Affirmations To Relieve Anxiety and Depression (2020)

affirmations who will leave anxiety and
depression thoughts affect the reality they create an energy and perspective
that shape our actions positive affirmations can help you adopt a
positive mindset and changes in your life although there are many things in
life we cannot choose we can always choose new thoughts and perspectives new
ways of thinking and possibilities for the future
the self-defeating thoughts that accompany anxiety and depression are the
most painful of elements of this illness when in the figure of darkness a person
can’t see anything remotely positive about themselves they concentrate solely
on their weaknesses here now are some helpful affirmation is to say when you
are in this place to remind yourself of your value even though you can’t see it
or feel it hopefully these affirmations will help you at this moment I choose to
release the past and look forward to the good that awaits me with each new breath
I inhale strength and exhale fear I am learning that it is safe for me to heal
and to grow at this moment I choose to feel calm and peaceful everything is
unfolding as it should I choose to fill my mind with positive nurturing and
healing thoughts there are no mistakes only lessons to be learned I did the
best I could I am cool I am calm and I am collected every cell in my body is relaxed and
uses calmness every breath I inhale calms me and every breath I exhale takes
away engine I love myself deeply and unconditionally I am fully competent
confident about solving life’s problems successfully I am able to transcend
stress of any kind I live in peace
I am social and I like meeting people all is well in my world and I am safe with every breath I release the anxiety
within me and I become more and more calm I know the future is good I look forward
to the future with hope and with happiness life is wonderful I trust in
the universe I live a well fulfilled life I overcome my fear of anything and
everything and live life courageously I acknowledge that the only constant in
life is change and I am prepared for it I am feeling healthy happy and strong
today I am loved loving and lovable I possess the courage to make this a
great day my body is healing and improving every single day everything
always works out for my highest good I always choose to see the best side of
people and circumstances I make a positive difference for someone today everything I need comes to me at the
right time my work on earth has meaning and purpose I am grateful and content with my life I am free of all images of either past or
future failure I have completely let go of all my perceived limitations I have
the least or harmful pension for my mind and for my body I am
free of jealousy anger irritation and feelings of worthiness I have
transcended judgments from others I have children to let go of all the pain from
my past I have replaced feelings of overwhelm with faith that everything
will work out for my best good I have replaced all negative thoughts with only
reassuring one I have let go of mentally replaying
negative situations in my mind I am free of obsessions and compulsions I have let
go of any need to be perfect I have released all irrational feelings
of fear I am free of all fear of ridicule of judgment from others and of
criticism I have let go of all desire for health destroying untruth I am
healed of all pain of past trauma I have released all the causes of weaknesses
and poor physical health I have completely let go of all feelings of
despair and hopelessness I have let go of compulsively needing to do things
only a certain way I am free of all need to be certain of the future I know I can
overcome all pain and loss in my life I habitually visualize happy outcomes in
all areas of my life I remain calm regardless of any
situation I do the best I can and I’m happy with that result I use anger
constructively and positively I am bigger than any negative thing that
could possibly happen to me I approach all situations
with hope and confidence I happily learn and grow from my responsibilities I keep
all mistakes delays and setbacks in their proper
perspective everything I have I need for a wonderful life I enjoy peaceful
rejuvenating sleep I can overcome any challenge I face you

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