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Autism awareness It’s not just an hour in a weekday morning. It’s not a week. It’s not a month. It’s always. It’s not just shutting off the sound and dimming the lights It’s understanding why these changes are beneficial It’s not pity It’s seeing potential It is not a Google search It is searching for and learning from autistic people themselves It’s not comparing us to another autistic person you happen to know It’s about comparing us to the person we used to be to see how far we’ve come. It isn’t just for children It’s knowing that children grow up It is not a fancy way of marketing your business It is about creating business opportunities for autistic employees It is not asking us to justify our diagnosis or our behaviour It is asking us how you can help. It isn’t isolation it’s inclusion. So are you autism aware?

45 thoughts on “Are you Autism Aware? | invisible i | WAAW19 [CC]

  1. Beautiful video! Succinct and direct to the point! I will share it with everyone! Thanks for helping to raise awareness.

  2. Great video love the message looking forward to this week of videos
    On an unrelated note it confused Google and opened the assistant thing when you said Google which was funny

  3. Love the message! Think it's probably the most real post/video I've seen today and the most important to remember 💛

  4. Beautifully put together video. Just shared it on my Facebook. Can’t wait for your other videos for autism awareness. ❤️

  5. Well done Kate. Let's hope videos like yours decreases the ignorance about autism and anyone on the autism spectrum. ♥️

  6. Preach! Also…your makeup is flawless. Slay. “It’s not about a Google search…” I felt that.

  7. I like your videos in fact you inspired my own autism topic videos on my channel I even made a video talking about when I was attacked on the bus back in October of 2018.

  8. Love the video. I’ve actually just been working on my dissertation which is looking at how representation of autism has changed in the press since the first autism awareness day in 2008.

  9. Hi Invisible, My son has autism, it's a gift. please come share this amazing powerful video with us yourself and join us I'd love to interview you too, I personally want to invite you to join us neurodiverse warriors standing with our loud powerful strong voices and share from a place of your heart. Facebook group is '"MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS FEAR LESS LOVE MORE You won't look back. Be a voice for our youth and children. We all Matter, we all are equal, we all are loved.

  10. Well said, Katy! I am Autism aware. I have Autism, and I’m friends with a few people on the Autism Spectrum. More Autism awareness videos please!!😊 thanks in advance!🤗

  11. 1. you look so amazing in the video!
    2. My Friend literally told me yesterday that if I put my headphones on she would pull them off my head.
    3. Thank you for this video I was trying to explain to my mom why this is important and she just didn't get it.

  12. @invisible i . Could not put it any time myself katie. That was amazing to hear and I got a lump hearing it. Thank you 👍👍

  13. Hi Katy, I just saw the video where you talked about your undiagnosed autism .

    Could I ask what did an autism diagnosis at 18 change for you ? How did it help ?

    Thank you

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