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Can I do this video without going into a rant? Leave your bets in the comments below. Hey everyone it’s Katy, and welcome back to my channel. So today I am doing another sit-down, random, chatty video, because I’ve had this topic in mind for ages to do a video on, and I can’t really organise my thoughts into a proper video. It just never goes well, I have too many thoughts and feelings to even really be organised into a coherent structure and a coherent video. So I thought why not just turn on the camera, have a conversation and just see where it goes because I feel like that’s probably the only way that I can talk about this topic and get everything off my chest and have this discussion and maybe you guys joining in on this conversation in the comment section. I feel like these thoughts and this kind of discussion point and my opinions on this whole topic really started to get solidified and to almost form from conversations and situations that I would be in where the adults in my life or just people who are of a different generation to me would say things like “Oh, well, we did survive without technology, you know, you wouldn’t be able to survive in my day. You’re too addicted to your phone. You rely too much on your phone. What would you do without your phone?” And I feel like because I was brought up in a generation where technology… I’ve been around it since I was born really, I’ve always been aware of technology, I have been taught in the field of technology, you know, I’ve been very computer literate since a very young age and people who didn’t have that same experience with that upbringing I feel almost are a little bit critical of the people who did because it comes across as being like, “oh well, you know you rely on technology and technology is just something that you are addicted to” and that “you wouldn’t be able to survive without it” and almost like technology is a bad thing and that we shouldn’t have it in our lives because it hinders us and it really started to get like a bit of a niggle in me that I was like, why are we having these conversations? like, eurgh. So I think I should actually get into talking about what I wanted to talk about today, which is autism and technology and why I personally get a little bit hurt when people accuse me of having a technology addiction and just generally my thoughts and feelings about this. I feel like technology nowadays gets really, really bad press. Lots of people have a very negative opinion of technology because they feel like it’s taking away from valuable life skills, we’re no longer having to do a lot of things manually, we can have technology do them for us. And perhaps in many ways it is diminishing our social skills because we are socialising and communicating a lot via email and text and messenger nowadays as opposed to face-to-face interaction or phone calls and I can understand people’s negative view of technology in many respects, I do also agree with people’s negative view of technology mainly because when people take it to the extreme and they start thinking of people and jobs being replaced by technology and having like androids and robots and things like that that terrifies me because I am low-key scared of robots and things like that – they freak me out. So I don’t like to think about how technology is going to advance years and years in the future but here and now in today’s society, I do disagree with people’s negative view of technology in many ways and there’s a reason for that and that is because I have my own experience and my own kind of story with technology and people I think don’t tend to take that story and people like myself into their views and they don’t tend to consider us when it comes to their negative views of technology and they just lump us all together as like millennials who can’t be away from Facebook for two minutes. And that is really why I wanted to have this conversation is because I feel like a lot of people look at people my age and of my generation and if they see us on our phones they automatically assume that we’re on social media and just being like “oh they have to be connected to everything and they have to post about what they’re doing at every second” and it’s not always the case and I just really wanted to talk about this and hopefully change opinions and maybe get people to think about things in a slightly different way. Technology for me has had such a positive effect on my life and I am constantly grateful for the technology that is now in place because I am able, because of this technology, to travel independently to use public transport, to shop independently, to manage my finances, to communicate with people, to work, to contribute to the economy, like it’s enabled me to really be independent and live and that is not something that I am ashamed of. I am not sat here saying to myself “Oh, I should have been able to do all of this without technology” or “oh god, I’m relying so heavily on technology”. That is not the opinion that I have. I am sat here completely indebted to the amount that technology has given me and the independence that it has enabled me to have in life and this is the side of technology that people don’t tend to consider. The fact that the advances in technology are actually enabling a lot of people with disabilities to be much more a part of society and actually contributing in a much more positive way to society and you know things like self-service checkouts allow me to go shopping independently without stress because I’m able to put my shopping through without having to communicate with people socially which I get hugely anxious about and that really stresses me out because of my autism. Things like being able to buy my train and my bus tickets online and not having it to again ask for things from people, worried that I’m asking for the wrong thing, muddling up and getting very scared. I have a visual in front of me that I can like tap in and know exactly what I’m doing and what I’m buying. Things like maps, Google Maps! I’m able to know where I am and walk and travel independently from place to place because I can follow a route and it’s telling me where to go as opposed to me just fumbling around or having to travel with my parents constantly and just not being able to be independent in my eyes. And you know, just things like communication, I’m able to now communicate with people via email and text as opposed to constantly ringing people and this just brings down my anxiety, it gets things done, I’m able to work. I still feel like a lot of people will probably have the opinion that I’m too reliant on technology in situations that I should be learning how to overcome these situations myself without the help of technology. I feel like that’s a perfectly valid opinion. There are still times where I will be using technology like a self-service checkout and I’ll be beating myself up because I’ll be like uh, I should totally be using the normal checkouts because you know, maybe I should be pushing myself, maybe I should feel like I should be breaking myself out of my comfort zone and trying things and I do still beat myself up for the amount of times that I do rely on technology. But I still have times where I’ll leave my phone at home or I’ll try something new or I’ll push myself but it has to be on my terms and it has to be when I know that I’m feeling strong enough to even think about taking on that challenge. Most days I’m not strong enough to do that and the technology that we have in place today allows me to still function and live independently even on my bad days, which I just think is such a privilege and such a thing that I just never take for granted and I don’t mind people saying that I rely too much on technology because in many respects I also feel that but telling me that I’m technology-addicted is in my language telling me that I’m independence-addicted and what the hell is wrong with that? So I think that’s pretty much everything that I wanted to talk about, lord knows I could go on all day about this topic but I feel like hopefully I’ve made my point and I don’t want to over-saturate this video with loads of other just rambles, so hopefully that has all made sense and you guys have enjoyed hearing my opinions about technology usage and technology addiction and autism and how my opinions differ slightly from those around me. Let me know if you have enjoyed this video by giving it a big thumbs up and please continue this conversation with me in the comment section. Like I said, I have not finished discussing this so please have a chat with me and let me know your views about technology and technology addiction and technology usage and technology and disabilities. Let me know in the comments! I hope you’ve had a really, really good day, and I will see you soon. Bye guys.

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  1. I find tech has helped me in many of the same ways, while tech can be seen as somewhat limiting by those who haven't grown up with it as intensely, so have all historical breakthroughs, from modern combustion to electrical power to telephones and telegrams, they act as an extension of ourselves a tool to make life smoother and less complicated, at least some of the time.

  2. Can you get through this topic without ranting? Haha, the fact you are even asking that gives us our answer.
    Edit: 1:39 already ranting.

  3. I am a fair bit older than you, not a millennial, and yet I constantly get flack for being on my phone too much.
    There's some validity to it, if I get too absorbed for too long. But honestly I feel like its integral for me to have this "safe" source of socializing. Otherwise I'd be a total shut in, and far more depressed. What are the chances I'd find people like me in my tiny town? On social media I can join discussions with other aspies and have friends that don't expect an immediate answer or eye contact! 😅
    Of course in person socializing is a good thing to, and something to be pursued also, its just that that is a much more tiring and slow process, so for me its important to have something to fill the gap.
    And that, I will NOT apologize for.

  4. Thanks for mentioning self-service checkouts. Locals in my town are mildly campaigning to take them out since they're "removing jobs". They never take into account that some shoppers use them because using normal checkouts is too stressful

  5. I agree with you that tech can bring about independence among other great things. I do think that texting has affected writing and reading skills in a negative way. In school seeing people write an essay like they text. Also in class being on their phones is something I find annoying. It's disrespectful to the teacher and distracts the class. I had one professor who would take your phone and finish your text for if you were caught texting. lol

  6. When I argue that technology has enabled me to survive in the normal world, others argue that it's actually the technology and my dependence on it that has caused me to be or at least "seem" like I'm on the spectrum. >< Still love these types of videos the most, btw!

  7. We get hassled more about “screen time”. Technology for a child usually includes watching videos, playing video games etc. I’ve seen Samara learn so much from using apps on her iPad, online learning programs, and even tv shows. Video games have made a massive improvement in her fine motor skills, problem solving and patience. What are your thoughts concerning more child driven technology and screen time?

  8. My mom died in 2016. She was my everything like she help me go shopping, get to appointments and work so could take care my son. Now I use my phone to get lyft, , shop online, google maps so can walk places, call people if need help and delivery food when I can not get to the store. I hope one day will deliver me groceries.

  9. The only time I got talked about my technology use, was my grandmother when engaging a conversation. I just file it away under "respecting your elders". But everyone else in my world would actually be concerned if I didn't have technology in or on my hand.

    I would be ok with robots in the job place, it guarantees predictable results, and quality control. I have programs written to help me do the work of 5 people around the clock, they are considered bots but they have no "face".

    You should not beat yourself up over using self-checkout, it's something I use if the line is shorter and allows me to go on with my life. Don't leave your phone at home, that is your emergency lifeline. My cell phone is my only lifeline (I have no landline).

    I feel like we could talk about this for hours, which could produce a bit of content for this channel Katy if you'd like to do that.

  10. I get so annoyed when people constantly accuse millennials of being addicted to technology. apart from the fact that being on your phone could have so many reason like writing work emails, keeping in contact with people that you can't see in person, keeping up to date with the news etc., there's also a difference between wanting to stay on your phone because you enjoy it/need it to do work and being addicted to it…I really think we shouldn't use the word addiction so lightly. Older people also keep telling me to "stop playing on your phone". I feel like in old people's minds whenever they see me on my phone I must be playing some silly game that keeps me from my responsibilities…

  11. I have OCD and ADHD as well and this is a thing for me. If I’m not somewhat distracted or I’m not hyper focused on the conversation I’m having or whatever is going on, I get intrusive thoughts and start ticking. It’s rare for me not to. However, even my parents who know I have to have this distraction get frustrated and feel I’m ignoring them or like you said, “addicted” bc in a conversation where communication waxes and wanes, I need something else to do with my hands and brain. The other night my dad came to talk to me and I was on my phone and asked him to talk to me bc he got so quiet…”I’m not going to talk while you’re “playing” on your phone!” I reminded him that even he wants me to be distracted. Lol. These are the things I think of when we talk about addiction and inability to cope without technology. You’re right. It really saves our butts. I’m grateful. Idk what on earth I’d do…

  12. I totally agree, I grew up in the technology age as a millennial (I was born December 1989) and find it ironic that the people who complain about this tend to be from the same generation that invented and implemented the very technology they are complaining about. Yes the AI aspect can be scary and we need to lay out boundaries to ensure robots/androids don't replace us rather complimenting our satire requirements to make life easier to handle.

    I admit that I'm almost glued to my phone but it is just my phone, it is my emails, text messages, Facebook messages, MP3 player, video player, games console, general comfort blanket and various other things at different times that help me deal with my autism, maybe that is an addiction but without it I would find it even harder to socialise than I already do and whilst I remember a time where there were fewer computers and other forms of technology I don't remember what it was like without technology because I have always been around it.

  13. Katy, this is an absolutely wonderful video. I can agree with you and I can relate. Technology has helped me communicate to people (in a way, this is my way of building up my confidence so I can talk face-to-face with people), to help me with calculations when I need to use my Maths and so much more. I know I’m going to be using technology a lot more but for different things. So, in a way, technology isn’t as bad as people think it would be. 🦋✨

  14. I agree with your points, but I also think maybe you should interact with other people if all you're hearing from others is that technology is bad. There are a LOT of people, even those older than you, who don't have such negative views of technology!

  15. Google Maps has certainly enabled me to travel and go to new places; without it I would be too scared as I can't read regular maps.

  16. If it weren't for my phone, I would have a lot more meltdowns than I do. Do you have any apps that you really find useful in helping you out with Aspergers? I also have Aspergers.

  17. Gonna guess no. I probably couldn't either. 😛

    The 'you're just on social media' comments are definitely the most annoying to me. If I'm by myself, I'm typically looking up something, writing something down, or actively talking with someone. If I'm with others, I'm either using it as part of the conversation, or I'm somewhat anxious and actively trying to distance myself from the present social interaction with a game, book, or music.

    I feel like I've heard less of these comments in person since switching to a large tablet as my main mobile device. People outside the conversation seem to equate 'tablet' with 'professional' and don't seem to make the same assumptions, and people in the conversation can easily see what I'm doing with it, since for most interactions it is laid flat on a table.

    I also get stuck on the whole 'You're not learning to socialize!', but I think that's more being annoyed that people can't recognize the difference between a change and a defect. Like… different people socialize differently but more importantly, how people socialize depends on technology. We socialize differently because we can due to a change. Other generations did the same, when other communication technologies were developed.. My only hope is that we don't inflict the same misunderstandings on the next generation.

  18. Gonna guess no. I probably couldn't either. 😛

    The 'you're just on social media' comments are definitely the most annoying to me. If I'm by myself, I'm typically looking up something, writing something down, or actively talking with someone. If I'm with others, I'm either using it as part of the conversation, or I'm somewhat anxious and actively trying to distance myself from the present social interaction with a game, book, or music.

    I feel like I've heard less of these comments in person since switching to a large tablet as my main mobile device. People outside the conversation seem to equate 'tablet' with 'professional' and don't seem to make the same assumptions, and people in the conversation can easily see what I'm doing with it, since for most interactions it is laid flat on a table.

    I also get stuck on the whole 'You're not learning to socialize!', but I think that's more being annoyed that people can't recognize the difference between a change and a defect. Like… different people socialize differently but more importantly, how people socialize depends on technology. We socialize differently because we can due to a change. Other generations did the same, when other communication technologies were developed.. My only hope is that we don't inflict the same misunderstandings on the next generation.

  19. I'm glad google map is a thing, I get extremely anxious about going to new places and being able to see the place on the map and even use a street view to see what the place looks like makes things a lot better.

  20. So funny how many of the people that call us "technology addicted" spend several hours of their spare time watching tv constantly

  21. My video about autism was pretty much me being dismissed or related to in 75 comments I just wanted to say your one video clearly explained things that people were getting when I explained it! The whole masking thing, I even got told I was TOOO PRETTY TO BE AUTISTIC and lost my shit so I will be using you as an example when I go to talk about this again and thank you for coming out with it I know how hard it is for so many people to just straight tell you NO WAY

  22. Omg Katy, as an autistic and as a hardware technician at Harvard Uni, I 100% agree with you!! I need tech in my life! Everyone does!

  23. Hi Katy, I've just started watching your videos over the last week and I find them so informative! Thank you for doing the work that you do! I find your positive outlook so inspiring! Thanks again xx

  24. Absolutely agree. I'm so thankful to have the internet for all the reasons you talked about. Also because I'm always questioning things, always wanting to know how things work or simply being curious about something very specific. When I was little I asked too many questions to my parents and a lot of the time they didn't know what to say to me but with the internet being so handy I can google anything and I'll always find out the answer without annoying anyone!

  25. Douglas Adams had said "Anything that is in the world when you're born is normal and ordinary and is just a natural part of the way the world works. Anything that's invented between when you're fifteen and thirty-five is new and exciting and revolutionary and you can probably get a career in it. Anything invented after you're thirty-five is against the natural order of things." So, you know, you're too reliant on your washing machine, you never wash your clothes manually anymore.
    People who make these kind of claims that we're too reliant on technology are usually the ones that don't even "accept" disabilities as legit, they just think we weren't "disciplined" enough as children.

  26. Anyone who is of that opinion in my view has never had to deal with crippling anxiety and will never understand. My son has autism and I can explain how it's helped him in many ways, but I do have to say that I feel like people's social skills have been damaged by it.
    I also think that it's having an impact on there education in that they don't know how to spell or form correct sentences due to it all being typed out and how things are abreviated. So I'm torn 50/50 xx

  27. You nailed it, I have very similar opinions about technology. I also want to add that things like UrbanDictionary, Reddit, and Youtube really help me keep up with the slang, body language, and other social skills that my peers follow. Honestly, I feel like this is partly what contributed to my late autism diagnosis, but it also helped me get through school without being bullied too traumatically or not being able to care for my basic needs.

  28. Technology save my life! I don’t like to deal with people. So, with technology I can do everything, including socialize, without dealing with people! It’s perfect, no matter what they may say!!!!

  29. The age of radio was very different than the age of television. Technology has always advanced. It's how television was created. As someone who grew up in the 80's, I know I'm starting to feel left behind. I do love YouTubers in their twenties. They're taking hold of their world and forging into the future. Now I sound like Star Trek. I hope you have a good day. 😊

  30. Yes this. Also this is a good reminder of why it’s okay to use technology if I try to cut technology out of my life more that means I start skimming and flicking more because I’m not letting myself relax and use technology to it’s fullest advantage.

    I do lots of problems with focusing when there are so many distractions online as well but when you are focused it’s really helpful.

    Also I know a small shop owner who’s from the younger technology friendly generation and we chat about things when it’s quiet and we are constantly pulling out our phones and showing people things or researching things the other has mentioned for then or as a bookmark for later. It’s just nice to be able to go that with them without judgment. 🙂

    That being said if you are /just/ looking at your phone rather then glancing at the person now and then to show you are paying attention. I still tend to rate that under rude when it comes to social standards.

    I actually say a medical review video interviewing an autistic and asking them for their opinion on their experiences at a hospital. He was glued to his phone, wasn’t looking at the interviewer etc. It came across as super rude and the interviewer obviously wasn’t comfortable because she was really having to struggle to get answers from him.

    If you look at it from an autistic perspective however the whole thing changes. For example, where is his mother? During the time at the hospital his mother was with him but she wasn’t at the interview. I’m not saying he couldn’t do it without a parent. However I know I personally would really, really benefit from having an emotional support person with me, whether they do anything or not, just as long as they are there. So for me going into an unfamiliar social, interview situation I’d absolutely want a emotional support person with me.

    A fidget toy could also help, since from what I saw his phone was the fidget toy. So while I like using technology if you are just using your phone to fidget there are other options out there. The problem here is accepting it’s okay for people to use fidget toys. It’s ‘funny’ but fidget toys can be heavily discouraged yet using a phone to fidget is accepted, almost expected, yet comes across as way more rude. So it’s an interesting issue there.

    So on one hand, technology is great and amazing etc. If you are having a face to face conversation however well… it’s a grey area where everyone likely has their own opinion. I think fiddling with your phone while talking with people has a lot of negative vibes. So while I like the flexibility of being able to look up things, take notes etc while having a conversation. If I’m not actually doing something on my phone and just stimming, that’s when I think it might be time to reach for a fidget toy instead. Since that way you come across as less rude. Of course as touched on above using a fidget toy can come with it’s own problems.

    Number 1) getting over the fear of using them in a social situation or at all. Normally the times when I get super stressed are the times when I am in a new or important situation eg. Doctors office, job interview aka all those times when someone else is going to be entirely focused on you (joy) and you’re probably trying to make a good impression so obviously stimming is sort of out by society socially acceptable standards.

    I have started stimming when with my psychologist because I’ve been with them awhile and I’m more comfortable. (There is a collapsible ball in the children’s toy section in their office). So my thinking here is just practice stimming, with things other then my phone, in areas I’m comfortable for now eg. at home.

    …. this is sort of the ‘look me in the eye’ conversation again really. People thinking you are not concentrating if you aren’t looking at them. I’m taking a very masking standpoint here :/ but hopefully more of a middle ground. Since often you sort of need to mask.

    I do think it would be great if there was more acceptance of people using their phones in conversation though particually for those who struggle with remembering. It’s so convenient when you can just type it out and have it there when you need it. Also more importantly /organise/ it so you can find it again.

    Also anyone who works or lives with autistics, particually if you’re trying to interact and have a serious discussion with them one on one, maybe let them know it’s okay to use a fidget toy. Yet also don’t make a big fuss about it. Being placed under scrutiny and knowing a person’s whole focus is on you can be really stressful. I’d actually recommend moving around if that’s an option, walking or talking while your cooking, driving the car etc. might be less stressful for them. Since like I said it all comes back to looking at people in the eye can be stressful.

  31. Great video!

    As someone who also grew up with technology, I can see why some would be against it, as there are some negatives.

    However, I think for the most part, it’s made things a lot easier and convenient for most people.

    For one, you can easily look up anything you want to know just by doing a Google search, where’s before the net, you just had to read books.

    There’s also more ways to connect with others, shop for things you want, and more forms of entertainment.

    And best of all in my opinion, it provides more work opportunities for those who hate working typical 9-5 jobs!

    Many new people are going online everyday for ways of generating income from their home.

    And because of this, it has become much easier to become your own boss and work on your own terms than ever before!

    As for the downsides, it can make people less social in real life, and relationships generally don’t last as long because it’s very easy to connect with others!

    You made a lot of great points here though, and I’d definitely be interested in hearing you talk more on this!

    I also was once diagnosed as on the spectrum as well, but I’ve learned to manage it for the most part.

    Still though, I couldn’t imagine living without technology 😂😬

  32. I have a strong technology fascination, but no not addiction, as I am able to do things in my life without gizmos & gadgets one could say. A great video..

  33. I'm a bit older and struggle with buying new or replacement technology because I get overwhelmed by choice.
    I know what I want it to do but can never find anyone to help.
    I am trying to buy a decent functional camera for youtube rather than using my cheap little Android phone. And I want to build a little digital studio as I am a musician, just to record and put out-there my ideas, and maybe collaborate with others online, nothing too grand.. I know music theory extremely well[passed some higher level exams] and have given tips and lessons to people in the past for free. I have powerful PC and laptop that both run on Microsoft, and a decent synthesizer, and some guitars. One is a beautiful hand-built electric guitar made by Patrice Vigier in France that plays and sounds like a dream. i also have digital/virtual amplifiers with 150 patches for effects including control option of an expression foot pedal. Our fibre optic broadband runs at up to 65mbps. I know I need a mastering software thing, some straightforward DAW,
    and maybe later… a piece of drum kit software, and bass software.
    My main problems are
    organising my thoughts and communicating personally {with a minor unusual speech impediment that varies a lot}, I have been told , after doing extensive isometric testing/assessments that there is 'nothing wrong with me'
    except for…
    Aspergers, prosopagnosia, some social anxiety, and terrible "Executive Function".
    The lack of executive function is probably the thing that holds me back most in anything I want to do, people don't seem to understand the difficulties, as i am a very high achiever in some academic fields like mathematics.People think that because I did mathematics at university that I can easily handle things that many people find easy.
    And, on a different note, no longer being able to drive because of physical disabilities which are neurological.

  34. I've been missdiagnosed since I was 14 until I was 30 with a whole slew of medications that wasn't needed over 12 pills a day. Now it's 4. And only one is for helping with my brain. My whole life I've always been accused of being addicted to technology even though it helps me immensely it's always been more calming than fidgeting with a fidget toy. It helps me keep track routines shopping talking remember things etc etc. Technology has been one of the greatest tools ever introduced into my life. They pulled me out of school in 3rd grade. Everything I know was self learned with the help of technology my parents didn't home school me.
    If it wasn't for tech I would be forced to live in a nursing home or similar.

  35. Agreed! Technology opens doors. I love texting and emailing. I am much better at written communication than spoken. I hate phone calls. I hate door to door sales. I don’t like when my doorbell rings unexpectedly. I’d rather filter through and choose when and where I see or hear about things. I will seek out when I need or want something. I like having more control over the parts of my life that I can.

  36. I agree with you! Ive felt like people have told me the same thing and its so annoying as an autisic photographer, my phone goes down just to observe the world around me thorugh my perspective. Talking on the phone gives me anixety, I would much rather Email or be face to face with someone.

  37. I’ve just been diagnosed with autism at 21 and I feel like technology has been invaluable to my general existence and I’m so grateful even for things like ordering food on apps that just make everyday life less stressful. On the flip side, my assumed social competence and strategic use of social alternatives has certainly contributed to staying undiagnosed for so long but nonetheless it’s a positive thing overall.

  38. Sarcasm: You depend too much on a car, why dont you walk? You're addicted to driving.
    Non Sarcasm: Technology does so much good imo! Humans evolve, time changes. We have computers that fit in our pockets. As long as you are benefiting from tech, I see no reason why you shouldn't use tech. Like a car, tech is a very useful, benificial human invention.

  39. I love technology lol its helped me alot. Im autistic and my son is autistic. Been trying to use technology to help him with speech

  40. You know something stupid? I avoided this video for a little while because every time I see the mention of "technology addiction" I automatically assume people are going to be doing all of those things like claiming we're addicted and wouldn't manage without technology and it's so bad etc. Only once I started watching this did I remember oh hang on, yeah you're a sensible nice person who understands that some people benefit greatly from technology or can't get away from it regardless.

    My phone and laptop are my way of connecting to people who I otherwise couldn't, get information that would have been really hard to if not, and find ways of escaping from stressful situations even when it comes to just listening to some music. The people who can handle life better without these things as neurotypicals or abled folk or anything else, are lucky that they can handle it and shouldn't just assume they know us better.

  41. I haven't been diagnosed with ASD yet but am beginning the diagnosis process on 21st Dec. I have been diagnosed with depression, social anxiety disorder and OCD though. I'm very, for lack of a better term, reclusive, and technology has helped me still be able to have friends, shop and travel when I need to. If it wasn't for Google maps, I can promise you I would have gotten lost many, many times haha. It annoys me how older people say shit about technology without ever thinking how it can help us. I have one irl friend and even then, I mainly talk to her on Facebook as irl communication is a lot for the both of us. It makes me so anxious and absolutely exhausts me. My other 2 best friends live in America and without the internet, I never would have even known them. Also, without the Internet, I never would have even thought of myself possibly having ASD. It was bc of your video about your autistic childhood that I really started thinking about it! Our childhood traits are almost identical, honestly. Right down to skipping the crawling stage and hating certain fabrics. I also didn't walk until quite late on. Certain members of the family have told me before that they think I could be autistic but it was only bc of your video that I started thinking about it myself, and started doing research into it and found out just how much actually matches up to me. So thank you, and thank you to the internet for allowing people to post these kinds of videos haha. 🙂

  42. Great video, Katy.

    I will say that Technology-wise, the devices I am addicted to is my iPad, along with my phone, my iMac, and my PlayStation 4.

    And, like you, I grew up with technology, mainly video game consoles and computers.

  43. I honestly can relate so much on this topic, I would so much rather just be on my laptop or my phone to do my shopping because going into a store overwhelms me with how much I see around me, also trying to stay in contact with my loved ones when a lot of times I wouldn’t have been able to because it would just be to much commotion and to many people talking around me. And also without technology I wouldn’t have my noise canceling headphones that help bring me back to a normal level when things around me are to loud or to many things at once.

  44. Yes, I love using apps, the idea of mobile orders, using GPS. I can prepare so much before I actually get out the door! 😆 My goal is to become an app designer/developer so that I will make life easier so myself and others because using tech has allowed me to streamline so much.

  45. Technology Has Made It Possible For Me To Use Public Transport. Since Online Tickets And Headphones To Block Out The Sounds That Make Me Anxious And Using My Phone To Play A Card Game To Focus My Energy On Somthing Other Then My Worries About Being Outside. So I Think Technology Is Very Helpful And It Helps People With Disabilities And Not All The Youth Are Addicted To It

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