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  1. Kati, Do you know anything about Multiple Personality Disorder? One of my friends thinks he has it and I want to know how I can help.

  2. Thank you @***** another wonderful video as always. I do have a quick question for you though. Who is the author of the intuitive eating workbook you always talk about. I tried to find it on your widget on your website but for some reason couldn't. Thanks for all your do. You Are Awesome!!!! XOXO

  3. #KatiFAQ, what is your opinion on onision/OhNoBro's selfharm vidoes and how should self harmers handle someone like that in a real life situation?

  4. I'm having an asperger assessment in March, I'm completely sure I am & I'm learning to pull the empowering positives out of it but I haven't had a particularly positive response from friends.  Also the thing behind you, is that woven newspaper? (I'm a textile artist) =)

  5. When I had severe depression my mom said that I wasn't depressed despite the fact that a social worker,doctor, and therapist told her that I was depressed parents really don't understand

  6. Kati – I was diagnosed with Bulimia 13 years ago but after in patient treatment I've been fine… In October I lost a child and have not felt any urge to eat… No appetite and I basically only eat a few bites here and there to keep family off my back… What do you think?

  7. My eating disorder started with me just trying to eat with my friends (no matter how unhealthy the food was) but that would be all i'd eat. Now I can't eat infront of anyone. I encourage you to seek help!

  8. My parents know that I used to self harm, but they don't know that I started doing it again over the summer. I haven't told them because in the past when I've told them about relapses, my dad just said that I was being immature. I've recently been thinking about telling him about my relapse, but I don't want to lose his trust and the fact that he thinks I'm more grown-up and mature. So, should I tell him? If I do, how do I get him to really listen to me and try to understand self harm and why I do it? Because right now, he definitely doesn't understand it, and he's never tried to understand it. Thank you for your help.

  9. #katiefaq  I have been eating a healthy amount of calories and maintaining my weight but I still have the ED thoughts. Does this mean I still have an eating disorder? I feel sad a lot but at the same time content? I don't understand. I used to be in therapy but she became more of a trigger then a helpful out lit. I really started to "recover" on my own after I quite. I do count calories and such.  Will the thoughts ever go away?

  10. no one believes i have an eating disorder when i try to talk about it. i purge every once in a while and i will NOT eat around two people i know

  11. I have no problem with eating but when i do i feel full up really quickly and then like an hour later i will feel hungry again?? any idea. thankyou 🙂

  12. Hi kati I self harm and my mum knows about it but she doesn't understand that's it's addictive and I just can't stop myself and k need to feel, her that so can't just stop please help x

  13. I remember watching this video for the first time and realizing that I should go see a psychologist for my ed. I had already been diagnosed and even had been into treatment for a little while for my anorexia,but I kept telling myself that it was not real and not bad enough to actually be an ed, only afterwards I see how badly I was doing. I still thank you for making this video that gave me the last little push I needed. Nicole

  14. I'm so confused😖I still don't understand what a eating disorder is cause when I start to eat I get full really fast and when I don't want sometime I always eat

  15. when is an eating disorder concidered an eating disorder. like its hard to explain what im asking , but i hope you get it. how bad or underweight or how long do the habbits or thaughts have to be going on in order for it to be concidered an ed

  16. Are you allowed to say which eating disorder clinic/center you worked at? I'm in Southern California as well and was curious. Sorry if you can't answer but thank you anyways.

  17. Hi
    I'm 50 years old
    My story started at 13 …… My nick name was chubby checker……I was a size 12 to 14 at 5feet 4 inch
    For some reason I started to think food was bad and I would get food poisoning from it so starved myself to the point over a year cut all food out and just had 1 slice off bread a day…. Wasn't hungry… Stomach shrank…. After all these years still struggle think will get ill from food, can only eat very small amount of food with stomach shrinking…. I never made myself sick as I have a very bad fobia of sick ….when there is a vomiting bug going around I panic…..
    Is there anything you could help me with…. I'm so desperate 😔
    Love to you and take care xx

  18. I don’t know how to get help for an eating disorder I’m just at normal weight for my age and height but like you said if you count calories or have to “earn” what your going to eat or any extra thought just about food in general then you most likely have one and I do all those things and it’s taken me a while to actually tell my self yeah you do that and it’s not okay and you need to get help but I don’t know how to reach out to anyone I’m only 13 and idk what to do

  19. I know that this was posted a few years ago, but I just wanted to say thank you for posting these videos. Although I do not have an eating disorder myself, I was afraid that I was heading down that path when I went through a big change (for me) in terms of getting more physically active and healthier as a whole. It scared the living crap out of me. During this time period, I was wanting to get into better physical shape for figure skating (started the sport when I was 30, but am 37 now). I had told my coach at the time that I wanted to get into better shape, and he told me we would "get some of that fat off of you." At that time, those words hurt. However, I also had a ton of respect for my coach, and wanted him to see my progress on getting more "fit." Funny enough, I picked up running (at his recommendation), which I found out that I enjoyed. However, around that time, I was starting to make more conscious effort into my eating. I never did count calories, never kept a food diary (hating doing those in high school health class as it made me self conscious on what I ate), never purged, intentionally overexercised, or any of those tell-tale signs…minus the fact that I lost a total of 8 inches around my waist and hip over about 3 months. Yet, at the same time, I found myself watching shows like "Supersized vs Superskinny" or mini-series/documentaries on eating disorders, reading food labels more, drastically reducing what I percieved as junk food (still don't drink soda or eat most chips to this day), but if I did, it would just be a small amount, or I would have to earn it somehow. The "earning" part was especially scared me, because I never thought like that before. What also scared me was the thought if my thoughts on eating got worse…what if I had to do more to "earn" food, started counting calories, or any number of other potential eating disorder habits? The thought of heading down that path scared the crap out of me.

    I do want to say that my thoughts on eating have returned to normal. I'm sure that I won't ever fully understand the complexities of having an eating disorder, but I can kinda recognize that voice in my head that was going, "Nope. You shouldn't eat that because it's got high fructose corn syrup" in it," or "Just get the small portion of ice cream." It took a few years, but I finally had enough of those negative thoughts, and basically had to tell that side of my head to literally shut up, and it wasn't going to be the boss of my diet. Since then, I have become MUCH happier, while maintaining my very activie lifestyle.

  20. I feel like whenever someone is trying to be healthier and or limit intake it is considered an eating disorder please correct me and explain if i am mistaken but it confuses me.
    I am considering a vegan or raw vegan diet when i leave home because I believe it is healthy and until then i limit food i consider unhealthy or that make me break out, does this mean i have an eating disorder because i am only trying to make things better

  21. I disagree with question number 2 as a person who went through massive weight loss 10 years ago and has maintained. Not counting calories and not having certain rules about eating is how a lot of people end up obese to begin with or why they can't lose weight. Counting calories is really important both for weight loss and long term maintenance.

  22. I have a weirdly cyclic eating disorder and I don't really know if I can call it an actual eating disorder or not. I guess it could be EDNOS? usually when I'm going through a really stressful time or don't feel loved/adequate in some way it'll start up, sometimes I'll just not eat for a week, other times I'll slowly bring my calories down and eat 500 or less per day for a few weeks, but it never lasts as I always manage to go back to normal eating habits (typically I have to purge a few times before I can adjust back) but it's like I try to recover on my own and it actually works. I spend more time eating normally than I do restricting but the restriction can be really intense, I know that the holidays are a trigger because I always end up overeating on Thanksgiving and suddenly I just snap and have to stop eating. It also usually happens multiple times around the spring and then sporadically I'll get bad again. I'm pretty good at adjusting back and I can eat normally for months and hardly worry at all. Is this a problem? It definitely gets more intense every time and always ends with an acceptance that I should try to nourish my body. It's really hard to feel like I should take this seriously because it happens so rarely (although I always hope I can keep it up for forever because I want to be thin)

  23. This is a super old video but maybe someone can help me out? I've been trying to find a way to tell my therapist that I think I have an eating disorder. I just don't know how to bring it up…

  24. If it crosses your mind that you have an eating disorder then you do probably have it!? Well it crosses my mind that most of my friends have it too! Then it’s probably just normal!

  25. How do you know if you have an eating disorder? Because I've been thinking about it for a while and friends have said I might have one but i dont know if i fall into the categories for one ,I dont know if I need help or how to get some?

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