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(tranquil music) – Believe it or not I don’t
have PhD. in psychology. But I have an honorary degree in worrying thanks to my anxiety and panic disorder. We’ve all felt anxious before. That uncomfortable feeling
in the pit of your stomach when you’re about to enter an exam. Or your sweaty palms when
you’re meeting new people. And your throat closing up when you’re about to tell
someone you like them. Uh. But when does your worry
about everyday situations become so uncontrollable and unrealistic that it can hinder you? When does it cross a line? Anxiety is as much a
part of me as my height, or my eyesight. It’s just there, inside my brain. Some days I’ve got it under control. I can curb my thoughts
and soften my worries. Other days there’s no stopping it. I’m a creator. I live in my head. And most of the time
it’s a nice place to be. But every now and then my
anxiety makes me feel unwelcome. You know what? I’m done talking about it. Why don’t I just show you. It starts small like a dripping tap, or a pencil drumming on a desk. It’s in the back of my mind. I can hear it, and feel it. It’s constant and irritating. I can’t turn it off and then it grows. Becomes more prominent and
suddenly it’s all around me. Panic leaves your heart
pounding in your chest, your lungs gasping for air, your hands shaking, your skin tingling. You feel nauseous. Your chest aches. Your temperature goes up. Most times, there’s no cause at all. I did nothing wrong, and everything right. I followed protocol. I should’ve been happy. Anxiety just doesn’t follow the rules. But even if it may seem like it, it’s not the end of the world. I know that it’ll pass and I found ways that help me cope. When I’m restless I take the
pacing outside and walk it off. I listen to playlists of
nature sounds or songs that calm me down. I exercise, taking care
of all the excess energy from my fight or flight reflex. And I call someone I trust, and I don’t hang up the phone unitl I feel myself relax. (phone ringing) – [Voiceover] Hey, what’s up? – And I’m gonna end
this on an honest note. This wasn’t an easy video to make. I had a panic attack just
sitting in front of a blank page, because the stigma surrounding
mental health issues makes me feel less than. But I want to change
that for me, and for you. If just one person
connects with this video, and feels less alone because of it, then it was worth the
frustration and struggle. Mental health issues can
make you feel alienated, but they shouldn’t. They don’t define you or make you weak. Talk to someone. There are links in the
description that can get you the support you might need. And let’s work together
and create an environment where people with a mental illness can get the help they need and feel safe. And let’s start right
here in the comments. Thanks for taking the
time to watch my video. If you want to see more of
me at the New Age Creators you can click one of the videos or the info button in
the top right corner.

100 thoughts on “A Virtual Panic Attack | New Age Creators

  1. I use to think people that had 'panic attacks' were just abnormal, overly-sensitive individuals that cry over their boyfriend breaking up with them, or a bad day at work. When I was 23 I had my first panic attack. I knew my parents had it, but didn't think it was hereditary. It came out of no where- I was doing work on the computer as any normal day. My heart started beating faster than normal. I focused on my heart. Next thing I know i'm at 150 bpm and I called 911 and said I was having a heart attack. Fast forward almost 2 years, I still have panic attacks. Not as much as I did at the beginning- usually once a month. I handle them with cognitive behavioral therapy and medication. In some circumstances I think I'm literally about to have heart failure and I'll be dead any minute. This is a good video and explains it well. Thanks.

  2. Thank you, I am 11 and thanks to my cancer diagnosis I have had anxiety and panic attack Maybe depression, for the last 6 months, it has gotten worse in the last few weeks to panic attacks every night around 830pm it’s truly a terrible feeling and I’m lucky to have medicine for it (Ativan) but anyway I just wanted to thanks you for creating this video

  3. I truly believe there’s no way to describe it to someone who hasn’t had one. I did a whole project in panic attacks and thought they weren’t a big deal…then I had one a few years later. And went through a period where I had a couple more. It was absolute hell

  4. I am so glad to hear people who fought this feeling and kept moving on with their lives inspite of this irrational fear. Panic attacks should not stop us from living the life we want, the life we deserve. We are capable of doing so many great things: to give to the world, to succeed in our carreer, to have a happy family, to live a happy life, to PURSUE what we want. I wish there was a cure to stop it forever but I think "Ignore it, it will go away" is all I can say now 😉 Maybe we give it too much attention because we are all sensitive people.

  5. Just so you know I show this to all of my High school health students. Around 350 students have gotten this message in the last two days. It made a difference.

  6. Does anyone with anxiety hate the heartbeat noise on videos or things like that? I hate the heartbeat and it makes my chest aches.

  7. I need help with my anxiety anybody. I hate it because it comes at random. Like one Time I was at a party and my friend we're there just partying and I felt anxious and my heart started to beat fast and I was panicking and I just wanted to go home cause it's the place where I am comfortable at. Ugh help

  8. I have anxiety that makes me want to fight people I have quickly leave the area or I try to fight them it's like in mind it says someone is going to get you!!

  9. I have ADHD and have self diagnosed myself with anxiety, I experience panic attacks and your video really helped me realize I’m not crazy thinking I’m the only person who feels their heart racing and mind spinning. Thank you so much for making this video!

  10. i went out for the first time since summer (like getting nicely dressed; we were going to a club) and i had a full panic attack bc there was too many people. i’m safely home now and i wanted to look this video up bc idk but this made me cry and i thank you for making me feel better.

  11. I’ve dealt with this for half of my life and now as an adult it’s gotten worse. I feel like the world rotates around me but I’m dumb.

  12. I have anxiety it’s not fun the first time it happened I didn’t know what was going on I thought it wasn’t ever gonna stop I felt like I was gonna die I thought It was gonna have to be like this forever I was walking balk and forth I could not calm down everything made it worse i was with my dad and he did not know what was going on it was the middle of the night and it stopped and I fell asleep I fell asleep before it stopped somehow I am only ten so don’t be mean if I made a mistake or something does not make sense

  13. Thank you for that. It was a great video and really puts into perspective how anexity effects people. I know how i experience my GAD and depression however its so empowering with people like you willing to step up and talk about it. You are not alone.

  14. I remember having these extreme anxieties out of nowhere making problems that don't even exist until finally I realised that those problems weren't real, I told myself "okay calm down there is nothing wrong right now, those problems don't exist" I was 12 or 13 years old so I'm very lucky to actually have controlled it at young age before it got serious.

  15. Thank you for this,more people should hear and try to understand how panic attacks affect us. God Bless you and your family 💖

  16. This video is so true.

    story time

    At a camp I’ve gone to before I almost had a panic attack while around friends (we were doing the normal stuff we do all the time), which made me realize that I have slight social anxiety and plain old anxiety. A few weeks ago I had a full blown panic attack around midnight. Thankfully one of my friends, who also has anxiety, were up. I texted her saying: I’m crying uncontrollably and shaking and I can’t breathe idk what is happening. I’m scared. She told me that I was having a panic attack and that the same thing happens to her. I was able to calm down, with the occasional spurts of tears but I was ok.
    Fast forward to last night when I was at one of my favorite restaurants. I was doing great until… sensory over load.
    Suddenly anxiety decided to make everything ten times worse and make me almost have a panic attack, which led me to hiding in the bathroom for 15 minuets before I was brave enough to go back out.

    In conclusion anxiety sucks and can go die in hole and I relate to this video so much.

  17. Awesome video I to suffer from anxiety and this really helps me feel better knowing that other people know how I feel and understand!

  18. Thank you for this video! I have suffered from severe anxiety attacks since early childhood. The only thing worse than anxiety are the external reactions of ignorant people who insist they really know what I am experiencing and how I should handle it. Before people give "advice" they should take a step back and think about the real motive behind their rude remarks.

  19. Anyone with trouble leaving their house? I don't go out without someone with me because Im scared to have a panic attack. Tips?

  20. I relate so much to this video it almost made me cry, i really don’t feel that alone to know that even some people around me can be feeling the same way😭

  21. I just had a panick attack. I was at Costco I felt like I was going to passed out in front of everyone . It felt like everyone was staring at me , I felt out if place , I had no control of anything. This horrible feeling went away it took a while .. I feel better now as I'm writing this.

  22. Great video. I'm interested in getting permission to download and use. I've tried emailing various contacts, but have received no reply as of yet. Can you direct me to someone who can help? Thanks so much!

  23. You can stop experiencing panic and what may feel like uncontrollable emotions like anxiety. Believe me–it can be done. The problem is by making videos like this your enforcing and solidifying the unhealthy thinking pattern and ego identity. Your ego and your soul aren't working together in harmony.
    I'm a woman who completely overcame my anxiety/panic attacks. You will be too! I wish you Love and Light! You deserve peace and beauty of life! Your an intelligent girl (but listen to your heart not your head).

  24. Thank you so much for this Video! You feel so lonely and crazy when you have to deal with panic attacks. But I will not give up and it helps a lot to hear and see people who have the same problems 😘

  25. I know if I just had one friend, I'd be alright. But I don't. I'm completely miserable in my life. Depressed doesn't even come close to describing my everyday mental status. I just wish I had, either a girlfriend, or a friend to comfort me when I needed it. But I don't. I've always tried to be so good to people, but it's like the nicer I am, the worse I get back stabbed. Am I just meant to be alone forever? I know I'm not the only person on Earth with these kinds of problems, but I don't know a single person that'll be there for me. I never have had anybody there for me, the way I needed them to be. I don't want sympathy, I just want to share my story, and maybe get to hear somebody else's. God bless everybody. May God be with you all, and may the Lord above guide you on your journey, In the pursuit of happiness.

  26. You said the truth. 💜 It's how i feel many times although, i couldn't say it as it's unexplainable. Nobody understand it in a way i wanted them to understand. It's easier for other to say relax but it's isn't as easy as it seems.

  27. Just watched it during my panic attack, and it lessened the sickness I was feeling! I've saved this vid for future panic attacks. Thank you so much for this video! It's so hard for me to distinguish a panic attack from a heart attack. I never had a real heart attack (hopefully never will), but there's an irrational fear of having one in the future. This isn't the major source of my problem, but it adds to it. Sorry, I'm just writing it out of me. Anyway, thanks for the vid!

  28. This was really triggering and I don’t know why I want watched it…..I literally started hyperventilating…..uggghhhhh idk

  29. You made me cry honestly. Most people dont understand the torment and when you started tapping the pencil and showing the leaky faucet it hit home. Its a torment im trying to work threw. I hope I get better. Thank you for showing in a way people can try to understand

  30. i'm on XANAX if any of you see a Dr and prescribes you this medication, pls dont take it, ( i'm addicted to xanax )

  31. I'm not sure if i just had a panic attack. I've see people have one before, and it was scary. I think I just had one. I went straight to my room, locked the door, and put on some random music to cool me down. I'm not sure if I just had one. I'm eleven years old. Can you have panic attacks at this age?

  32. I have recently started getting panic attacks and was looking up ways to cope.. watching a few other videos triggered me and I accidentally clicked on this one.. i got the anxious feeling but when the running part came I started tearing up and I felt calm again, sad but calm

  33. I get a lot of my panic attacks and anxiety in church and I don't know what to do about it anymore. I also get them at night sometimes.. Does this happen to anyone else?

  34. It's there, I couped with it by letting it come knowing that it will pass. The few first times it came it was crazy even I thought am having a heart attack and that is it. I am dying but after few minutes it passed and then started to coupe with it.

  35. My uncle had to pick me up from my house today. I couldn't stand being alone for like 30 min haha. I dowsed water on myself because it was that bad. The floor was wet and all I wanted to do was leave where I was. It truly is hard to think while in that state.
    My mom asks me what creates the fear but if I told her, she wouldn't understand. I just keep it shut.

  36. I literally couldn't help but just cry while watching this. Somebody who understood. I felt this video was made for me. Made for me to not feel alone, and made for me to try and share my struggled with those who don't understand.

    Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

  37. I have been through every symptom in this video, and watching this did make me feel more relaxed. I now 100 percent believe I'm not alone. Thank you. 😉

  38. Cheers for this, I have been researching "how to calm panic attack" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Wanatthew Janlizabeth Eradicator – (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my neighbour got amazing results with it.

  39. I got panic disorder for 16 years and now i feel i start too tired of my life.. hope somebody can help me but no one can..

  40. I was so scared to watch the video cause i though That i would have an anxiety attack…… I don't know how to handle it anymore and im so alone in That situation. My family thinks im crazy and there atitude towards me makes me more anxious. They don't understand…..

  41. That point that you said that some days you feel normal and some days you feel panic and anxiety. I was really questioning whether I ever felt the symptoms of anxiety (which I did) because some days I don't feel them. Thank you for including this in your video.

  42. I feel like I’m going to die every time I have one. I’ve had 3 tonight and it’s been a everyday thing. I don’t know what to do anymore. I was diagnosed with anxiety 2 days ago. This sucks.

  43. I guess I have anxiety, I’m not even sure because I haven’t bother to be diagnose by my doctor. One of the nurses however ask if I have anxiety when I was getting my blood pressure checked. Then there’s times in a situation I felt like I’m getting anxiety. How should I cure this slowly?

  44. Thanks for sharing this and being brave, which moves you a huge step ahead of this panic attack we are constantly battling with. I have been battling with on and off for couple of years. I have done therapy and there are times I feel fine and there are times, it feels like this time really be heart attack and I will not wake up tomorrow. Then again, I tell myself this shall pass. I am still battling with my own, and now I am third year of college majoring in psychology. I want to help people cope with mental health better so they can reach their full potential and as you said, help mental health stigma ! I love that you are putting time to make this video… you certainly touched my heart and I feel not alone. <3

  45. When you were describing the symptoms that's exactly how mine are too. Even my heart raced a tad while watching this and i cried a little. I just found out about my episodes being panic attacks. Im still coming to terms that i get them, it's hard. Thank you for this video it's what i needed at this moment.

  46. I get teased for my anxiety. When people have an infection, they try to touch me and then I end up crying, a panic attack barreling down on me because I’m so terrified I’ll catch it.

  47. I have social anxiety. And it’s really hard to tell my best friends about it bc I think they’ll laugh or think it’s stupid or leave me. When I panic I can move and I feel stuck stay strong tho❤️

  48. I only see this video now,and also i can,t speak english,i also have like that,i thing that i have a heart attack or Astma,sometime i think that im gonna die and scard,ive benn 14 year even today,some one help me

  49. Today was the first day I’ve seen this. I cried. It’s too much to handle, I know. I’m so happy people are talking about it more. We need more methods, but the best one I think is that we connect with eachother. We don’t have to do it by ourselves. We don’t have to feel alone because we aren’t on the planet alone, and if we need more time with people, if that helps then so be it, it’s not a weakness. It’s human. I call my brother and he talks to me until I relax.

  50. Some things just help me:
    A long hug.
    Essential oil diffuser with lavender
    A quiet room
    A weighted vest or blanket

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