Autism and Regression

– What are you two doing?
(Priscilla laughing) He doesn’t need burritos. – I’ve never seen her do that.
– I know. She’s like, make sure that he eats it. – [Priscilla] (laughing) Yeah. No wonder he begs. (Asa and Priscilla laughing) We always couldn’t figure
out why is the dog begging? – Well, he normally sits
under her, and like– – [Priscilla] Yeah. – Gets food that she drops. That’s so funny. I’ve never seen her do that before. Drink? (Abbie vocalizing)
– Ma’am? You rang? Do you need a drink?
– Mm-hmm. – Here you go.
– Nice curtsy. – Nice!
(Abbie laughing) This is blue. Where does blue go? Here, Ab. – Blue.
– Good job. – Blue. – Look at your thing, look at your bear. It’s orange. Good job! (Abbie vocalizing)
Okay. Do these right here. Match. Hey, Ab, look. You have to match color to color. Blue. She doesn’t like me. (laughing) – [Asa] Hey. Look at it, blue. Blue.
– Blue. – [Asa] Good job. – [Priscilla] Abbie, orange. Oh, so close.
– So close. There you go. Good job. Blue.
– Blue. Look at it.
– Look at your bear. – [Isaiah] Look, hey, up here. Look. Blue. Good job! So what we can do to make it a lot easier is to do less colors and
more of the contrast. More contrast, less colors. Can you do those three? Green. There you go! Blue. Nice job. – You can’t do it–
– Sorry, I know. I was prompting her.
– Yeah. – [Asa] Yellow. Good job!
– Nice job. High five.
– Yep. So we’ll work back up to that. She was doing really
well with that before. – [Priscilla] Can you clean these up? Can you put the bears in the bucket? Not the cups. Just the bears. – It’s interesting how her brain works. – [Asa] Yeah, it is. – You’re so smart. – She can definitely see
when colors are alike. – Yeah.
– Like the red and orange, that would
mess me up, I feel like, if I was doing it quickly, like
I would probably mess it up. You know what I mean? I can imagine that would be hard. – Well, and that’s a skill
that she had almost mastered not long ago, but you know, it– – Fell out of practice.
– Yeah. Out of practice on it,
she hasn’t really done any school-related in a little while. – Yeah.
– Yeah, keep that activity.
– Yep.

100 thoughts on “Autism and Regression

  1. Abbie just figure why wait for the food to hit the floor for Maverick. Lol! What is funny is when Asa caught her, she turn around real quick started eating. Like I am not feeding the dog. Lol. 😎

  2. I didn't know they could regress, they can see these conditions on brain scans now, I wonder what mine looks like, bipolar, interesting.

  3. Interesting how there was no stimming while she was in deep concentration! With something like this would you praise every time she does it correctly?

  4. I'm not going to lie, seeing her struggle with this broke my heart. She's such a sweet girl and I wish she were able to tell you what she was thinking.
    I have a step brother with Lennox Gastount syndrome. Which is a fancy term for severe epilepsy. It causes Autism, mental retardation,etc. I wasn't there for him during these times. So I watch you all to help him.

  5. Abby is definitely trying she's definitely got the capability absolutely your parents Abby are definitely one of the caring most honest and most what's the word I don't even know the word I'm looking for but you lucky to have a wonderful Kane family is what I'm trying to say definitely keep it up happy Fourth of July the Moss family

  6. My boy progresses when he is out of routine. Frankly, I get exhausted and give up at times, but every time I do he regresses. It is so hard to stay on it, but I really see that he pays for it when I don't.

  7. Great video. Abby did great on her activity. That was so cute when she was feeding the dog. I was having a rough day and she cheered me up.

  8. 2:10 does she say “blue”?
    I loved seeing her feed Maverick, that’s a whole bunch of love right there. ♥️

  9. I can honestly say that Ab feeding Maverick is the cutest thing! Her noises sound like words more and more. She is progressing so much! I love you guys!

  10. I have looked everywhere for the bears for my son. Can not find them anywhere now a days. They were very helpful when my daughter was small.

  11. Our son used to be able to write his first name, he can say each letter but he only writes the first letter several times Sometimes I think they take in so much information that some things get pushed out…

  12. I would love to see any other info or thoughts you guys might have regarding regression. I have two kids, both of whom are autistic, and usually I can tell when a regression is going to hit with my eldest (he will lose most skills and the ability to manage his emotions for a few months at a time. He's six. When he comes out of it tho, he comes out a little more independent or with a new skill (we seem to be at an end of one now- he's begun to make his own sandwiches!!)

    Anyway, sorry for the wall of text. I've asked around (my autism team, mostly, therapy workers etc) and nobody seems to know much, or have even heard of it. Thanks again for all of your videos, I love checking in with you all and see how you're doing.

    Also, just gotta say that it warms my heart and I feel oddly proud of Isaiah, he seems like such a fantastic, mature young man. I'm not sure I could juggle a neurotypical kid and ones with special needs, as they do need so much.

  13. I love y’all so much! Always and forever ♾ I don’t know what I would do without y’all beside me! I really want to meet you! I loved this video!❤️♌️

  14. I am a respite for a 16y/o. He is more verbal than Abbie and we have been working on independence skills. Something I learned is that he is color blind. He wasn’t when he was younger but as he got older he lost the ability to see color. This just kind of reminded me of that. I love watching your videos to see what skills Abbie is working on and how you work with her!

  15. I just want to say that i like to watch your videos i have a speech language disability and sometimes when i watch your videos i feel like i can relate to her i dont have autism so i really dont know what its like but things that she dont know about i can relate. Its really hard having a disability but can get through life with the people that love them.

  16. I’m surprised your school isn’t all year round. My county has esy (extended school year) it’s on his iep. But he does get the entire month of August off. he goes all the days in July and gets out two hours early. Which he loves.

  17. Hey… just like others, if you don’t use it~ you lose it. I’m a teacher & have seen that so so many times. Also, my hubby is deaf & many people have told us that they used to know sign language but have forgotten it bc they don’t regularly use the skill. Abbie is just like many of us🤟💛😊

  18. It is very interesting to see how teaching someone with autism this kind of activity can differ from teaching a typical child the same thing, I never thought that bringing an object to eye level could increase concentration and other things that I learned through this video! Please keep these types of video coming because they are fascinating to watch, especially seeing how she goes through the process!

  19. Is it regression? Maybe she’s just not into it. How do you tell the difference? Does she give other signs? Curious clinical therapist in training 🤔 We always say parents know their child best. Sometimes things like this is hard to gauge in the office.

    Btw: love your channel. I take a lot of things I learn here and apply it to my clinical work ☺️ I’m always watching, I’m just a silent viewer.

  20. You guys are totally meant to be autism patents. Abs was meant for you and you for her. Y'all are changing the autism world one video at a time.

  21. At 1:13 when she's about to put the blue bear into the cup does anyone else think it sounds like she's saying "I remember"?

  22. Hey 👋 just wanted to tell u something slim fast has keto bars and milk chocolate 🍫 bars give it a try if u want to they also have peanut butter cup

  23. One of these days she will say her first word and I’ll be sobbing like a baby, 😭❤️❤️

  24. Weird question that's not related to this video, but is there a reason you always tie Abbie's hair out of her face? I noticed this after binging your channel ahaha! Cheers <3

  25. I know right now your probably upset and scared Abbie regressed. However, she can categories item but there temperature and put alway like items in the pantry! Her brain is already on more complex tasks. She may moved back in this area but she has grow in so many others. Keep it up Moss Squad!!!

  26. That’s why I think it’s important too for kids to continue to read and some other skills activity over the summer. They forget their basic skills over the summer. And it doesn’t have to go out and spend money on things for this. Going to the library and incorporating everyday items can help with the life skills.

  27. I work with kids that are very similar to Abbie & I love watching these videos. They make my heart so happy. Thank you! It does not go unnoticed ❤️

  28. Autism is not a disability it’s just an ability that different people have, I love what you guys are doing keep up the great work, autism is something special in somebody.

  29. Haha Abbie feeding Maverick is just so cute😂 I have people that do that to my dog too, and I’m like “I know she always beggs-“ (because she is hungry all the time) “- but why does she beg so much at her?”. Yep… she’s feeding her everything 😂

  30. shes such a unique girl! she will eventually get the hold of matching colors again just have to keep doing it with her! <3 shes such a sweet heart! xo

  31. No wonder why Abby is always asking for food she probably feeds 50% of her meal to Maverick ! HAHA So cute

  32. I'm not sure if you already have but would you be able to make a video on different types of sensory activities she likes to play with?

  33. I don’t think she was paying attention because once you tell her to look at the bear she got it

  34. Where can I get those bear activity matching with the cups if anyone knows please let me know thank you

  35. Miss Abbie how in the heck are you so fantastic every single day? Thanks for helping me and our family with your videos. Love u abs and love the Maass family and squad always x

  36. You’re my summer binge ! I’m an NC Pre-K teacher in North Carolina and have children on the spectrum in my classroom or school each year. Thanks for sharing your journey, it’s inspiring and so helpful as a teacher. I can’t wait to get my sunglasses that I just ordered. Happy Summer! Melissa

  37. Maverick probably didn't want you guys seeing what she was doing! That was too cute and interesting to consider what she was thinking as she fed him. The regression was kind of sad to see but I bet she could pick it right up again with some practice.

  38. You guys are amazing! So much love coming from this soul who has never met you! You are one of the reasons I started my own channel! Thank you for being my daily inspiration!

  39. Abby favorite fretting to match colors….. Me forgetting how to human….sometimes we just forget things, at least Abby figured things out! I’m still not sure how to human!😂🤷🏻‍♀️😅

  40. I like how she totally looked away but tossed it to Mav thinking y'all wouldn't see it. That's 100% Sneak Mode there!

  41. Hahah. My parents said when I was a little I would purposefully drop food on the floor for the dog to eat when I thought they weren’t looking.

  42. The color sorting gave me ideas for things to do in my preschool class! Thank you for the idea. I can do that with letters and sight words so thank you! 😍 also great job ab!

  43. It’s interesting to think of it as regression. Do you think it could be considered as apathy for the activity? Now that she’s older, she may think this activity or task as menial. Just thinking 🤔

  44. Use it or lose it, as the old expression goes. I can't even imagine trying to keep up with the skills she's learning, let alone trying to remember to practise "mastered" skills so she remembers how to do it.
    On the plus side, none of those coloured bears went into her mouth. That's impressive, considering how much Abbie loves her gummy bears and sticking things in her mouth (I watched the painting video before this one).

  45. I'm curious, what's important about the color-matching activity? Obviously I know that most people know colors, but will it give her more independence in some way?

  46. Her brother seems so supportive and understanding this channel makes me realize that it’s not easy to raise someone with autism most people don’t take it seriously or just be more aware about it im so subscribing this channel makes me so happy !!

  47. 0:11
    dad: what u 2 doing?
    Abbi : gosh, marv we been busted😣😣 (and pretend nothing happen😂😂😂)

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