Auroville Language Lab – Autistic Child’s Mother’s Interview

Hello, I’m Sushmita, I’m Rupankan’s mother, he is 20 years old now, he is an autistic boy. Before coming to Tomatis he was very much aggressive, could understand just a little and he had no potty control. He used to rock and sometimes he was a little bit aloof from others. We tried this method upon Rupankan, after that, Rupankan has now completed two blocks. He is now in a better condition. He is calm compared to before. His aggression is very less, now probably it’s gone I think. His potty control is much better. He controls every time, I think. He had a fear of crackers and candles. Last Diwali we saw he has no fear. and this is the effect of this Tomatis method, I think. After that another thing also happened with him, he understands more also and he helps me with my work, he wants to help me, that is the point. He wants to help me and he helps me. He understands things better than before applying this method on him. He has a better understanding. He is very much smiling now. I have seen the difference; that matters to me. For me this is a process, the Tomatis method is very much smoothing for him. He likes the music, he loves to listen, He is calm during this process so we tried this method. Otherwise we wouldn’t have tried this, we couldn’t have tried it. This is good for him and this method soothes him, makes him calm. So, we tried it very happily and Rupankan’s taken this very happily also. He is much more interested to come here and when the therapy time comes we will go to therapy. he is very much eager about that. In this Diwali, as I have said before, he did what he had never done before in his life, in 20 years. He held a sparkler and enjoyed it happily, not fearing. He enjoyed this Diwali and also didn’t fear the candles, diyas. We are happy, that is the thing. Thank you Tomatis thank you the team also. thank you Mita, Kushpu, Raj, everyone. They cooperated with us very much. We are happy with them.

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