Autism and Christmas Milestones

– Hey there, good morning,
I heard you, come on. Happy Thanksgiving. Hi (laughing), come on. (Abbie moaning) Mom’s downstairs working hard. You wanna come say hi to Mom, come on. Abbie, Mom has been up since like dawn, trying to get ready for
Thanksgiving dinner. So we got a turkey issue, maybe. So this oven, it’s a double oven, and the turkey only fits in the bottom, but the bottom is a convention oven also, and like the convection
fan keeps kickin’ on, and then it’ll kick, it cycles on and off. Priscilla woke me up to like, she’s freaking out about this thing, she’s been messing with it for hours. But we looked it up, and apparently it’s supposed to do that, but it seems like it’s cooking faster. Convection ovens cook
faster, but it’s not, the convection setting isn’t on. It says that the fan’ll kick
on in all cooking modes. Hopefully it’s okay. Hopefully we have turkey today. – [Priscilla] If not, we’re
only having ham (laughing). – [Asa] It can be a ham Thanksgiving. – [Priscilla] With everything else. – I mean I don’t really eat
ham, for turkey, but it’s okay. (laughing) Just go, if anybody’s having turkey, and wants to invite me over, all I want is a piece of turkey, I’ll leave right afterwards. (Abbie laughing) What time did you get up? – I was up at 6:30. – [Asa] You didn’t go to
bed until like 1:30, babe. – I know. – No, that’s the actress
from the Broadway show. – [Priscilla] Oh okay, I’m like Tina Turner’s like 60, isn’t she? – Who else watches the Macy’s parade, every single Thanksgiving? We do, it’s on Priscilla’s
bucket list to go there. – Yes, yup. – Wait ‘ti you guys see the table setting in the dining room. It’s beautiful, wait ’til you see it. – So it didn’t take as long.
– Oh good. – I covered over with a piece of foil. – [Priscilla] Yeah. – [Asa] Hey Mom, say hi to the blog, Mom. – Hey guys, happy Thanksgiving. (Asa laughing) Good to see y’all. – [Asa] Isaiah just saw
his turkey reaction video. – That’s hilarious. – [Asa] Everybody says you need
more screen time (laughing). – I mean, I’m not always like that. – He’s a funny kid.
– It just freaked me out man. – He’s funny, he’s
hilarious, but he’s busy. He’s busy being a senior
and 18 and stuff, so. – It’s me.
– And no time for us. What’s up, what are you
eating, what’d you steal? – [Isaiah] That’s just regular ol’ dinner. – What’d you get, what’s in there, let me see, it looks like, what is that? Oh, don’t do that (laughing). What’d you get. Hey I wanted to share a little
life hack with you guys. When you wanna turn off, like
our lives are on the internet, everything’s on the internet, you know, like reading comments,
and checking emails, and like everything that we do. We work from the internet, right? So I have an old iPhone, like
5, 5s, something like that. And it’s got like no apps, just
the stuff that comes on it. It does have my email on there,
I can’t turn my email off. I have to work all day. But it doesn’t have
anything else on there. Like no social media, no nothing, I just pop my SIM card in here,
and take my Apple Watch off, ’cause I have an Apple Watch, put on a regular watch, and
just kinda tune out for the day. Then all I get is phone calls. Little tip, if you have an
old phone laying around, old Android, whatever, you can buy ’em like 30 bucks on Amazon, you
can buy a little Android phone. Especially useful for
like holidays and stuff when you wanna be in the moment, you know, with the family and don’t
wanna be distracted. Or if you can’t resist that temptation to whip out your phone every
time the conversation stops. I could’ve got that for you. Holy bajolies, that’s a monster. It actually turned out pretty good. Okay, we flipped it, and she
was lookin’ a little rough, ’cause she’s heavy and we
jacked her up a little bit, in the flip process, but
tuned out really good. You have to flip it or
else the top doesn’t brown, and it just doesn’t look right. We still gotta get that thing outta there. Oh you know what, I need to
do the table setting tour, so you get to see that
before it gets crazy in here, before I forget about it. Here we go. (happy electronic music) Good job on the table, babe. – [Priscilla] Thank you. – It looks fantastic. She’s always wanted like
a classy lookin’ table. You know, you did it, you achieved it. Isaiah?
– Yeah. – You can take Nala for $125.
– Let’s do it. – What do you mean, let’s? I’m not part of this, it’s your $125. – Well no, your number’s
on, your card’s on the file. – Jet With Your Pet.
– That’s hilarious. How do you even, where would Nala go? She just sit in a little–
– Pet carrier. – Underneath me? – [Asa] ‘Cause there’s
one pet carrier per seat. – That would be so
uncomfortable, can you imagine? – [Asa] I don’t think
you put her in your lap. – Where else would the pet carrier go? – [Asa] I don’t know,
I’m not sure. (laughing) – What do they just put
it in the under part where it’s super cold, they’re
like good luck (laughing). – No ma’am.
– Get down. – Yeah, that’s what you get.
– Get down. Maverick, come get her,
come here Maverick, Maverick come here, come here. – [Isaiah] She’s like wait,
what are you getting there? (laughing) – [Asa] Get outta here. – Abbie, you look beautiful. You look so fall-like. So I was freaking out a little bit, because I have whole
berry cranberry sauce. Went to cut it, and
it’s not cutting right. I’m like what is going on? And then I saw. Thankfully I have the right one. They musta had the wrong one in the area. All right guys, everything
is officially in the oven. Both ovens, filled to the max. Insane. I’m so excited. Hey girlfriend. Abbie, you look beautiful, shorts, because we’re in Florida (laughing). – Okay, Priscilla made changes
to her table, apparently. Now it’s completely set up. I jumped the gun earlier. Now it’s set, now it’s ready. Feel like it’s a team effort in here? – Yeah, Wayneyboy always makes the gravy. Oh yeah, I think that’s good. – Looks good, Priscilla, that
turkey is amazing looking. – Yeah it looks as good as any
I’ve seen on kitchen today, – Thanks.
– on the channel. – [Woman] Food channel. – That wing didn’t make it
from the flippin’ though. (laughing) This is Priscilla’s sangria, she’s been teasing about on Instagram. So you’re gonna make that, right? – I am.
– On your channel? – [Priscilla] I’m gonna
make a video, yeah. – Right, look at all of
that, Abb, you been waiting, not so patiently.
– Hold on. – [Asa] She’s been
trying to bust into this. – Hold on, hold on.
– Okay, uh-uh, uh-uh. Uh-uh, nope, don’t grab. – Abbie, happy hands waiting, okay. Stand right here. – Looks beautiful ‘Cilla.
– Thank you. – Doesn’t that look
good, look at the turkey. – [Asa] When’s everybody
else gettin’ here? – That looks like a lotta dishes. – What other people? – [Asa] The other people
that you’re feeding. (laughing) Massive amount of food. – Where do you want us? – You not having it? You’re starting to move
your stuff already? (laughing) Here, we
can move it, it’s okay. You don’t have to use it, okay. We’ll put it over here. Way too many things in your spot. Hey, come pick your dessert. What do you want, you gotta
show me what you want though. (Abbie moaning) Look, we got cake, pumpkin pie, apple pie, and pecan pie, which one? What do you mean yes, you’re
not getting all of ’em. Come here. Ready, hands waiting, ‘kay which one? Pumpkin pie, good choice, okay. Do you want ice cream with it? Yeah, okay, why don’t you go sit down, and I’ll bring it to you. – That’s an old reindeer.
– Bye, Abbie. – [Asa] Say bye to Aunt Annie and Dan. – Bye Ashley.
– Bye. – See you later, honey.
– Asa, thank you, it was lovely, we enjoyed it.
– Thanks for coming. – Priscilla.
– Bye, love you. – Love you too. And now when I get my camera,
we’ll need a little training. – Okay.
(laughing) Fortunately I have the same one. He’s gonna start a cooking
channel on YouTube. So it’s gonna be great,
he’s gonna do like, it’s not about the cooking,
it’s about the stories, like old man telling his
stories, cooking food. – Yeah. – How great of a channel that’d be? – It’s so cute. – Yup, that’s what he wants to do, so we gotta teach him
how to use his camera. How to edit, all that stuff.
– I’m just excited, ’cause he doesn’t have any hobbies, it’s gonna be a hobby. – I’m subscribing 100%.
– Yes, it’s gonna, he’s always got all these stories. Crazy stories too.
– We have met so many people that have started vlogging. If you guys have not followed
Summer, and Becca now both have channels. So Becca vlogs when
she’s here with Abigail, and then she makes videos. She just released another one.
– Oh really? – Yeah.
– I didn’t see it, I’ll have to check that out.
– So can you put the link? – And if you’re into that too, like if it’s something you would get into, I am actually, I just, I’ve
been creating a website, and I’m–
– What? – Yeah, I’m making a website.
– Oh. – Yeah, I got a little
shop section on there. So if you’re looking for gear,
for gear that’s been treated very, very well, ’cause I’m
very careful with my gear, you know, when I upgrade
things as, when that happens, I put the old stuff there, so I got like, I got quite a few things
that, like my 360 camera, well I recently got the GoPro, so I don’t need the old 360 camera. – That’s very good, I know you were gonna. – SO you guys wanna get into that, I got a whole camera system on there that you guys be able to jump
right into vlogging with. So, I will leave a link for it down below, if it’s ready, I hope it’s ready. I’ve been working on it slowly but surely. Where are you going, ‘Cil? – Target.
– Woo woo! (laughing) – We’re not Black Friday shoppers, but we’re gonna go see
what the hype’s all about. – I don’t what Black Friday
shopping they have at Target, but I’ll go. – You get the same stuff on Amazon, that’s why we never go.
– Right. – But (laughing).
– But it’s the experience. – Yeah, we’re just, just
wanna get outta the house. – [Priscilla] And Abbie’s
dying to get outta the house. – Priscilla’s been,
Abbie’s trapped in here, since 6:30 this morning, slaving, so. – In the kitchen, workin’.
– Come on, Abb. – I don’t know if we’ll buy anything, but we’re gonna go, ’cause it’ll be fun. – Wanna go on an adventure?
– You ready? – You know what we used to, remember when we used to
always buy on Black Friday? – Tupperware?
– Yup. (laughing) That was our reason
– ‘Cause our Tupperware would just, it gets all destroyed. – That’s because we bought cheap Black Friday stuff all the time. That’s was like $8 for a 60 piece kit, but then, but then BPA’s, so
now we use the glass stuff. That’s a good sign. – What?
– Cops. (laughing) Are you ready for Target? – [Ashley] (mumbling) trash can in my way. – I was looking out my car, man and I looked up and you know,
– A trash can. – We immediately see a trash
can, in your line of sight, directly in front of you.
– Goof (laughing). – You’re like I don’t
know where you got that. – [Asa] She’s so excited
to go into Target. Oh Abigail.
– It’s a Super Target. – [Asa] It’s kinda basic
to be that excited. We shoulda stopped and got
a Starbucks on the way. – Pumpkin spice.
– No they have them in Target. – Oh yeah.
– Target has Starbucks in Target.
– Ashley’s offended. (laughing)
– I’m not, I’m offended, I’m offended. (Abbie squealing) – [Asa] Oh my goodness. (laughing) – There could be a small drink line. – Are you excited to go shopping? Tell Dad, say we need money.
– (laughing) You need money? You gonna buy Christmas presents
for your family this year? Aw, we should take her shopping, that’s something we’ve never done. – Yeah we could each take her one day, and let her pick out something she wanted. – We’ve never taken Abbie
shopping for family members, we’ve always just written on
like the package from Abbie. That’d be kinda cool. – That would be cool. – [Asa] I don’t know why
we’ve never done that before. – And she can use her card, ’cause she’s been practicing at school. – Right, I feel like a bad parent now, like we’ve always just
written on the package. Okay, thanks for reassuring me. What are we doing, Abb? What is mom thinking right now? – This sweater meows.
– What? (laughing) ♪ Meow meow meow meow
meow meow meow meow ♪ ♪ Meow meow, meow meow meow meow ♪ ♪ Meow meow meow meow meow meow meow ♪ – You need this in your life.
– No, I don’t. – Yes.
– Please get it. – Out of all the ugly
things you’ve wanted, and you wouldn’t wear this? – Imagine me, wearing Crocs with that. – [Asa] Don’t you have
a suit with cats on it? – Yeah, but that’s, that’s refined. – (laughing) Oh.
– Oh. (Abbie moaning) – Doesn’t it light up?
– Yeah. It adds a bit of flashy. You don’t have to wear ice
when you’re in the thing. – [Asa] Okay, matching
pajamas, yay or nay? We’re doing matching pajamas this year? – Hey, do you wanna wear matching pajamas? Do you wanna wear matching
pajamas with all of us, no. – Shark suits.
– Abbie says no. – Like a, Dad, Dad, I’m like
Russian mob boss for Christmas. – That’s dorky. – You don’t wanna be the–
– Hi, oh, okay. – Hi.
– You don’t have to be. So I think that we should
go to the toy section, and see if there’s anything
that she enjoys, yes, Gravitate is the word, good idea? We can go to the toy section now? (laughing) You are so happy. What do we think, are we ready? (happy Christmas music) (Abbie moaning) See anything you like? She’s like all of it. Paying a lotta attention
that hugs monkey down there. – This?
– Yeah. Does it make noise?
– What you got, Abbie? Oh that’s creepy.
– Press and hold. (laughing) – So you know when you’re
walking through Abbie’s room, and you accidentally step on a toy, and it makes noise, that’s
the one that’ll grab you. (laughing)
Look at that thing’s eyes. (laughing)
It just groaned. I love to hug, I’m sure you do. – Oh it’s cute.
– That’s cute? (laughing)
– Do you like it? Do you like this, do you like this? – It’s not American
Girl, it’s a knock off, but I, I had a baby, not a real baby. – [Isaiah] I had a baby, I
just couldn’t do it anymore. No, it was like a baby doll.
– That one’s better. – [Ashley] And you fill it with hot water, so it feels like a real baby. – Do you wanna put this
on your list for Santa? – Like I loved it.
– Teaching, teaching children bad habits, fill this baby with hot water. – A JoJo bow.
– A JoJo bow. Hey, Abb, check these out. – [Ugly Doll] Whoo hoo,
I love dancing with you. – Oh it dances like her.
– Come on I love that song. – Come on.
– Look it dances. Hey, you gotta put it down, watch. Look it dances just like you.
– Oh my goodness. – [Asa] See anything here? Look Abb. It makes songs. (toy dog barking) (laughing) – [Asa] Oh gosh (laughing). – [Priscilla] Are we getting that tonight? (laughing) – [Asa] Can we wrap it for Christmas? I bet we can wrap it for Christmas. – I’m not taking it out of the carton. – No, I’m not either. (cart thumping) Oh, there Killer. What do you think of that? Oh Cry Babies, I don’t know that we, don’t, don’t, oh goodness – [Fozzie Bear] Wocka Wocka Maybe a joke book, here you. – [Asa] Aren’t they exciting? (toys singing) ♪ I’m just like you ♪ – [Asa] I say we get you
no clothes this year, just stuff that you want. Don’t think we’ve ever done that before. So she always gets annoyed
with opening presents, ’cause it’s all stuff
she doesn’t care about. – [Priscilla] Yeah. – [Mickey Toy] Hot diggity
dog, it’s a brand new day. What you waiting for, get off
the couch, stomp on the floor. – So this is always like
kinda bittersweet stuff, like she’s up to a point, (laughing) oh gosh, she’s at a point now where she goes to the toy aisle, and wants to pick out her own stuff. And we never had that stage, that phase. And so it’s a happy thing, because we’ve hit that
developmental milestone. But it’s also sad, because she’s 14 and she’s just now doing it, so. ♪ Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog. ♪ – [Asa] It’s heartwarming
and heartbreaking, all at the same time. That was probably your first Black Friday Target shopping
trip, a success Abb. And utter success, of course nothing that you
wanted was on sale, but. – (laughing) But I’m sure that you actually did the
worst part on Black Friday. – [Asa] Yeah, you kinda
miss the whole point of it. With the one, with the one
big present, we’re done. (Abbie moaning) – Done for Abigail.
– Wow. – Hey, over here. Nah, good people return
their carts, remember? So that was a little
unusual to say the least. – What? – That we bought them,
right then and there. – Yeah.
– You know, but, nah, what’s normal anyway. That was awesome, that
was an awesome experience. I am so appreciative that we got to have that
experience with her. – Yeah, I think that was cool. – Her picking out her Christmas and stuff. – It’s the same thing as kids like circling things in a mall. – Yeah, I agree. – And givin’ their lists to Santa. – Yeah. – Santa’s bringing her other gift. – Will she forget about it by the time, like we got ’em in the car,
by the time we get home, we don’t know, we have no idea. But she’ll still be
happy to open them, so. Hey, did you have a good day, Abigail, where you pullin’ her to? Did you have a good day, hey kiddo. – Abbie, Abbie, Abigail.
– Look at me. (Abbie moaning) She’s like nah, I gotta
friend, I’m leaving. We had a good day, and
I wanna tell you guys that we are thankful for you. – We are.
– We appreciate ya. Appreciate you showing up every day, hanging out with us, you know, all you die hards that
watch every single vlog. We just appreciate ya. We even appreciate you
kinda lukewarm people that only watch like once
every once in awhile. We appreciate you as well. Okay, Isaiah, he has to be at the airport in six and 1/2 hours. – That’s crazy.
– Yeah. – Bye.
– Buh bye. – [Asa] That’s like, have fun in New York. – Okay, I mean you’ll
see me in the morning. – You’re gonna be in Summer’s vlog. – Yeah.
– No, I mean for them. Yeah, yeah, I mean they’ll see you, maybe. – Probably. – But make sure you–
– you’re not driving me? – What, yeah I’m driving you.
– Okay. – This is so confusing. You’re gonna be in Summer’s vlog as well, so you need to check out Summer’s vlog, – Go check out Summer’s
vlog, the link’s right there. Abbs, say bye everybody.
– I’m subscribed? – Oh I’m sorry.
(Abbie growling) – I said I’m subscribed.
– Bye, Abb, say bye. Say happy Thanksgiving,
blow kisses, say thank you, all that stuff, kay. – Bye guys.
(beeping) Abbie has discovered TikTok. Like a lot, she’s really into it. – Yeah (laughing) but she
isn’t giving it a chance. – Say nope, you’re no
good, no good, no good.

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