20 thoughts on “ACTIVATE Your BRAIN POWER for MANIFESTATION Success! Law Of Attraction Sensory Activation Meditation

  1. βœ…To learn more about how and why this meditation is so effective, and access more sensory awareness techniques, watch this video ➑️https://youtu.be/ogc_3DEiAxU

  2. Once you use repetition of positive words and thoughts, your subconscious mind has no choice but to accept it eventually. It’s time we change our program in 2020! Love to all πŸ™πŸΎ

  3. I just want to remind you that all is possible!!! There's no desire too big for this universe and this universe loves you and conspires to give you what you want β™‘

  4. Thank you Universe…!!! I owe my gratitude for everything I have. Thanks a lot for this peace of mind. Thanks a lot for good health of mine ND my family. Thanks for everything.

  5. Mam, I Know you are very knowledgeable but please for Indians make short video especially related to the brain, I know it's hard to confine important information but if possible make it…. one of your subscriber (Mohit).. thank you..

  6. One very powerful thing I have realized along my journey is that our expectations are becoming the reality we see. These expectations are beliefs that are so ingrained in us they have no choice but to show up. It is essential that we reprogram our subconscious minds by doing what brings is the most joy and peace while letting go of all the people, places and things keeping us down. This is the most efficient way. Peace.

  7. It's good to be doing and thinking a very simple thing while meditating. The word meditating is sort of run down. Its rest for the mind. What happens after rest? You wake up.
    Because you've temporarily let go of everything. True "awakeness," or whatever people call it, is whatever you make it. Because you realize things are the way you have made them out to be. And at any moment you could be implementing new ideas into something useful. But to learn to truly appreciate our time here, because we are the experience itself. I stand in aw of everyday skies and landscapes and trees and my own body and structure and capabilities of things I or other do or think. Dont choose sides in life. Conflict at one level is harmony at another. Just ride the good waves when they come. Wait for the right pitch and dont swing for a homerun if all you need is a base hit.

  8. Hi, I went there, but I don't know why my body was always in very tight place however I seen very wide place front of my eyes, I saw the sky and the and the ocean and I saw a lot of flowers into side of me. And yeah I ate many kind of foods as sweet cake desert limon and l felt the past in my mouth it was a really sour, I run very little because I felt pain I couldn't do it, then I had all m; animals gatherined my hours my dogs my cats my birds all I teach them I felt their fur it was real. Thank you very much for your beautiful meditation, I love you and your sound πŸ‘πŸŒŸπŸ˜˜.

  9. 369 thumbs up, 12 thumbs diwn at the exact moment ilook at this video…everyday for last year anything i see 1st thing in the morning and thruout the day 3s 6s and 9s in everything!

  10. this was amazing experience, my senses was always high but this practice can make it even better, i will use this daily, we live in a age we can use everthing we want from the internett and become the best version of self easily πŸ™‚ thanks again for the great meditation

  11. Im so Glad i found your Channel. brain power is the ultimate tool we really need in our day to day life! We are supporting your work! πŸ™‚

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