7 thoughts on “Amazing Results for Woman’s Daughter with Autism

  1. Same as all the videos on this mert crap

    They are using powerful electromagnetic waves which displace blood and cause lack of oxygen they are killing parts of the brain and hoping the brain heals itself

    Sick stupid barstards that is why they havent even gone to the FDA cus they would be shutdown day 1 that the request is read

  2. Mert simply is a customized stimulus to the brain, targeted to where the brain is struggling and uses less power than the body uses to make it's own muscle fire. The targeted stimulus is completely safe and encourages the nerves to fire together in the brain. When they fire together, it leads to better function. This better function is expressed differently depending on the patient. Here, we see a child not only speak, but also emotionally "wake up." A stroke victim will recover more quickly. Anxiety is reduced without medication. Insomnia can be improved/resolved. People with cognitive decline may see improved short term memory. Not everyone has the same results, but everyone sees some measure of improved function.

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