Advice for Parents on College Transition for Autistic Students – Common College Accommodations

Some of the accommodations that
I was experienced in delivering and monitoring were test taking accommodations, which would be typically
extended time for quizzes and tests and perhaps taking quizzes and tests in a
distraction reduced environment. The other typical accommodation might be
access to copies of class notes. This may be lecture notes,
it may be PowerPoints, it may be an opportunity to preview those or have
access to them if a students challenge is that they have a difficult time
listening, participating, and taking notes simultaneously. That’s a reasonable
accommodation for some students the accommodation may be access to assistive
technology. So examples of accommodations that may have been received in high
school that may not follow them the student in a post-secondary environment
would be access to a one-on-one classroom aid, any modification to the
essential elements of the course, alternative delivery methods, typically a
student is not going to have a waiver of any course requirements, or
degree requirements, or also any relaxation of attendance policies.

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