Are You A Candidate for Dental Implants? (512) 476-2336 CT Scan Review with Dr. Tejas Patel.

Hey this is Dr Tejas Patel with Austin
Cosmetic and we often get a lot of questions in regards to dental implants
especially about complex cases where a person is missing multiple teeth or has
many teeth are breaking down and they’re looking at losing a lot of teeth and are
curious on what are the options on how to replace multiple
missing teeth so I wanted to show a case and go over it with you in regards to
you know when we’re planning out this implant procedure what are we looking
for and what makes a good candidate and what are some of the precautions we want to take so let’s look at it together so when we’re looking at a panoramic or a
3d image of someone’s mouth we can you know see that the patient has the upper
jaw and the lower jaw when we’re looking at the basics of it we can tell that the
patient is missing many teeth in the back of his upper jaw on the right
and left, as well as on the lower jaw well we can tell there’s some bone loss
in the lower front area of his mouth and we can tell that he’s had some major
restorative dentistry on the upper left side of his mouth and actually he had a
bridge here as well that was broken or came off or came lose, you can tell he’s
had a root canal so a couple of things were looking at when we’re planning a
complex dental implant procedure or in his case when we’re thinking about doing
a teeth in a day procedure or all-on-four procedure is we’re looking at where
his sinus cavities are we can kind of tell there’s a faint line here which is
his sinus cavity wall on the left side and his right side and that’s one thing
we look at for the upper when we’re going to angle or replace our implant we
want to be aware of where the sinus cavity is on the lower jaw but we get
concerned about is there is a nerve that run through the lower jaw and we want to
make sure when we place implants we place in the in such position where we
don’t irritate or affect the nerve so that’s a consideration as well so when
we look at these 3d scans or these panoramic x-rays we’re evaluating
where implants can be displays based on the amount of bone volume you have then
also we’re also verifying where certain anatomical structures are so we don’t
interfere with those or damage or cause any harm to those areas
so again just wanted to get to more information in regards to dental
implants and how we plan these complex implant procedures again this is Dr. Tajes Patel with Austin Cosmetic if you have any questions in regards to
dental implants be it from a single tooth or a few missing teeth or something
more complex where maybe if a person has a denture who wants to upgrade and get a
more permanent solution or if someone is missing multiple teeth and just doesn’t
know what to do and wants to know their options we offer free CT scans to
evaluate your case in complimentary competition so if there’s any way we can
help you out please feel free to check us out online and reach out to us we’d
love to hear from you thank you you.

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