Ashley Weber: Communication Sciences and Disorders at MVNU

I decided to attend MVNU because
I knew I wanted to go to a Christian university and I also knew that I wanted
to become a speech-language pathologist. My favorite part of the Communication
Sciences and Disorders major here on campus is how tight-knit of a family we
are. We’re not just a major on campus we truly love each other and we get to know
each other very quickly. So just being a part of that family here on campus has
totally changed my life. We have a clinic here on campus where we can go and apply
what we’ve learned in the classroom. We have the opportunity to work with real
patients and real clients here on campus. So through that I’ve learned a lot about
the program I’ve learned a lot about what I can do with this degree and I’ve
made sure that this is what I want to pursue.

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