Abbie Is Missing Us (but she’s had a better day)

[Upbeat Music] – [Asa] Good Morning. – Good Morning. – [Asa] Or, afternoon I guess, look at this spread huh. – [Priscilla] Get something. I’m gonna wait until after I talk, yeah. – Mic’ed up. Ready to go.
– Are you ready? – Yes! – You seem nervous. – I’m not, I was just, I’m just thinking. – Okay. – Yeah! – You were like all pumped in the room, now you’re like quiet. – I’m still pumped! I’m still pumped! I’m good! – Okay. – I was saying– I wasn’t thinking about
like the questions stuff. I was thinking about like filming it, like if we should film it or whatever. – I feel like we should. – Like put it on the– Like a separate video? Or put it on the podcast? – Um, I don’t know… – I’ll post it somewhere, for you guys. If you’re interested. – I’ll take a couple of them on the Instagram stories or something. – Okay. – Hey Ab! I’m late to school, cause I didn’t wake up
to my alarm, nothing new. – We love you. – I’ll see you later, bye. All right, have a good day at school. (clapping) – Here we have Asa Maass, who’s the father of “Fathering Autism”, an amazing set of online video properties who also won two WEGO
Health awards last night, 2019 WEGO Health award winner for Best In Show: Facebook and basically a hero, enough can be said. (clapping) – We have a traditional YouTube channel, a family vlogging channel. What’s not traditional about
the way that we niche that down is, we’re a special needs family, and then even further
we’re an autism family. Even further we’re a
girl with autism family. So, we have worked with brands just like a lot of YouTubers do. What’s really cool about what we do is that we get to work with brands that are focused on
autism, on special needs, on developmental delays, things like that. And then, even into the
mental health side of things because families with
special needs children oftentimes have mental health issues that arise from becoming 24/7 caregivers. So the panel went great,
it was uh, it was cool. I enjoyed connecting with,
with other people there. Mostly we get something
from that, you know, hopefully some of these brands start to reach out to uh… Patient leaders and we
can make a difference in the way that they
delivers their products to market and connect with you guys and make a difference in your lives, your children’s lives, your
loved ones lives, all that. Now we’re doing something
else that I am late to. Priscilla texted me and said, “Come on.” I was busy chatting. (crowd noise) – [Asa] Look at that, I’m
on the big board thing. – That’s so cool! – [Asa] Yeah. Okay, we’re here for a
meetup, our Vegas meetup. – I’m so excited! Look there’s people waving
look over there, Hi! – Hi! How are you? – Welcome to Vegas! – There’s way more people
than I though there would be. How are y’all doing? – This has gotta be a real small crowd. – Yeah, hi! – How are you guys? – Good, how’re you? – Can I give you a hug? – Of course, I feel so loved. – I’m Daisy. – Nice to meet you. – [Asa] Hi Daisy. – How are you? – [Asa] Nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you! Hi! – [Asa] Hi, hi, nice to meet you! Gimme a hug, gimme a hug. – This is my husband, Steve. – How are you doing man, I’m Steve. – Back then, back then we
wouldn’t have even thought of… (chatting) (laughing) – Here we go! – I’ll squat. (laughing) – Perfect! – Whew, I’m so sorry! (laughing) – Did you get it? – [Asa] Yup, I got it. (chatting) – Aw man, what a fun meetup huh? – Oh my gosh! – We had way more people than we thought. – Way to go Vegas! – There was like, 30, 40
people, something like that. A ton of people, and,
so we had to get a cab and one of our subscribers, one of you guys was showing up late, Jenny– – Thank you Jenny! – So Jenny gave us a ride, cause we were supposed
to be at the New Yorker for dinner, to meet all
the WEGO Health people. – Look, it’s holding money.
Best hockey team around. – Yeah (laughs). I made a faux pas, I said “So who are these Golden Knights?” And everybody was like “Whoa! What!” So apparently it’s a hockey team in Vegas. If you didn’t know, I didn’t know. (crowd talking) (upbeat music) – We had this long walk (laughs), what is with this place and long walks? It’s like 15 minutes of walking to get anywhere in this entire place. It’s, It’s crazy. I’m all red– Well, maybe it’s just the lighting. No, I’m red, I’m pretty red. Okay, there’s like a nightclub scene, like uh, Flo Rida is gonna be there. I don’t know, we’re gonna go
and see what it’s all about. You wanna go? I’ll take you with me. (energetic music) (crowd screaming) (crowd chatting) – Flavor Flav just showed up. – (gasps) – What?! That was something! – What? Right? (laughs) – Ain’t nothing like a bunch of doctors and health care professionals getting down to Flo Rida and Flava Flav. I got a health necklace, so
look at that, how legit is that? – It’s so heavy. – It’s really, yeah, it’s like– (clanging) – (laughs). – Can I just say how
amazing we are are for this? – Yeah. – Like, so impressed, they
rolled out the red carpet– – I feel like we’re gonna
have a long future with them. – I’m so excited you work with them. – Yeah, that was uh, wow. – Make sure you head over
and like all their things. – Yeah, check out WEGO Health, guys, you’ll find some cool stuff there. Other creators and podcasters and vloggers and bloggers
and twitter people and Instagram and– I mean everything. – All kind of um, diagnosis. – Yes, great platform to connect with uh, with people that do what we do. But, it was fun, it was interesting, it was good people watching. – It was. – All right guys, we
will see you tomorrow. – Bye guys. – Bye. (beep) – [Isaiah] Give nanny a kiss. Come here. You gonna give nanny a kiss goodnight? Okay. All right oh, she’s falling. She’s too tired. Come on, hey, let’s go to bed. Come on. She had a good day? – Yes, she had a very good day. – [Isaiah] That’s good. – We all did. – [Isaiah] Yeah, we did. I
think she’s doing a lot better. Um, she was having a rough time at first with mom and dad being gone, but I think she’s doing pretty good now. – Oh, she’s doing great. [Isaiah] Yeah. Of course you helped out a lot. – [Isaiah] Thank you, thank you. Just a little bit, just a little bit. – (laughs) Then again, Maverick, he’s just been sleeping all the time. Just chilling.

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  1. I’ve been with you guys since the video where Abbie ran from asa in a Lowe’s parking lot. I usually never comment but I thought I would because I wanted to say I’m so proud of you guys. You’ve come so far!!!!!

  2. Idk if I’m super emotional today or what, but Priscilla, I cried seeing you full screen standing with your subscribers. I know that y’all have shown your OOTD, but you next to others, you truly do look amazing, great job ❤️. I’m also jealous that you got to experience FloRida! I love his music ☺️

  3. Hey Maass family! I've been around for a while now watching the videos. I am curious now after watching this video, how you feel about the term 'Special Needs' in summary because I am sure it is not as simple as 'we use it and support it.' The reason I ask is because I am new to the healthcare field in Canada and I am being trained not to use this term as it is not considered person entered here in Ontario. I understand different people in different places have entirely different perspectives so I would love to hear what you have to say about this.

  4. Awesome video. Y'all are doing so awesome in the world. Y'all are heroes to us. Y'all have impacted alot of people. Don't stop fighting. We are here to cheer y'all on. Asa look at your lives and football have so many similarities. Y'all are a team and you run to a touchdown. Y'all have so many great favors. Love y'all. Keep up the great work. Be always awesome Isaiah

  5. I wish we could get awareness in the mountain counties of NC I don't even know where to start because I'm not a doctor and every situation is different… (what I've been told) and FYI your walk made me dizzy lol. I love it I giggled when he flopped the necklace against his chest I had a necklace with a stone of some kind longer necklace when I flopped it down it wrapped and flipped up and busted my lip lol

  6. The beginning of this vlog was dizzying!
    When you said, “Golden Knights” I thought of the Army parachutists. Had no idea that there’s a hockey team with that name.

  7. love your videos so informative and the effects you used in this one …you are really have come a long way in video making!! thank you for all you do family Moss

  8. I live in boynton. But my husband and we LOVE you. I love abbie and think shes amazing funnny and so talented. Your children are BLESSED to have such awesome parents!!

  9. BANANA! The car in the lobby!

    Hey, could touch more on what you talked about that day? You were saying something about metal illness materializing in families of special needs.

  10. Every time I go to Vegas I get a mobility scooter you can go to your bell desk and ask where to rent one and they will deliver it to you

  11. it's so amazing to see all the amazing work you guys are doing !! also the meet up looked so fun.
    Isaiah sounds SO much like Asa from behind the camera, it's insane!
    also asa !! as a photographer, i love all of the cinematic's you do in videos. but i wanted to let you know that the quick spinning effect could trigger a seizure !! i love y'all so much and i hope this isn't rude or upsetting! you did an amazing job with the effects, they're just not the most neuro friendly, haha!

  12. i never realized until recently why i love watching you guys. but the other day i was thinking about it and it’s because i’ve learned SO mych. my boyfriend has aspergers, which puts him on the autism spectrum and i’ve noticed/learned SO many of the things he does is a lot of sensory activities!!! yall channel has really opened my eyes and has spread so much awareness

  13. that intro is a great simulation of what a sensory overload Vegas can be. i love it, but it makes me exhausted so fast

  14. Aww nanny, loves Abbie n Isiah so much, what a awesome grandma she is. N Isiah man like always ur a fantastic brother, putting abbies needs first, great job..

  15. Shadow people panel spooky I love it lol I’m so proud of y’all you guys really are making a huge difference and spreading advocacy really really well!!!

  16. The spinning…ahhhh nooo 🤢…had to stop watching…but on another note…another great shirt! 👍🏼👍🏼

  17. As I was watching the night club clips all I could think was that Abbie would have loved it!!! Her type of music and the fun lights!! She would be soooo excited but also in sensory overload lol

  18. Am in a 3rd world country n I look at ua videos n realize tht a lot of kids n people here who might b suffering from autism will be interpreted as madness. B4 I started watching u guys, I wouldn't hv known any better myself. u hv shown me what love really looks lk. Thank u Mass family.

  19. Asa, well done at the presentation and I loved seeing everyone at the meetup, as well as what we could of FloRida. I also love how creative you're getting, but maybe leave out the constant spinning/tumbling effect; everything's still spinning before my eyes and the video's over (I don't know how I'm writing this comment coherently). I feel like I was just on a rollercoaster! However, it might seem worse to me, as I'm someone who's on the autism spectrum. I don't know

  20. Awww Abbie is so cute, so sweet how she was that tired, she was almost falling over awww 💗💗 That looked like a super cool party 😊😄❤💜

  21. Hi! I don’t have any family with autism so you guys are teaching me a lot and you guys are an amazing family! One quick question if a kid on the spectrum is having a bad day in public what’s the best way to act and show the parents and we’re here for them/ show them that’s it’s okay. Just smile 😊 ? I don’t want the parents to feel judged or anything. Or any tips on What an outsider can do to help! 🙂

  22. I love ur vlogs i have a son with adhd i use to think boy this is rough but watching u with abbie i realise life is wat u make it and to take each day as it cmes…

  23. Isaiah, you're the best. So caring and responsible. Looking after everything while parents are away. Just an Amazing family 💙

  24. Wow that made me nauseous…. the beginning and the middle ……I have cried so much watching the last two videos…

  25. Holy Vertigo Batman. Love your vids, stop the spins. I do want to say that the content of these videos for your Vegas experience has been great! Thank you for representing those in the Autism world and helping educate others so they can be more helpful to consumers! Keep it up!

  26. Priscilla still continues to look fantastic. I like how you injected the short clips from home. These videos are an important part of "Fathering Autism" as it relates to how you're spreading awareness. Awesome job!

  27. Father put more Ads in the video. Your channel is informative and so inspiring ❤️🙏🏻
    Please watch full ads so we can help this cute family

  28. Guys. I know You don't like being told what to do, but could You please not do those "spinning" Transitions again, as they put Me into a bit of an overload, so I could not watch the Video.

  29. Offtopic I know but does anyone here know what song this small piece is at 5:35 . I dont mean the Usher – Yeah but the one after that.

  30. I first want to say I love you guys so much and what you do. I'm all about family. I know Asa you take your editing very serious so please do not take this as too critical it's not meant that way. But I suffer from neurological symptoms from autoimmune illnesses and although the video twirl flip was awesome effect but it made me so nauseous I puked. With videos will such cool effects could you add a visual warning at beginning of video. With time stamp. Thank you. Vegas videos still worth vomiting 😫 lol 😂🤣 😂🤣 😂😁

  31. Please put motion sickness warning or migraine trigger warning at the beginning of videos like this with special effects.
    Could barely focus to finish the video

  32. Congratulations to you and prescilla so much love to you Abbie & Isaiah ❤️making a difference. As an autism mom myself I have so much respect to you both.

  33. So, what I wanna know is how many drinks y’all had at Flo Rida. Priscilla seemed to be doing the drinker talking on the way back. It was super cute! Priscilla you’re really the best person on YouTube

  34. My husband is an avid Washington Capitals fan, and if he hadn't introduced me to hockey, I wouldn't have known who the Knights were either. They did pretty well, considering they made it all the way to the playoffs in their first season….didn't win though… 😉

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