim. I wonder if we can um- sex change him. Let’s see what he looks like as a chick. Oh no, FUCK! *Wilburgur laughing* And that’s a crash! Da da da DAH da DAAAAH! Autism-Cat good. Okay. Hopefully, we’re back and we’ve got it all. So guys um. We’re just gonna have fun with this evidently. Yes! Hahaha! Sweet! Should we kill him or leave him this time. Shut the fuck up. Let’s beat him? Let’s beat him Tasty raté, tasty raté. You’re going down Valen Dreth. (wilburgur laughing) Look at his health! How the fuck? How much health does he- Oh, there we go. Okay. Okay, at least he didn’t like explode this time. Oh fuck did I kill him too quickly. I hope I haven’t broken the game guys. Fuck, I just don’t learn do I? [Valen Dreth talking] What are you laughing about man? You’re fucking dead. Let’s see if we can break him. Patrick! Big fan of T and G, man. Hang on we better close the- No, it’s all good! Nothing sus. Don’t I know it. eyyh Done. Okay. So you stand against the wall, and then ya- we get like locked here and we can’t move. So! We’re gonna muck around- You know, what I wont. I wont. I’ve seen you! *Wilburgur laughing* Must have been a nightmare. What’s going on? Okay, we know this. We know this. We know he’s the Emperor. Why am I in jail, dunno? He’s got a resting bitchface – that guy. Look at him. That’s lucky for me. It is my lucky day. Can I? Can we go? Holy shit. That’s fucked! *Wilburger laughing* No wonder. I’m in jail. I probably didn’t do anything, probably just locked up for the betterment of mankind. We’ll take this tan jug. Yeah, you never know when that might come in handy. People we meet not might need like to vomit in there. Yeah, what was I saying? Fuck, I’ve got ADD guys. I just- I can’t finish sentences. Um, yeah. We’re not going to cheat too much. Like, we’ll cheat- Okay. We’ll cheat- um I got it. Oh, shit he’s- Take his shit. Well, we wouldn’t- we wouldn’t be a Khajiit, if we didn’t fucking steal everything. Getting tired? Go. We should probably- the fuck! We should probably wear that hood, so that we can hide- We’ll equip that. Yeah, so we’re gonna cheat for the sake of fun. We wont edit our settings. What we will do though- player spellbook? Is that PSB? We’re gonna give us all the spells. Does she have a weapon I can steal?
No. Captain ‘Reno’? ‘Renault’? Yeah, so now we’ve got all the spells – a lot of these are like broken shit; like you’ll look it’ll say like yeah Jeanne Frasoric practice spell. Shit like that. I don’t know it might crash the game. We’re not going to use it. But, I’ve made some spells. I’m pretty sure- What did I- what did I call them? Fuck! Yeah, Mustang. Yeah, that’s it. Mustang Snap and Mustang Click. So, ah shit. One of these- Okay, they’re really, they’re really fucking good, but actually costs like relatively low magicka. But, I’m pretty sure I made one- That I can use like right at the start. Fuck, what did I call it? Shit. Rat exploded, 3000. Oh God! Ah! Ah! Sup, motherfuckers! Autism-Cat’s here! Where’s he going? Oh! You, you- you guys don’t need any help. Aw, shit. Ya think? He is too autistic. They’ve seen something Oh, shit! Sean Bean? O, sorry I didn’t mean to skip- O, I’m stuck. Oh, sorry Boris. Come back here! You little poop. Well, I would have attacked him but the game didn’t let me the game just kind of froze me in spot. Okay, so always make a save here boys and girls. What’s this music? What’s going on? Oh shit, oh, I actually got him. WOW! Huh, maybe I’m not so autistic after all. Should I edit my face guys? No, I’m pretty. Done, let’s go. Let’s do it! Sure. Well guys, this is exciting! Into the world of Oblivion, and if I- if I wasn’t- because I was nice and quick, it should be dawn as well. I remember the first time I played I got out and it was nighttime. Because I had no idea what the fuck I was doing when I was like twelve. Aw, this game’s so- What the fuck? What happened to my- what happened to the grass textures? Why is it like an oil slick map of the Imperial City? Oh no. The whole games like this. Hahaha! What have I done? How did I break my game? Ah no. It suits this guy, we’ll leave it who cares. What the fuck? Well guys, we could go to Weynon Priory. Um. [Weynon Priory we-] Let’s um let’s cruise there on our own good time. Let’s just take it easy. Fight some mudcrabs, and shit. Do we need some venison? Sorry, sorry deer. [Yonder don’t know] Oh you got away! He just ran towards his death didn’t he? Mudcrab! Aerial shot, look at that! Bang. Oh, what the fuck? I have become one with the Earth. God-damn. Christ, that was like a two meter jump. God-damn it. I thought I majored in acrobatics! Okay, is that music just gonna loop and unanswerably. Oh, actually. It actually is! Why is my game so buggy? I don’t understand. Who left ale here? There’s a party going on in the North Tunnel guys. Alright. Obviously, I’m gonna get my Autism-Cat addicted to skooma as quickly as possible. Ah. Keep getting thwarted by rocks. Sinkhole Cave! Is that like someone’s pet dog that I just murdered? Oh shit, it is. Oh fuck. Oh fuck, shit fuck. Sorry, it wasn’t me dude. It wasn’t me fuck okay. We need- we need to dispose of the body. Shit. Hahaha! I just- no shit! You didn’t see anything! How can they see me I’m crouched in the bushes? Is that a mudcrab behind me or something? It is. It’s always a fucking mudcrab. I’m so fucked up. No, guys we need to hide the body – okay? This game’s smart, radiant AI – okay, they’ll see the dead dog and that those bandits will attack me. Let’s just quickly dispose of the dog. The music’s so good, it’s so mournful.

100 thoughts on “Autism-Cat

  1. Dear wilburgur, how do you make autism cat? I'm restarting oblivion and wanted him. All of him. All of his gloriousness. Thanks.

  2. I just spent hours on oblivion becoming the master of the fighters guild and then ended up deleting my game when I meant to save and loading back to whenever I was still a defender or something, I got really ticked off and I just deleted the entire character

  3. Head cannon: Autism-Cat was locked up from order of the Psijic monks as the Elder Scrolls foretold a Pink, Autistic Feline would be the end of Cyrodiil

  4. all these jokes about "you are the one from my dreams" => "oh, it should have been a nightmare" and only now i realised that it sure was a nightmare anyway, with dremoras and lava and barrens and like other oblivion stuff

  5. Renault drops her katana and it can be hard to find sometimes you can’t keep it anyway so you can avoid it if you want I grab it because it’s cool and I use commands to get past baraus

  6. Little did we know… that this would quickly become the most glorious oblivion let's play the world has ever known.

  7. downloaded your save and made a new spell called "kitty god" basically bounds all daedric armor daedric cleaver fortnifys health by 100 fortifys blade by 100 pretty much makes autism cat a god as he rightfully deserves to be

  8. I just realized something…. Oblivion was around when people played on PS2s! (ATV offroad fury 4 for the Playstation 2 was also made in 2006)

    Sorry, I just had to share, also…

    Leave a like or comment if you have and/or still play on a PS2

  9. Netflix? Amazon TV? Crunchyroll? No thanks I'll watch a fourth rerun of Autism cat I really should stop paying them and just help Wilburgur's channel and give him all my monies lol

  10. Those must be some teriffyinh dreams if Autism Cat is in them

    Also when he said "They have not seen what ive seen" I immeadiatly thought "Yeah I bet I mean you got some big ass eyes bro"

  11. This is offensive to people who have autism. Do you have any idea how much they suffer, both from the illness itself and the bullying others give them?

    Not okay!

  12. It is super uncomfortable to see a khajiit with similar colors to a testicle, with veins and shrivels included

  13. "Protect the Emperor!"
    slightly grazed by mace
    "Ugh!" Strong, years long trained Blades member dies

    Ah, this game aged so well.

    Gotta love how you were about to comment on how beautiful the game looks before being distracted by the grass literally being maps of the Imperial City.

  14. We're not gonna edit our settings guys
    3 seconds later
    I didn't find the spell so i just buffed my magicka

  15. The greatest story ever told began with a chuckle. I love coming back to the start and watching it evolve over time!

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