Aspergers and Energy: Downtime – On the Beach

So today is my day off. I’m sitting on
the beach It’s a Saturday afternoon here in
Melbourne in the middle of winter why am I here? I think one of the reasons that I
attempt to find places of solitude like this is because it’s really important
for me to disconnect from what feels like a barrage of requests from the
world whether that be messages or people trying to talk to me or just I feel like
there’s always someone trying to get my attention. So a place like this allows me
to actually turn off. One of my mental health practices is to attempt to take
every Friday Saturday and Sunday off my regular work. So that means limiting
screen time not checking emails, not checking messages things like that
and I find that I have to be really really disciplined with that otherwise I
actually don’t get a break. I get so wound up in work mode and so hyper focused on whatever I’m doing that it actually takes a couple of days to
unwind and if I don’t take those couple of days and if I’m not really really
disciplined about cutting out work completely for those days then I find
that I get to Monday morning and I haven’t been able to turn off and I
haven’t been able to recharge and that can lead to burning out very very
quickly if I don’t have that recharge time. So one of my favorite Aspergers analogies is like of a high-performance sports car
and the reason I like that analogy is because I can go really fast and I might
be high maintenance sometimes but I’m built for a purpose and if I’m going 300 km/h down the freeway speed bumps are a problem. It’s really
hard to come to a complete stop when I’m going really really fast. So I need to
schedule those pit stops where I come to a complete stop and actually recharge
otherwise I will eventually break down and that’s not good for anyone. So today
I’m on the beach what else do I want to say? I think
that’s about it. I guess I just want to emphasized the importance of actually taking down time
and when it works it’s amazing so when I take three days off then on Monday morning I actually feel like I’m recharged and I can actually get my headspace back into work. So I might leave it there I guess I’m not really sure what I’m trying to say but
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9 thoughts on “Aspergers and Energy: Downtime – On the Beach

  1. Yay for nature and breaks! I finally recieved my autism diagnosis last week and as much as id like to start the rest of my life, i need a break!

  2. It's wonderful you have a great place to unwind and recharge. my aspie family member can't do that, he will feel anxiety. when he feels the anxiety, it seems that it's better for him to get the work done, even on weekends. I don't know how to help him. now maybe he's getting better. please pray for him too

  3. Isn't it too cold for the beach? It's probably the best to be there when no one goes to the beach even that tail end of winter.

  4. Dude, since I had done so much with my videos on my channel, it's a great thing you brought that up. I had been on a hyperfocus like you've described. We both share a good passion in what we do on YouTube. I started working on another video all morning, I really need the down time. That's why I always say that you videos on autism are inspiring like everyone else's. Taking breaks is much needed for people on that spectrum, it's cool that you're getting that message out there. If you have Netflix, I recommend you to watch "Atypical", if you like it, give us your review on the show. All aspie videos are inspiring, that's why we enjoy making them.

  5. walking on the beach is my lifeline… walking in nature, but especially near the ocean where the water meets the sky and the edge of the earth meets the sea…. there's just vast, continuous subtle tones and lights and some days it just feels like i'm in a painting… i kitted out a van so i can sleep in it and it's a total escape

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