Adult Autism Q&A: Employment and open questions

Okay, so we’re up to employment [laughter] I just talked about this off video. For those of you just rejoining us I had a slight monologue that we missed. It’ll probably come up again in a video I do on Facebook. Trust me they tend to come back. Things come round for me. Um, okay, career advice for autistics. Do stuff that is within your strengths, not within your weaknesses and don’t let anybody box you in on employment. I want to be clear about this. Too often, and this is one of the stigmas that exists in Tri-Cities, almost anywhere that isn’t Seattle, LA, San Francisco, New York, Chicago to some extent, generally bigger areas, is, you’re disabled! Hey, you have a disability so you want to be a janitor, a cook, uh, I can give you a dozen jobs that Division of Vocational Rehab gives to you and if you don’t fit those boxes, well, okay we’re going to close your file and you can go on SSDI/SSI. [offscreen] Which are? Social Security insure? SSI is social security insurance and SSDI is Social Security disability insurance. Um. Yeah, there is this thought that if you can’t be a janitor, you can’t be a greeter at Walmart, you can’t be a fry cook, you know these are the jobs we give to people with disabilities. We don’t play to your strengths, we simply assume there’s a box, here’s the box, here’s what we do. If you tick off the list, we’re good. No, we’re not. Here’s my problem with the way we deal with employment currently for people on the autism spectrum. Sure some of us are great at working at Goodwill or being a janitor or whatever if that’s in our strengths [inaudible] but I will tell you. Anyone, I’m going to go over this very quickly and I’m sure I’m going to tick someone off when I say this, I do not like the way functioning labels currently exist for people on the spectrum simply because they do not deal with the entire breadth of the spectrum. 1. You can have a nonverbal person with autism who have said they have quote unquote classic autism and their IQ could be above me if they’re given proper devices, the proper communication abilities, whatnot, you know. At my end, your genius or what looks like genius (it’s not only genius) gets acknowledged but then it’s assumed you have no struggle and that can be just as discouraging because you sit there you go, “No I do have problems, I do have struggles,” but they won’t get acknowledged because you’re the high-functioning guy who talks and can sit here and do a video, so surely you don’t have autism. Want to piss me off? Do that one to me. Um, I had somebody trying to pull me that one on me on Facebook the other day and I was like crack knuckles, crack knuckles, come at me buddy. Yeah I’m not violent by tendency but people can piss me off very quickly sometimes. It’s like, but you talk, you talk about your autism, you do things. You’re not actually autistic! F-off. I’m learning to say the words from an adult but I will think it. I have actually typed it once to somebody in a private chat. Yeah he’s in the middle of a chat making an assumption and I said f- off and ended the conversation there and he blocked me promptly on Facebook. Well that was the quickest way to get myself out of it was f-off. Sorry, not doing this. Um, that is very much. Career advice for autistics. If you’re good at singing, if you’re good at computer stuff, do stuff near your strengths. Um, actually I’m still discovering my strengths. That’s one of the things I want autistics who are watching or in the room or anywhere really to understand. You will always be discovering new strengths. When I was 18, 16 really, I wanted to be teacher [?]. I still partially do, – but old dreams don’t go away that easily. When I was 18 I volunteered in a local program that taught ESL. I found I was good at that. I enjoyed doing that. Um, then I became a self-advocate and found that this was heavily my niche to the point where I’m like, why am I not being paid for this? Well, because hardly anyone pays for you to do this. Which is why I’m often looking at, hey I’d like to turn this into a paying gig. Um. And then I made a discovery almost two years ago now, for two years I’ve been doing this, I interacted with some Russian speakers who had kids with autism and found out I was good at helping them and then dove into two groups on Facebook where people in Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Israel, Kyrgyzstan, I’m sure I’m missing something somewhere in there! These are the people I deal with on a regular basis. If you see me on Facebook in the middle of the night I’m generally not speaking English and I’m generally not dealing with the English-speaking world. Um, I’m learning Russian quicker because of this. The reason I got interested is a large majority of my friends are not American. I have many Russian American friends or they are immigrants, they’re first-generation Russians here and I hang out with them three or four nights a week and we do stuff together and I am very comfortable with them. In fact when Americans are driving me nuts and no offense. I’m Iowa, you know, born and raised in Tri-Cities, Americans can drive me nuts because my Russian friends will not make the same assumptions about my autism that my American friends will or people I deal with who are Americans. They will actually let me try something before they assume I can’t do it. I deal with almost the exact opposite as an autistic in with English speakers, with Americans, is it’s assumed you can’t do something til you can prove you can and this is a very hard barrier to overcome. This is something I’ve chased my whole life. Certain people on my life, and I’m not going to go into who they are because we’re on video and they wouldn’t appreciated it, um have pretty much raised me to to the point where they believe I can do something up until the point that they think I can’t or if I’m trying something new the assumption is “you’re going to fail at this until I can see you can’t fail at this.” This works out wonderfully because for me to do certain things I have to prove that I can do it but the only way the prove that I can do it is to I’ve done it how do you get into out of this catch-22 there are ways not easy definitely not easy uh I went I went on a two-week trip to New York City in New Jersey to a friend’s wedding and a certain person in my life said you’re going to get mugged you’re going to get you know everything stolen off you in New York three or four days you’re recalling me because you’re being an emergency okay okay I’ve learned to live with this with you I appreciate this packing my bags for New York for two weeks see you to four days into this experiment I I was supposed to call every day I did fourth day out in New York I make the usual call and the conversation goes like this well I think you’re good now you may not have to call every day right we had agreed I should call every day no I I know no you’ve got yourself so I’ve been under for days and took you four days to finally accept I’m good here yeah if you miss a day nope no big your mother makes dress but no big okay did you just to be clear so I’m supposed to call you every day now we’re not good with me not calling okay I’m still going to call every day because ya don’t need to be made by us or another people hitting off when I went wait he’s okay with it after four days but I had to make it through before days because our conversation before we left was in four days every month Rob you know lying half-dead on the street in New York got past the fourth day hey we’re good okay hey so there is that oh but this isn’t how career advice that was simply one of my side tantrums and I will do that play to your strengths as a person with autism play to your abilities rather than your struggles as much as humanly possible with a job that is not always possible I know this but I would play to your strengths as much as humanly possible because if you’re trying to do something in your weaknesses you’re not only going to fall flat you’re going to fall flat a hundred million times and be on the happy about it don’t put yourself in that position um no I did not look at this and I may need more info on this one uh there is online learning Western govern Governors University and it’s one of those online programs um yeah if anybody was learning about a good college opportunity or people are effective that I can talk to me after yes I was going to look into that but they’ve got busy because there were like I already owe finding your strengths well and that’s what I’ve been talking about that is the funny one is when you get a job if you and I hate to say this and this is the biggest problem is very few people on the spectrum are important one because businesses don’t see and I’m gonna have to say they’re straight out and this may make you wince if you’re not and spectrum but it’s something when we realize as people on specialists a lot of businesses do not see a cost benefit analysis to hiring people on the autism spectrum no matter how much how many of your strengths are in something that they want you to do they see no cost-benefit analysis it’s all cost with no benefit they will never tell you this but if you play the game long enough and it’s something to get a job you learn this there is no cost-benefit analysis to having somebody with autism most of the time I second off is employers don’t know how to accommodate you so you can be successful therefore when you screw up and do something that generally might get anyone else fired they’ll fire you quicker because it’s easy easy just to get you off the plate okay they don’t make accommodations where it’s like hey this will work they try it is a half-hearted attempt but they set you up to fail and even they don’t realize that sometimes the thing we really tried to help you succeed and then you sit back and look at that and go no you can even try to help me succeed this was a attempt to help me succeed but set me up to fail almost immediately obligate and if you look back at it it’s easy to see it in a moment not so much sorted off is a lot of companies because they don’t see this cost-benefit analysis to hiring the person with autism um it’s just easier to dump you on to SSI SSDI and then when Congress gets a bug up their bus and decides they want to start cutting programs everyone’s like oh you’re fine with that right you know you have family or friends or whatever you can fall back on that’s not true for all autistics but there’s this assumption you’re good with this because surely you should be able to just to get a job or move to Seattle or wherever you might be able to get no and these assumptions really start to take you off when it’s like it’s made by people who should be helping you and it’s like what we don’t have any jobs are going to run to your goal to move to Seattle and you should be able to get a job at Microsoft I know no one in Seattle or at the time I was told this I was like 19 20 I don’t know when in Seattle I haven’t lived outside of my home yet and you want me to do what oh go up Microsoft is hiring people go up to Seattle and just get a job I know no one to stay with um Robert Garcia okay I love Seattle but not sure this is going to work I don’t see this working go up there you can just get a job like that one poor part of I have no supports no no way of getting this done where I’m going to be not homeless on the street or back here at tri-cities how did my parents go what happened yeah that that was the most wonderful experience of my young life oh we don’t have any jobs like that around here how about you go up to Seattle how I can get lift outside the home having held down a job for more than a couple weeks and you want me to go where imagine telling me to go to the moon because it’s about person gifts at that point in my life the other thing is businesses think they have gotten rid of the stigmas against people with autism but then at times without unknowingly happily reinforce the stigmas and then when you put this out to them they’re not happy because they’re like well we’re trying to get rid of the stigmas and it’s like you’re not helping your help is not helping as much as that you save that your help is not helping because it simply sweep things under the rug that probably should and that is this end of my talk right now because employment is a hard one one because I am one of those autistics who gets told oh it should be simple for you to get a job nope then they’ve done that um I actually the longest I hope it’s opposite two months that job is not even a good fit for me but I held it for two months because I wanted to see how long I would last before what happened happened I’ve never had a job for more than a few weeks but yet I have people friends some family a few people here and there who just assumed hey you should be able to go up to Fred Meyers or whatever and get a job like that no I know this I’m not going to make my head against the wall and assume that the things that cause me problems 10 years ago which was the last time I attempted this is it going to cause me problems now because I listen to actual autistics who are trying it now second problem I have an autistic I’m not going to name now because she wouldn’t appreciate that but um I know you’re going to be looking at this video so I’m not using your name and you can you know mark yourself in it um she has three master’s degrees in no job think about it one tiny look second she can do data entry but not fast enough she’s good at uh I don’t know whether to master degrees it are in because we only talk about a data entry master’s degree and she had a volunteer data entry position that she had a week because she wasn’t fast enough for her co-workers no didn’t nor did her co-workers understand her in the volunteer position chiefly master’s degrees no job she’s pulling basically what’s unemployment you she was diagnosed in college three master’s degrees and then people say all should be agreed to go out and get a job plate is tell me if my friend my 3 Master degrees can’t get a job she seen this is for me just saying there’s a reason I don’t go into it I get frustrated without the fact that she doesn’t have one master’s degree she doesn’t have two masters degrees she has three as soon as you have three master’s degrees you think you’d be in demand so there’s that bit unemployment I would take a two minute break and then I will start taking your questions thank you very much okay I’m here for the question you get the video up and going oh it was going to the whole time we never stopped it recording it seems to be recording hi there all right microphone is on okay no but make sure continue from where you were yeah I’m asking what is it so first question is whether was it died in elementary school – no the happiest memories in your life in my life generally as a person with autism the happiest yours are 1st through 6th grade was 6th grade here until it was in middle school I don’t even want to think about that that was the worst idea ever um 1st through 6th grade for me was the time of my life most of the time there weren’t that part one assumption you should never make about somebody with autism no matter their age is never assumed that they they don’t never assume that they don’t know that they’re being excluded for something because there aren’t enough supports there aren’t enough this that or the other every time I was screwed from an activity I knew it and then some adult would try to say to me you know what we were and this is where I get so emotional we’re trying to say to me oh no no you don’t know what you’re talking about and it’s like bs I know what I’m talking about what you just pull I know what you’re doing now play it straight with me no you’re a kid I can’t I mean that’s literally where we kick and I knew where I was getting was you’re a kid I can’t play it straight with you what you know I know a lot now play it straight with me and it’s like no we can’t but overall Elementary was finding that recess you had an ability to build social skills without without having to work at it too hard Elementary was better than middle school middle school is a living hell because it’s the awkward not only the awkward babies but everyone can zoom in on your autism and the goal damn it’s like Oh what are you thinking uh if I could have skipped middle school in fact I want to make the suggestion once upon a time people on the spectrum or people with disabilities should be able to skip middle school just outright do the lessons at some point during the six year of high school experience because in high school generally people do not pick on you as much once they are in freshmen in high school then a seventh or eighth grader in middle school if I have done six years of high school I would have been perfectly happy because I was picked on less in high school the upperclassmen were the nicest people you would ever meet and generally they were willing to put up with your oddities because there ought to let’s put it that way high school is that point at which you having autism doesn’t matter because everyone else was just about it’s just about as odd that’s the time I discovered my first experience of marijuana high school not me smoking in that I’ve actually never smoked marijuana but me seeing anyone else smoking and no but it was high school catching two lovers in a closet high school that was an interesting one um almost any students can think up was basically high school um my first decent hey that was interesting um my first kiss with was a random girl decided in the middle oh I think it was a dance or something if he want to make the guy she was with jealous so she just gave me ding bagel of smooching is like I don’t know what to do with that I had to walk out of the room because I’m like okay I wasn’t what well so do I you ever jump I’m with six years in high school could you discover things you go I might want to try that I might not okay no no what you just did over there buddy looks fun looking your idiot you you know when you smoke that marijuana yeah you say some of the stupidest things in the universe well waiting on you did argue physics with me and you’re not a physics major explain that one to me little things like that you you you you have a little more fun because everyone else is odd so there is that next question all right what are some of the things it’s a sensory overload good what sorry I don’t mean to say anything you are creating a unit north yeah um this one’s fun I’m going to talk about my glasses what are some names which is actually less explain versus what sensory yeah I was going to ask you because that’s not a simple subject so bill is going to talk to us about chemistry you know I’m having this interesting moment right now I’m going ha and you want to talk about this um there are sensory overload has anything to do with your 5 senses really this is a problem for me there aren’t really five senses there are at least six or seven but no one will ever tell you this because the other two may or may not exist for everyone sight sound touch feel you know this and there are two others that seem because it’s only for people with autism which one being the other people’s emotions and the other one being um your internal regulation of body temperature your own emotions and other things that you don’t generally deal with as an ngon yes yes yes actually I haven’t heard that work you can pop career free proprioception yes yes it is like what your body is doing for me yeah yeah a lot of times involves wearing long sleeves it closely and under one appointment yeah and that’s one of the thing like yeah yeah but uh so what was just talking about with proprioception which was the senses internal body going on you described it that way yeah yeah that’s exactly what ever discovered cos only learnt that word a couple of times and yeah all right thank you um so your sensory issues would be the five senses that generally everyone else has and really I have a strong sense of taste there are foods I love foods I hate them foods I’ll never eat because they’re sensations our own a big Center issues for me are sound sight not touch unlike say some people in spectrum and you will touch I can mind you there are times if I’m essentially overloaded I can’t deal with even that um there is the uh what’s your in central remote it has to do with things okay like I was saying sound is one for me if you get white noise in a sound machine it can drive me nuts uh there is a thing about sirens and people thought I was crazy until they discovered sensory issues as a kid I ran away as soon as I heard a firetruck police car anything with a real timer hated fire warms as a kid you will hear for me a story over and over again if you spend enough time with me that I hoped it I could hear the fire alarm turn on as a kid in kindergarten or preschool and I would bolt and run and run until I was home or somewhere away from the alarm and which was through today’s sensory issue I have what we call I call it Superman hearing because that’s the best way I can ever explain it to somebody who doesn’t understand sensory issues I can hear things from a farther distance than most people and this can get interesting because I’ll be like wow there’s a fire truck coming down the street well no one else is harder than when I was the scene and I’m like are you sure trust me I know what I’m doing so there is that there is that there is the overload from the far end of the um once you are in sensory overload there’s not much you can do not people say well can’t you put ear canceling headphones in yet it minimizes it and make it go away quicker not always um if the center of the world gets too big you will go into meltdown or shutdown now let me explain to you the difference between the two because this is an absolute must because people confuse that you one and on test you can meltdown looks like a three-year-olds tantrum it’s not it’s caused by sensory issues emotional issues um actually there are several triggers some that I don’t even think some psychologists have you can even quantify yet because they exist but there’s no way to explain them um mine can be caused by stress anxiety centrally overload um even sometimes the emotions that others can trigger a meltdown very Commons very rarely and that usually happens because I am um uh already know that age um there’s a term I use called walking the edge that I will use where it’s like I will skirt along that edge of yes I can do this to layer there’s no meltdown there might be a meltdown but there isn’t going to be because I skirt along that edge for hours or days and I know where that edge is because I look over and go we’re still good I’m still walking along the edge of the cliff and you’re welcome you know from can I hold this edge of the clip much longer so there is that so next question oh let me explain the shutdown for a second shutdown is the opposite and you want to create a card for this my friend in the back said he wanted to create a card for this um in a shutdown I can’t tell you any of the information I need to give you I can’t tell you my name my address thinks there you need to have a card that says he’ll call this person I don’t care what your mom your dad a close personal family friend or even anyone else so just call this person when I go into a shutdown mode I go into bill needs you to call X bill fields X now talking and third person is strange enough but if I’m doing it it means everything shutting down and I can only give you bare minimal information and if it happens very quickly you would never hear me say bill these x-intercepts of E and then I have to do this and I have a card in my wallet and I will reach in and give it to someone be like this my friends are like oh dear because by that time I’m not in the best shape to even you know do things and people say why do you view things bill um if you know there’s a risk of a meltdown or shutdown or whatever why do you risk going out when you think it might happen I’m like because that’s the extrovert part of me that’s the part of me that loves doing this and I’m one in the riskless but this is that next question what accommodations are generally most helpful in a classroom or in the Herbalife reason I’m laughing is this is not a one-size-fits-all unfortunately what a business where school wants is it’s a one size fits all and say you know hey we got this and there’s a hold it uh for me on accommodation like um if there’s a deadline please you know try to make it keep it hard and fast you know don’t be moving targets on me too quickly too often that doesn’t work in my favor okay don’t say hey can we do this with that and then change your mind five minutes later and I’ve already written up the way you wanted it then you look at it and go this isn’t what I wanted as it was what you wanted before you told me what you wanted um another accommodation is allow people on the spectrum in the classroom or at work to use noise cancelling headphones let them listen to i pod music or something if they can when you working alone because the extraneous information from the outside and if you want me to get something done it’s not always going to get done if I have is I have my ears open and hear everything going on in the world in fact it won’t work most of the time um understand that we one of the accommodations we need to have understood is um we may not we may be able to work in teams or with people but don’t assume that we can immediately do this straight off the bat a lot of jobs nowadays want you to be a team member but not only be a team member but hey hang out with your team um you know actually become friends with the people you work with I can tell you that doesn’t work really well for me half the time because sometimes I’m in a job where it’s like I would not want to be friends with these people ever maybe they are questionable moral character and you want me to hang out with them that guy over there has 700 tattoos open you just told me you just got out of jail for what attempted murder I did have a cool one who didn’t once for me I went now my boss was like hey go on up coffee with these guys you remember the guy who told me he was in jail for attempted murder no this doesn’t fit with my moral core um no and yes yes I have had people co-workers volunteer information to me and also I’m going I’d rather not hang out with you ever again I’d rather not see you ever again right you in jail for how long for attempted oh wow and the boss wants me to hang out with you why do I not feel like this oh yeah I don’t want to end up dead so there is that you know if you want teamwork please have our input somewhat don’t just tell me hang out with these co-workers on Evernote the co-worker is a convicted murderer this is cool next question all right tell us about how to interact with a nonverbal autistic well I do this all the time um there is a same in autistic circles uh very funny is it’s funny because people ignore it and it’s funny because it’s true when people shouldn’t good for now when dealing with the nonverbal autistic assume competence assume they understand what you’re saying and assume that there is a person in there I’m going to be clear assume competence means assume that they are actually know what’s going on around them just cuz they’re nonverbal just because they’re hyper just because they do things don’t assume that they are any less broad or intelligent than us to assume that they’re a person um there is a tendency and it could piss me off from here to kingdom come that people who are non-verbal with autism are not people these are vegetables they are I don’t know what you call them it annoys me to no end I deal with nonverbal autistics who could run circles around me in certain subjects in certain ways and everyone else when I’m dealing with them is like you’re dealing with a vegetable you’re dealing with a non-person they don’t feel anything they go I ever told this well you can’t hurt their feelings that they don’t understand what okay take the knife out and walk away slowly I mean I literally do deal with nothing on speaking autistic and it’s like they don’t know what they’re doing they don’t know what they’re saying if they write a blog and you know nonverbal autistic some write blogs they’re not really writing the blog somebody else’s but okay please I thought I might as well but we’ll say that yes leading another velocity Gloria with an autistic you shut down verbally assuming they’re stupid it’s not great exactly what was what what something that I could try my my notepad you already knows write something down or pass something with yes or if you have a cell phone and I don’t have mine with me because it’s charging or whatever those have to get when I got here Hannibal phone I actually had an experience at an autism conference I was act it was absolutely amazing because the mother of the person I was talking to he was 18 almost 17 most 18 I handed him a phone he started texting his mother’s like he doesn’t know how to type so well obviously he does because he’s doing this he hands me the phone and says we tell my mother to please stop saying this I don’t know his mother from Adam um I’m looking for like please read this madam I’m not saying this she looks and she’s like he give him the full neck so you can keep communicating the rest of my conference was spent saying between these two people having a conversation that they have never had before and the entire conversation started out with Kareem tie things in my phone can you please tell my mother to stop doing this and she watched him type it in where she assumed he came from how the tank and he didn’t understand what she had done and just these things when you tell mom yes I want to date X was one of the things he put into my phone I’m like oh my god and relative weights everything in the phone that he’s put in here because he put in information that it was like I didn’t need to know that it’s not on my phone it’s going away because it was basically he was what I want to do in life here’s what I what you failed to do as a chat I mean she had issues and they were coming across on my phone and I’m going I’m not a counselor I’m not a licensed psychologist but there are issues here you need to deal with as it madam do you have the ability they don’t get him a phone or a tablet or something so yeah I mean my husband our farmers were a little bit well off yes we can say do it today because I can’t give you my phone reasons I need but I’m going to go out and get one to two day don’t wait don’t wait you know two weeks and as soon as it’s going to pass I said the stuff is typing on the phone is there going to go away she did that she got to mourn me a few weeks later and she’s like do you believe you write poetry did you know he’s writing a novel holy shit what do you think he was I didn’t say that’s her over to Rebecca my head I’m thinking what do you think of your own son please tell me what you thought no please don’t because that’s not going to have our relationship any but you do you know keep doing this and I’m like yes I can see he’s doing that because he sent me his manuscript oh my gosh she has mommy issues that’s all okay he loves you dearly has issues and I just love that experience because it was time exorcism he just typed into my phone I handed it to him because I assumed he was confident and he kept what here over my shoulder as I’m making notes in my phone we just got plenty at my phone it was like okay I’ll give it to you for a second even if we love typing in said tennis my mother actually asked me to say it to his mother and I’m like no I’m not gonna tell you right don’t know your mother I’m not telling her off read my phone can do it it’s not me but I’m not telling her off for you X question would you like to share any information you have balance Commons involved in it oh not going I was not going to go in for this one because it is a school thought that absolutely hate and I will apologize in this room in on video only to a certain extent there are those who believe autism is caused by vaccines that is BS I will tell you from personal experience and I deal with people who think vaccines cause autism you’re insulting autistics just just to be nice I think in my deal with anyone who believes that vaccines cause autism there when I have dealt with them they have insulted us to know it because you’re saying you’re damaged you wouldn’t be this way if it wasn’t for X I will tell you something my grandfather my father me my step siblings we all have autism the obvious point to me is that if you have ever in your family had somebody say oh there was this eccentric uncle X and there were eccentric aunt why they were probably autistics high-functioning up that they weren’t in an institution but this idea that vaccines somehow caused the spike in autism where this was under the other where were the autistics 100 years ago working in Henry Ford’s factory because it made them perfectly happy it was a routine they could deal with not all autistic smart routine but many of us do we like a job that is common and you know we do pretty much the same day-to-day the assembly line was perfect for this being a farmer is perfect for this how you keep propagating autistics while we seem to have sex and procreate therefore we keep creating ourselves it was like well could there be environmental factors maybe but I’m going to go with the scientific consensus because scientific consensus is hardly ever wrong if it is it is because it’s shitty science me I one of my specialties is history and I like military history but I also like history in general and generally any theory that is just proven down the road with shitty science in the first place you just look at it and you’re like Galileo really didn’t discover that the earth went around the Sun it was the fact that everyone was like oh the Greeks believed the earth went around the Sun and the Greeks were kind of shitty with their religion and some of their ideas so we’re just going to throw that out the window and when Galileo came up with it everyone’s like what that’s the Greeks and the Greeks weren’t the greatest of whatever fine mr. Galileo you know don’t do that that’s that message with our worldview generally if something is proven not to work either somebody knows it’s not going to work like there was a doctor who tried to tell the world before the Menace all caused the issues of the children of God the lid of my he tried to ward and say this is a dangerous idea this is a dumb idea there was one scientist who had worked on a small life and once this isn’t a great idea I don’t know what you think you’re doing nobody listened to him he had seen the data he had seen the stuff what everybody is like but it’s a wonderful new training that he’s like it’s pointless it’s dumb with vaccines the overwhelming scientific body of scientific consensus goes one way and scientific consensus means something outlying reports that might point at something else don’t really mean anything unless they become a huge piece of scientific consensus and the reason I say I apologize is I know that steps on people’s toes next question yes you can come on out please because until we need to get you on video on that one you’ll see you’ve you’ve probably seen a lot of different blog posts or articles or whatnot on vaccines and autism and those talking about what makes good science one of the most important things to know about this vaccines and autism issue is that the original research that was published that says this stuff the results were fabricated more than yes these results were made up so first it’s not even true second you cause problems when you say I’m not going to vaccinate because my child might get autism because you’re saying I would rather is death for my child I would buy a preventable disease then have them be autistic so that’s a that is you one that’s the one at placate and I’m going to use this phrase I’m going to act up on it so I’m going to step on a toe and I’m probably get blocked on Facebook by a dozen people sorry I like you you’re probably friends you’ll probably close people who enjoy talking to me I’m going to piss you off right now there is a strain of pot in the anti-vaccination movement that makes me get angry no no one is better off dead than autistic and anytime you sit there simple yes autism is convex if that seems cause autism it’s better not to get a vaccination I’m going so you’re thinking it’s better to be dead than autistic let me think about this logic here for one second beyond my emotions which are at you um I’d rather be alive and have a life with autism then be dead from mumps measles rubella or get a disability from mucks measles and rubella which makes you like that much harder no no no this is an entire school thought of better off dead than autistic it is it in no way makes me happy and I make my view is very plain on that one yes no I you said one of the things that really engages you is this oh you better look girl cries I got a copy from steve Silverman there my library I let it it is a brilliant brilliant book we’re talking about guru guy’s son you’re trying right by singing Silverman okay who’s calling me oh okay I’ll come back later remember later sorry okay am i doing – that’s about going to see guardians of the galaxy and another time right now so doing this um oh yes for the reason the reason I brought that up because in such a dark book it is you saw negatives the initial responses worth and how the medical and psychiatric community for battle goes that IQ blue if ownership of the diagnosis and then the kind of negative for announcement it was made of our autism and it was all came under stuff that helps free society be better off going to vaccinations been taking your chances on becoming autistic there are two things on this record one Tan’s Asperger came up with the idea of the high-functioning autism and Asperger’s at the same time as Leo Kanner Leo Kanner absolutely hated and Asperger’s Leo Kanner was an American psychologist world war two vet of hands Asperger’s is always this question which he had not seen no it was never part of the Nazi Party but he worked in the hospital system in Austria during the occupation meaning he had to interact with people who were less than ethical to you know do things um there’s never any proof that he did anything wrong during that period or handed anyone over willingly to in fact he protected some of his children from being sent to the gas chambers there’s proof of this but people asked us hands asperger’s said nope autism isn’t just the low functioning stuff which is what hands which up caner came up with caner was an asshole and probably on the spectrum himself because of the way he wrote things black and white absolutist and he hated hands ass produces Asperger’s talked about the genius syndrome in in autism and hands Asperger’s wanted none of this because you could put these people in an institution you could study them you couldn’t do the things that you would do to somebody who was stupid this was mid 40s 50s what do you do people who are stupid you lock them up for being stupid you put them in an institution throw the key away and imprison them and completely ignore the Bill of Rights rights because they are a stupid person that was the way you dealt with people with mental disabilities who were considered severe back in the day so if you want the guy with high-functioning autism working at the auto plant or whatnot or had a family or had backups you are in the institution and basically in prison for the rest of your life no Fourth Amendment rights no trial no nothing you were there and there are some projects now that scare the shit out of me Chris they’re doing this wonderful thing and building a gated community for their child with autism and it’s essentially a prison they won’t ever leave we go to the wider community because their safety is more important than their civil liberties is when I get told times and you’re going know both is important you can have safety with civil liberties but the minute you tell me the safety is so important that you can’t have civil liberties I’m sitting here looking at somebody who’s willing to throw out everything I believe in as a human being because well they’re too stupid to have civil they don’t say that outright but when you say safety is the only thing that matters and the civil liberties and then being a member of society doesn’t matter because their safety is first and foremost yes so given given all this and and I you know from what you say I think it sounds like you really value zero diversity and I’m wondering how do you feel about people who talk about finding cures for autism oh my god um I wasn’t going to deal with this but I am now particular asking because I just don’t know just in case you couldn’t hear that we’re talking about people who are searching for a cure for autism thank you any of that reinforcement I know why you had to do that because you can’t hear no I am not in favor of a cure I get the reason people are quote unquote more severe people wanting all we need is better or supports and accommodations for those people not like here here is a ridiculous idea to me and here’s why hear me out I know something I’m going to get nasty grimace I expected it after this you cure me of my autism you say poof it’s gone goodbye whatever what else am I losing in this house T in bargain and I use that for a reason because I cannot tell you where my autistic traits stop and the things about myself start into simpler to hit here take this pill and everything will be fine and everything about yourself you’ll like everything that you like about yourself will still be here can you 100% tell me that no you can’t because my autism reaches into every piece of my personal run into Who I am it’s very hard for me to say hey gal take this magic pill and the things I like about myself will still be there in the morning after you give me this cure and the easiest curable mr.wai another reason I hate the idea about you it’s just simply not let autistic people exist neither abort them you euthanize them you give these things to them and I know I’m going to take some people off because no I’m not in favor of abortions due to genetic conditions or because of sex this is my personal opinion and you will not move me honest I can simply not sit here and say oh it’s okay to kill an unborn child because they have a deed record you know that is it my moral Center and I understand why some people might differ you just not never gonna change my brain no fix the second one is well we could just euthanize them uh no I don’t want to go down to your hole Sieg Heil world thank you no and that’s just it that’s just it there is an assumption that people with disabilities are less valuable to society therefore they’re throwaways or whatever f off if you think that cleans really do it I don’t usually get this animated about this but I too often hear well those cuts to those programs you use won’t be so bad that’s just they will be well people will step up well in my experience very few people step up in crisis this is the problem if I knew for sure and I know plenty of people who would step up in crisis I know people who would do this but you can burn them out I’d be fine with getting rid of cutting back Medicaid or whatever whatever whatever if I knew large portions of society would step up I have no proof that beyond a small subsection of society so anyone will step up there is a subsection that will do this or that subsection is so small that you can’t make up for lost as much fun as the theoretical there is yes you think you and you okay sure you’re not one that way there there is also that understanding where we talk about twice exceptional yes where you are beyond exceptional because you’re on this well and here’s the thing due to other people’s perceptions of us and me and forget your son’s name although we’re talking about that we have internal conversations we’ll reinstall ourselves because people look down on us and we assume exhaust not everyone else we assume it’s us and then you start really people said well why do you get into depressive so why do you view and depression so much more than the general populace it’s because we can’t be helped on by other people then we beat up on ourselves because we will beat up on by other people it’s a vicious cycle somebody said something to me about what would you rather be typical what is my reaction now that when I was a kid I would sit there and think about that and no one that for months well what if I was typical you know would it be good okay yes good yeah I thought just great based out of the presumption of experience right they always think oh this impairment so what course you want cure it’s like a cure for being gay you know what we can hear the neighbors villain straining yeah no big person sees for you oh my gosh I have to talk about something since we’re not sure but my point guess is when you take that in steer off in a different direction where you ask okay so who are the people on the spectrum you can name the lift lines up there really an interesting list of people like Einstein Einstein Andrea doctor doctor Shore and Apple Grandin and yes yes the Thomas Jefferson most likely if you’ve ever read him primary sources from Jefferson okay let me talk about one thing two things really quickly the very important famous of who we’re talking about with people who are you guys to be on the spectrum or are on the spectrum so first dr. Shuren dr. Grandin um two things one there is lot in autism where what I deal with with autism isn’t me or my autism it’s everyone else and we don’t talk about this as autistics because we get looked at like but the impairment is you and now they’re realized no the impairment is not me it’s you and and you don’t like this I understand why because their world is your world sorry if you’re a 19th is so stable so predictable and then you throw the curveball of somebody with autism and we want you to be honest with us no we really don’t we don’t want you telling us we’re fat we don’t want you doing that with when we raise a child we say we want complete honesty from you we don’t ever want you to lie to us we don’t want you to do a B C and D and a child with autism takes its at face value but we teach a typical child that no society exists on white lies gray areas and a few other things these things don’t exist in an autistic brain and don’t work well grey areas we don’t like them no matter how much they make sometimes do everyone else was going to know it’s either one thing or the other telling me it’s gray doesn’t help now that makes sense to me as being great saying we want you to always be honest it’s great in theory except my 9:1 take that quite frank talking seriously as a child and then we discovered no the world is built on white lies to the point where you take away the white lies and everyone’s mad not not just that everyone’s mad but we’re two steps away from internally having a civil war because everyone took away the white lies um the second thing is it says I’m in a church I’m going to talk about this one for a moment there is this idea and it happens in some Christian denominations and I don’t know if it happens outside where what God can only use you if you’re not a person with a disability and I have the space plan or fall over or do several things that make we go please tell me Moses likely stutter complains about it and it seems to be in stutter King David had possibly had a disability I can go down it’s thought that most of the major prophets had a disability there’s the fact that um when you talk about Jesus disciples the sons of Zebedee when you translate that sons of thunder means these guys did talk quietly somewhere this is a trick of people like with autism we are not quiet when we talk to general E we don’t have voice inflections that well and then I go all the way back and there st. Paul now think about this guy poor old st. Paul and second Corinthians says you go well the because I’m having these great revelations Satan comes and puppets me um what most historians think was epilepsy but there’s no proof all religions right that much about it everything we know from his letters and everything we know from second Corinthians he possibly had epilepsy some blindness you know something along those lines he does to God God takes us away from me and he doesn’t three times which tells you something um Paul didn’t like it and all God says is no no my grace is sufficient for you in its light Paul Hani get this answer three times wait wait so Moses David others could have disabilities but in our modern almost American Christian view it’s Oh God can’t use you unless you’re like everyone else no so I went there do you have any more questions yes it’s not as if you’re saying that there’s a lot of autism in ask history it hasn’t been diagnosed what didn’t exist there didn’t exist the concept in words but people read a lot on the spectrum definitely um please please um and it’s just juxtaposition because there was no diagnosis at the time and diagnosed and dead people is very hard if you look at the Renaissance masters Leonardo Raphael Michelangelo Donatello Alden had savage skills but had horrible horrible social skills from what we know from primary sources the founding fathers Jefferson Madison Hamilton to a certain extent even though he was a womanizer therefore probably not completely on the spectrum all to have their peculiarities Jefferson was probably on the spectrum except right his primary source material from Jefferson’s writings right to the PD has autism there is no doubt I’ve read his primaries uh how Madison is similarly that way which is why they didn’t get along with Madison thinking it’s black and white and it’s there on the page the way Abraham Lincoln speaks would lead me to believe he was on the trailing edge if it was not on the spectrum he was close enough that he understood how they do it because his Gettysburg Address is one of those things where he knew specifically what he needed to put down and it was in black and white and it was better and this was his speech um Theodore Roosevelt yep today I’ve read enough about Theodore Rosen over sit there and go rich guy ah joins the cavalry not because he wants me in the Calvert because it’s fun and his way to get further along in life and it’s a regimented system he’s willing to take unreasonable risk which people Austen’s of them to do he was willing to try things and say things that nobody else was really willing to do and they stuck him in the vice presidency in hopes that he would go away and then the boss gets killed my favorite piece of American he only 19 early 20th late 19th century history is they stuck Theodore Roosevelt in the vice presidency to have his political career and there then the boss dies oops it was one of those oops but yeah everything I’ve read ever read about TR strikes me as he was autistic but he would never call himself that he was self driven self motivated uh very much what an extrovert on the spectrum would be and I can read link to TRS writings and he was only his life but you’ll sit there and it’s like ha but yeah I would not formally diagnosed these people but after reading their primary sources Senate there and go if they were alive today I’m not sure if Jefferson would have got as far as he did I’m not sure Madison would got as far as he did the Renaissance masters they’d be in Hollywood just saying you know these little things it’s um there are even Hollywood actors that’ll be quite successful now that come out and say they have an autism what’s exam who’s the guy who plays Hannibal Lecter um turnovers man just came out as autistic can interview a few weeks back absolutely Hawk yes in the interview a few weeks back I’m carousing through stuff I like sharing autism articles on my Facebook and Anthony Hopkins goes I’m autistic his ex defect okay so a guy who plays creepy villains just this doesn’t help you want problem with stigma yeah that might be that is like you played through the creepiest villains in history and yeah you’re not going to help us with statement right here please change what you play yes so what we’re saying is that we probably all have autism and a family tree summer cold some of it probably that autism in our family tree but we just have not it has not been diagnosed no no think about it I said it earlier there is and we’ve gotta pretend with that’s life there is a school of thoughts that’s in my head and I profited with other autistics how many of you and people back here can’t see but I’ll tell you how many hands I see um have heard stories of you know eccentric Aunt Sally or uncle X or my brother-in-law gist is you know one you know yeah I’ve seen people about two three four five yeah majority of the ruins add this oh and X would have been a wonderful wife but never got married because she was too eccentric what is another word for office that could be used for autistics we are by our very nature it’s like every time I hear this at a family dinner with families that are not mine is like and especially that somebody who’s like oh but autism can’t be genetic and I’m like so weird aunt or uncle X was just real aunt or uncle X and it could possibly be autism thank you I walking away for this conversation it is important but but but there are those stories that exist in between the families and you’re go oh that explains you hi Amy there is the boy who got your call I mean I apologize but but that’s the thing is you get the eccentric that was ant X or that was ya know it is any for the question I’m enjoying this I really want to say this on the video before I say to the crowd I do want to do future speaking engagements like this where at AQA or it’s on a particular subject ah may 16 we have a sensory skate at the Richland whole arena from 4 to 6 p.m. it’s our last one of the year I want to have some picnics this summer please get a hold of me or the group I run Three Rivers autism outreach is on Facebook I am also on Facebook at under Bill Peters on the actual name of the pages bill Peters 3 because apparently there were two other people before me named Bill Peters so many I had to go with that that was the simplest thing to do um but I do want to do more of this this is fine I also enjoy mentoring autistic youth you’ll find I am in my prime doing that and this actually went over time because I did that today and I enjoy doing that I enjoy the mentoring and the helping out and the we have a crisis bill who literally call at 2:00 a.m. in the morning yeah I’m used to this I also do work with Russian speakers I’ve been enjoying that I’m hoping to go overseas someday and help the families that I work with over there I even like to start a school or a home for the kids who whose family even need respite over there or the kids who are Street kids and these are kids who have been dropped off on the streets we have autism who live on the streets because nobody would take them and there are also many autistics in Eastern Europe who are in the state orphanages who will never have families nobody would adopt them all so I used the same facility to help adults with autism in Eastern Europe and this is one of my goals and I’m currently learning Russian and helping out as best I can I enjoy helping Russian speakers out understand autism understand how their problems and help them with them the best I can from the back of the computer screen my typical day can run anywhere from 8 a.m. in the morning till 2 morning the next day because yeah no I seriously one of these days I’m like I want to get a home in Moldova or Belarus so I’m on the same timetable of the people I talk to primarily during the week rather than me sitting behind the computer going copies wonderful copies great how much of this is a drink so thank you thank you all of you if you have any more questions or any more yes if we know someone that might want execute is that your mom my email is also oq k ey to 9 at also I’ll get the people in the room my phone numbers I’m there on Facebook but I don’t want to give them out over video because God knows what happens then yeah I also I’m trying to start a 501 C 3 about building an autistic community center here in tri-cities that hasn’t gone far for reasons any problem is the narrow difficult on the board by each other and they not want to take my ideas seriously that’s the other one um and then um if any of you know an autistic who needs the talk especially if they’re in crisis I my phone line is always open if you need to get a hold of me PM me for my phone number I do have in our facebook but I don’t want to give it out over this video for a reason because I because because I know the nasty grams that I will get over gmail or over Instagram would start coming over my phone and then I want to rip my phone out of the wall I can’t do that so I can’t ship out the numbers very often um I want to do more talks like this I do Special Olympics cycling and um skiing I also do bowling I am currently the enemy team captain for the Tri City wolves cycling team I may be that for skiing next year uh yeah we do have sports that adults and kids can take part in in Special Olympics I’m also willing to talk about that but thank you for your time thank you for your time I’m willing to do this again soon I hope I’m wrong images at bigger venues I do do live streams on Facebook once in a while and they’ll be on some odd rant and I do apologize for that sometimes because it doesn’t always work in my favor but thank you thank you all for listening I’m looking at the back of the room and a young man I think really wants to head out for the movies fast food so I will report at this point I would talk to some people in the room get a hold of me if you want the other things thank you for your time thank you for recording this thank you to Jennifer and yeah let’s secret great thank you to both of you thank you to hold of your name right now they’re adorable with names and sometimes horrible with faces but that’s a whole different subject and a whole different thing and probably election name but yes thank you

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