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hey guys welcome back to the ASPI world today we’re going to be looking at sensory overload and sensory issues with people Asperger’s syndrome so today we’re going to focus on overly sensitive rather than under sensitive so I’m going to do a video next week on under sensitive so please give me a thumbs out if you would like to see that video okay guys are so many people on the autism spectrum have issues with sensory information and data processing through too much information or too little information so here I’m going to just break it down to you guys about Asperger’s and oversensitive issues so I’m going to cover sight sound smell and taste and give you kind of an idea of how these things can affect someone’s life and how they affect those senses because all of these could affect the behavior of somebody and then the quality of their life really so it’s quite important to understand this topic okay so first up guys we have a sight so if someone is overly sensitive to sight they may be extremely focused on small detail rather than a big picture also like most lighting may be quite bright and most importantly fluorescent light tubing it can actually flicker so with me like I can see the flicker of fluorescent lights of them and like scent shops are in my parents kitchen the light is so bad because it like just flickers flickers and it really really annoys me you may see a lot of people doing this when they’re looking at light and stuff and basically what this is is basically the light is flickering if you do this it counteracts the flicker which is kind of cool but if you want to know a bit more on that I might do a video on that next time so we made comment if you want to know more about that okay so next up we’re talking about sound so someone who is always sensitive to sound can hear sound that will be magnified and you can hear like conversations in the far distance and everything is kind of really loud so you’ll get a bit too much of everything and everything is really loud you can all avoid loud noisy places busy social places things like that because everything is just super overloading another is the fact that you just can’t cut out background noise so if you’re trying to concentrate something and there’s something in the background it’s very very very distracting okay so smells so with someone who is always onto smells you know seven foods maybe super super smelly and when you smell those foods it could make you feel uncomfortable maybe a bit of pain sometimes as well this is also true for certain perfumes and like shampoos and that kind of stuff in people’s clothes because those smells will become overpowering and not only are they like super annoying and become uncomfortable for you it’s kind of like you you almost feel a pain I guess that’s why I’ve explained it to people and my therapist and that’s how they explain pain is received so that’s kind of very interesting to note so okay so last on the list is taste so people with Asperger syndrome who can be oversensitive to taste will find foods quite overpowering which will kind of limit your diet I know I for one have a very niche diet because certain flavors are just super overpowering for me so I have a very bland diet I guess you’d say that because I’ve always been quite particularly my food and I guess a lot of people in the autism spectrum do have this because I guess some textures as well can cause upset so if you have text that you’re not really in you don’t really like or it all over stimulate you this could cause again an upset feeling or some type of uncomfortable feeling or pain in some cases if you’d like to learn more about Asperger’s and autism please hit the subscribe button right back here I have a new vlog channel live so that is going to be linked up here and also guys if you wanna check out my last video it will be here in a little box please check me on patreon guys we’ll see you next time peace

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  1. When I stick to bland foods it seems to help bring down hyper focus. I swear complex foods = more imbalances = loss of control.

  2. I find sunlight to be really intense but at the same time I don't have too much problem with artifial lighting. I get a bit of burn in my vision from super white screens or text but that's about it.

    What's also strange is that I like really sweet flavours; I have my squash drinks really concentrated but textures can be really off putting, I cannot stand fat in my mouth, chewing it – urgh! Horrible. Maybe this is more of a me thing and not an autistic thing.

  3. The flickering of fluorescent lights and definitely prolonged exposure to multiple conversations and sounds in crowded/noisy/busy places(especially the"sp" sound that people make when talking) can literally cause me to feel like fingernails are being dragged across my nerves like on a chalkboard and no one seem to understand when I try to explain what I'm experiencing as to why I feel the need to, and do abruptly leave from places when this happen. Thank you so much for this video 👍👍👍👍

  4. Hello!! I just came across your youtube channel, my son recently has been diagnosed with ASD he is 5 years old. I live in Honduras, Central America where the information about autism is really limited, I've been watching some of your videos and they've reaaly helped a lot. The biggest challenges with my son is the conversation, like back and forth conversations.. So I was wondering (cause I read that you were diganosed at 26 years) did you had this challenges when growing up? And also recently he is been like bangging his head mostly when he is frustrated or when his youtube videos don't load.. Any ideas how I can help him with this? .. Thanks for your videos they are really helpful 😀 PD. Sorry for my english 😉

  5. Regarding too much auditory information – I always seem to be able to hear conversations from further away than anyone else. I get really anxious if the people I'm with decide to speak negatively about someone else there, because I assume that they MUST be able to hear. They always say "Well they obviously can't hear me!" and I say "….well…I can hear them!"

  6. It always happens that arround 5:00 p.m. I feel that I can't take noise anymore. It's awful. I know that this is a symptom of vasovagal syndrome, which is also related to asperger and autism as well. Thank you for sharing. Every time that I see your videos I feel very glad to hear from another aspie, and to read the comments too. 😉

  7. I hate certain textures, such as meat. I hate the smell of crisps and spicy food. I also have a bad diet. If I smell or feel these I get extremely frustrated, stressed, and feel like my brain's going to explode!

  8. Hi Dan I Can't Help Myself Here just had to put this message on, all my senses are effected and range from hypo to hyper, it effects my speech and makes me stutter when people engage in conversation some times, I don't like sounds but, some sounds I feel compelled to listen to. l like natural foods and am always changing my diet because I get bored easily so sometimes when I pick something that has something in it that doesn't feel right I have to reject it and move on(can't help it)When my hearing is hypo I hear white noise.But things are so loud lately I really feel the pain, light used to be a really big problem and cause migraines that could last three weeks at a time, lying in a darkened room with my patient husband. Light for me now is a lot easier on my eyes, I hate touch and find it painful I find it difficult to navigate round certain places and my sense of direction is really bad My family avoid using perfumes like aftershave in the house and a kind lady put me onto a deodorant called sanex because the smell is ok I used to think I was really messed up but now I've had the diagnosis I can see how all these senses can make Me really receptive which can be a good thing when I'm not under pressure in my own place and can focus. Sorry if this sounds like a Winge but you did ask on your blog and I can't help myself lately as I have been close to a breakdown and I know you want to know more about ASD.

  9. Hi Dan I Can't Help Myself Here just had to put this message on, all my senses are effected and range from hypo to hyper, it effects my speech and makes me stutter when people engage in conversation some times, I don't like sounds but, some sounds I feel compelled to listen to. l like natural foods and am always changing my diet because I get bored easily so sometimes when I pick something that has something in it that doesn't feel right I have to reject it and move on(can't help it)When my hearing is hypo I hear white noise.But things are so loud lately I really feel the pain, light used to be a really big problem and cause migraines that could last three weeks at a time, lying in a darkened room with my patient husband. Light for me now is a lot easier on my eyes, I hate touch and find it painful I find it difficult to navigate round certain places and my sense of direction is really bad My family avoid using perfumes like aftershave in the house and a kind lady put me onto a deodorant called sanex because the smell is ok I used to think I was really messed up but now I've had the diagnosis I can see how all these senses can make Me really receptive which can be a good thing when I'm not under pressure in my own place and can focus. Sorry if this sounds like a Winge but you did ask on your blog and I can't help myself lately as I have been close to a breakdown and I know you want to know more about ASD.

  10. I used to have a lot of sensory issues as a child as the smell of certain school lunches (tacos, chili mac) would make me gag and nauseous. I have overcome my other sensory issues by visiting my local amusement park (I love roller coasters) and I love to go target shooting at the gun range. If I wanted to do the things I love to do, I had to adapt to the environment of my favorite places.

    My parents also made me get out of my comfort zone quite often growing up. Smells don't bother me as much as they did when I was younger.

  11. good video as always!!
    I'm hypersensitive to – mainly – sound, but also touch and sight to some extent. I get overloaded easily in noisy places which is why I avoid them, but I tend to almost shut down sometimes when more than one person at the same time are trying to talk to me – I end up what my girlfriend calls kinda stuck or frozen, because I just am not able to process these things sometimes.

  12. I have issues with all of the above to varying degrees, I prefer natural light, although I sometimes find the sun a bit too intense. I used to get to work several hours before everyone else so I could sit & work without the lights on (& also avoid everyone else). I also find the buzzing & vibration of electronics (including lights) quite irritating & can't block them out. I have more of an issue with textures of foods than taste, & am extremely sensitive to (& fussy about) smells.

  13. smell is my biggest problem. it always catches me off guard, even though after all this time, one would think i would just assume i'll come across something offensive throughout the day and prepare myself for it. certain sounds and sights are bothersome or uncomfortable but certain smells can throw me into a panic attack.
    no one ever seems to mention temperature. i almost always feel too warm when everyone else is fine or i'm cold one second and then feel overheated the next. when i get hot, it's like my brain just stops functioning.

  14. Lights affect me and sound the most, I find I go into a trance when thing are too loud or bright mainly when both are going at the same time, instead of freaking out and looking a bit odd I just shut down so even if you try to speak to me my words will be limited and I'll not be able to think much but it's all that keeps me calm enough to endure the situation. With food though I hate bland food, the more flavour I have the better and I only like certain flavours, I love chilli things, chutneys onions love garlic, herbs spices all stuff like that, I also love stuff covered in sauce or gravy haha, physically hate anything that's simple or bland to me. 😂

  15. Someone turn down my senses! generally the world feels like are harsh place. Voices are too loud. everywhere there are alarms and annoying alerts, repetitive sound, sound clashes, discords. Sight is flooded by chaotic movement, colour clashes, disorder, light inbalances. The unexpected light touch feeling like a hot poker, struggling to touch many things due to a complex relationship with texture. Vibrations, super hearing, super sight, fussy appetite. Sensory problems are a nightmare and overload can be so draining. However there is an upside, to get to experience all the nice things more intensely too.

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  17. thank you for doing this video. I am 42 years old, and recently diagnosed with ASD, after spending many years being diagnosed with many different disorders and being on as many as 10 medications at 1 time, and it wasn't until I met a doctor who instead of looking at small individual symptoms saw the whole picture, and realized that I only respond to questions that are asked but can't talk about things at a doctor's office unless asked specific questions, I wasn't hearing voices that weren't there, I was clearly hearing conversations in the surrounding apartments, and when I had my first "breakdown" that required hospitalization, I was working in a call center with 80 people in a room all talking at once. I most definitely experience sensory overload when it comes to sound, I can hear everything in this room right now, the fan, the TV, the water running through the radiator, the crickets in my chameleons cage, my pc running, and the people talking outside and most times its more than I can take, it's much worse when I go out. I'm also really sensitive to smells and lights. a lot of times I get way to overwhelmed and still haven't found an effective way to deal with it.

  18. I am sooooooo over sensitive and it is in everything I really hate background noise I am over sensitive in all of these areas

  19. Store lights, especially if they are flickering are HORRIBLE!! I have to wear tinted glasses all the time, and I keep a bag of earplugs in my purse at all times. I get super distracted by multiple sounds going on and can't focus on having conversations with people. I'll feel really disoriented, like an out of body experience. Food and smells are problems for me too. Great video! 🙂

  20. I'm Hypersensitive to all of my 5 sense's Did you know that Everything Electronic Emulates a Hi-pitched Ringing sound ? I can hear it in both indoor and outdoor Lights, Tv's, Pc's Washers and Dryers including Dish washer's too. Cellphones, Dvd players, Tablets and things like that. When everyday noise is to Loud for me. I wear my Ear Defender over the head, headphones's I got a New Pair for my 25th Birthday this year. I wear sunglasses when I go outside or when I'm at work during the day's. I don't eat anything spicy and I can't eat pineapples anymore because the Acidic levels from the pineapple Juice will burn and sting my mouth and lips. sometimes it happens with Tomato sauce. Hi acidic levels cause cold sores on my lips that are very sensitive and can be painful.

  21. I also listen to music and turn up the Volume to help block out the Overwhelming Loud noise that I hear. I find music extremely helpful for me to stay calm or and Help reduce My Severe anxiety and my Social Anxiety, I carry my Music and Ear Defenders with me where ever I go. This is a Great video +The Aspie World.

  22. I also listen to music and turn up the Volume to help block out the Overwhelming Loud noise that I hear. I find music extremely helpful for me to stay calm or and Help reduce My Severe anxiety and my Social Anxiety, I carry my Music and Ear Defenders with me where ever I go. This is a Great video +The Aspie World.

  23. I'm oversensitive to sound, but funny enough when am playing guitar or listening to music it kind of eases it. I'm also over sensitive to heat. Under sensitive to cold. Not a problem with sight, but do find flickering lights annoying.

  24. I am curious how you were able to get tattoos and piercings with sensory issues? Did they bother you or the healing of them?

  25. is anyone else really sensitive to certain colours? fluroscent colours (especially in bright environments) are the thing that get to me the most

  26. Wow! I got all of that! I always feel and crease books and if they feel bumpy, eh. I can't stand certain smells too. Lights : I get mega stressed and can't take my off the flickering. If my nail is bent, I can't stand the sound and feel of it rubbi g against me ;/ great video 🙂

  27. Yes I also can't concentrate if there are even super quiet background sounds. And itchy fabric is unbearable! Steve

  28. I can't stand tight clothes, cold food, too many loud indistinct noises, the sound of the vacuum cleaner, or long beeping noises (the smoke alarm, for instance). And I tend to use music (usually one song over and over again) to block out noises at home. During sensory overload, I'm only willing to answer "yes or no" questions. And I get all tired and draggy and cannot tolerate any social interaction, not even with my family. My parents thought I was depressed until very recently, when they found out the cause. I find myself going through that more often now, because I'm in middle school and everything's more stressful now. I'll find a way to deal with it, though. 😉

  29. I often get too much information at school it makes it hard to fit in I get hearing vision and sometimes taste over loads

  30. This may seem odd, but I can sometimes "feel" sounds. Any sudden sound not only makes me startle, but I also, sometimes, feel the sound. I don't know how else to explain it. Once, at the gas station, I had to avert a meltdown because of the car radios and revving engines that were all around me.

  31. It's too bad you didn't cover touch! I have had some issues with light sensitivity and hearing through background noise, but my biggest sensory symptom by far is certain textures. To a lesser extent it has limited my ability to eat healthily(many vegetables make me want to vomit if they're crunchy or stringy, and need to be very thoroughly cooked to get rid of that texture), but it's been most pronounced with certain physical objects.

    Usually, I have issues with wood and paper products. I sometimes need gloves to handle cardboard, and I hate it if I have to touch a wooden product that isn't varnished in some way. It took me a long time to get used to paper, and I still refuse to use crayons with the paper on them or pencils. I had to get special permission in middle-school to use nylon book covers, because using a paper bag like they wanted me to would have been a living hell. Sometimes I just have to give up on reading a book if the soft-cover is rough feeling. Brushed metal is another hair-raising texture for me.

    The funny thing, though, is that I grew up with a dad whose job is to sell cardboard packaging.

  32. Sound used to be my biggest issue when it came to sensory overload. It was mainly because my ears were super sensitive to it, which made the 4th of July the worst day ever for me because I couldn't handle fireworks explosion! At the sound of the very first explosion, I would get irritated to the extent of reaching the meltdown phase. Thankfully, I got over that at my first White Sox game when I was 18. I had to tightly clench the handle of a car door and then the seat I was sitting in within the stadium. Strangely enough, it worked! Now I'm used to it as well as the environment around me!

    It's times like those when you have to step out of your comfort zone and do something about it. It's a developmental thing when you're growing up. Great video!

  33. Food texture and smells….omg marzipan is so awful for me, the texture and taste and smell is so blerg it makes me want to crawl out of my own face…

  34. My son is extremely sensitive to smell. Sometimes he gets nauseous. The sound issue was worst at younger age but still now but not as much

  35. I can't stand more than one texture in my mouth, so, pizza can never have any toppings except cheese, sandwhiches can never have more than filling, can't have butter on toast; etc.
    and i find the taste of onion so unbearable that I get temporary spasms because the negative sensation is so strong

  36. Strobe light/flickering lights, the sound of keys, and taping ARE THE WORST!! My head hurts, my stomach hurts, I can't focus, and my skin crawls.

  37. My sensory issues causes me chronic migraines. I had up to 3 migraines per week with loss of vision since I'm 12 years old. I'm now on medication and only have a migrain per 2 weeks. Thanks to Topamax 🙂

  38. I'm oversensitive to sound. It doesn't take much to make me feel very uncomfortable and anxious. It really bothers me especially in school because I really can't leave that place to make myself feel better… And nobody actually shuts up when I tell them politely to do that. I can't tell the teachers about this because I don't have a written diagnosis.. Sound overload often leads me to self harming. This gives me too much stress and I don't know what to do anymore.

  39. My daughter goes crazy when she hears a toilet flush, what would be the best way to deal with that? What are your thoughts on medication? I feel if there is a a way to avoid medicating my daughter I will

  40. I got diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome when I was around 8-10 years old Can't really remember. People felt really sorry for me but I always said don't be nothing has changed I just got a peace of paper but now I'm 16 turning 17 soon I'm now told by my mom, brother sister that I'm to old to have Asperger's and I need to grow up.

  41. Sight and Sound are definitely the top two for me on top of already bad vision (-9, -9.5 now). My family has always been amazed at my great hearing (I'm quite good at eavesdropping) but I have a hard time at restaurants where they have music blaring and TVs playing but you're supposed to be talking with your group (like seriously why do they have TVs and music blaring in restaurants it's kinda idiotic), and yes fluorescent lights bother me bad; taste/texture to a degree – I only eat certain things and most leafy greens (lettuce, Brussel sprouts, Swiss chard, chard, arugula, kale, cabbage) (but NOT spinach or broccoli) taste extremely bitter to me and I can't get myself to eat them. I also can't drink most filtered waters because they taste like metal to me.

    Smell I think I'm undersensitive with. I change the catbox since cat pee doesn't bother me (I don't really smell it.) But I can smell horse pee really strong (when you go by a ranch) and I can't stand the smell.

  42. I heard the sounds of the enviovement really loud. Or if its a abrupt noise , I get so scared that i jump. And voices , if someone scream even of he or she isn't next to my ear, i feel like he or she it is. The only things that I turn up the volume is the music that i like and when I went to a concert of an artist that I like( it wasn't a open space and the walls was with something to reduce or get better sounds, like in the cinema). The noise of the blender I hate that sound sooo much or noise of construction machines. Also, if it is so much movement around ( plus noises) I freak out. Like in the bank. Smell, when there is a bad smell like in the public bathroom(i feel like i want to throw up right away) or I have crossed while i walking with a stranger that used a really strong perfum Or when someone stink, I will notice right away and I want to get out inmediatily. Taste, always struggle with food about this. I notice right away if it is with a bad taste. or if it something rare there. my family always told me that i am a picky person about food. You missed the tact. Clothers. I always felt the etiquette of the clothers or if it is a little details on the pants that bother me,etc. So much of this can't relate to my diagnosis….

  43. This is all so relatable its crazy. As a kid I always feared loud things, my mom could never bring me to a carnival or anything of that sort because I was just to scared of all the loud music! And today, I can't sleep with the lights on, (if my GF wants to read or something before bed), I wake up at the slightest sound, it makes it hard to fall asleep, and as soon as the tv is turned on I immediately ask for the volume to be tuned down because its loud as hell for me.. not to mention smell; I'm always the first one to comment a smell in the air before anyone else! Its kinda cool sometimes, having almost animalistic senses, lol… but it can also be a bit of a struggle; it sometimes causes me to experience depersionalization dissorder, because the sensory overload causes me to sort of ''shut off'' for a while and that can be really scary sometimes. But its nothing I can't handle… anxiety and sometimes depression comes hand in hand with being an aspie, but its a price i'm glad to pay, for my view of the world is beautiful and unique, and its one that I would not be without 🙂

  44. I don't have Aspergers but sensory processing sensitivity. This mostly affects touch, sight and sound. Sound always feels equally loud. And it's hard to hone in on one sometimes, I rarely do bars and clubs. Sight, white and blue light is horrible, or light through grey/white overcast clouds are almost worse than a clear sunny day. I find heat debilitating, especially hot water, swimming for an hour can cause weakness and decreased balance and coordination for a week straight. I sensory seek the feeling of fur or hair to self sooth but if I do too long it begins to hurt a bit. I find that being HSP with SPS that this channel helps me feel less alienated.

  45. Sound. (and some sight too). but sound is definitely the big one for me. I can't cut out background noise and I accidently focus in on conversations while I'm trying not to. It's too much information at once. Sam is having a salad for lunch, Brenda is picking the kids up from school late, Jacen is cheating on Vicky??? I just can't cut it out. It's like the sound is forcing itself into my ears and into my brain. I don't have any ear plugs or anything because I'm afraid of being judged but I think I'm going to finally get some. I mean what's worse, some random stranger looking at me for a second too long or avoiding overload hell and feeling like shit. Also sometimes I can be overwhelmed with sight if there's too much stuff everywhere (like toys or just anything really). There's so much stuff everywhere and my brain just wants to analyze it all. It's so tiring. -Girl with Aspergers

  46. When there is lots of nlises and bright lights it triggers me to overload. When this happens I usualy start to cry quietly before taking a short break to calm down

  47. For me the final piece of the puzzle that prove to me I had Asperger's was when I had a complete panic attack caused by auditory stimuli when I was in what should have been an a non triggering situation, but the sheer amount of auditory noise from various sources completely overwhelmed me. It also helped explain when it's sometimes rather overcast and things are just too bright for me and that when getting my eyes checked or even sometimes just near a lamp I can see the patterns of my blood vessels in my eyes. Sometimes I notice when it states sprinkling because I can trace rapid movements

  48. i can't tell you how many neurotypicals I talk to just don't get what " sensory overload" means ……. in high school ( I went to an alternative high school and I got more one on one time, was only allowed to go to two classrooms throughout the day ( because transitions were hard for me and too much sensory input in the classroom was a change (so I would just shut down in classes )… and teachers / professionals just dont get it

  49. Hei, two things: First of all I do like most of your videos. They have progressed a lot over time and I like how you cover lots of different topics in a nice and fresh way.
    However I do find it funny that you talk about not being able to block out background noise while adding background noise to what you are saying. It does still make some parts of the videos hard to listen to.
    Have a good day. 🙂

  50. My ears are weird because I can hear things from far away (even though I have hearing problems) but I like sound unless I am trying really hard to focus

  51. Definitely need some tips on how to block out the sensory stuff never heard of that one that you did with the sight sensory

  52. I once had to leave a friend's birthday party because the strobe lights they had going nearly made me shutdown and cry.

  53. This is a GREAT video. As an aspie this speaks volumes to me. I am over sensitive on almost everything. It makes life so hard at time

  54. Certain textures make me want to pull off my skin, i can hear a whispered conversarion from across the room and it can be too much, artificial lighting is waaaaayyy too much for me. But, a good thing as I see it, Ive an incredibly miniscule sense of smell

  55. Hi, Dan! What about touch/texture? Certain materials (wool, anything rough or scratchy) as well as tags in clothing make me so uncomfortable. I've cut most of my tags off. When shopping for clothes, I find myself touching everything first. Also food textures – I like the taste of yogurt and pudding, but can't tolerate the feel in my mouth. (No chocolate pie!) Is what we're talking about considered Sensory Processing Disorder? Thanks!

  56. I know i mentioned this before, but My sons biggest issue is clothes & textures on his skin. To the point where getting dressed looks like torture for him. He is limited on choices. Right now he only has 1 pair of jeans he can tolerate. And a couple of tees or shirts that he just washes almost everyday. He is 13, so he has been growing so much, finding new companies or brands sucks. I do my best on my own to make sure he always has what he needs but it can get so expensive. The other day he chose a $20 pack of mens briefs that we could not return/ exchange.
    Have you heard about if probiatic supplements could help deminish symptoms???

  57. I have autism but not asperges

    But i have sensory overloads at parties like discos so i can never go to them, everything goes like a laggy video game and all flickery and feels like i have just been put here and don’t know who i am and what i’m doing. Its horrible but i have gotten better over the years. Stay strong everyone going through this 👊

  58. I love your channel! My favorite about Aspergers. It is really hard dealing with noises (for me, it is the worst part of being an aspie).

  59. Great video! My lifelong experience is that almost everything is far too loud, too bright, and the smells! Listening to someone talk who doesn’t use inflection very well is more painful than a physical burn. I hear every convo in a restaurant except the one I’m trying to focus on, fluorescent lights make me see spots, tracers, and eventually causes partial vision loss. Strong smells cause me to essentially dissociate (head feels like it is a couple feet above my body). I see colors so vividly sometimes it’s painful. Sodium lights (orange street lights) make me feel ill and nauseous. And oh the skin and heat sensitivity. It’s really like living in a continual hell (as described in the Christian Bible). It’s very hard to be productive, social, and happy when most environments are perpetual war zones.

  60. Earbuds always help me in the mall or outside in general. I got diagnosed this year and I had basically a meltdown and was in denial while reinforcing the diagnosis lmao. It explains alot for my life honestly. Hell, Aspergers is the reason why all of my relationships have failed. Now people are all "You got diagnosed and now you're acting like the world owes you everything fucking A you fucking snowflake!" when I am just asking to be understood, and even from a young age that is all I've ever wanted to be because I've always known I'm not like other people.

  61. Driving in the morning when sunlight goes through the leaves of trees is so irritating! I've taken to pretty much always wearing sunglasses when I drive now. And the smell thing is true for my mum oddly enough as well as myself.

  62. That bit on Big Bang Theory when Sheldon has a new office where his 'nerves are being plucked like the strings of a harp' is painfully identifiable 😑

  63. Can you only be affected by one? Sound is a huge problem with me but nothing else does. Sound just does something to me. I️ can’t describe it.

  64. similar, however , a number of physical challenges post injury effect sensory problems, also (to say the least) 'on-top' similar/seemingly usual sorta stuff ; noise/bright , humans ..
    ;tips ? – so to speak

  65. I recently statred to use oakley holbrook xl non-polarized glasses with custom made is ajacent to my face and blocks all the lights from sideways.

  66. Textures like labels in the clothes, whispers, people eating, orange lights, moisturizers, perfumes, bad words, smell of fish or soaps…argggh…hell.

  67. Hi, can you give me the link on the light you use that rises and mimics sunrise. I think it might benefit me. Thank you ….

  68. Does this happen to people with asd as well, because I don't have an Asperger's diagnosis but I do have asd and this happens to me a lot

  69. Sounds are it for me! A mall is a great example with the large crowds and loud conversations. I’ve noticed that I’ll hear all conversations then start isolating some and then it just goes all to hell as I get overloaded and have to get somewhere quiet to calm down. To make matters worse, I have bad tinnitus from a grenade simulator and when the 2 factors meet it’s just pure chaos.

  70. The oversensitive thing is 100% true for me. I love my eyesight, the absolute best I could ask for. Unfortunately that comes back to bite me on extremely sunny days. I literally cannot force myself to open my eyes. Taste is another big one. I have an extremely picky and routine diet of mostly meat unfortunately. I literally can't handle vegetables. Lastly sound, the biggest curse. I can't be around guns, fireworks, alarms, bells, etc. I instantly go into a state of paralyzation similar to shell shock. Some are jealous of my hearing because AS gives me the ability to hear things that others can't, and at alot further range.

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