Asperger’s syndrome as seen thru my eyes

go okay hello I’m Sophia you know what Adriana’s daughter I’m actually gonna tell you guys a little story about me and my life and because I had to give this big speech banging language arts class and it was very young it had a well let’s just say it was very personal to me but I felt comfortable with getting it out there so I’m gonna tell you the story of what’s it like to to see what I see to be Who I am today – what’s it like to be on an Asperger child so my story begins with um when like when I was about 11 or 12 years old I’m 14 currently well you all know my kids yellows coming up anyway yeah I was a 11 and 12 about that time like between 2012 or 2013 me and my mom were in the car together that day it was a afternoon we were at like right now and once the light turn red my mom turns to me as she was going to say something so I turned to her as well and then my whole world came like in a blink Emma in a blink of an eye just flashed before my eyes when she said the words that I was diagnosed with Asperger autism and for for like about like two minutes I was like I was freaking out I didn’t know what to do I was in complete shock my mom said I had it at birth and she never told me that and waited till I’m mature enough to handle at that moment I was scared worried possibly most of the things are bad in life I thought that I was defective I was wrong in the world that I had no I had no spot in the world and I was crazy until my mom tells me that I’m not wrong I’m not defective in any way shape or form I am beautiful just the way I am I have meaning in this world people I am unique I’m special oh sorry it’s emotional I just have a special world that I only can see through my little eyes people can don’t have the brain that I have I function differently and that’s and it’s a good different eye I see what people cannot see I have a different perspective of the world that people don’t really see at all and I was like crying and I was like oh my god and I was in complete worry like I didn’t know what to do at that time and my mom completely helping me out by saying those exact words to me and till this day I still see the world as a different perspective and it’s a good perspective at least I’m unique from everyone else and I don’t see the same way that people do and I’m proud of that because that’s me and I like being outgoing and and I like being you know different from other people and for mostly for most of you people who don’t know who Asperger autism is and what it is I’ve ever seen whatever whatever it is is a high-functioning autism it’s nothing major it’s it’s something minor that I have like a different way of learning like for example the kids in my class that don’t have Asperger’s syndrome they learn on the same way that the other kids learn but I learned but I learned very differently like like in typing class they type like this and I type like this very fast because I don’t really like typing like that and that’s how easily people type but I like typing this way and that’s how I that’s how I type my essays and everything so that’s an example and also um I see like like the world from a different perspective I see as beauty I see it as I see it I see a a little bit realistic by keeping to my imagination and I just see it as a beautiful world colorful and just amazing I see it I see like animation I see it like as as what I do drawing painting and I see it as animation just like like same famous Disney movies and other famous animation films but uh-uh Asperger’s syndrome has been a part of my life and has always been a part of my life and I’m proud that I have this unique little trait of me because without it I want to be Who I am today and I’m just proud and for for all the Asperger’s syndrome people who are out there today you are beautiful you are special you are anything in this world don’t even don’t call yourself defective don’t clone yourself wrong you have a purpose in life you will get through it don’t worry you are unique be proud you are you are you are nothing like other people so are there any questions are they lazy oh wait oh I thought that was live oh okay so anyway yeah that’s mostly my story and how I see the world and how I and how I am today and yeah though these are a shout-out to cheetah people with Asperger’s who feel like they don’t they don’t belong in this world trust me I thought that I didn’t belong but things got better I think this will get better for you too so thank you for listening and I said amazing Sofia oh and Jessica Cookie Monster’s mom – way to go Sophie okay

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  1. Hi, I just wanted to say this is an awesome video and very well done for the daughter. She might want to check out The Aspie Girl's channel on youtube to check out and just browse aspergers in general. I know a youtuber Miyah and her channel is Hello World with Miyah, she's awesome when it comes to Aspergers and people on the spectrum. Your daughter did amazing in this video and I hope this goes out and educates people. I'll share it where I can.

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