a weekend in my life | talking about my depression and migraines

Hi, everyone and welcome to my vlog channel. In case you forgot my name, it’s Monique. So, hi. I’m back. So if you couldn’t tell by the title, I
am filming a weekend in my life. I expect this weekend to be kind of busy and
what I really don’t want is for me to get too busy and forget to film. But I’m going to try my best to update you
guys throughout this entire weekend. But I’m actually starting this vlog on a
Thursday night because tomorrow I have an 8 am class. This semester, I have 8 am classes on Thursdays
and Fridays which so far has been torture and I’ve actually missed a couple. So I though I needed to start this vlog tonight
because if I wait to start it tomorrow, I’m going to be too tired to get to school to
remember to pick up my camera tomorrow to film an intro. So this is my intro for my vlog. I actually have a lot of things to do this
weekend. I really need to do some groceries. I have to pay my electric bill. I have to clean my apartment. My apartment is awful. It is a complete mess and I am not proud of
that at all. I don’t talk about mental health on vlogs
because I don’t want my vlog to be like a pity party, you know. I want it to be a fun place, like I can look
back and remember all the fun memories. Bu if I’m being real, I do go through some
ups and downs when it comes to depression and stuff. I’ve never actually seen anybody about it
but from the way I feel, I can tell anybody that I do have depressive periods. So yeah, I’ve been going through it for
the past couple weeks. And I also started some antidepressants which
is not for my depression, since I never went to anybody about depression, but in my last
vlog I told you guys about my migraines. And I went to the neurologist. I got the MRI. The MRI says I have sphenoidal sinusitis. I’ll try to put that word on the screen,
so you guys know what that is. So all my explosive migraines I’ve had for
the past year—it’s almost a year now—is all due to a little air sack in my head being
filled with mucus, Anyways, the doctor gave me an antihistamine for that. It didn’t work. Then he gave me an antidepressant but the
off the label use can be used for migraines as well so I’ve been using that. And the first week and a half or two weeks
on that was torture. It was absolute torture. So I had no motivation whatsoever. My house is a mess. Everything’s a mess. I’ve got a pile of dishes in the sink. My floor needs to be swept. The bathroom needs to be cleaned so I’m
going to be doing all of that this weekend. So I went on a long tangent to say I need
to clean my house. So I have to do that. I have to do some laundry as well because
that’s piling up as well. And I really want to braid my hair but that’s
probably being a little bit too ambitious. But I really want to try because—I don’t
think I addressed my hair situation on my vlog as yet. I haven’t, have I? But my hair is relaxed. I don’t know if you can tell. It’s actually about two months since my
last relaxer now so I have a little bit of roots. My hair is relaxed now. I relaxed it back in august, actually. And I’m actually really liking it. I’m liking it more than being natural, actually. I never actually thought I would relax my
hair again, but I just couldn’t do it. In that moment, I just felt an impulse like
“I need to get my hair relaxed.” But what I’m doing differently compared
to what I did last time—because I think in a previous video when I was doing my hair
I told you guys that when I was previously relaxed my hair was consistently breaking,
breaking, breaking, breaking, breaking and had split ends like crazy. So what I’m doing now is stretching my relaxers. So I don’t do my relaxers every two months
anymore. I try to stretch them to five months, sometimes
I make it to four. But six months is like the sweet spot. That’s where I want to reach—like a six
months post relaxer. So I did it in August. I did it in December when I was back home
and yeah. That’s my hair. So I guess I’ll do it when I’m back home
in Antigua for the summer again. I don’t let any and anybody relax my hair. Only my hairdresser does my hair in Antigua. That sounds like the UWI shuttle outside. It’s actually after eleven right now. I want to be in bed my midnight so I think
I’m going to try doing my—I think I’m going to try cleaning up a little bit tonight
because that would make it a lot easier for me this whole weekend so… I finished washing the dishes and I gathered
all the trash into one bag and its actually 11:59 on the dot so I’m going to go to bed
now and I will see you guys in the morning. Good night. So for my birthday which was like three weeks
ago, I wanted to do like a small photoshoot but I didn’t get around to even finishing
the backdrop yet alone taking the pictures and I figured it was time for it to go so
I took that down before I left for school. So this is another great example of things
that I really want to do but lack of motivation from depression just makes me not do them. So guys, I just left class and I am actually
now walking to Carlton’s. I was going to take the bus but that’s $3.50
and it’s just down the road so I’m walking to Carlton’s to do some groceries right
now. Hey guys so it is actually much later. I am back home from the grocery store and
I’ve just been laying in bed watching YouTube videos for the past three hours. I’m a mess. Don’t judge me. And my groceries are still on the floor so
I’m going to go put away the groceries now … three hours later. So guys I bought this pack of fudge brownies
today. I’ve never actually had brownies, have I
in my life? I haven’t had brownies, so I wanted to try
this. I’m going to make this real quick for a
little snack, you know. So *cough* so while those brownies are baking,
I am going to start tidying my room. It is undoubtedly the messiest part of my
house. I mean, I spend most of my time in here anyways
so it’s the dirtiest part of my house. I’m going to start, like organizing stuff. So guys, the brownie is looking really good. I’m going to make this cool down for a little
bit and come back for a taste test. My room is tidy for the most part. I also went ahead and cleaned my toilet and
my face basin. So all that really needs to be done right
now is to sweep and mop the floors but I think I’m going to leave that for tomorrow as
well as the laundry. But the brownies are cooled and I went ahead
and cut myself a piece. So here’s the taste test. It’s good. It’s moist. The crust is the best part. So this is the antidepressant I was telling
you guys about. It’s called amitriptyline and I think I
told you guys it worked really well ‘cause the past week or week and a half now, I haven’t
had any headaches and I feel amazing. So I take this every night but I don’t know
if I have to keep on taking it every night so I’ll ask the doctor about that—if I
have to keep on taking it to keep my headaches away. So guys it is the next morning. I actually dozed off last night and I fell
asleep and I didn’t get to wash my hair. So at this point I am sure that I wont be
able to braid my hair this weekend so I’m taking my hair off my to do list. So I did the groceries yesterday and I also
paid my light bill. So I’m just going to finish up cleaning
my apartment and do some laundry. But first, I’m going to make some breakfast. I bought some green plantains yesterday but
overnight two of them began to ripen so I’m going to use the other two green ones to fry
for breakfast this morning. So guys, I’ve got my green plantains here
all cut up and my oil is heating up so I’m going to just fry these up really
quick. So guys these are how the finished plantains
look and *chef’s kiss* they’re great. Hey guys so its now 6 pm and here’s a list
of everything I accomplished since I last checked in with you guys at 12 pm. Yep, that’s the list—absolutely nothing. I kind of wasted this whole afternoon. Okay, I don’t want to say the word wasted. I spent the afternoon editing this video which
takes forever because my laptop is so slow. It really isn’t even my laptop. It’s my dad’s laptop that he lent me to
go to school with but at this point it needs to be tossed out because it’s really slow,
the battery doesn’t hold any charge so I cannot use it unless it’s plugged in, it
overheats. It’s falling apart, basically. And I’m hoping to have a new laptop by the
end of this year. I’m hoping it’s a MacBook but if not,
I’ll be fine. I just want something that I can edit on properly
without wasting time. So I’ve kind of given up on laundry for
today because it too late for that but I am going to go take out the trash to the bin
outside and then try to wash my hair tonight. *yawns* Hey guys, so this weekend is not going
how I planned it at all So its currently 2:14 am on SUNDAY morning. I fell asleep, basically. So the grease from the fried plantain gave
me heartburn and my stomach felt so awful so I drank a little bit of milk and I lay
down for a little bit and I ended up falling asleep and I just kind of woke up but I didn’t
get to wash my hair so everything I planned to do today, I didn’t get to do but I am
going to go back to bed now because I have church in the morning so I need to rest up. So I guess I will talk to you guys in the
morning. Hey everyone so I haven’t updated you guys
in a little bit. SO just like the rest of my weekend, Sunday
did not go according to plan. So when I told you guys I was going back to
sleep, I wasn’t sleepy at all. I ended up falling asleep at 6 am. And then I got up—I overslept actually—and
I got up at minutes to 10 and I was like rushing to get ready for my ride to church and the
anxiety of the possibility of me being late sent me into sickle cell crisis so I wasn’t
able to go to church. I just took some painkillers and I slept it
off. Then I got up and I made some lunch. So I have a big pot of chicken pasta to last
me for this week so I did some meal prepping. And that’s what I’ve done for the day. So I think I’m going to end this vlog right
here. This has been my weekend. But for the rest of the day, I’m just going
to cut up some vegetables to freeze them and to plan out March in my bullet journal and
that’s kind of boring. I don’t think you guys want to watch me
do that so I’m going to end this vlog right here. Thanks so much for watching and I’ll see
you in my next one. Bye, guys!

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  1. I don't think you talking about your struggles will make your channel a pity party. You just might encourage someone else. Mental health is not talked about enough in the Caribbean. Keep your chin up and welcome back.

  2. Try healthier oils. They are more expensive but worth it. Avocado& coconut oil mix ( which you have to watch close cuz it burns quickly) or high heat grapeseed cooking oil. Your tummy will thank you. Also do your research on foods that cause mucus and limit those frm your diet. 😊

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