AirMagnet Spectrum XT – Interferers 101

Hello, and welcome to this quick introductory video on AirMagnet Spectrum XT, looking at interferes. I have my Spectrum XT open, and the first place I’m going to look to look for interferes is I’m going to come over into my interferes and devices window, and I can see right now I have a digital video monitor in my system. Now there’s a couple of different ways I can get information about this device and help on myself understand how it might impact my system. First I can select it, and then I can come down below I can switch the view for my channels over to RF pattern. This will show me the ideal RF pattern for this category of device, it does not mean that every device will match this exactly, but this is the ideal pattern that such a device will display in the RF and is therefore this sort of pattern that we are looking forward to create a match. If I would like additional information about this particular device, I can come over to the charts on my right hand side. I’ll go ahead and change my spectral density chart, over to a non-Wi-Fi interference chart. Now I have a list of all the events that I have seen. From my digital video monitor I can see what the peak power was, average power, what channel it was last seen on, what channels it’s affecting, what center frequency it’s on, its duty cycle. As well as information about how many times I’ve seen it, whether it’s currently active whether or not it’s a hopping technology or whether or not this is a custom signature. So I can get a lot of very good information quickly and easily about this interfere that can help me in my efforts. If I look up a little bit at my spectrogram I can actually see this interfere on the spectrogram. I see a lot of energy all located just a hair short of channel 5, which would make sense as my on Wi-Fi interference told me that it was last seen channel was on channel 5. So now I have a pretty good idea of what this interfere is. I can follow these same steps to get information on any interfere that I might see in my environment, via it a baby monitor, via a bluetooth via, via a microwave oven etc. So these views in this simple process will give you the information you need to understand interferers when you see them. Thank you for watching this video, and thank you for choosing AirMagnet Spectrum XT

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