Ask an Autistic: Rapid Fire Answers #1

Hi, everyone, I’m Amythest and welcome to
Ask an Autistic: Rapid Fire Edition! Over the past week I’ve gotten a few questions
from people on facebook and my tumblr, and um, these are questions that are good and
that I want to answer via video but that aren’t really enough for an Ask An Autistic video
on their own so I’m going to combine a few questions into Ask an Autistic Rapid fire
and hopefully this will be a shorter video where I can answer some people’s questions
and get some information out there without making it such a big long production. So,
here I go: Anonymous on Tumblr Asks: “Hi Amythest, I’ve only recently learned I am autistic.
Over the past few years my ability to socialize has really decreased. I can’t have a conversation
with anyone but my partner without feeling anxious or overwhelmed. I used to at least
be able to make friends online but I can’t even do that anymore. It’s like the spoons
I have for socializing have been disappearing and not replenishing themselves. Could this
be autistic burn out?” Well, anonymous, a few things you describe in your message do
sound like autistic burnout, especially when you use spoons, because, you know, a lot of
people going through autistic burnout feel like they have less spoons or energy tokens
or just less energy to expend on things. Um because you describe feeling anxious or overwhelmed
to me it sounds like it could be autistic burnout but it could also be something like
social anxiety that could be inhibiting your ability to make friends even online. If you
have a therapist or doctor who knows about your autism ad you feel comfortable talking
to them you should maybe bring it up with them because to me it sounds like autistic
burnout presenting in a slightly unusual way but it could also be something like social
anxiety. So yeah. Monica asks: “I wanna ask if you have any synesthetic experiences or
if autistic people you’ve met have told you about them. I’m also curious on what you think
about Temple Grandin’s Three types of thinkers?” Yes, I do have Synesthesia. I actually discovered
I had Synesthesia and that it was a thing and that it had a name before I found out
about my autism. So I have colored sounds and music Synesthesia and colored numbers
and letters synesthesia. People who watched my videos may have noticed in my title slides
“Ask an Autistic” each letter has it’s own color and those are the colors I see them
as. So when I’m reading a book I don’t see the color on the page, some people with synesthesia
do, For me my colored letters and numbers are more in my mind’s eye and I have a very
strong feeling, like A is magenta and has always been magenta for me and then with my
colored sounds and music that I do perceive as if it’s outside of my body. So all music
and sounds I see as if it’s on a screen in front of me about maybe two, two and a half
feet away, and every sound and instrument and person’s voice has a shape and a color.
So yes, I do have synesthesia and I have heard of quite a bit of overlap between people who
have autism and people who have Synesthesia. And as far as Temple’s Grandin’s three types
of thinkers go which is as far as I understand she believes that autistic brains and maybe
neurotypicals as well can be sorted into visual thinkers, music and math thinkers and verbal
and logic thinkers. I’m not one-hundred percent sure that’s accurate for everyone. I feel
like it’s really hard to divide the whole world into three categories of thinkers as
for myself I don’t feel like I fit in exactly in any of those three categories so maybe
Temple’s on to something I just don’t find it super accurate for me. And Anonymous asks:
“Hello I’ve been following your blog for a while and I love your new video. Thank you.
I would like to ask you two things: Do you have Aspergers or autism and are you wearing
colored contacts in any of your videos?” Well, as far as my diagnosis goes, I do have autism
spectrum disorder as my official diagnosis, but I was diagnosed in July of 2013 so DSM
V was out and Aspergers and autism had been collected together under the umbrella of autism
spectrum disorder diagnosis. So I have autism spectrum disorder as my official diagnosis.I’m
not sure what I would have received if I had diagnosed before July of 2013. I do feel,
though, that, um, I feel autistic and I refer to myself as autistic and I feel like autism
as a diagnosis is a better fit for me in my situation. And am I wearing contacts? Colored
contacts? No, I am wearing contacts but they are not colored. Just my eyes. This has been
the first Ask An Autistic rapid fire edition! If you like it, thumbs up, and if you have
a question you would like answered in one of my “Ask an Autistic” videos feel free to
message me or to post it in the comment section below. Thanks for watching!

33 thoughts on “Ask an Autistic: Rapid Fire Answers #1

  1. is there a way to tell if a non-verbal autistic has synesthesia?  is there any way this can make a difference in their learning letters and numbers?  i work with a child who is 4 years old and loves letters, knows all letters and their sounds, but is not picking up at all on phonics, reading, sight words, etc.  she loves books, also.  she was ahead of her neuro-typical peers in learning letters, and i would love to see her begin reading and writing – for communicaton as much as for enjoyment.  i know my question seems broad, but i am working alongside ABA therapists who criticize every attempt i make at allowing this child to be herself and enjoy learning. any advice?

  2. Amythest, what do you mean you 'feel' autistic? I'm half afraid I know what you mean but I'm not sure.

  3. I hadn't heard of synesthesia before this video. I was wondering, do you think that the way you see colours in your minds eye when reading, but when listening you see the colours as if outside of your body is down to a difference in how sensitive your mind is to sound compared to how sensitive it is to visual stimulation? for example, do you think you see the colours as if outside of your body when you hear sounds because you are more sensitive to sounds than to visual stimulation. I hope that makes sense, because I have no idea how else to ask what I want to know!   

  4. Synesthesia:

    When I say something smells or tastes like something else smells or tastes, for example, Lemon Pledge "Smells like fruit loops tastes" no one understands what Im saying. Is that synesthesia?

  5. You know why she/he asked about your eyes? Its because they are absolutely gorgeous. Maybe it's not such a bad thing to not rely too heavily on eye contact… people might be intimidated!

  6. Hi Amythest,

    Can I please ask if you ever had a speech delay? My daughter was diagnosed recently. She is 3 and delayed speech. Thank you. I really enjoy your videos. Claudia

  7. I too figured out that I have synesthesia before finding out I have autism. Though for me the music/sounds thing is in my mind's eye, I have colour associations with certain words (like I don't "see" the colours when I hear or say them, they just are those colours in my mind) and words have certain tastes. Although what's interesting is that when something (like a poem) flows really nicely, has good rhythm and rhyming, I always get a nice creamy taste along with the taste of the words.

    Also I have another one when it comes to touch, but some people have told me it's ASMR? Anyway: so mostly the colours are for musical type sounds, but general sounds give me a physical sensation (and as mentioned, words give me a taste). Like static from a tv or something feels all scratchy, rain feels soft and silky, a clock ticking feels like taps. Though what's interesting is that a clock ticking also creates the same coloured lights in my mind's eye that music does.

    Like I watched a video explaining what ASMR is, it said it was that certain sounds illicit a tingling down your spine, and the sounds did do that, however they said it was supposed to be pleasurable, but I found it extremely uncomfortable – to the point I even ripped out my earbuds and needed to stim to get over the unpleasant sensation. Though I so have misophonia, so maybe that had an effect on it?

  8. Hi Amythest, did you ever come across anyone who is ultra sensitive in her feet – touch & feel. My daughter was diagnosed as a typical autism and she just will not expose her feet. She wears socks almost 24/7 other having a bath. She will not go near anyone with bare feet! I really like your video and learnt a lot from your input. Thank you.Atari

  9. I'm not sure if I have synysthesia. Certain words or sounds feel like various foods in my mouth. For example, the sound of lightsabers clashing feels like a popsicle. The word "Awana" (the church club) feels like a dense cake, like spice cake or banana cake. The sensations are ghostly, but they're there. However, it's only some words and sounds, and I'm not entirely sure that it's not just associating similar words (Awana sounds similar to banana, The sound of lightsabers sounds a bit like an amplified version of the sound of biting into a popsicle).

  10. Synesthesia? Did I spell that right? So that's like when you make connections between things that technically have no connection to each other? I'm autistic, and that reminds me of this “number theory” I created when I was young where I started to notice that every time I would feel a certain way or see a certain thing I would then look at the clock and associate that thing with those one or two numbers. Soon each number had dozens of meaning and I felt I knew what was happening at a certain random moment based on what I saw on the clock, like I could predict things without any back round information. And sometimes, I could have swore I was right. It's WEIRD, I know. I've let that all go though.

  11. Is it healthy for an autistic person to be insulated from social errors and from unintended injuries to others by their well-intentioned non-autistic friends? In other words, enabling them to be unaware, or disconnected from the consequences of their actions? I would love a video on this subject and on how best to help an autistic recognize such situations. Also, the reverse situation of helping non-autistic people to recognize when they may have accidentally hurt an autistic person.

  12. Hello, I create Autism related videos and other related issues, if you would come to my channel and subscribe that would amazing, thank you. 🙂

  13. SYNESTHESIA … OH , it can be so extremely exausted , tiring … . since i was a little girl .

  14. With regards to categories of thinkers, I am #ActuallyAutistic and describe myself as an associative pattern thinker. I think that Temple Grandin is one great voice among autism self-advocates, but she's far from the only voice, and I don't always agree with how she represents us.

  15. Although I got no official diagnosis (see what I’ve written in the “label”video): things had changed since that “coming out”. Suddenly there’s the strong need/desire/force to stim (rocking, inventing words, playing with letters and create new sounds, more vocal Stimmung – I believe you called it like that), I’m more anxious in public or interacting in face-to-face contacts with strangers, I can’t meet friends as long as I did earlier in my life. After 2 or 3 hours I’m totally tired.My senses became easier to overstimulate, especially noises.I still try, like my whole life to seem “normal, what means neurotypical, not like a traumatized who survived torture and abuse etc.I need much more time on my own like in my childhood.
    I didn’t know that what I can do is synesthesia until someone came up with that word and explanation. Numbers, dates, letters have colours, people have colours, emotions have colours and some things have a taste, too. Oh, and music has colours.

  16. Hello, Amythest. I was wondering if the way you experience synesthesia yourself could have a relation with any particular toy you would have played with as a child ; like one of those colorful alphabet jigsaw puzzles or alphabet wooden dice kids are offered in their early childhood ? I should probably ask your parents about this rather than you… 😉

  17. Sorry, this has nothing to do with the discussion, but I just wanted to say that you are super super cute! 🌸

  18. i know this video is old af but i only recently learned of your channel and i'm going through it and i wanted to let you know that your eye makeup is super lovely in this one. c: it's a v nice blue. and i'm glad you make these videos because while i'm relatively certain that i'm not autistic, but i'm definitely neurodivergent and i see a lot of my little things that i do in what you're saying (like i stimm all the time apparently). i also have some autistic friends and knowing some of this stuff is great so i know how to handle it better and help them live their best lives. i've also just always been super interested in psychology stuff and love writing characters with lots of different types of conditions as accurately as i can without coming off as offensive/demeaning/being derogatory/etcetc. i always encourage people that have the things or that know a lot about the things or work with people with the things to give me input. i'm rambling i literally just wanted to tell you your eye makeup was on point but also you're great and you're doin' great. C:

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