Agriculture Safety and Mental Health Go Hand-in-Hand

CHUCK: There is lots of stress out there for you. Lower prices, high-input costs. The more stress you have on your
life, the more you’re going to kind of forget about safety things out
there. So you might be thinking about the price of milk when you you walk into
a PTO shaft or something like that. Please take care of yourself. Remember
these stress items within your life and try to do something about them. TIM CURRENT: Farm safety is huge. With all the safety stuff that we have on our tractors, skid loaders
and stuff like that, we really recommend that they don’t disconnect these things. It’s there for a reason. It’s there for their safety and their family’s safety. We
also on operating tractors and skid loaders and stuff like that, you know, the
age limit that we see that are operating these things we really caution them on that. Can they really handle it safely if something happens?
to on-farm safety, GEA is really concerned about that. A lot of our equipment is on
the cutting edge. We wait for the standard to be published. We immediately react to it. We don’t wait until it’s enforced, which is something kind of unique.
Anything from beacon lights on our tanks, entering the manure separating
room, or any sort of confinement area around manure, we have lots of machine
guarding. Every control panel has an emergency stop on it. We really try to
encourage folks not to hot wire anything and not to over bound those those safety
measures. They’re there for a reason. They’re there to keep you alive. They’re
gonna keep you safe.

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