Am I OVEREATING? // Eating Disorder Recovery Q&A

Hello everybody it’s Elisa here And I’m an eating disorder recovery coach helping you to recover from your eating disorder and today’s video I’m not gonna only answer one of your questions, but actually I’m gonna answer like a longer comment I got from one of you asking my advice about your recovery Yeah, but I want to say that just by knowing somebody’s eating disorder through a comment then there is not enough information for me obviously to Have a full picture of what’s really going on and in any case I always recommend you to speak to a doctor But just based on this comment what can I… what could I advise you. And I will put the comment somewhere here So you can keep an eye on that because it is like pretty long Yes, so you are like updated or you can keep an eye what I’m reading and what I’m talking about Elisa, I have a question. It is about knowing if I’m eating too much or not Because I dieted fir several months eating around thousand four hundred calories doing sports every day Sometimes twice a day, but I did never had an eating disorder The thing is that I lost my period and I had got it back now because I take the pill So okay, I’m gonna pause it here and just discuss what I learned from learn from this information So she was dieting she was eating around a thousand four hundred calories a day doing sports so it is a starvation, under eating, very unhealthy obviously And she lost her period and now she got it back because she’s taking the pill but actually taking the pill will not give you a real period, taking the pill doesn’t mean that your hormones are actually working again pill period is a withdrawal bleed from the pill Yes, so to actually get your period back You need to recover from an eating disorder, you need to rest, you need to re-feed, you need to eat high-calorie foods Yeah, and I can link an article for you down below to read how to get their period back and what I recommend, but yeah I just want to put it out there that just by taking the pill it doesn’t mean that actually your hormones are working and you have the real period And also another thing what I noticed here Is that she says that she ate a low amount of calories, but she never had an eating disorder, so… I just want to quickly say here that just because you didn’t have like an actual eating disorder or you were never diagnosed with the actual eating disorder. It doesn’t mean that your body is not in a very unhealthy place, and you can actually have the eat disorder symptoms without being diagnosed with eating disorder and restricting calories and doing over exercising not having your period It’s unhealthy for you whether or not you have an eating disorder, so… So yeah, and you do need recovery if you didn’t have the eating disorder Then besides eating disorder recovery There is something also called diet recovery, you need to literally recover from restricting, undereating, dieting, to get your body functioning normally again and to get healthy so okay Let’s read on I’m retaining a lot of water, but I am practically sure that I’m also gaining fat because of Because a lot of days I eat a lot of food during this week more or less 2000 but for example today 2500 calories or something like so. And she is saying that she is gaining fat. yes, this is a very normal response after you have been through starvation like severely restricting your calories overexercising, you didn’t had your period, your body was in a state of starvation so your body yes, if the weight comes on very quickly it can be mostly water weight but actually in the first stages of restoring your weight and getting out from the starvation your body actually wants to restore more fat. By restoring more fat in case of next I famine But if you stick with recovery then over time the weight will redistribute and the fat levels will go back to normal But gaining more fat in the beginning of your recovery it’s very normal, it’s very much needed There is nothing wrong with that, but if you keep on with your recovery resting, eating enough, Yeah, then the fat levels will kind of like Even out or redistribute in the most healthy levels for your body yeah, and she’s also indicating that she’s eating a lot of food and I want to include the calories here And the numbers because it’s very hard otherwise to understand what I mean. She said she’s eating a lot of food this week for her means eating 2,000 calories or even like 2500 calories but 2500 is only a minimum for eating disorder recovery and to recover your metabolism, your hormones, get your period back and stuff so and 2,000 calories is under eating like that’s for sure and even 2500 calories is under eating if you’re hungry for more even 5,000 calories is under eating and restricting if you actually desire more food so that’s why it’s very important to eat enough like the minimum calorie requirements the 2500 to 3500 as minimums But go way over that these are only minimums They are not maximums and go way over that to eat to your full hunger. Whatever it may be. Yeah, and I will read on. So I eat so much because I crave sugar a lot And I don’t know if it’s because of my period because I’m restricting or what’s happening So what I would like to know is if I should still eat all the sugars that I crave And if I should eat over my calories because sometimes is just that I’m mentally full but I still think about food You need to eat what you crave in recovery, this is what I did Yeah, your body craves those sugars for a reason as you said you don’t have your healthy period back and having sugar actually is the quickest form of… quickest source of energy to your body and especially to your brain function, our brain runs exclusively on glucose, if the brain doesn’t get straight sugar and glucose it will have to spend energy to make the food… or convert the food to glucose to get energy for your brain Yes, so sugar is important for you in recovery also like high carb foods and obviously things like fats, high fat foods and generally very concentrated sources of calories are very good for you in recovery And many times I see people are overthinking it, their overanalysing like why this is happening, but actually like the cravings and hunger comes for a reason, there is no doubt about it that your body is sending you those signals for a reason and It’s not because your body doesn’t know what to do actually like you need to listen to those signals and stop overanalyzing Stop overthinking and just follow your body Because the overanalyzing, the worry and the fear it is the eating disorder fear irrational fear that wants you to stop you from recovering and eating so… in recovery despite the fear, despite the anxiety you have despite the worry, all the questions you need to be answered Actually all you have to do is just follow your body, trust your body and eat. she’s also asking if I should still eat like “over my calories” But she is not even overeating she’s… barely getting enough calories. She’s definitely not overeating and obviously when you come from low calorie dieting any food more than that seems like you are overeating and your metabolism is suppressed maybe you’re not even as hungry, your hunger can be suppressed because Yeah as I said your hunger cues are not even working normally Your digestion is so super slow maybe you only go to a toilet like once a week, your body is literally shut down so every food seems like you are “overeating”, but no you’re not overeating Actually, you need to eat way more food. And the last part that she’s writing. I hope you can help me out because I don’t know if I should still eat like so or not because I don’t think I need to gain any weight I Have a BMI of 21. So BMI 21 Maybe for some people it’s healthy but just based on like she doesn’t have a period, she comes from low calorie dieting. She’s still just barely getting enough calories, minimums Rather still under eating, BMI 21 is just like it doesn’t sound like it’s your healthy set point weight or even when it is you still… you can’t focus on like “maintaining your weight” right now you simply have to respond to your body full on. Just follow recovery, eat enough calories Stop all exercising, give your body enough rest, and if then your body goes to BMI 21 then fine but you can’t simply decide what is your healthy BMI right now even though it is like in a healthy BMI range. If you are still restricting you can’t say that this is my healthy weight or you think this is your healthy weight Yeah, you have to focus on recovery, don’t focus on your weight If you simply follow your body, let your body recover, your body will find out the best weight for you or your set point weight, and there is nothing you can do about it to control it Yeah, it’s only up to your body. Yes, so this is my answer I hope it made sense and you followed me as I was answering her question Yeah, so let me know what you think in the comments below and you can like this video if you find it helpful and also subscribe to my channel for more future videos and Yeah, so see you next time. Bye!

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  1. What if you've been diagnosed with hypothyroidism? That is a lot of calories, I generally have less because of my metabolism?

  2. Thank you so much because of the help🙌❣️ because right now you're making me feel that it doesn't matter if I eat over my calories and that I just have to follow my cravings😉 without caring about the weight gain

  3. Hi Elisa. I've been in recovery for more than a year. I don't know how much exactly i eat since I don't count calories but I think I eat enough. But I keep gaining weight! It scares me so much, because I thought, that a year and a couple of months is enough to restore my weight. I have terrible stretch marks on my belly and arms. It seems like I`m just going to gain more and more weight and become seriously obese. Please, say a couple of good words to me.
    And thank you for your videos. They help so much.

  4. Did you find this video helpful? Write me in the comments below if you have more questions regards to overeating in recovery –>

  5. Hi Elisa! I LOVE your channel, you are doing such great work. I have a question and a request;
    Firstly, do you think you could do a video for people who are physically recovered but not mentally recovered? Tips of how to get to full mental recovery and change your mindset around food.

    Also, re over eating, if you've gone through MM, are now weight restored (even over shot a little)have your period, have experienced EH and followed it, how do you know if you're over eating?

    Thank you! :-))))

  6. Thank you so much for these videos! They are very helpful for me! I’m currently giving my body rear from over exercising and enough calories and (finally) eating what I actually crave.

  7. Thank you so much for these videos . I'm 2 months in recovery and I've gained 13 kg (about 30pounds) already , It's not easy , dealing with weight gain and clothes , but honestly I'm eating everything , like I'm enjoying the sugars and fats and everything .
    I would love to watch a video about how to deal with ppl comments (ppl always saw me as the skinny skinny girl , now when I'm not anymore whenever I see anyone they comment about the way I look any the weight) I don't care if they were positive or negative comments but they just trigger me somehow and I don't know how to response .

  8. Hey Elisa! First of all I really want to thank you for all the work you've put into this channel, supporting and helping people out with recovery. Also, if it wasn't for your book I wouldn't have been able to stop restricting.
    Now, just a random idea. Do you think you can create a forum within your website so your viewers can interact with each other and share experiences facing recovery? I can tell most of us struggle with the same symptoms and challenges, it would've been nice to talk and support each other. If again you don't want to do this I totally understand.
    Thank you!

  9. I needed to lose 5 kgs and started dieting and ended up with an ED and losing 18 Kgs, I’m recovering from my ED for two month now, I was BMI 16 and now I’m 17, I gained only 4 kgs but I need to gain 6 more to have a normal BMI or maybe more for my body type

    Yes I’m happy for recovering and yes I was never happy with my body looks at my lowest or before dieting but now I hate my current weight & I keep thinking of my old weight and how I hated it (even it was a healthy weight + BMI) and want to get back to my lowest again, I will never relapse I don’t wanna get back to restricting and I will never do, but I need some advices on how to love my body, I was always confident with my body but one year ago I gained some weight during depression just like any normal person but people comments destroyed my love for my body weight and that’s when my ED started. So can you help me please? <3

    Thank you so much for your videos they are a huge part of my recovery! You really do change people’s lives <3

  10. Hi Elisa! Thanks for your videos! They are helpful but a lot I can't relate to! I was 69lbs last year in April and now through eating 2500-3000 cal I've gained to 182lbs and this still hasn't stabilized. I only recently began incorporating exercise because my medical team is concerned about the weight gain. I'm not binging or underesting and yet I'm still gaining. I'm so depressed and feel so anxious because of thr weight gain….am I doing something wrong!? I'm 5 foot 3 (160cm) so technically I'm over the obese mark. I feel like I'm living in s nightmare. And so when I hear that food won't make you fat I feel like the exception

  11. If I still think about eating, should I eat? I'm in good health with BMI 15 already 18.5. does not feel saturated. I'm pissed off and my stomach is empty. I'm a woman. help please

  12. I have a question and could really use some advice. So I never had an eating disorder, but I do believe that I had disordered eating. Luckily I realized that I had a problem and decided to make a change before things got worse. One of the issues I am having is thinking about food way too much. I pretty much think about food all the time. Even though I am now eating until I'm full, I still think about food 24/7 even though I'm physically full. I am eating intuitively, but this whole preoccupation with food is really bothering me. I want to know, will this ever go away, will I ever be able to only think about food when I'm hungry like a normal person? And how long will it take? I really don't want to spend my teen years constantly thinking about this bullshit and I'm so worried that it will never go away and I'll spend the rest of my life thinking about food way more then normal 🙁

  13. I don't think it's possible for someone ask the question "Am I overeating" unless they are restricting. Someone who isn't restricting would not be considering, worrying about, or trying to measure the so-called "right amount" of foods, because the "right amount" is whatever you want. There's no "over". So, the answer is always 'NO', because it's impossible to 'over-eat' in recovery and still worry if you're overeating.

  14. To everyone who is scared that they have been overeating,it ok because I was also afraid of the same thing but trust your body it will settle down but some days you may need more and some days you need less depending on what your body needs.I have been in recovery for three months now and I am eating as much as I want and not restricting and my body knows when to stop eating.Its ok everything will work out in the end much love to all❤️

  15. Hii dear I am going through the recovering process of aneroxia I do not get my hunger cues is it normal like when I am hungry when I am full ,how to get it back

  16. If anyone reading this is also in recovery and wants to talk, message me! I'd love a recovery buddy, partly because I feel like my family can not fully understand the recovery process. So let me know please! 🙂

  17. Gosh I'm happy your channel exists. I'm having a huge relapse in my recovery right now, been eating very little or throwing up for the last couple of weeks, and watching your videos makes me hope that I'll get back on the right path soon, so thank you 🙂

  18. Thank you so much for talking so openly and honestly about mental health and eating disorders. You're so brave to share your own experience. Everyone's experiences are so different and your story can help so many. I'm currently filming and uploading a Body Image and Body positivity series on my channel where I give advice about how to cope with body image issues and become more body confident. If anyone thinks it might be helpful, come and say hello on my channel. Have a wonderful day everyone!

  19. This information is hard to accept.. I want to trust your advice, I'm 5'5, 89 lbs, considering recovery from AN b/p.
    I gain weight if I eat over 1500. So the prospect that 2000 is "under eating" is just baffling and really scary. In addition, Ive purged 5+ a day, every day, for months and months. My stomach does not take well to digesting, and I can't eat without binging. What does that leave me with? Purge. :/

  20. Great video. It was a good question to go over because it seems like it could go be borderline or not diagnosed, you might still have the symptoms and not eating your minimums. She could have an eating disorder or she could not because she is just like us. Many of us exercise and eat around 2000 calories. You did a great job in answering her question based on facts and experience. Of course everyone is different, but this is a great start to recovering. It is a long road. Thanks for reassuring us that our body will eventually find its ideal weight.

  21. Thank you so much for clarifying that the pill is NOT a real period!!! So many people (even doctors) seem to overlook this important fact!

  22. I hate the weight that I am now. Im 19 and I feel like im fatter than every other guy my age. I really hope my weight goes back to normal. And even if it does, I know that ill gain weight from aging, which really scares. Every day, I cant stop thinking about how much I want to die

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