Andy Lassner and Nate Seltzer Play Are You Smarter Than a Five-Year-Old

[music playing] Hello, everyone. I’m Andy and I’m here with
five-year-old Nate Seltzer. Hi, Nate. Hi. I’m Andy. Hi. I work with Ellen. Hi. [dings] Cool. So I hear you’re a
geography expert. Do you think you
know more than me? I know more. Well, we’re about to find out. This is going to be difficult. What? Oh, never mind. All right. You ready for flags? I’m ready for this– I’m just going to tell you,
this is sort of my sweet spot. I know– I know all of these. How much money you
have in the bank? I have 84. Dollars? 84 money. 84 money. And $1. Yeah. I have stocks, I
have a bank account. Well– Let’s just say I have a little
more than you, all right, buddy? OK, can we just do flags now? Oh, Canada. I knew that. Canada. [ding] Oh, way to steal my answer. Britain. Great Britain. Great Britain. [ding] OK. Japan. Japan. [ding] I think you’re just cheating. Chad. [ding] What? Chad? Denmark. Chad’s a guy in a fraternity. United States of America. [ding] United States of America. Kazakhstan. [ding] The Maldives. [ding] Am not even here? Yeah. Sri Lanka. Boston. Sri Lanka. Israel. Yemen. [ding] [ding ding ding] I didn’t even get
a chance there. Oh, I wonder who won. What they’re saying
is that you won. Do I get the trophy? You get the trophy, my friend. I get the trophy! Here you go, buddy. Thank you. Congratulations. Give me a hug. No. Ahh! Give me a hug like you mean it. Mama, look! I got the trophy! You got the golden trophy– Yeah. You came out on top today. –because you beat Mr. Andy? I beat him. Emmys are bigger. I beat him. Emmys are like this,
and they got wings. But that’s cool. [music playing]

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