Anxiety Workshop, 14th March 2020

I’m Christophe from Folkestone Hypnotherapy, and in a few weeks time, the 14th March, I will be running the Anxiety Workhop, at the Sunflower House in Folkestone. The reason I’m running this workshop is because, while a lot of people suffer from anxiety
disorders, most people don’t really know what all those symptoms are about. They just accept them as being one of those things and they just put up with it. The thing is: when you understand the role of anxiety in your everyday life, and if you understand how your body responds to it, it becomes easier to manage your anxiety before it overreacts, or bring it back under control if you’ve passed that line already. This workshop is about educating you about anxiety, but also giving you simple, practical, and very efficient techniques you can use for yourself or share with others. It’s only a 2 hours session, so it will not
be a therapy session. It’s more about helping you develop a mental health first-aid kit. So this workshop will happen on Saturday 14th March, from 3 until 5 pm, the entry is £15 per person. And there will be tea, coffee and biscuits! So please come along or I will have to eat them all on my own. Thank you for watching, and see you soon.

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