After marriage the husband did not give, after marriage all like this? Little Joan had to drink to r

Hello, I’m little Joan. I’m here again. Today is February 14, 2020. It’s Valentine’s day. I’m covering my quilt now. Because it’s not very warm in the car, it’s over 10 degrees above zero. The curtain is drawn. I’m too lazy to open the curtains all day now. Because I don’t get off. I don’t drive either. Basically the curtains are closed all day. Because there is no need to open the dark sky. Then my husband. Play the game in front. He put on his headset as soon as he played. I can’t hear anything. When I asked my husband this morning, I said you guessed. What’s the festival today. My husband said he didn’t know for a long time. After that, I said yes. Oh, it’s Valentine’s day. My husband said yes. Valentine’s Day is for lovers. It’s no use what we did. Well, I think it’s true. I haven’t been here for years since I got married. What kind of festival is Valentine’s day. It’s not enough. Before I got married. Ha, every year is a festival. Oh, my husband and I are junior high school students. Year. The college entrance examination is coming. Then I went to the Internet bar to sort out some information. Hey, just pick it up and say it. I met my husband in senior three. Then my husband was seven years older than me. Do you? He is already a member of society. And then I did. I’ve never been with anyone. My husband is my first target. Oh, it’s going to be the object of marriage today. But my husband has three partners. I’m like I’m a purist in love. I always think why he is so much. Yes, but no one can let me meet someone else later. What about it? And then. Every new year before marriage. What kinds of festivals. My husband would give it to me. And then after marriage. The first year passed for me. Anyway, I will not give it slowly. Then in my husband’s words. How does life return to chaimi, soy sauce and vinegar tea. Namely. To tell you the truth, my husband really takes care of me in everyday life. I. Sometimes, when you have time, you cook for me. I’m very concerned. But I feel. Every girl seems to have a little princess heart, no matter. Yes. No matter how many years you’ve been married. Even if it’s for the holidays. A very small gift. Even if you say Happy Valentine’s day or something. I think girls should be happy. But my husband can’t. My husband doesn’t take such a festival seriously now. I won’t get any presents. I think now. I can’t say. Anyway, I feel depressed. I happen to have a case of beer in my car. I’ll open it for you to talk with you. What are you doing today. Are all the cats at home. The cat is in the car like me. Because now it is. The special period of the epidemic. I feel the outbreak has come so suddenly. It disrupted our normal life. You can drink a few bottles of wine like this. Like this kind of can, I can drink about seven or eight cans. In fact, I usually. I also like drinking. You said that in daily life after marriage is a boy. Big change or big change for girls. Anyway, I think so. I can’t cook until I get married. I can’t do anything. But after marriage. I have children. Then I can cook. I think I’m improving anyway. I think my husband is a man. Anyway. I think it’s very good, but. There are many shortcomings after marriage. Not before marriage. Anyway, I think so. I’m quite satisfied. Anyway, I remember my husband said a word. Well, life has to return to firewood, rice, oil, salt and sauce. Vinegar tea. Then my husband) said I also need to grow up. You can’t be like a little princess all your life. What he said is quite reasonable. But what I heard. Anyway, I just don’t like it. I must have grown up doing things. It can’t always be naive. But I must hope that the other side will treat me as a princess. Same. But. I don’t think so. Really everyone may need to grow.

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  1. Happy Valentine's Day Joan! I am your subscriber from California. I enjoy your videos from East North of China. Keep up the great work! Thank you! 加油!

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