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Behind a face is the mask and behind a mask
tells a story hi all, this is Aspie. I’m doing a part two
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appreciated. So as are aware , while you’ve been following me you’re maybe
thinking what is silly Aspie wearing I’m wearing this for a reason obviously
because as I said I’m talking about autism and masking right as we know
basically this is a common trait known for autistics alike – be it males and
females just to clarify from my last video if I
didn’t clarify it already because obviously at this point of time I
believe that we need to address this right now because obviously people get a
bit confused or at least misunderstand to – the reasons why this is happening you
know and hopefully today I can clarify it up I shared earlier or like in my
part one a little bit about this vs. also if it does some sound repeative just a
little bit briefly how it affects me and when did it all began for me and all
that and I’ll link that in the I bar above me if you want to know more about
the very first part of this autism and masking. but just as a recap autism or shall we
say masking is defined as or is actually commonly known as a behavioral trait
with the Autistic community- be it females and males but sometimes majority
of time to time from what I see is females there are various reasons to why that
is so therefore while in saying this while the females are obviously masking or
even the males heresay we’ll put it out there even though I was trying to do so
as females you know because you know Autistic females do it more so I’ll humbly
apologize. What they do basically in saying this
we’re in society the society it’s a social mimic cry of mimicry that is
usually used to mask any other autistic traits or to hide away the traits so
that it doesn’t show up in the social settings bit it’s like heresay a classic
example if we were at a party heresay if we were invited to one there’s loud
noises going on we see people in the corner gathering at the food table
talking and laughing away some of us will try you know copy and think is this
just a way that we should be acting as well even if we feel a bit uncomfortable
and now it’s good sometimes we may surpress our feelings and emotions as well
as even if the loud noises affect some of us that are really sensitive to noise
if these loud thumping noises going down on the background that will try our very
hardest some of us may be to suppress our meltdowns
so that hope or the overload and hope for the best it doesn’t really affect
just in the long haul but they also can be a real bad thing I’ve already shared
some parts about the meltdowns and the causes and everything else again I’ll
link it in the description and the I bar above me so that you can follow through
those series if you would like some information on that. But back to this now,
this will mean basically in saying this though for the autistics alike they will
consciously employ certain everyday techniques from the social observation
heresay the classic what I’m sharing with you all today of us being invited
to a party you know and then in saying this when we might have some force
full attempts to make eye contact, engage conversation with you all and whatever
just in order to blend in and better adapt and that kind of environment just
you know socially interact and engage with you all. In the social landscape
however just to prevent the Autistic traits from sticking out
because obviously for our Autistic traits for some of us it sticks out like
a sore thumb apparently of what we you know what we show most most of us do but
remember every autistic is different in how they display their traits
and characteristics so don’t forever think just because you met one autistic
that they all the same NO. They’re far from it.There are many different types out
there with different traits. you might not see the autism however but while in saying this
it’s still behind the mask that they’re hiding of their face
or inside themselves here say some Autistics however may even carry
multiple masks at one given time to be used for different audiences depending
on who they are engaging with.Masking mainly tends to happen among girls
obviously with Autism rather than boys as I should clearly addressed
earlier boys also have shown signs on masking but not to the same extent as
females. Studies have shown that autistic woman are generally better at
recognizing emotions than their male peers. obviously you know we’re more empathetic
and we’re the nurturing caring, kind of you know know think you know characteristics that
we have as a female in general and maybe for us autistics if we are and I believe
also in saying this that you know we all have a different role for male and
female as I shared before when it comes down to
our wellbeing be it in the mental health and in the physical and spiritual
health but I wish to share you more that later hopefully
about men’s mental health state versus femal’s trait on that if you want to
hear more let me know in the comment section below or smash the like button below..
But in saying this though, from what I can recall as well but recognize for the females
recognizing emotions of the Autistic females almost as good as in fact in the
neurotypicals and it has shown that greater social attentiveness four our ability to mask behind in what’s going on so as you
know when I briefly shared what my life story is all about me you know
masking in general for me to try and socially adapt like i said I try to
keep it under the radar of my Aspergers syndrome here say when it comes down to
socializing not many people will realize because I might look apparent
and appear normal to you guys when I’m acting
you know even if I am acting a far bit distant and hearsay you know not looking
at you all the time and whatnots I used to be bad at that you know just
not engaging with you guys and making eye contact even though many people thought I was
just a bit rude and abrupt and whatever other label mentality you know but I can
share that life story in the above card above me. Without realizing it thought basically
I was obviously just unnoticed, unseen and whatnot
while I was doing these natural behaviors and sometime in my life as I was
transitioning before I found out that I was different
basically you know I felt that was this a good way to actually act around you
guys you know from observing things around me Be it whatever it may be
a classic example if I was in a party or whatever it might be also in saying this
the supposed to act they from observing things around be it if also while I’ve been you know scripting up things in my mindset vs. maybe what I’ve read
online or via books or watching every day films I always thought well is this the
way to go.In saying this though I believed regardless I was being ignored and that
not many people noticed me I believed I felt really good at just being invisible
even if it was my fault I don’t know as I was transitioning from a young girl to
a young woman when it came down to this basically stages of different phases of
my life with this masking/camouflaging and everything else that I’ve shared so
far that is it my fault to be left alone or isolated even though I would love to
be included in certain group activities while well at least I thought in between my
meltdowns when I had even though I had a few meltdowns once in a while as
I was transitioning and still to this day I still do however have a few meltdowns and some come unannounced without me knowing which is scary thought.
So, I’m social masking of the to be one of the primary reasons that woman
with autism usually often go undetected into adulthood right due to the
you know classic other diagnoses be it – you know anxiety and all these
other that mental health conditions that spruces up and sometimes gets
sometimes we also get misdiagnosed at an earlier age based on these diagnoses you
know before it may come into their full circle of thinking okay this must be
Autism. Or oh okay this must be Aspergers syndrome whatever it may be. Research
however suggested that the ability to mask even when even prevents those who
have been flagged for assessments before getting the diagnosis they may
need. In addition to this a recent survey of autistic adults reported Universal
exhaustion from them asking which is fair deal like I said
with one of my videos about the social energy tank I’m sure it’s under my
friendsships and socialization playlist which I’ll list above me also so that
you can have a turns to grip what I’m meaning of the social energy tank which
is why it is important that we develop better diagnostic tools for woman on the
spectrum. Obviously I’ve noticed that that more majority of the time females gets mixed with certain
diagnosis as I said Autism and that that has been clearly
addressed for children at the moment and it needs to be shared more about hopefully
doing more research and everything else as well as having the right diagnostic tools for actually when we’re transitioning from teens to adults
because obviously as I said before I can’t stress it enough some of the autistic
traits may prevenly show at a later date in life for many of us. But I’ve got
a link here that to read the full article about this and I’ll link it in
the description below for you so at the root of Autistic masking so
you may be questioning why do we mask us Autistics? well there’s a few classic
reasons why one could be anxiety and or inhibition because I realized
all senses from an early on that were different and struggled and interactions
here’s a classic example as I shared before of my life story before I found
out that I was different and everything else. They’re likely have been excluded
from their peers or the group they’ve been ridiculed or bullied
once in a while everybody gets ridiculed and bullied from
whoever it maybe in their life for being different or whatever it may be they also may
have pressure upon themselves to actually find to fit in, blending and
everything else with the neurotypicals because obviously we all want to feel
accepted right? They may also have developed a phobia about being told off
by teachers their peers or the parents or even just by being unpopular by their
peers right? You know what is the sad thing about the situation aside from
children not being given either a diagnosis or help that they need is
that us autistics can’t be ourselves because again as I said earlier in the
piece we need to obviously mimic everything around us thinking you know
as well observing the natural environment taking them everything like
a sponge this is how it is we can’t seem to be ourselves we tend to be someone
who I’m not which is sad but it is a true fact and I’m guessing also
neurotypicals will fill this way to you know trying to fit in and blend in because of the or for the fear of rejection and whatever else it might be. Some times in saying this though for us Autistic it feels like we have to put on a I put on
our brave front, an act you could say adopting a person that are to be considered
acceptable to society or more acceptable by our peers. That being said we then
seem to live in fear of being judged for our everyday differences, misjudged,misunderstood like I’ve mentioned like why female Autistics you know gets misjudged
and all that the three M’s about it of the woman’s with autism and that link that again in the description or I bar above me so feel free to click on that to
understand where I’m coming from because I’m trying to keep this short briefly
that do not be negatively be targeted by their peers or however so therefore
we have to mimic everything around us be it the people were associating with and
also suppressing our actual natural traits itself and obviously again
yes it’s really darn hard and exhausting. So, obviously to recap masking is a
common behavior trait with the autistic community right we’re in social
mimicry, we need to try and find a way that we used to mask our other Autistic
behaviors just in the social settings okay despite it all basically this will
mean that we have to convey or consciously employ certain everyday
techniques from social observation such as forced eye contact and engaging
rehearsed conversations with you guys but also to blend in and fit in and whatever else
into that natural surroundings we’re in such as the classic example as before the party
instead of hopefully to prevent our basic Autistic traits from sticking out
briefly as a recap what my life is like when I’m masking or how it came about
hearsay also and saying this though as a recap when I was growing up I
learnt to try and force myself not to say too much obviously because obviously
at that time my parents especially my mom I don’t mean to bring this out for
my mom I humbly apologise if she’s watching this part of the series of my statement
that in saying this I had to watch what I said because of her thinking was what will others think because it’s not what I say it’s how I say
certain things that might come a rude or abrupt or anything like that but
sometimes you could say it I tried my darn hardest to say how it is in my
concept and understanding anyway um in saying this also basically I did myself
a few go over heads of the scripts of when I am engaging in a conversation and
observing my natural environment as said as a recap just watch around me and then
hopefully then engage in a conversation just conversation hello how are you
vice versa you know trying to act all natural or human you know as I say
sometimes also act normal as they say. Sometimes, also in saying this basically also had the freaking out
of answering how to properly answer to the phone which I always dread until
now I’m learning to overcome the anxiety of answering phones again I did that
earlier this week I link that in the I bar above me. Just as to end up here
social masking in girls are thought to be one of the primary reasons that women
with autism oftern goes undetected in adulthood right So, remember this research
suggests that the ability to mask may even prevent those who have been flagged
for assessment from getting the formal assessment that they so deserve for the
diagnosis that they need to ease their mind and maybe hopefully hope for the
best In saying this though in addition this Autistic adults reported universal exhaustion from the masking which is why
it is important that we develop again better diagnostic tools for woman on the
spectrum again this will have more information on this of what I’m reading
from again also in the description below if you waanting to find out more of this
article as well .So this quickly ends basically Autism and the mask in part two.
hopefully you like this- smash the like button comment below for me for anyone
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hopefully wanting acceptance in it- do you do you have any maybe strategy tools
that you do that and maybe is different- feel
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